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It was early morning. The skies were blue and violet, and a soft cool breeze was passing by.

Lara Croft had just finished the assault course in the back of her house. After she shot the last bullet, Winston asked behind her:

"Are you going to the Pacific?"

"Yes." She re-holstered the pistols and continued. "I wouldn't have any other exciting adventure for a long time, otherwise." Winston handed over a bottle with water to her. She opened it and drank.

"Lara…" he said, looking a little concerned. "Take care. I don't know why, I have a bad feeling about this."

Lara looked up to him with a smile. He had her father role in her life. He stayed with Lara even after her family disowned her and worried about Lara when nobody did.

"Thanks. Don't worry, Winston, I'll be absolutely fine." Winston knew that. She was very well trained for any kind of danger and had guns with her. Of course Lara was going to be fine. But that wasn't the butler's concern. He just didn't want Lara to get into a misunderstood or a fight for some ancient artefact. That would bring more problems with other people. He knew Lara wouldn't want to have more problems of these. She had enough in Paris and Prague.

"OK. But still…" Winston insisted. "Be careful. I know." She completed with a smile.

Later on that day, after lunch, Lara reached to the phone and typed Tom's number. "Come pick me up at my house. Yes, I'm ready."

And the scientist's men got there in a few minutes. Lara had already dressed up her yellow and black swimsuit under a red biker jacket and black shorts. As she entered the car, the man who was next to the driver turned back and greeted her. "Good afternoon, Miss Croft." She noticed at the man as shaking.

"Hi. Call me Lara." She said. Apparently, this ha some effect on him. The man opened his eyed very much and smiled.

"It's so nice to meet you, Lara. My name's Jake and I work for Thomas Grid." he answered

"Why does you boss want the Amulet of the Portals?" Lara questioned, some minutes later.

"I don't know that." Jake replied. "But I know why he chose you to his job." Lara stared at him and leaned head on her hand, which's elbow was supported on her knee. "Well, everyone knows that you're always successful whenever you go on your adventures. He thought you were the only one w could bring the artefact back with no harm. Beside that, he has got a crush on…"

"Jake!" the driver hit him on the arm and gave him a look, throwing imaginary daggers at Jake.

"What is it? Come on, Matt, can't I tell Lara about … oh." They stood quiet during the rest of the trip. Some time later, they arrived on a dock with a lot of boxes and storages.

"Miss Croft, if you need to phone anyone, please go to that storage over there." Matt pointed out. "We won't have wireless connection any further." Lara nodded and made her way into the storage. But, instead of making a phone call, she undressed the jacket and the shorts and hid them inside an empty box. Lara picked up her aqua lung and put it on. When she returned, a helicopter landed on the dock. She ran over to it and hopped on.

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