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Naruto Uzumaki glanced warily around his surroundings, trying to figure out how the hell he got to this place. He was in a room, with several comfortable looking chairs in a circle and a small table in the center.


No one responded, so Naruto decided he might as well sit on those very plush chairs. It was almost five minutes (there was a clock on the opposite wall) before something happened. Something meaning a-bright-white-light-that-filled-the-room-with-eighteen-more-people.

"What the hell?"

"Where are we?"




Everyone's heads turned and saw Naruto sitting casually as if he had no where else to be. "Oh, hi Sakura-chan."

"Do you know what's going on?" asked Kakashi, who had been standing next to a very awkward looking Sasuke. Naruto shook his head.


In the room now was everyone from the "Rookie Nine", Kakashi, Guy and his team, and two adults that most of the others didn't know. However, Naruto did recognize one of them and his eyebrows disappeared into his hair.

"Ero-Sennin? What are you doing here 'ttebayo?"

A few people (alright, Tsunade) guffawed at the extremely aggravated expression on Jiraiya's face. But more seriously, it was then that everybody else noticed the final three that were trying very hard not to be seen.


Another thing that everyone was beginning to notice was that none of them were injured, even Neji and Lee who were supposed to be in the hospital. But before these strange things could be discussed, a final flash of white light went off, causing a stack of books to appear on the small table.

Kiba, who was the closest, went over and read a little note that was attached to the top one.

"Dear Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Choji, Shikamaru, Ino, Lee, Neji, Tenten, Kakashi, Guy, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro:

I have sent you these books, not to change the future, but to give you the assurance when you return to your own time of what is to come. You will not remember any of this , but you will also not be permitted to leave unless every book is read. They are called Naruto Shippuden-"

"Me? The books are named after me?" Naruto interrupted Kiba. Kiba glared at him, still slightly bitter over the loss of his chance to become a Chunin.

He coughed and continued. "And the nineteen of you were chosen to come because it affects each person in this room, some more than others. Food and a place to sleep will be provided at the appropriate times. Signed, A Friend."

Kiba looked around at everyone in the room, as their expressions varied from shock to disbelief to pure annoyance. He scanned the note one final time before noticing something at the bottom.

"Wait, hold on. There's more. P.S: While you are in this room, ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, and any other jutsu you can think of won't work. All of your weapons have also been taken away."


It was true; no one had any kunai, shuriken, or exploding tags with them. It was also as though their chakra supply was completely cut off. Even Naruto, who was used to having more chakra than he was supposed to, couldn't feel the demonic red inside him.

"So..." All eyes were on Kakashi. "Should we read then? The note said we wouldn't get out if we didn't."

"I elect myself to read first!" Guy shouted, after spending the past few minutes tearfully hugging his student. (Lee.) He bolted over to the table, and picked the first one up. "Naruto Shippuden: The Kazekage Rescue"

"Dad?" Temari looked at her brothers, while the room looked at her. "Why is he being rescued?"

"And what does that have to do with me?" said Naruto aloud, not really expecting an answer. No one gave him one, so Guy started to read.

Chapter 1- Homecoming

In a dark, orange hallway lit only by candles, the sounds of feet running were the only sounds. A shadow is panting, and it flings open a door to his right. It is empty, and he runs off again.

"Um..." Sakura was the first to voice everyone's thoughts. "What's going on?"

"Well, they're obviously looking for something. Or someone." drawled Shikamaru, from his position on the floor, laying down.

The blond who he thought was named Tsunade gave him a thoughtful glance as Guy began again.

More shadows join the first. A candle above him shines down its light, and reveals a man in orange and black. A girl's voice echoes out in the emptiness.

"Not here."

There is more running, and the brief glint of a headband with a strange symbol: a sort of spiral with a triangle on the bottom left.

"So they're Konoha shinobi." mused Jiraiya, who like a few of the others, wished to know a few things: How far this was in the future and who these people were to name a few.

The first shadow flings open another door. "Not here either, 'ttebayo."

Almost every head in the room swiveled to Naruto, who's eyes had gotten very wide.

"Is that...me?"

"So you're on some sort of rescue mission. It makes sense if the book is named after you." said Ino logically, being one of the first to find her voice again.

"But we still don't know why or when!" Tenten really didn't like mysteries.

He veers left, while continuing to run. A girl with pink hair-

"Sakura?" Kakashi asked, raising his eyebrows almost disbelieving. "You're there too?"

