World 1-2 Operation Sonic Boom

The man in red deactivated the screen. Still waiting for the hedgehog to arrive. It wasn't like him to take so long. The man stood in a round, spherical hovercraft, the same one he always used ever since his first encounters with that obnoxious rodent. The craft had yellow and black hazard stripes on it's right and left sides. It also bared an obsidian, hemispherical underside which was suitable to hold his egg-shaped body. A small, round light was also seen in the front of the round hovercraft.
"Where is he," The man growled, "That hedgehog isn't one to be late." Behind the doctor a red ball and a yellow cube rolled toward the man in red. The two transformed, revealing them to be small robots.
"We checked the cameras, sir," The red robot stated, "If Sonic arrived, we have yet to see him,"
"What?" The man screamed, "How? I was sure he would have arrived by now."
"Maybe that darned rodent got beat before he even got 'ere," The yellow robot guessed.
"That 'Darned rodent' has successfully beat me numerous times already," the man replied, slightly irritated. "I highly doubt he was defeated already.

The man's doubts was correct, as not to far away from his quarters, a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog blurred towards the area. As several guards attempted to stop the hedgehog, he leaped in the air, curling into a ball an hit all of them, destroying them upon contact. Once he finally landed, he spun in place in the same ball form he used to beat the guards and when he uncurled, he suddenly got a burst of speed and blazed to the entrance of the facility. "Wait up, Sonic" a young, male voice cried nearby. The hedgehog turned to where he heard the voice to see a yellow, anthropomorphic fox who was using his two tails to fly to the blue hedgehog. "Tails," he said with a smirk. "I was wondering when you'd get here!"
"Sorry, Sonic." The fox said, landing nearby his blue friend. "My path here took longer than I thought."
"No excuses tails," Sonic responded, walking to the entrance. "You owe me a chilidog when this is over."

Nearby, an alarm had gone off. "Boss!" The yellow robot cried. "We found 'em, Sonic and 'is the yeller guy just entered the base." "Finally," the man in red cried with a sigh, dropping down to the seat of his hovercraft."Now we can commence Operation Sonic Boom. Send the guards, lets make this real as we can make it and if we somehow manage to waste that blue hedgehog and his sidekick in the process, then that's merely a bonus!"
"As you command, master!" The red robot affirmed as him and his hovered out of the room.
"HO HO HO HO HO" The man laughed. "The game is on, Sonic, but no matter what, I will still win in the end of this."

"I can't believe it!" Tails gasped as he and sonic entered the facility. "Are those..."
"Badnicks," Sonic finished. "Just like the ones we used to fight back in Moebius."
In front of them were a series of conveyor belts. On top of each were several robots made to look like certain animals and insects. Sonic and Tails were definitely familiar with these kinds of robots. The man in red used to use these as his minions back when they were in their previous home world, Moebius. However, several defeats had led the mad scientist to flee back into his home world, the planet known as Earth. The two couldn't allow him to spread his evil into his own world like he did theirs, and with help from some friends of theirs, were able to follow the man in red to his own land. Not to soon after, the man in red had made several attempts to rule Earth, which the duo, with a help of friends both old and new, have so far foiled. Eventually he stopped using Badnicks altogether in favor of a new line of robots.
"I don't know why Eggman is planning on making Badniks again," Sonic said. "But I'm sure it's not for nostalgia."

Suddenly a group of three robot guards appeared from both sides of the room. "We dun got ya cornered Sonic!" the small, yellow robot nearby cried, his red comrade next to him. "We finally got ya and yer yeller friend too."
"Oh brother..." The red robot sighed to himself, planting his right palm on his face.
"I guess you forgot," Sonic stated. "I can beat all of these guys without breaking a sweat." Again, Sonic leaped up in the air, curling up into his ball form. However, this time, by some unknown force, he suddenly got a burst of speed while in the air, allowing to shoot himself at the robots, smashing them in a much faster pace than before. "Now," He laughed when he landed in the ground, uncurled. "Who's next?" The red and yellow robots fled the area, screaming.
"Those guys are as useless as they have always been." Tails laughed.
"Maybe not," Sonic corrected as he started to run, "They could easily take us to Eggman if we follow them!" Tails simply nodded as he followed his blue friend.

