"So, you're not going to do anything?" Marcus asked and Arthur could feel his frightening eyes glaring into the top of his head. He refused to look up from the ground.

It was all Arthur could do to shake his head.

Marcus gripped the roots of Arthur's hair and forced him to look up at him. Arthur winced, not only at the pain in his head, but at having so much light come into his vision so quickly. Marcus had his face close to Arthur's.

"You're supposed to be a great nation," he growled. "And here you are, sitting here, hand-cuffed to a chair. And you are doing nothing about it." Arthur felt a short spurt of relief as the man shoved his head to the side, releasing his grasp. "You're pathetic."

"Sorry," Arthur muttered under his breath.

"This worked last time I tried to make things interesting," Marcus sighed and Arthur heard something like shifting metal.


A gun shot thundered in the warehouse and Arthur jumped. His head shot upward to see Marcus holding a pistol. It was still aimed just above Arthur's head.

"What the hell?" Arthur looked up and snapped at the man.

"Guns are the only thing that make you exciting?" Marcus laughed and then raised the hand holding the gun on it's hilt. Before Arthur could react, the cold metal smacked him across the face. It left his ears ringing so he could barely hear the hearty laugh given off by Marcus as he walked away.

That contact, for some odd, unexplainable reason, made everything click. Just the impact of something finally hitting him, made all the memories slide back into their rightful place in his mind.

All those times as a little kid he would play pranks on his brothers, when he ran away to be a pirate, the day he found America, the day he lost America. It all finally made sense to him. It was all real. And so was the day he finally said yes to America's flowers and chocolates and finally agreed to be his boyfriend. He remembered all those fights he had with Francis, and Spain. And the World Wars, all of the times he fought and battled until he was beaten and battered.

Everything finally made sense.

And now his headache was gone.

"Sorry," Arthur spoke again, this time his voice was much more sure of itself. He looked over at Marcus, his eyes showing the same determination as his. "I was going through a bit of a headache. But I'm all better now."

"Yeah?" the man raised an eyebrow. "So it took me to hit you with my gun to finally grow a backbone?"

"Marcus Tyler, correct?" Arthur crossed one of his legs over the other and leaned back into the chair. "I have a question for you. What makes you think I am not protected?"

"Come again?" Marcus seemed to be caught off guard with how relaxed Arthur was. Arthur was growing to be extremely thankful for his headache going away.

"Because I can guarantee you," Arthur continued on as if Marcus hadn't said anything, "that there are two people on their way here right now. One will be a very pissed off American, who I know is ready to kick your ass. And the other will be a Frenchman, not really good at kicking ass, but I know he's a hell of a lot stronger than you are."

Quickly, Arthur stood up, moving the now unlocked handcuffs that were holding him back off to the side and throwing them onto the floor. Whatever confidence Marcus had, it just went out the window.

"What the-" Marcus tried to start, but Arthur cut him off.

"And another thing I will have you know," Arthur walked towards Marcus slowly.

He tried to pull out his gun, point it at Arthur. "I shot you once. I don't give a shit if I have to again. You'll always come right back," his voice was shaky, like he was slightly unsure of himself. Arthur sighed, mad at the intrusion. He gripped the gun, catching Marcus off guard and yanking it out of his hand. Before Marcus could say anything, Arthur had the thing pointed at his skull.

"You are dealing with bloody pirate, mate," Arthur continued. He was tempted to make this idiot open his mouth so he could stick the barrel inside that. Make sure he wouldn't try anything again. "Anything you can throw at me, I can throw right on back, harder and faster. You seem to forget, I am the country of England. This means I am far stronger than any human on Earth, and that includes you."

"I will have you know, you are not intimidating," Marcus tired hard to regain control of the situation. But he had no chance of that now.

"Then why do I have you pinned up against a wall?" Arthur raised an eyebrow. Marcus looked up and behind him and it was obvious he was aware of his situation. He started to sweat and pant.

"Another thing," Arthur sighed. "If you wanted to hold me ransom, you could have at least stowed me in a more adequate place. If you were to show this to the Queen, she wouldn't give you any money. Even she knows I can get out of this situation. Which just proves that you are far more of an idiot than I thought you were."

"I will have you know, I am not stupid," Marcus stuttered out.

"Then why did you shoot me? Why did you kidnap a nation in hopes of earning some easy money?" Arthur was the one chuckling this time. "Sounds to me that you are a complete and total moron."

