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Liz whispers angrily as she was doing her nails. "I'm sick of them not doing anything! Their faces completely shows that they're in love with each other!"

Patty notices what her sister just said and responds "Sis! You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, you know!" After saying that she winked at her sister, she resumes to colour her test paper with a yellow crayon.

"You got a point there Patty. Maybe there's something more to them. They're hiding something and I shall solve the mystery! Or I could be wrong…" Liz thoughts to herself then grins but was caught by Professor Stein.

"Elizabeth Thompson, are you done with your test? Because if you're not, I will assign you a tutor to make you focus a little bit better" Professor Stein grins evilly while saying this.

Liz looks around. The smart guys here look so dorky. She couldn't possibly want to be seen with them! "Sorry Professor, I was just thinking about the right answer to this question and I just remembered it."

Maka looks at Liz with a look of sympathy across her face then goes back to the test. Soul just looks over with a bored look then slams his head on the desk. What interested Liz was that after he slammed his head on the desk, he looked over to Maka. He had a troubled look on his face afterward and Liz is guessing that he might have an argument with himself about Maka. With a satisfied look on her face, she goes back to writing her test.

Directions: Complete the following sentences as accurately as you can:

A sound soul dwells within a _ _ and _.

"Oh this is easy!"

A sound soul dwells within a sound skin and sound cuticles.

"Oh crap! That doesn't sound right"

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