"Then Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke are probably the other shadows." said Neji slowly.

Sakura seemed pleased with this and wondered what they were doing. It couldn't be too far in the future if they were still doing missions together, right? Maybe a few months ahead...

A girl with pink hair opens yet another door. "Not here either!" A blond pants and runs by more doors.

"Where the hell are you?"

"It's a person then." said Choji, who had thought they were looking for something rather. "Maybe you got separated?"

"It doesn't seem like that..." Kakashi said quietly, hoping against hope his fears wouldn't be confirmed.

The girl runs with him. "We've finally come this far!"

"Where are you?" Tears fly out of the boy's eyes, taking flight into the wind behind him.

"Why are you so upset?" Hinata looked at him, as did many others.

"Could it be someone they know that's kidnapped?" Tsunade said to Jiraiya, ignoring the fact they hadn't spoken in years. She really didn't know anyone else very well, and hadn't had a decent conversation with someone other than Shizune in a long time.

The girl is just as upset, although she doesn't show it. "Where are you?"

Suddenly there are more candles than before and light throws the shadows' features into focus. The boy is tall with spiky blond hair, cerulean eyes, and faint whisker marks across his cheeks.

"Then it is definitely Naruto!" cried Lee quite unnecessarily. Neji rolled his eyes.

"But if you're tall..." Shikamaru narrowed his eyes. "Then it can't be in the recent future."

Naruto huffed, understanding what he meant and not appreciating it. Yes, he knew he was short. Did he like it? Not at all.


Everyone, even the three Sand Siblings who were trying to distance themselves, looked at the young Uchiha.

"We're looking...for you?" Sakura bit her lip. It sounded like he had disappeared. Did someone like Orochimaru kidnap him?

Sasuke shrugged, though internally he felt a stab of worry. He couldn't fight Itachi if he was dead.

He yells, and an explosion occurs from above ground. The girl gasps, as does the brown haired man behind her.

"You're not there either Kakashi-sensei." said Naruto worriedly. Kakashi shrugged, knowing this could mean a few things, most of which weren't good.

"A brown haired man could mean a lot of people." said Choji, thinking of Asuma, his father,and Shikamaru's father to name a few.

The blond turned sharply and when the smoke cleared, he could see a massive crater with a young man. He had short, dark hair and skin like snow with a Konoha headband. He stood.

"That's not Sasuke...right?" said Ino uncertainty, trying to imagine her beloved without his classic hairstyle.

The blond and the pink haired girl run toward the light. The girl gets there first and comes up to the boy, surrounded by purple rocks. She stops and breaths hard, opening her mouth to yell.

"Sakura, huh?" A voice floats down from above them, and Sakura's eyes water. The blond reaches them and looks in the same direction as the pale boy and his teammate. They stare at each other, them and the shadow.

The pale boy's expression is emotionless, but Sakura and the blond boy are terrified.

"Terrified at what?" Lee asked, and a horrible feeling latched onto every person in the room.

The one who made them so scared had an uncaring face and pitch black eyes. Unlike the others, he wore no headband. He stared at them coldly.



"That's...you?" said Sakura in an almost silent whisper. Jiraiya and Tsunade both felt a terrible sense of deja vu from long ago. His head was bare...he had no headband...While that didn't necessarily mean anything, it very well could say that...

Guy pressed on, even as debated whispers were all around him.

The blond, Naruto, and the one called Sasuke glare at each other with no one else around them. Sasuke is almost buried within the rubble with Naruto standing above are shorter, younger, and instead of his eyes being bright blue, they are a deep scarlet.

"Wait...red?" said Shikamaru carefully. "Is this like a flashback or something?"

Kakashi and Jiraiya exchanged a frightened look. Red eyes meant only one thing.

"What do you know about me, when you have no parents or siblings?" Naruto's face softens slightly in surprise.

Suddenly Sasuke is furious. "What do you know, when you've been alone from the start? Huh?"

Naruto looks sadly towards the ground and for one of the first times ever, his classmates take his side.

"That was uncalled for." said Neji seriously. Even if he didn't love the younger boy, Naruto had taught him something. Sasuke didn't seem ashamed, but instead ignored their disapproving faces.

"We suffer because of our bonds. Can you understand what it's like to lose everyone?"

