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Chapter 16 A Final Gift

Aaron continued to stare up into Spencer's eyes. Right then and there Aaron wanted to take Spencer away, spend just a few days with him. He wanted to go somewhere that they wouldn't have any interruptions. Where there would be no Un-Subs, just them.

Spencer looked at his lover. Aaron wasn't holding anything that happened against him, despite the fact that he never told him about Clements. There was nothing to be sorry for.

He was interrupted by his thoughts by the phone ringing. Spencer picked it up and handed it to Aaron. "It's Morgan."

"Hotch." Aaron said answering the phone sitting up.

"Are you with Reid right now?" Morgan asked.

"Yes," Hotch answered leaning forward.

"Clements is dead," Morgan said. "Heart attack. I thought you would be best to tell Reid."

Aaron turned and looked at Spencer. "Thank you," he said as he hung up the phone. Aaron took Spencer's hand into his. "Listen, Clements had a heart attack, he's dead."

Spencer held a shocked look on his face before he sat down on the bed. "It's over then. That's it, nothing more."

"What he did to you. That is in the past." Aaron said putting an arm around his lover. "It's over and we both know that he can never harm you again."

The two stayed like that for a while. Just in each other's company. They then left to pick up Jack. Spencer and Aaron spent the day playing with Jack. Neither one of them discussed Clements again for that day.

The next day Morgan hung around Reid making sure that he was alright. It took Reid several times of reassuring him to let him know that he was going to be fine.

The topic unfortunately wasn't done yet. Reid did hear from Clements again.

He was sitting at his desk finishing out paperwork that had originally belonged to Morgan when his phone rang. "Agent Reid," he answered.

"Is this Agent Dr. Spencer Reid?" The voice asked.

"Yes it is. Who is this?" Reid asked unrecognizing the voice.

"My names Mitch Paulson, I'm an attorney. I would like to meet with you. I will be in town all this week. What would be convenient for you?"

Spencer thought about it. "Could we meet after lunch, say two."

"Yes that is fine." Paulson answered. "I have an office we could talk in private." He then gave Reid that address.

"May I ask as to what this is about?"

Paulson was quiet for a moment. "I represent Jacob Clements."

Reid didn't know what to say. "I'll be there." He then hung up the phone and walked to Aaron's office. If he was meeting a lawyer, he wanted to a lawyer present too, and a friend.

"Aaron," Spencer said as he entered the office.

Aaron knew this wasn't work, this was their relationship. "What is it?"

"I got call from a lawyer, Mitch Paulson, he said he represented Clements and he needs to talk with me. I told him I would meet him at two. I really what you there with me."

Aaron and Spencer took a late lunch before they headed to the office. They just enjoyed being together. Spencer wanted more time with Aaron, but he knew that wasn't possible. After the lunch they found the office.

It was a smaller office, clearly not the main office for the lawyer, just temporary.

"Hello, I'm Mitch Paulson." Paulson said politely letting Aaron and Spencer in. He offered his hand to Spencer, who only offered a polite shy wave, which was his manner. Aaron accepted the handshake.

"Aaron Hotchner." Hotch said taking his hand. "I'm a friend of Spencer's."

"Well I am glad that he has one." Paulson said offering the two a seat as he sat behind the desk. "I represent Jacob Clements." Paulson said. "He drew out his will with me a while back. He left everything to you, Dr. Reid."

Spencer didn't say anything. He continued to stare at the lawyer in disbelief. He had not had any indication of this.

The lawyer's tone changed. "I know the circumstances over your last meeting with him."

Aaron read into his behavior, he was being genuinely sympathetic.

"I'm sorry about that. I have already talked with his family and their lawyers. They do not want to fight this will. In fact they want to distance themselves as much as possible with Jacob."

Paulson then passed Spencer a document that contained the will and the amount of the estate.

Aaron took it and began reading it as he would any legal document.

Reid read over Aaron's shoulder. He stopped though when he saw the amount of money he would be receiving. The sum was incredible. He could pay for his mother's hospital for the rest of her life. He could also make a very generous donation to Jack and Henry's college fund. Or he could leave the FBI and live comfortably for the rest of his life.

Reid couldn't speak at first. He looked to Aaron who was finishing reading the document. As far as Aaron was concerned everything on the documentation was correct and as it should be for a will.

When Aaron was done reading Paulson spoke up. "I'll give you time to discuss what you want to do Dr. Reid. I'll make all the arrangements you need." He then got up and went to leave. "I'll give you two sometime alone to discuss this."

The door closed behind him. Aaron and Spencer just sat there with the document between them.

"What do you want to do?" Aaron asked.

"I don't know. It doesn't seem right taking the money. I know why he gave it to me." Spencer said. "He wanted to take care of me. As strange as it was he did love me."

"I'm going to take you home." Aaron said getting up. "We can talk about this later."

Spencer got up as well.

Paulson was standing outside the door when the two came out.

"We'll call you when we have decided what to do." Aaron said politely.

Paulson passed Aaron his business card and said his good byes.

Neither really spoke on the way home.

The amount of money was weighing on their minds.

Spencer did ask Aaron to take him to his place. Spencer wanted to spend some time with Jack and him tonight.

After dropping Spencer off, Aaron went back to the office. He didn't tell anyone on the team about the money that Clements had left. He only said that Spencer needed some time alone. Spencer would tell the team when he was ready.

Spencer waited in the apartment with a couple of books until Jack came home. When he did the two sat down with Jack's homework and then played a few games.

