Chapter Nine – Don't Die

He asks me to not die.

Same thing I ask of him.

My response, "I'll do my best."

That's all I can promise.

I know where he's coming from.

Been there myself.

But dying.

Having it over.

Can't deny, it holds appeal.

I'm not looking for it.

At least not actively.

But it's there.

A silent promise.

A welcome end.

The release of all this pressure.

All the waiting.

I'm bloody tired.


Wishing it was done.


For now I'm hanging on.

Going through the motions.

Focused on one thing.


Making Dick pay.

All I have left.

The End


April 2012

All standard disclaimers apply.

Vengeance is no way to live. Dean used to know that. Used to be the voice of reason when his family surrendered all in their quest for blood. Bobby's death, all the death surrounding them, the pain and the pressure, have all transpired to mold Dean into someone he is not. He should be hunting Dick and the Leviathans because they are a threat to mankind, because they are monsters who deserve to die.

Here's hoping Dean can focus on that and return to a sense of balance and acceptance. I've never known how a hunter does it, but deep down Dean does and he'll find his way back to that. He is Dean Winchester after all, and that's just how he's made.

I think I'll end this verse on that note.

Thanks for coming along on this journey. All comments welcome.

Later, B.J.