Naruto's face morphs back to being angry, and Sasuke pulls himself out of the rubble.

"It's true," said Naruto as they both were now standing on a lake. "I don't have parents or siblings and that I don't understand how it feels."

"Then why?" Naruto asked almost pleadingly to Sasuke.

The room was silent except for Guy's voice, which had lost most of its energy.

"Then why, Naruto?" said Sasuke, staring at him from across the water. "Why do you go so far for me?"

"To me, this is one of my first bonds! That's why I'm going to stop you!"

Shikamaru suddenly understood. "You're leaving Konoha."

And it was then horrifyingly crystal clear. The Sasuke in the future was a missing nin and Naruto and Sakura were trying to bring him back to Konoha.

"You...little..." Kiba reached into his pocket, forgetting there was no kunai there. He settled for jumping on Sasuke and trying to rip his head of his shoulders.


It took the combined efforts of Shino, Hinata, and finally Choji to pull the two apart. Both now had bloody lips and murderous expressions.

"I can't believe you left!" shouted Lee, and other yells promptly occurred. Kakashi shook his head at his student and Sasuke tried to not listen, but he couldn't. He was a traitor. Not that this possibility hadn't escaped him, but he was honestly surprised.

"If so, then why?"

Guy said, above all the noise. They turned to him and he shrugged. "Might as well keep reading."

Sasuke tied on his headband. "Well then, I will break those bonds!" His dark eyes swirled to red, with two black tomoes in the right.

"Sharingan." said Naruto, wide eyed. Sasuke was really trying to attack him. The thought of that made his heart want to come out of his chest.

His classmates looked at Sasuke with slight disgust, but also worry. How had this happened?

Naruto is visibly upset. "Why didn't you kill me then? Isn't that your way of breaking bonds?"

Sasuke's face is impassive, and this makes Naruto's face turn angry. "Sasuke!"

He looks down on them. "The reason is simple. It's not that I didn't cut those bonds."

A young man with cold, deadly eyes glares. Behind him is a misty, full moon. "You can activate the Mangekyou Sharingan as I did. But there is one condition."

Sasuke is even smaller, and younger. Wind blows in his face and his lip trembles.

Itachi Uchiha's face is full of hate as he speaks. "You must kill...you're closest friend."

"I din't want to give him the pleasure of seeing me obtain power by following his ways."

"You didn't kill me...because you didn't want someone to take pleasure in it?" Naruto wants Guy to stop reading, now. He doesn't want to hear another word out of future-Sasuke's mouth.

The idea that Sasuke could've killed Naruto in cold blood made some queasy. That was like Shikamaru about to kill Choji, or Kiba about to kill Shino. They were teammates for crying out loud!

"I merely spared your life on a whim."

Naruto trembles with fury, and sweat trickles down. His eyes pulse. The three stare at each other in silence.

Sasuke darts down suddenly, with his arm stretched out. He lands in front of Naruto, puts his hand on his shoulder, and reaches the other arm back.

Turning quickly with wide eyes, Sakura gasped. "When did he-"

"Come to think of it, isn't your dream to become Hokage? If you have the time to come chase after me, you should be training."

Naruto's stone still face relaxes a little.

"Isn't that right, Naruto? That's why this time, at my whim-" He pulls out a sword. "You'll lose your life." Naruto's eyes widen, and the sword glints menacingly in the sunlight.

"You're really trying to kill me." said Naruto, staring at Sasuke like he had never really seen him before.

The glares of seventeen other people, even the Sand Siblings, made Sasuke shrink back into his seat a little.

Tsunade snorted. "You're pretty lucky you're not dead yet, brat."

The sword moves and Sakura gasps. "Sasuke-kun!" It rushes towards Naruto's neck- then there is darkness.

"Huh?" Naruto opens his eyes from being squeezed shut. Everyone was equally as confused and worried.

A massive cave takes up the entirety of space, locked only by a single seal. Waters bubbles outside. A rumbling voice calls out from within:


Naruto's face instantly pales and he gasped loudly, sitting up straight in his seat. "No...No!"

"What is it?" asked Sakura to her teammate, never before seeing him so scared. However Jiraiya looked sharply at the small boy.

"Is that what I think it is?"

Naruto gulped. "Yeah." Jiraiya's face darkened.

Naruto is outside of the cage with his eyes closed, his feet covered in water.

"Let's show them our power."