The man in red continued to wait for an update on the situation. Even though his current plan was supposed to fail, he still hoped that, by some odd chance, he was able to get a lucky break and get rid of the hedgehog here and now. The hedgehog has bested him every time so far and whenever he even came close to winning himself, that hedgehog would have changed into "Super Sonic" a form of great power where he gains a golden glow. That blasted form gave the hedgehog great powers, including the power of flight. The man in red has personally seen this power used several times in the past, including several times where the hedgehog used it to smash creations he couldn't handle himself. Super Sonic could be a big problem to his groups true intentions and it would greatly help if he were to finish him off now. That also isn't mentioning the fact that he could brag about being able to beat his nemesis without any help from his group to that foolish Neo Cortex.

"Boss!" the Yellow robot screamed, floating to him at high speeds slamming himself into the man's hovercraft.
"Cubot?" The man roared as the yellow robot backed away. "What on earth are you doing here? I ordered you and Orbot to try and take care of Sonic."
"Yes," the red robot, Cubot, started as he approached his creator. "About that..." Suddenly, several guards flew towards the man in red, who easily moved away thanks to his hovercraft. He turned to where they came from to see Sonic standing near the path the robots had used to enter the room he was in.
"Well I'll be," Sonic chuckled, "If it isn't Eggman, what a surprise to see you here." The man in red growled in frustration.
"You idiots!" The man screamed angrily. "Why did you two let them follow you?" Cubot was about to ask why this was a problem, as this was technically part of the plan, but Orbot stopped him from saying it.
"I've taken a look at the facility you have here," Sonic said, stretching, he was certain a between him and the doctor was about to take place. "Never knew you were one to take a trip down memory lane."
"Ah," Eggman began. "I see you've noticed the badnicks, well you see, it's been a while since I've been on Moebius and it appears I've grown rather accustomed to it. As such, I've decided to visit your little home world and see how much it has changed."
"So you can go back to trying to take it over like you used to?" Sonic claimed. "I think you're starting to forget who I am, Eggman."
"Oh, I haven't forgotten, Sonic!" The doctor replied. "In fact, I've created a friend for you as a farewell gift."

Eggman pressed a button in his hovercraft, remotely opening a large, metal door nearby. Eggman flew his hovercraft into the darkness of the now open room. Sounds of machinery powering up echoed through the area, followed by the sound of metal strongly hitting the ground. Out of the shadows, walking on all fours, came a huge, catlike robot painted almost completely in black. It turned, his yellow eyes looking at Sonic, who soon noticed that Eggman's hovercraft was now attached to the back of the robot's head.
"Sonic," Eggman called, the robot looking like he was preparing a large roar. "Say hello to the Egg Panther!" The robot's roar echoed throughout the entire facility. Sonic merely smirked. The Egg Panther's yellow eyes began to glow as it shot a pair of beams of the same color at Sonic. Luckily the hedgehog was agile enough to move away from the beams before they even shot out. The robot leaped at sonic attempting to slice him with his claws, but again, he was too fast for it. As it got back up, Eggman was laughing."You may have beat my creations before, but you will never figure out this one's weakness."
"Let me guess," Sonic replied. "It's your Egg Mobile like every other giant robots you used against me."
"What?" Eggman shrieked. "No, of course it is. I mean... uh... Oooh, cure me and my bad habits!"