Arthur waited for a while. It was obvious that the poor man was shaking. Arthur heard the sound of police sirens in the background.

"Well they found us a lot faster than I expected," Arthur looked away from him for a moment, daydreaming off to some window. He directed his attention back to Marcus. "You left a note, didn't you?"

Marcus nodded, his head hitting the barrel of the gun once or twice. Arthur stepped away, going to a table to sit on. He wasn't in the mood to stand.

"So, tell me," Arthur sighed. Marcus had slid to the floor and looked like he was quivering. A gun to the face was a lot more terrifying when you're on the receiving end Arthur couldn't help but think as he knelt down to be face to face with Marcus. "While you were stalking me, how did it occur to you I am not protected?"

"B-because the only person I saw that stuck around w-was that s-stupid American. D-didn't see him as a-a threat," he stuttered. The sirens got closer and he seemed to get more on edge as it got louder.

"Didn't see him as a threat?" Arthur repeated. He nearly stood up, but the man was so scared already. "He's the bloody United States of America! He's a superpower and a damn good fighter! And you dare say he's not a threat?" Arthur wanted to be seething at the thought someone could think so little of America. But just talking about America made him happy. Just the thought of finally remembering him after so long…it made Arthur grin.

"W-what's so funny?" Marcus interjected in Arthur's happy thoughts.

"Tell me," Arthur stood up, leaving the gun set on the table and walking over to the man cowering on the floor. He knelt down to his level and looked him straight in the eyes. "This is your first time doing something like this, correct?"


"So, I'm pretty sure the police terrify you?" it just occurred to Arthur that this man didn't look anything over 25. He was just a kid. A kid with a stupid idea.

Marcus nodded.

"I would say you have no need to be worried," Arthur sighed, sitting cross legged on the floor in front of him. "But you do. For one thing, I can tell just by holding that gun that you're not supposed to have it. And another thing, kidnapping. There is also the fact that you stalked me. And if I really wanted to, I could charge murder. Do you understand all this?"

Marcus nodded again. It was obvious he was trying to hold back a sob.

The sirens had stopped getting closer and they were extremely loud. They were right outside the warehouse.

"I will talk with them," Arthur looked behind him for the door. It was in the far corner of the warehouse. "See what is going to be done, and I will be right back."

Arthur stood up quickly and turned around. He started walking towards the door at a slow pace. He wasn't used to walking like he normally did. His amnesiac self decided to walk with a different gait. It was a little confusing, to say the least.

There was a click sound behind Arthur. And his arms were very quickly pinned behind him, Arthur feeling handcuffs tightly wrap around his wrists. The barrel of the gun hit Arthur's temple hard and it made him wince. His arms were being pulled behind him with so much force, it was almost bending him over backwards.

"Not so fast," Marcus had obviously gotten a hold of himself as he led Arthur back to the chair. "I can't believe you fell for that cry baby routine!" he laughed loudly right next to Arthur's ear.

I can't believe it either. Arthur thought as he was forced down roughly back onto the chair. The gun was pointed right in between his eyes. Arthur didn't move, he didn't want to feel the pain of another gun shot.

Marcus worked harder on restraining him this time, tying his hands separately so they wouldn't do anything and tying his feet as well. Arthur could hear the footsteps of police officers go around the building, obviously looking for the door.

"And you call me an idiot!" Marcus laughed some more. "I throw in a little stutter and make myself look a little younger than I am and you go all soft on me? Pathetic." Arthur felt spit hit his cheek at that last word.

Arthur chose not to talk, but Marcus yanked at the roots of his hair. Arthur winced, determined not to make a noise.

"So, you tell me the Queen would give a shit about you the way you are now?" Marcus hummed a little in thought. "How about if you were beaten to a bloody pulp? Would she care then?"

Arthur felt a fist slam into his gut and it hurt too much just for a punch. That was where he was shot. Arthur grunted and coiled inward at the impact, Marcus letting go of his hair now.

That punch was hard, must have been aided by something. Arthur didn't know. But he coughed with his mouth closed and he tasted blood.

"You know, I have to admit," Marcus was back to his damn cocky attitude again, "you caught me a little off guard. Don't know how you got though those handcuffs. And that rouse you put on! A headache…What a stupid excuse for you being weak."

"Wasn't weak," Arthur gasped for air. He heard pounding on that door. Of course it was locked! Someone would need to break it down…

"Sure it wasn't," Marcus's voice was full of sarcasm.