"What's going on?" asked Tsunade to Jiraiya, though she already knew the answer. "You don't mean to say that he's-"

Then Kakashi and Guy both understood and went pale, as Naruto buried his head in his hands. Those his age, however, still had absolutely no idea.

"Naruto?" asked Choji carefully. "What-"

His eyes open, and his face is sad and weary.

"What's wrong?"

Orange bubbles begin to pop, multiplying to form a huge blob. "Why are you hesitating? You need my power, right?"

"Don't listen to it." said Jiraiya, almost urgently.

"Don't listen to what?" asked Lee, but no one would or could answer him.

Suddenly, Sasuke's mind went back to their first real mission and that orange chakra of Naruto's. Neji started thinking of the chakra that came from on where during their battle. It couldn't be...

The bubbling form becomes a grinning orange fox with red eyes and giant teeth.

"No WAY!" said Shikamaru, sitting up from is position on the ground. "No WAY!"

Temari and Kankuro, though they were trying to keep quiet, also gasped in realization. Shino and Gaara knew then too, though they settled for staying silent, even as questions erupted around them.

"Fox..." whispered Hinata, but no one could hear her over the noise. Eventually, Guy put on his loudest voice and read over everyone.

Naruto stares unemotionally at the thing.

"Well, who do you want to kill? You should understand..." The fox smirks. "That you can't do anything by yourself, that is. Release this seal completely! If you do...then I'l give you all my power." It speaks so calmly, but Naruto could see the impatience within.

"That thing...is sealed inside you?" Sakura asks, and no one moves. Naruto doesn't seem to hear her, but this is all the confirmation she and everyone else needs.

Naruto reaches his hand up, but suddenly Sasuke is there. The blond jumps back and the fox frowns. Naruto can barely speak. "Why are you-"

Sasuke is smiling, but giving off no warmth or friendliness. "Now I can see it. So this was the source of your power?" His eyes display the fully grown Sharingan.

"Who would've thought something like this was inside of you?" He gives a shifted look to Naruto.

The Fox gives almost an identical smile. "I see. An Uchiha, right? Your growth is impressive. You can even see me inside Naruto. Such would be the power of the Sharingan, that cursed clan's power."

Naruto looks at them like they're both insane.

"Seems like this isn't the first time you've seen the Sharingan. If so, then you are the Kyuubi."

Dead silence. Then-

"You have the Nine Tails INSIDE OF YOU?"

"Is it there now? Can it hear us?"

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"How long has it been there?"

Naruto gave a cheeky smile. "Yeah. I do."

Sakura's face had lost its color. "Seriously?"


"Well," Choji swallowed painfully. "Alright then."

"Eyes with such a power and chakra more sinister than my own...just as Madara Uchiha was."

Sasuke grabs the Kyuubi's and the bubbles puff up in an orange explosion. Naruto jerks, staring up disbelievingly. Sasuke's face is angry.

"And you expect me...to know that person?"


"Wait...WHAT?" Sakura shouted, her previous thoughts of the monster inside Naruto being replaced by outrage. "They can't do that!"

"We need to see what's happening next!" yelled Naruto and Kiba, almost simultaneously. Guy lifted his hands up in surrender.

"Let me read please!"

The Sky is bright blue with a few wispy clouds that don't quite hide the golden sun. Birds tweet above a dark green, fluffy forrest. The static of a walkie-talkie interrupts the peaceful silence.

"Did you find it?"

More static. "Nothing yet."

"Target Located!"

There is a lake by the forrest and a rolling field. A small shadow with yellow eyes leaps over a small clearing and runs.

Trees rush by, revealing three figures in pursuit- with the leader in a long cape.

"Um..." Ino looked around. "Does anyone know what's going on?"

"No." said Sakura. "But something about it sounds familiar."

The forrest clears to a dusty road with bits of grass, leading to the outskirts of a village.

"This is bad! It's going to enter the city!"

"I won't let it get away!" The small shadow runs forward, and the three jump out of the forrest, into the bright, white light.

On the outskirts, a woman does her laundry contently. But as she hangs up her sheets, she turns, confused, by a noise and a shadow knocks into her clothes basket.


She turns again to see three figures get caught in her sheets.

A few people snorted, and the tension in the the room deflated to where Sasuke was thinking he might get out of this situation alive.

"Probably genin." said Jiraiya wisely, much to the annoyance of the genins in the room.