The robot leaped at sonic again. This time however, the hedgehog leaped up in the air, curled up into his ball form and hit the Egg Mobile, the hovercraft that was now attached to the Egg Panther. Both the blue hedgehog and the robot was pushed back. As Sonic landed back on the ground, the Egg Panther roared angrily at him and shot a pair of yellow beams at his foe. When he dodged it however, the Panther turned his head, changing the direction of the beam towards the hedgehog. The hedgehog ran away from the beams and leaped onto the back of the panther. Running towards the head, Sonic leaped in the air and once again smashed the Egg Mobile, sonic and the panther were pushed away from each other. Eggman growled furiously.
"I am growing tired of this!" He shouted.
"Same here," Sonic said. "Kicking your butt is starting to get too easy!"
The Egg Panther and sonic ran towards each other. The two leaped in the air and as the two's path connected, Sonic lifted himself over the robot panther and drop kicked the Egg Mobile, making the Robot Collapse.

As the Egg Panther laid in the ground, now just a dead heap of metal, the Egg Mobile broke out of the destroyed robot's head. "Curses," Eggman growled angrily "I was certain I had you this time!"
"You shouldn't be so surprised," Sonic chuckled. "I'm the one that always beats you!"
"This isn't over, Sonic," Eggman roared as a door on the roof opened, revealing an way out of the facility and into the outside world. "We will meet again, and next time, I will win!"
"I'd like to see you try," Sonic cried as Eggman flew away with his hovercraft. Suddenly, Tails flew over to his blue friend.
"That was amazing, Sonic." the fox cheered.
"Oh, it was nothing," The hedgehog replied. "I'm got used to beating Baldly McNosehair ages ago!"

As Eggman flew his hovercraft, he has a mixture of feelings. On one hand, he wasn't able to get rid of Sonic yet, thus still making him a threat to his group's plans. On the other hand however, he would soon be able to get an opportunity to start begin plans against a world that Sonic doesn't know about yet and, there fore wouldn't be able to meddle with his schemes until it was too late. The scientist pressed a button in the Egg Mobile, activating a built-in communication device.
"I have successfully finished my part of phase one," The Doctor stated. "I am now on my way to the rendezvous point."
"Excellent," The being from before happily said. "I will be their when the other two parts are complete."
"Okay," Eggman replied. "I'll see you there." He pressed another button in the Egg Mobile, shutting the communication down. Cubot, who was behind Eggman, flew closer too his creator.

"I don't get it, boss," He said, confused, "How did we still win when Sonic beat us?"
"Because," Orbot answered for Eggman. "Not too recently, the boss had joined a multiversal group of nefarious villains that secretly banded without the heroes of the known universes even knowing. Their current plan requires villains from three separate universes to fake their defeat in front of their nemeses at the same time, so that the heroes of their world believe foiled their enemy's recent scheme. Then, when they least expect it, the leader of the boss's group will send the heroes into some sort of 'Pocket Dimension,' where they won't be of any threat when their nemeses take over their respected universes."
"And what does this kid the boss talks about every now an' then have t' do with anythin'?" Cubot questioned, rubbing his square, metal head.
"That is something I want to know myself." Eggman answered. "That supposed leader of ours has some explaining to do when we meet!"

Back in the being's domain, he was once again, typing commands down with the same keyboard. Suddenly the main screen turned on, revealing a mysterious, dragon-like creature. Beyond it's pale lips, his head was green. It had brown hair and large, brown eyebrows. It's stomach was pale as well and if you looked closely enough, you could even notice it's orange tail. It had a green and white, spiked turtle shell and woar a spiked collar and a pair of spiked bracelets on each of it's two arms, which it currently had crossed.
"Yes," The creature asked, his voice echoing. "What is it? I don't have all day!"
"Now, now!" The being tisked, "You shouldn't give that kind of attitude to your leader."
"Can it," The creature growled, "You may be the leader of this silly Brotherhood of your's and I may be part of it, but that doesn't mean I'll be kissing your butt twenty-four-seven. Now what is it you want?"
"Well if that's how it is then fine," the being responded. "Have you already finished your phase of the plan."
"Not yet," The beast answered. "But my fleet is nearing the Mushroom Kingdom and this staged defeat you want is about to begin."
"Good," The being laughed. "Remember to make this as real as you can. If you are able to kill Mario in the process, then so be it."