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"No, stop Sebastion, PLEASE," Ciel screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Master," Sebastion groaned, "Please hold on. We're almost there!"

Ciel leaned against the wall gasping as Sebation leaned against him, fingering the lace of the...corset?

"I swear," Ciel complained through a cold sweat,"I can't see how women can prance around in these things! Dear God, I'm going to die!"

"I don't believe anyone has died of this yet, Young Master," Sebastion stated. He finished running the lace up the back of the corset and pulled both strings. Ciel screamed and turned quickly to face Sebastion, causing the corset to fall around his ankles.

"That hurt, dammit! What the hell are you trying to do, crush my vital organs?"

"Now Madam," Sebastion said with a victorious grin, "calm yourself. You're a lady, don't talk in that sort of tounge."

Ciel stared at his butler in complete disguist. "You think you're so funny, huh, Sebation? Let me guess, this goes with your motto?"

The dark haired man stood proud, right hand over his chest, and bowed as he said, "Because, you see, I'm simply one Hell of a butler. And when it comes to being one 'Hell of a butler', why not write comedian down on the list?"

Ciel walked over to the body length mirror looking at the marks, left by the corset, that surronded his torso. He then looked at his brand that was burned into his body when he was kidnapped and tortured. He rub it as he asked, "This is utterly ridiculous. Remind me why we're doing this again?"

"In order to expose Jack The Ripper, Young Master," the black haired man said as he towered over the boy. He laid his hands on Ciel's shoulders. "You're quite tense, young master," he claimed, rubbing Ciels shoulders in circular motions. The boy didn't push away as he usually did. No, instead he backed into the butlers palms, welcoming them. He let out a small moan causing the butlers eyes to turn red. Sebastion then ran his right hand down the side of Ciel's stomach and thigh and rubbed the brand gently. This tickled the boy and caused him to jump.

"What are you," Ciel tried to shout.

The butler brought his right, gloved hand up to the boy's face and covered his marked eye, which naturally hide behind a patch. He brought his head down to the child's neck and whispered into his ear, "Does that feel good, Master?"

Ciel blushed and felt something tingle below his waist, but he was too scared to see what it was. Sebastion shot an evil, devilish grin, enjoying the effect he was causing the boy to show. Lust filled his blood colored eyes.

"I have an idea," Sebastion began, moving his hands back to the childs shoulders, "I know a method that could help you relax."

"Who says I need to relax," Ciel questioned.

"Unless you loosen up, you'll never fit in that corset."

He had a valid point. "What's your idea?"

Sebastion then wrapped his arms under Ciel's knees and shoulders, lifting him slighty to his chest. Their faces were pressed close, noses touching. "Just close your eyes and follow my lead."

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