Huge thanks to Lea, who kindly beta-ed this chapter!

Half a year later Amy is home alone, silently crying because her aunt wants her to attend a psychiatrist. Again. As if the first time wasn't bad enough. Amy had to bite Mr. Hammps to stop that torture of being told The Raggedy Doctor isn't real. But Amy knows, knows the truth. And Castiel confirmed that he's real! Though Amy can't point out that her guardian angel says she's telling truth, because it will only make matters worse. And besides, Amy doesn't want to tell anybody about Castiel. It feels like she's not supposed to talk about him, like he's some sort of secret for the outside world. For some reason Amy wants to leave the angel only for herself.

But right now Amy is really miserable and really-really lonely. Suddenly she remembers that almost a year ago Castiel allowed her to call him if she's lonely. Amy has never asked him to come along before, because he told her not to do it often, but she really needs him now. Besides, she hasn't seen him for a very long time. It doesn't matter that they've seen each other only two odd times and had conversations lasting mere minutes, Amy thinks of him as somebody reliable. Maybe not a friend, not just yet, but already somebody constant.

So she stood near the window, folded her hands in a praying manner and started to pray the way she learnt in church.

She hasn't even finished her prayer when she heard a flutter of wings. Amy turned around to see him, with his usual trench coat and tousled hair, serious face and blue eyes.

- Hello, Amelia, - he says and moves towards her. - I heard you praying for me.

- You let me call for you, - she whispers.

- I did, - he nods. - Though I didn't think you would have a strong enough will not to call me for almost a year. For humans it's a long time.

Amy doesn't respond. Partly, because she doesn't know what to say, partly because she's too upset to find the right words to talk about her feelings.

Castiel looks around the room, as if searching for something.

- Where is your aunt?

Amy actually cringes at her aunt's mention. She doesn't want to think about her.

- I don't know. I don't want to know.

Angel looks at her again. Then he wordlessly sits down on her bed, hand tracing the fabric of the duvet as if it's the very first time he touches a blanket.

- She is being unfair toward you.

And that simple statement throws off all of the strength Amy put just not to cry in front of him. She hurriedly sits down near Castiel and presses herself into his side. He doesn't pull away, so she sneaks her arms around his waist and cries for her every misery and unfairness. After a minute or so, the angel hugs her back. It really feels like he's never hugged anyone before. He awkwardly, yet gently lays one hand on her head and the other on her back and lightly squeezes. He doesn't move or say anything, but Amy is just content to stay like this for as long as possible, because he doesn't judge her and he hugs her.

- Can you tell me something about other angels? – Amy quietly requests him, when she's calmed down.
- What do you want to know? –The angel responds just as quietly as she was.

- I don't know. What are other angels like?

And Castiel tells her everything he can, everything she's able to understand being just a little girl. He tells her about his brothers and sisters, about The Host, his superiors, about archangels, the Heaven and the God, his Father. And then he listens to her problems and troubles. From time to time gives her a piece of advice, just like during their previous meetings. It's almost five in the morning, when Amy can no longer force her eyes to stay open, when the angel announces she should be asleep by now. While such a statement from her aunt usually results in irritation, it makes her even more sleepy said with Castiel's gruff voice. Amy climbs into her bed, and falls asleep before Castiel disappears into the night.