"Ahhh!" They struggled to get out of the sheets while the lady watched bemusedly.

"What's with this?"

"Where'd it go?"

"That way!"

They stand and run off, with the sheet still over their heads. "Hey! You kids!"

Now they reach the village. A pot breaks and shouts arise. "I'm sorry!

"I'm sorry!" A crate of vegetables falls to the ground. "Sorry!"

Up ahead, there is the sign for Ichiraku Ramen.

"So these people are in Konoha?" said Naruto in surprise. A few nodded, having guessed this, based on the forrest and lake nearby.

"I'm going out on a delivery." An old man calls, crossing the street slowly.

The three run towards him. "Out of the way!"

He turns and yelps, falling to the ground. A package of plates, spoons, and ramen fly out of his hands and crash towards the ground. The light reveals the shadows' features: two boys and one girl.

"Sorry old man!"

"Hey, Naruto!"

About half the room snorted. It was Naruto? Still the same as always then...but Naruto frowned.

"Since when do I wear a cape?"

Noticing this to be true, the laughter stopped and the sense of wonderment about who these people were continued just as strongly.

The boy looked back with a smirky smile, his dark hair fluttering in the wind with its Konoha headband. He laughs.

The man paused. "That's not him...Konohamaru!"

"WHAT?" Naruto just about fell out of his seat. "If he's a genin..."

"How old is he now?" asked Kakashi.

Naruto thought for a moment. "I think he's eight."

"Hold on...then it's got to be further in the future than a few months." said Shikamaru, his brow clenched in thought.

"But how far..." Choji looked at his friend. "How far?"

A cat scratches at at wall in the dark of an alley. Cornered. The girl and other boy sneak up, and she presses the mike.

"Konohamaru-kun, we've cornered the target."

"Hurry! It's going to run away!" The cat is growling and shaking, as the boy with the shiny glasses speaks.

Konohamaru appears out of nowhere. "No problem!"

He lands on the terrified cat, and a fight breaks out between the two.

"This sounds incredibly familiar." said Sakura, raising her eyebrows and looking at Naruto. His cheeks went pink.

"No idea what you're talking about 'ttebayo."

"We caught it!" Konohamaru shouted, though his face was covered in scratches and his clothes dirty. The cat has a pink bow and looks furious.

"It couldn't be the same cat...could it?" asked Naruto with a grin. "What was its name, Toru?"

"I think it was Tora." said Sasuke quietly, speaking for the first time. The smile slid off Naruto's face and he settled for looking angrily at the wall.

"Ribbon on right ear. No doubt about it."

"Ebisu-sensei, we've recovered the lost pet, Tora."

"Mission accomplished!" Konohamaru smiles widely, but then gets attacked in the face and screams.

"My dear Tora-chan!" A plump lady with vivid red lips and vivid red nails, purple eyeshadow, and a glittery ring on each finger squeezes the life out of her crying cat.

The three watch on with their teacher, Ebisu, in a spacious office. "I was worried to death about you! Where did you run off too?"

Konohamaru sullenly looked forward. "If I were that cat, I'd run away too."

"Konohamaru-kun!" Ebisu glared at him, and the boy rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

A pretty blond woman with pigtails, green robes, and a violet mark on her forehead looked at them, halfway amused and halfway annoyed. Beside him was a tan man with a scratch on his nose.

"Iruka-sensei?" said Kiba, confused. "Who's the other one?"

All eyes slid to the only pretty blond woman with pigtails, green robes, and a violet mark on her forehead in the room. Tsunade scowled at all of them.

"There's no way in hell that that's me, so keep reading the damn book."

"So, here is your payment. Let's go home, Tora-chan!""

"Poor cat."

The occupants of the room watched her leave, and Ebisu slid up his glasses, exasperated.

"Although it was only a lost cat, how many hours did it take?" His students looked sheepish.

"But the cat was really fast..."

"It seemed pretty used to running away-"

Team 7 looked at each other briefly, before Kakashi quickly turned away and Sasuke pretended he hadn't stopped staring off into space. That was a memorable mission.

"I will hear no more excuses!" Currently, you should be able to handle missions of this level in a swifter manner! You're all lacking strength!"

Konohamaru crossed his arms sullenly. "I can't draw out my true power on such lame missions! Hey, Iruka-sensei! Aren't there any better missions?"