Aaron sent Spencer a text that he was coming home. That was the cue to start dinner. Spencer wasn't much of a cook. It was true he understood all the chemistry behind it, but still. He managed to make the food and set the table with Jack's help.

The three sat down together to eat, like they always would when they were together.

When bedtime came both Aaron and Spencer tucked Jack into bed then went to their own bedroom.

Spencer immediately jumped into the shower before he went to bed.

He was soon interrupted by Aaron peeking into the shower. "Do you mind if I join you?"

"Sure," Spencer said making room for him.

Aaron stepped into the shower behind him. He then cupped Spencer's chin in his hand. "I love you." He ran his hands caressingly over Spencer's body.

Spencer relaxed at the feel of Aaron's hands on his body.

Aaron took Spencer's wash cloth and soaped it up and then began cleaning Spencer's body. He smiled as he watched Spencer lean against the shower wall as he succumbed to Aaron's touch.

After the shower was over the two crawled into bed and laid there with each other.


J.J. was sitting in Garcia's office. The two were looking over her computer.

"Is everything finished?" J.J. asked.

"Everything but the hard part." Garcia answered. "Rossi volunteered to do that though."

J.J. and Garcia got up and headed back to the bullpen. Prentiss was talking with Morgan over a cup of coffee. Prentiss nodded towards J.J. for the confirmation, who nodded back.

Prentiss then indicated towards the catwalk.

Reid was in Hotch's office. That made things perfect.

Morgan went to get Rossi. He was glad that the girls had come up with the plan. After what Clements had done, this was needed for both of them.

The day before Reid had revealed to Morgan about Clements leaving his money to him. Morgan was taken aback by the full amount. He had asked Reid what he was going to do. Reid still hadn't decided.

The rest of the team was on the catwalk when Rossi stepped out with Morgan. They all walked into Hotch's office.

Hotch was talking with Reid when the team walked in. "What is this about?" Hotch asked as they came in.

"Aaron, Reid, on behalf of myself and the rest of them." Rossi said indicating himself and the team. "Get out."

"Excuse me." Hotch said getting up.

"Your arrangements have already been made." Prentiss said presenting the envelope to Spencer. "Your plans and itinerary are inside."

"I don't understand." Reid said opening the envelope.

"It's a romantic getaway. Something you both need." Garcia giggled. "We have you covered. This is just for the two of you."

"Jack is going to stay with Will and I." J.J. said.

Spencer looked up from the documents in the envelope towards Aaron. "I don't think we can say no."

"I think you will just need your go bags." Prentiss said. "So you can take off now."

"Well they are going to need this too." Garcia said passing Reid a light tan shopping bag.

Reid started to open it in curiosity.

"Don't open that here!" Garcia quickly said.

Reid blushed slightly and closed the bag. He caught sight of one of the items in the bag.

Aaron in the meantime was thanking Dave for helping to set up the getaway.

Dave responded by helping the team usher the two out of the office.

Aaron followed the driving directions that Spencer read off to him. The directions took them to some rented cabins. Aaron checked in at the main office and then drove to the cabin that the team had gotten them.

The two stepped out of the car and looked around the cabin. It was a simple cottage style accommodation. There was a flower garden under the windows and old fashioned wooden shutters on the windows.

Aaron took ahold of Spencer's hand and the two walked in. They looked over the living space and the small kitchen. The team had seen to it that the fridge and pantry had been stocked with plenty of food.

Spencer wondered into the bedroom. There was a king size bed with a nightstand on either side.

"I think it's perfect." Aaron said sliding his arms around Spencer from behind.

"Yes it is." Spencer said leaning back into Aaron.

The two just stayed there like that for a moment.

Whenever Spencer was in the mood he would place his hand on Aaron's thigh giving it a light squeeze and then he would start tracing patterns with his finger.

Aaron felt Spencer's hand go to his thigh and he felt a light squeeze. His heart was racing. It was true that they had started become closer, but they had not been fully intimate since Clements.

Spencer began drawing patterns on Aaron's thighs. In response Aaron wrapped his arms tighter around Spencer.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"Yes." Spencer replied turning and looking at his lover.

Aaron smiled down at Spencer. "Go lay down on the bed. I'll be right in." Spencer didn't know what Aaron had in mind, but he sat down on the bed. He kicked off his shoes and socks then started taking off his clothes.

In the meantime Aaron went back to the fridge. He had seen some chocolate covered strawberries in there. Those would be perfect for Spencer. He grabbed them then peaked in the brown bag that Garcia had given Spencer. There were some interesting items in there. He grabbed the bottle of lube she provided and headed into the bedroom.

Spencer was sitting on the bed waiting for Aaron. He saw the bottle and the strawberries, his heart started beating faster. He wanted this. He wanted to be connected to Aaron.

Aaron took off his shoes and jacket and laid it on the chair. They were soon followed by his shirt and pants and socks. He then made his way over to the bed. He ran his hands over Spencer's body as he removed the rest of his clothing.

When Spencer was finally naked he had him lay down on the bed. Aaron grabbed one of the strawberries and tantalizingly ran it over Spencer's body.

Tonight wasn't going to be about Aaron at all. Tonight was about Spencer. Aaron did see to that.

The two spent the weekend at the cabin together, neither one leaving. It had after all been well stocked.

Spencer was grateful for the team for giving him this time with Aaron. It had been a long time since he had felt that happy.

The End