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Wrong Turn

Chapter One – If Loving You is Wrong

Sam's wrong.

I wasn't going to let her go.

I didn't choke.

She hadn't killed yet.

Hadn't acted on her monster side.

She deserved a chance.

Maybe it was the last of my hope.

Praying she was more human than Amazon.

Truth is she was mine.

Even though I didn't know her.

I wanted to.

Wanted to know who she was.

Not what.

Wanted to believe that just maybe...

I knew better.

Down deep.

Knew she had to die.

Sam saved me from the deed.

Just like I did him.

It's what family does.

The hard job that needs doing.

The End


February 2012

All standard disclaimers apply.

These drabbles seem to be the answer to my constant time constraints. A demanding job and family care don't leave much time for writing. I hope these glimpses inside the characters' heads offer some enlightenment. Maybe soon I'll get some real stories going again, but in the meantime, this is it.

Thanks for reading. Comments are always appreciated. Later, B.J.