"This still sounds familiar."

Naruto huffed. "And I still don't know what you're talking about!"

Iruka sighed. "Um, Konohamaru..."

Ebisu looked irritated. "Konohamaru-kun, you three have just become genin." The dark haired boy looks at him with narrowed eyes. "There's no way you'll be assigned better missions, right?"

The blond woman closed her eyes and crossed her arms. "For now it will be D-Rank missions."

"I'm not satisfied with that!" Konohamaru plops down on the ground and the smiles, winking at her. "I'm going to be the seventh Hokage!"

"Seventh?" asked Shikamaru in surprise. "What about the Third?"

Jiraiya and Tsunade exchanged a worried glance. They might be on the Sixth depending on how far in the future this was!

The blond and Iruka both blinked in surprise. "The seventh? What about the sixth?"

"So they're on the fifth Hokage." said Kakashi. "I wonder who it is..."

Konohamaru smiled. "The sixth is gonna be Naruto-niichan!"

Naruto looked shocked, and some of the ones who knew Konohamaru had the same expression. The little kid was his self proclaimed "rival" and was "competing" for the title of Hokage.

The three adults stared at him, startled by the mention of Naruto's name.

"Naruto-niichan, eh?"

Leaving the red Hokage building, the three kids walked idly in the pleasant weather. "I wonder where he is now?"

"What do they mean, where am I now?" asked Naruto nervously. Sakura shrugged.

"You're probably on a mission or something."

Konohamaru grinned. "I'm sure he'll be an awesome shinobi when he gets back! I believe in him!"

"It sounds like you're away. Training or something, I mean." said Kiba, frowning.

Lee punched his hand up into the air. "Yes! I bet that's it! Training to become a stronger ninja!"

He smiled and winked.

"Um," Naruto gave Lee an alright-you're-even-weirder-than-me look. "Alright 'ttebayo."

Iruka and the blond watch them walk off into the distance from a window. "Instead of the seventh Hokage, he's more like the second Naruto."

Iruka gave a small smile. 'Naruto, are you doing well?'

"I'm definitely going to become stronger and bring Sasuke back dattebayo!"

Jiraiya groaned, almost wishing he and Minato's son were closer, so that he could warn him not to bother. The pain of Orochimaru leaving was faint, but still pressed on his heart.

"A lot of time has passed since he said those words and left with Jiraiya-sama to start his training."

There was a silence. Then-


Neji, in a rare display of emotion, looked wildly back in forth between a gaping Naruto and Jiraiya.

The others fared about the same. Kakashi, who could rarely be shocked, had his chin on the ground and Sasuke wore a similar expression.

"You left with him to go TRAINING?"

"With one of the legendary SANNIN?"

This was probably more shocking than the revelation that Naruto had the Kyuubi within him. Naruto 'Dead Last' Uzumaki was training with one of the most powerful ninja in the world?

"It has." said the blond. "Isn't it about time for them to return to the village? It'll be a problem if they don't. Especially since something big is going to be starting soon."

Two people walk through a thick, green forrest. One is blond in orange and black, and the other is an older man with long, spiky white hair.

"That's gotta be you two!" said Ino loudly, making sure that no one had forgotten she was there. "Remember? In that other part, it said you were wearing black now Naruto."

"It did." Shikamaru nodded approvingly at his teammate who smiled cheekily.

They reach the towering gates to a village marked 'Konoha'. Walking in, they pass two sleepy guards at the front booth who can't believe their eyes.

"Hey, was that...?"

"Yeah, no doubt about it!"

Meanwhile, a pink haired girl walks leisurely in the village.

"There's you, Sakura." said Tenten with a smile. Sakura smiled back at the older girl, and flicked back her newly cut hair. She wondered how long it was in the future- probably to her knees at least.


Sakura turned. "Konohamaru?"

"Where are you going?"

"The village's main gate. I'm going to pick up the afternoon trafficking report for Tsunade-sama."

"NO!" Tsunade punched her hand into the floor, attempting to make it explode. However, with the lack ability to do any sort of jutsu, it simply made her hand very sore. "This can't be true! It can't!"

Jiraiya let out a laugh. "Looks like you're the job you never wanted to be princess!"

"We don't know that!" Tsunade looked desperate. "I might not be H-H-Hokage!"

"What's wrong with Hokage?" asked Naruto angrily.

