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"Am I the only one who feels odd about watching these two?" Magnus asked impatiently.

"Yes." Isabelle and Alec replied together keeping their eyes glued to the subjects at hand.

"Well as much as I love watching two sickeningly in love teens sleep, I'm afraid I must go. I have much to do." Magnus looked away from the couple.

"Ha, like what?" Asked Alec.

"I have to... Feed Chairman Meow. Yes, that sounds important."

"When have you ever fed him?" Alec raised an eyebrow.

"That one time when I..." Alec raised his hand to signal Magnus to stop talking.

"Accidentally dropping guacamole and the floor and being too lazy to clean it up does not count." Alec looked pointedly at Magnus who shrugged.

"Shhuush! You'll wake them!" Isabelle whisper-shouted. Alec turned back to the couple and sighed contently.

Clary and Jace lay sleeping in Jaces impeccably kept room. They slept with their bodies facing toward each other. Legs tangled in the sheets so one could hardly tell whose legs were whose, besides the fact that Clary was much smaller than Jace. This made it all the more easy for her to fit perfectly into Jace's hold. Her arms curled next to his torso, her hands resting against his bare chest. One of jace's arms was folded next to Clary's arms while the other rested around the top of her head. His hand clutched the back of her head lightly. They slept close enough so that Jace's lips just barely brushed her forehead as they slept.

Alec looked at the couple then back at Magnus, "Why don't we do that?" Magnus rolled his eyes.

"Because we always have better things to do." Magnus waggled his eyebrows and smirked. Alec smacked him. Then pouted.

"Besides Alec, you guys aren't the cutsie type. You're the 'save it for the bedroom type' if you know what I mean." Isabelle said saucily. Magnus nodded.

"Izzie!" Alec screeched. But soon regretted the scream and slapped his hand over his own mouth.

"Who's there?" Jace sleepily slurred as he shot up in bed pulling a seraph blade from under the pillow. He shielded Clary behind him and aimed the blade at the trespassers.

He looked around at the group before him and lowered the blade, "Whaa?" He stated in a confused manner.

Clary threw a pillow in their general direction before leaning back against Jace's sitting up form and letting her eyes droop. She mumbled something that sounded like smother duckers and drifted back to sleep against Jace.

"What the hell?" Jace whispered, making sure not to wake Clary.

"Now look what you did Alec. Nice." Magnus shook his head disapprovingly. "Come on Izzie lets let Clary and lover boy here sleep in peace." He took one last look at Alec and made a "tsk tsk" sound before sauntering out of the room. Izzie gave one last look toward Clary and Jace before following Magnus.

Jace's glare fell on Alec, who just stared at the doorway in disbelief.

"You were watching us... Sleep? Honestly Alec, if you wanted to see me shirtless all you had to do was ask. Now get out. No more interrupting our slumber unless someone is dying. Or if Izzie's cooking." Jace gagged before he pointed toward the door.

Alec gave up trying to think of something to explain what had just occurred and decidedly followed Magnus and Izzie's example.

Once Alec was gone, Jace nestled Clary and himself back under the covers and drifted back off to sleep. Little did he know later that night the same three people would be visiting his room once again. But this time they admired said couples snuggling cuteness in surprising silence.

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