Chapter 1 The phone call

Agent Derek Morgan stood in line at the coffee shop. Right now he was eyeing a very nice looking woman talking with her friend. He debated over which approach would work best on her. Morgan was about to make his move when he saw a man walk up to her and place his arm over her shoulder. He laughed it off and ordered his coffee.

After getting his cup of coffee he headed out. When he stepped outside he heard his phone ring. Morgan looked at the name on the screen. Reid.

"Hey, Pretty Boy." Morgan said.

"Good Morning, Agent Morgan." A calm voice said.

Morgan froze on the spot. He was automatically started analyzing the call. "Who is this?" He asked, keeping his emotions calm.

The voice remained calm and confident. "I am your Un-Sub. Short for Unknown Subject. It is meant to be a non specific term to keep the mind clear and free from any preconceived notions."

Morgan let the Un-Sub talk. There was very little doubt in the Agent's mind that this Un-Sub was narcissistic in nature.

The Un-Sub was undisturbed by Morgan's lack of conversing. "Spencer and I have had quite a chat."

Morgan fell back to his training. "Can I speak with Spencer?"

"I'm afraid he is indisposed at this moment." The Un-Sub said. "He did ask me to relay a message though. Spencer wanted you to check on his Godson Henry, you know Agent Jareau's son. He is quite the little boy." With that the Un-Sub hung up the phone.

Morgan didn't waste any time he called J.J.

"Hey, Morgan."

"J.J., listen to me." Morgan said. "Are you with Henry right now?"

"Yes, I was about to leave. You're scaring me." J.J. said reading into Morgan's voice.

"You need to get Henry and Will and go the BAU. Reid's been kidnapped, I'm going to his apartment now. I'll call and explain everything to the team. Just get out of there."

Morgan hung up the phone and called Garcia. "Baby-Girl, please tell me that you are near a computer."

"I am not only disturbed by the fact you asked me that question, but that right now you feel the need to ask it." Garcia said. "I am almost to the BAU now. What do you need?"

There wasn't time to be gentle about this. "I just received a call from Reid's phone from someone claiming to be an Un-Sub. I need to know where that phone is." Morgan said.

"I'll be like the wind. Who do you need me to call?"

"Prentiss." Morgan answered. "I'll call Hotch and Rossi." He hung up the phone and called Hotch next.

"Hotch." Hotch said when he picked up his phone.

Morgan quickly told him the conversation that took place between himself and the Un-Sub. He also said that he already called J.J. and Garcia and he was heading now to Reid's apartment.

"I'll meet you at Reid's apartment." Hotch said. "I'll call Rossi and make sure J.J. is safe."

J.J. immediately went to work as soon as Morgan hung up. She grabbed Henry's bag and told Will what was going on. They would go together to the BAU and wait there.

Will and J.J. got out of the house. They both remained on edge as they walked quickly to the car.

Then all at once Will stopped J.J. in her tracks grabbing her shoulder. She looked towards where Will was pointing. Under their car was a brown package wedged in behind the back tire.

"Get Henry out of here." Will said pushing J.J. away. "I'll keep an eye on it. I don't want either of you two here."

J.J. knew that there was no arguing with Will. She secured Henry in her arms and moved a good distance away. Her cell phone was ringing. She saw that it was Hotch.

"Hotch. There is a package under my car." J.J. said. "Will's keeping it secure."

"I'll meet you there, I'm calling it in." Hotch said. He hung up and immediately called the bomb squad. The next call he placed was to Rossi.

He knew Rossi wouldn't do any good at J.J.'s. He needed to see about Reid's apartment. Hotch called Prentiss and told her to meet Rossi there.

Morgan continued driving towards Reid's apartment. He looked when his phone rang, it was Garcia.

"I've got Reid's phone." Garcia said. "It was never turned off." She then gave the address.

"What?" Morgan said when he heard it. The address was next to where he had just gotten his cup of coffee. "Hotch, he's calling me now." Morgan hit the call waiting.

"Garcia found Reid's phone." Morgan quickly said. "It's where I was when the Un-Sub called me."

