Doctor Tick and Professor Doo stood before the Dean. "Well, Doctor, it would seem you've lost the bet." Starswirl said, looking up from examining the topaz, "My examination concludes that this, indeed, matches the magical signature of the Eastern Star."

Doctor Tick stamped his hoof angrily as Daring pumped her hooves in the air.

"I'd like to, once again, thank Daring Doo for donating this artifact to the new wing of our museum, named in honor of our poor lost pupil." Dean Starswirl continued, "The Squab Wing will help us to remember not only Turtledove, by every pony lost in the pursuit of truth and knowledge."

The two professors nodded solemnly.

"You are both dismissed."

As they left, Daring took Thorny into a half, insincere, embrace. "So, Doctor, I was thinking, for my next trip, that the book mention the Topaz is one in a set of four."