Tsunade snorted. "Anyone who wants that job has got a death wish kid. Trust me."


To save Naruto from being attacked, Guy (once again) read over someone.

"Do you want to come?"

The orange and black blond walks with his teacher into the heart of the village. "It's been two and a half years."

"Two...and and half...years?" Naruto squeaked.

Choji laughed. "Well, at least that explains why you're taller!"

Others, however, were thinking about what an amazing opportunity it would be to train with someone like Jiraiya for almost three years.


Konohamaru was telling Sakura about their mission in great detail. "That stupid cat could really run!"

Sakura laughed. "We had that mission too."

"Come to think of it, have you heard anything from Naruto-niichan?"

"Nope. Nothing at all."

Konohamaru seemed disappointed. "I see."

"Although, it's about time for him to return." She said wistfully, gazing of into the sky. They reach the gate.

"Good afternoon, Izumo-san. Kotetsu-san."

"At least I still have manners." mumbled Sakura to herself, causing those who heard around to her to snort in amusement.

"They're back!"

"Go take a look around town."

Izumo smiled. "You'll see something interesting."

"Something interesting..."Konohamaru looks back at his teammates in confusion, but Sakura gasps, her eyes wide.

Turning abruptly, she looks at a figure up ahead. "Could it be that...?"

The boy drops his bag and jumps up, climbing the pole in front of him while the old man watches on, amused. "Getting excited already?"

He stretches out on the top. "This brings back memories! This place hasn't changed at all 'ttebayo! Everyone! Naruto Uzumaki has returned!"

Naruto is tall, with an orange and black suit. He has bright blue eyes and a black headband tied around his forehead, displaying the symbol of Konoha. "Everything here is so nostalgic." He laughs suddenly.

"They added Granny Tsunade's face to the mountain!"

Nothing in that sentence made Tsunade happy. "Dammit, I am the Hokage. Oh well...wait. Did you just call me Granny Tsunade?"

"I think so, but why would I..."

Jiraiya laughed again. "I know she doesn't look it, but she's as old as me-oomph!"

A throbbing bump was suddenly on his head. "How did that happen? I thought you couldn't use your jutsu?"

Tsunade grinned. "That's no jutsu. That's pure, annoyed strength."

Sakura runs up to the pole and looks up, with Konohamaru close behind. "Is it true? It is!" He shouts gleefully.

"Naruto? Naruto, is that you? When did you get back, Naruto?" Sakura yells up. He turns around at the sound of her voice.

"Just now!" Naruto jumps down from the pole. "It's been a while, Sakura-chan." He laughs a little.

Sakura looks closely at him. "Hold on. You're taller than me, aren't you?"

"Seriously?" Sakura looked at her, ahem, petite teammate. "But everyone's taller than you, except Hinata-chan."

"Wow. A tall Naruto." said Kiba jokingly. No one could really picture it.

"You're right!" said Naruto, measuring with his hand.

'Seems like you've grown pretty strong in the time I haven't seen you.' She blushes suddenly and looks coyly at him.

"What do you think? Am I more womanly now?"

Naruto grinned and stuck his thumb up. "It's fine. You haven't changed at all!"

Most of room started to laugh, especially once seeing Sakura's face. If this was three years from now, she would be about sixteen! And having not changed a bit!

Sakura was suddenly annoyed and turned away from him, while Naruto coked his head, puzzled. Jiraiya sighed.

'You don't understand a woman's heart at all.'

"Isn't that the truth." mumbled Hinata to herself, hiding within the folds of her coat.

In the Hokage tower, Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya stand in front of Tsunade. "Long time no see, you too." She smiles slightly. "I take it the training had some results, right?"

"Did you think he'd come back with no results?"

"I did great 'ttebayo!"

Tsunade leaned down on her desk. "Well then, let's see those results."

"See them?"

"I'd like you to fight against a certain someone. I haven't given him any missions the past few days so that he could rest up. Your opponent is..."

Someone knocks at the door.


The door opens with a creak and those in the room turn. Naruto's eyes go wide, and his mouth opens in shock.

Guy stopped.

"Well?" said Naruto impatiently. "Who is it?"

"That's the end of the chapter my youthful friend!"


Shino, who hadn't done much but sit the entire time, held out his hand. "May I read the next one, Guy-sensei?"

Slightly surprised, Guy handed it to the young Aburame, who started reading in his low, monotone.


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