"Track down the phone." Hotch said. "Prentiss and Rossi are going to Reid's apartment."

"Is J.J. okay?" Morgan asked.

Hotch knew he had to be blunt with Morgan. "J.J. found a package wedged under her car. I'm on my way there along with a bomb squad. She's fine. Just find that phone."

Morgan wanted to be by J.J.'s side. He was the one with bomb experience. But he knew they needed to get the phone. He could check on J.J. afterwards. After Morgan parked his car he got out and started calling Reid's phone.

He walked around the coffee shop, listening for the ringing. Morgan followed the ringing towards the garbage can that sat across the street from the coffee shop and looked inside. He saw Reid's phone ringing with his name on it.

The Un-Sub was watching him the entire time.

Morgan grabbed a glove from his pocket and picked up the phone. He called back Hotch and told him where he had found the phone. Morgan looked around to see if there were any camera's placed that would give them eyes on the Un-Sub. He saw one. They would get the footage from Garcia.

He would now head to J.J.'s. He needed to see what was going on with his own eyes.

Rossi and Prentiss got to Reid's apartment. Prentiss managed to get the key to Reid's apartment easy enough. It was only the matter of showing the badge.

The manager knew Dr. Reid was FBI and let them in.

The two quickly went to the third floor and made their way to Reid's apartment. Both had noticed the door was ajar open when they walked up.

Rossi and Prentiss fell back on training. They drew their weapons and entered the apartment slowly.

It was a mess.

The Agents quickly made their way through the apartment clearing it.

Reid's living room armchair was on its side. The drawer to the side table was pulled out and the contents spread on the floor. The lamp that had sat on the side table was broken on the floor.

Books were pulled from the book shelves.

In the bedroom every drawer was opened and the contents were spread on the floor.

What the hell was going on?


Agent Morgan had quickly made his way to J.J.'s house. He saw Hotch standing with Will and J.J. Henry was safe in his mother's arms.

"Are you alright?" He asked to J.J.

"Fine." J.J. answered. "All of us."

Morgan turned to Hotch to see what was going on.

"The dog couldn't smell any explosive materials." Hotch said. "They're doing an exam of it now. So far they think it's a hoax."

Agent Morgan put on a vest and approached the bomb technicians to talk with them. He said he wanted to see the bomb for himself.

Because it had been deemed safe enough to approach, Morgan looked over it.

"We noticed this when we first got close to it." One the Agents said pointing to the side of the brown package.

The words HA HA were written in red ink across the side of it.

Morgan shook his head and went back over to Hotch.

"What is it?" Hotch asked.

"When I was working in Chicago there was a man named Christopher Stromb. He found a package just like that under his car with the words HA HA written in red on it, just like this one."

J.J. couldn't hold back her surprise.

"It was a hoax." Morgan added. "A former employee was looking for revenge and he had several of them show up over the course of a month. Each time was a hoax."

"Was this story published?" Hotch asked.

"At the end of it, the story was leaked. Stromb refused protection, it turns out he was engaged in a little bit of white collar criminal activity. That's why he didn't want the police too close to him."

"The last one turned out to be real." Hotch guessed.

"Yes it did. If this one is exactly the same it will explode, but it will only be baby powder."

"So this guy is nothing more than a copycat." Will said disgusted.

Hotch's phone rang right then. It was Rossi. "I've got you on speaker with J.J., Will and Morgan."

The three stood there and listened.

"The apartment was open when we got here. The place looks like it's been ransacked." Rossi said.

"The Un-Sub opened up drawers and dumped stuff out. It's all over the place. It would be impossible to know if anything's missing." Prentiss added.

Hotch didn't hesitate. "I want you two to profile the apartment the best that you can. We'll meet at the BAU."

He hung up and then turned to J.J. and Will. "Anderson is on his way here. I'm having him take you to the BAU. We'll arrange a safe place for Will and Henry."

Will looked like he was about to object.

"That wasn't a request." Hotch said. "Morgan and I will be there shortly."

The bomb squad continued to work on defusing the bomb. Hotch and Morgan hung back planning to wait until the bomb was diffused. From there it would be delivered to the BAU and Morgan would look it over.