The first time Amy Pond met Castiel, angel of the Lord, she was 9. She was alone and hurting, because The Raggedy Doctor promised her 5 minutes and it was over 2 years now. And nobody believed her. They told her he was only her imaginary friend and nothing more. But Amy knew better. They all were wrong and Amy will prove it to them as soon as her Raggedy Doctor will return for her.

It was one of those summer nights when Amy refused to sleep indoors, instead camping a sleeping bag on the garden porch. She doesn't sleep, not even lying in the bag, no, she's sitting on the swings and watching stars. They are so beautiful and Amy can't wait till she's able to see them all from out there.

Suddenly she's hearing a strange noise. Not like TARDIS, though. It sounded... like wings? Only it sounded like huge and powerful wings. Amy scoots from hew swings and goes past newly-restored shed. There stands a man. He's tall, almost like the Doctor, and he wears a suit and a trench coat, though his tie is a bit loose and askew. His hair looks like it hadn't been brushed for a good week.

- Hello? - Amy asks uncertainly.

- Amelia Pond, - states the stranger and looks at Amy with impossibly blue eyes. He sounds like those people from American shows.

- Amy, - mindlessly corrects Amy. - Who are you? Are you a friend of the Doctor?

The man tilts his had to one side and his eyes seem to be confused:

- I do not believe... I am friends with the Time Lord who calls himself the Doctor.

- Then who are you? - Repeats Amy, because she's curious about this man, who arrived in the flutter of wings, and, apparently, knows about the Doctor.

The man straitens his back, arms hanging limp by his sides, and calmly, yet powerfully, states:

- My name is Castiel, I'm an angel of the Lord.

And Amy doesn't quiet believes him, because her aunt says there's no such thing as God. But it seems like this man, Castiel, reads her troubled face, because his brow furrows and suddenly there's the moon shining from behind the cloud it was previously hidden behind, and Amy can swear she sees a huge shadow of wings behind Castiel on the wall of her house. Then the moon shies away and wings disappear.

- God exists, Amelia, and so do I. I'm real.

Amy still can't wholly comprehend just seen, so she quietly says:

- They all say Doctor ain't real. But what if it is you, who isn't real?

Castiel tilts his head again, and Amy can't get rid if the impression of a curious cat. Or a bird. Then he walks towards Amy and kneels in front of her, his bright blue eye never leaving her face.

- Why would I be imaginary? And the Time Lord is real. Why other people don't believe you?

- Because I'm just a kid, - suddenly states Amy, surprising even herself. But she goes on, because all out of blue she has someone who believes her. - I'm a kid, and they say I'm just lonely, so I imagined him. But I'm not, - she brushes away an unwelcome tear. - He's real and I… He'll come for me, so I'm not lonely. But they don't believe me!

The man quietly says:

- Humans... I will never understand them. Why can't they see you are not lying? Do they think you have a reason to lie and not tell the truth?

- I don't know, - whispers Amy, tears rolling down her face. She can't hold them anymore and she starts sobbing. Castiel blinks at confusion, and then reaches out with his hand to put it slowly on her shoulder:

- You shouldn't be so upset. It's nothing to be upset about.

And Amy gets hold of herself, because she already likes this angel, because he didn't shoo her away, telling her to grow up, to be reasonable. He believed her when nobody did.

- Yet you're indeed lonely, - he gently squeezes her shoulder with his big and warm hand.

- Why are you here? - She can't help but ask. And instantly regrets, because even to her it sound rude. And she doesn't want to be rude to him. But Castiel doesn't seem bothered.

- I've been assigned to be your guardian angel. I wanted to meet you and learn what it is so important about you.

- Did you? Did you learn?

- Not yet. But you're special, Amelia Pond. And I'll be watching over you. For now I must go.
He gets up, but Amy grabs his hand when it rises from her shoulder.

- Will I see you again? Will you return?

A curiosity sparkles in his eye and when he answers, he sounds almost amused.

- Sometimes. You should understand, Amelia, that I'm a warrior, and it's my duty to serve Heaven, therefore I won't be perched on your shoulder, as humans are inclined to believe. But sometimes I'll be visiting you.

Amy nods and let's go of his hand. Sometimes. Not in five minutes, but sometimes. It's good enough for her. Suddenly she's got one more question:

-Castiel? Can I call you sometimes? I promise not to do it too often, but... when I'm really-really lonely? - She hopes he would let her, because Amy desperately needs somebody to believe her.

Angel stares at her for a long moment and then nods in affirmation.

- I allow you to do this once in a while.

- How... How can I do that? - Amy can't believe she wasn't rejected.

- Sometimes it's enough to pray. Farewell, Amelia.

And in a blink of an eye and a flutter of wings, Castiel is gone.