Swan changeling chapter 10

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Artemis groaned and rolled over.

"ahh!" she hit the floor.

"uhhhh…" she groaned getting up. Why was her watch set at 2 in the fricking mor- oh. Right. She had an hour left till she had to go. Her father was expecting her. She groaned and flopped back on the floor. What was she doing in the living room?

"mmm…" artemis tensed up, got into a crouching position and looked around to see where the noise was coming from.

It was wally.


"hi wally!"


Wally looked around to see artemis standing there in a dress with her hair loose and a head band.

"soo… are we going?"

"going?" he asked bewildered.

"on our date silly!" she giggled. (I know, artemis would NEVER giggle but this IS wally's dream after all)


It had been great. They were sitting in the booth at the restaurant. Artemis was leaning in and so was wally.

"I love you, artie…"

"beep beep beep!" was her reply.

He looked at her shocked.

"are you ok?"

"beep beep bee-"

Wally got up groggily from his dream disappointed. Just when they were about to kiss, too.

"mmm…" he stretched.

Then he remembered last night. He looked to where artemis should have been sitting. They had been watching a movie, since megan had refused to go to the magic show.

"artemis?" He called out.

"yes?" he heard a hesitant reply from the floor.

"what are you doing?"

"umm….going to the… bathroom."

"on the floor?" he raised his eyebrow skeptically.

"n-no! I just fell."

He yawned. "what time is it anyway?"

"3. So you better go back to sleep."

"you're not the boss of me.." he said sleepily, and turned over on the sofa.

Five minutes later, he was snoring, back to his dream.


Arriving at the pond was tiring for artemis.

The sun rose in the sky, leaving behind streaks of red, purple, and gold. After changing artemis decided to catch up on some lost sleep before her dad came back.

She waddled over to the bushes and laid down.

"artemis! o artemis!" klarion cried out in a singsong voice. "I want you to meet my new friend!" artemis cracked open one eye.

"artemis. come and meet him."


Curiosity won over tiredness, and artemis got up and waddeled over to klarion.

"this better be good." She said in her normal voice.

Suddenly, a shadow loomed over her. She looked up to see who it was.

A tall man, wearing all black, with the exception of dark purple of course, stood over her. His face was covered by the shadow of his hood, except for his mouth, with she could see was smiling showing off his magnificently yellow crooked not-ever-brushed teeth.

Artemis gagged.

He kneeled down in front of her and spoke.

"hello little girl…"


It was 8 in the morning, and megan had practically woken everyone up with her happy singing. Then wally heard a sob.

"she's GONE!" megan sobbed.

Wally stretched and rubbed his eyes, and got out of the couch. He padded over to megan.

"who's gone?" he asked yawning.

"artemis!" suddenly wally was more awake.

"what do you mean she's gone?"

"she left. She dissapeard. She van-"

"I get the point. Do you think you know where she might be?"

"no." she sniffled.

Wally thought back to the illusion he had when artemis spiked his drink.

Maybe…. Nah… it couldn't… could it?

It was worth a try.

Wally flashed to his room, and got dressed quickly. He slapped his goggles on, and went over to m'gann.

'' I'll look for her."

"thanks wally." She smiled a watery smile.

He grinned back.

"all in a day's work. Bye!"

And with that he zoomed out of the cave door while the computer announced his departure.


"hello little girl…"

She could smell his breath from where she was. She gagged.

The man reached out his grimy hands to pet her head.

She honked and snapped at his finger while narrowing her eyes.

He pulled back, and his mouth turned into a frown.

"feisty little one, ain't she?"

Klarion grinned to the man then sent a frown to artemis.

"well, she'll just have to be taught a lesson." The man said simply. With merely a flick of his hand, artemis was sent into a nearby tree.

Klarion grinned and clapped. "wonderful! Do mo- I mean …." He stuttered remembering who he was.

Artemis lay by the tree like a thrown raggedy doll. The wizard spread his fingers out and pointed his hand towards artemis. his eyes glowed white for a second. Then he grinned.

"you were a daddy's little girl? Miss your daddy much? Awww… don't worry, you'll see him. Klarion!"


"tell her daddy dearest that he needs to get ready to come in five minutes."

"yes sir."

Klarion put his fingers to his head and called her dad.

Artemis got up while klarion was calling her dad and tried to get away.

"m m m… not so fast little girly."

The man flicked his hand towards her, and she flew into the ground next to them. She grunted in pain as she hit the ground.

Then someone kicked her as he laughed.

Artemis froze in fear as she heard the voice.

"haven't practiced lately have we?"


His feet seemed to know where to go. He arrived at a forest in swan city.

As he delved deeper into the forest, he slowed down because of the numerous numbers of rocks and sticking up roots.

"stupid artemis," he muttered, "she HAD to pick this place to get kidnapped?"

He finally saw the familiar clearing up ahead.

Suddenly, a smell overwhelmed his senses. Or should he say smells? Burned flesh and blood.

Wally almost threw up, and went back, but some part of him (obviously the crazy mental part) Then he saw her.

"pay more attention! Stupid girl! Didn't you learn from all those past years? It's useless to try to run away!"

Wally saw artemis laying on the ground with her very own puddle of blood.

Sportsmaster- wait! Wally did a double take. Sportsmaster was beating her up. Klarion was laughing and some guy was standing there with his arms crossed, looking pleased.

"get up you lazy girl! You need to train more!" sportsmaster yelled.

Get up? To train? Is he mentally sick or- wait scratch that….he actually is mentally sick. But can't he see she's bleeding? Wally thought angrily.

He was just about ready to burst out from the safety of the bushes, when he heard the mystery man say something that made him freeze.

"artemis… don't forget to tell your friend, peeping tom, that soon, it will all be mine." Then the guy threw an evil smile towards wally.

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