Arthur was about to say something, counter, but the door slammed onto the ground with a giant thud. Arthur's hair was nearly pulled out of it's roots as he was forced to look up. Marcus had moved behind him and Arthur felt a gun poised on his left temple.

The second Arthur looked up, he saw Alfred standing on top of the door, looking at Arthur in awe.

"Bloody hell, Alfred, could you be a little quieter?" Arthur snapped. In truth, even though his voice was harsh, he was happy to see Alfred. See him the way Arthur did for the past hundreds of years. Not the past couple days. Alfred was his beautiful boyfriend, the boy he raised from a child to the glowing adult he was now.

"Arthur!" Alfred practically squeaked and Arthur knew that he was terrified to see a gun pointed at him once again. The rest of the police flooded in, Alfred leaving them just enough room in front of the doorway. They all had guns pointed right at Marcus, but he just laughed. The gun shook slightly in Arthur's hair.

"Step any closer or make a move and I shoot his brains out," Marcus shouted triumphantly.

Arthur stared at the people in front of him uncomfortably. It humiliated him having Alfred and Francis see him like this. Francis had snuck in behind Alfred after the commotion was over.

"And it wouldn't kill me, just like last time," Arthur sighed. "Shoot me all the hell you want and I will just keep coming back."

Arthur looked to Alfred, who's eyes widened with what he figured was joy. Arthur knew what he was thinking, his old Arthur was back!

"So, Artie," Alfred seemed more comfortable with the situation. "How long are you gonna let this guy toy with you? You're getting blood on my bomber, dude."

"I'm just letting him get his kicks," Arthur grinned. The mortals in the room were obviously confused.

Arthur dropped down, the legs of the chairs jutting out and making Marcus trip backwards. BANG! he let out a shot in panic as he fell. Alfred ran by quickly, almost too quickly for even Arthur to see. Arthur turned the chair over so he could see what was happening behind him.

Alfred had the man pinned to the ground and he was nearly shaking him senseless.

"Don't ya dare touch mah Arthur again," Alfred threatened, his Southern accent coming in with his rage.

"Don't need to be so rude, love," Arthur sighed as he got his right hand, the one closest to the floor, out of the handcuffs connecting it to the chair. He grunted as he pushed himself up and Francis came over to help him with the other handcuff.

"Well, he was rude to you!" Alfred argued. "He freaking shot you!"

"You're point?" Arthur asked. Now that both of his hands were free, he set to work picking the locks at his feet. He had to thank his pirate days to help him pick these locks so well.

"Arthur!" Alfred whined but Arthur wasn't having any of it.

"Get off of him and let the police handle it," Arthur said. "He's not going anywhere now."

"Dammit!" Arthur looked up to see Alfred give Marcus a death glare before he stepped off of him. Marcus obviously had the breath knocked out of him as he laid there, gasping for air like a fish.

"You should have gone easier on him," Arthur sighed as he finally kicked both of his legs free. "He is human."

Arthur didn't even get a chance to stand up before he was trapped in a bear hug gifted to him by Alfred.

"God, I missed you!" Alfred leaned back just enough to see Arthur. God, had Arthur missed embraces like this.

Arthur leaned in to kiss Alfred, this one feeling a lot better than their one in the rain. This one was familiar, it felt the same as all the rest from the past. "I missed you, too," Arthur said.

"Et mois?" Francis asked, snapping Arthur back to the real world. Arthur shoved out of Alfred's grasp and turned around quickly to glare at Francis.

"You," Arthur growled. "If you ever kiss me or treat me like your bitch again, I will personally kill you."

"Missed you, too, mon cher," Francis hugged Arthur tightly.

"Frog," Arthur muttered under his breath.

"Shit! Artie!" Alfred shouted and Arthur turned his attention towards him. Something rushed past him, and Arthur could only assume who. The police force all rushed out of the door at once.

"You have got to be kidding me," Arthur groaned, he almost dropped to the floor, but Alfred caught him.

"Don't worry," Alfred sighed, hugging Arthur from behind. "If he shows his ugly face again, I'll kick his ass for you."

"Good," Arthur chuckled.

The End

And this would be the end! Even though Marcus was a dick, I really didn't have the heart to kill him. And he makes for a better villain if he can get away, too. And I knew I had to give Arthur his memories back, but I really didn't know how to do that... So sorry if that bit sucks...

I had a lot of fun writing this and reading everyone's happy reviews!

Hope everyone enjoyed it!

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