I got the idea for this while Rping with two of my friends on deviantArt; RiYuYami and kairi2824, and a vid on youtube, yes this fic was insipired by Hetaoni, no I don't own anything other than the doctor and any ocs that appear.

Lovino Vagras aka Romano or South Italy sighed after failing once again to get his younger brother to eat with him and Spain. It had been nearly a month since the day in the "haunted" mansion. Poor Italy had witnessed as Germany; formerly known as Holy Roman Empire, sacrificed himself so Italy, Romano, and Spain could get away. The younger Italian been refusing to speak to his brother or the Spanish male. He just sat at his window, mentally beating himself up over the deaths of Germany, Prussia, Canada, America, Russia, China, England, France, and Japan. He also seemed to be coming down with something because he had spent half a hour in his bathroom vomiting that morning. Not that he was going to tell Romano or Spain that.

A couple of months later Italy found that he had gained weight despited his vomiting and could no longer do up his pants. He figured that he had avoided his brother and practally brother-in-law long enough.

"My pants don't fit," he told them.

"You've been locked in your room for the past three months and now you come down here just to tell us that you need new pants? What's up with that!" snapped Romano putting his hands on his hips.

"Sorry, but they won't zip up!" the younger Italian whined.

"Lovi..." piped up Spain, "I think we need to take Ita to the doctor...I mean look at him, he's only gained weight around his middle."

"What the fuck are you trying to imply you Tomato Bastard!" cried not Romano but Italy causing the other two nations to stare at each other.

"Ok...I'll get him an appointment."

Since the exsistance of personified nations was a closely guarded secret there were only a few doctors authorized to treat them. Of course they had normal patients too.

"I swear I have no idea where that came from!" said Italy after a few sips from the cup of tea in his now shaking hands.

"I called Dr. Artez but she won't be able to see him for a week, she said that the situation doesn't seem life threating from what I told her," Romano told them sitting by his shaking brother, Spain on the other side.

"Why didn't you tell us you were unwell sooner?" the Spanish man asked also joining the hug.

"I guess I thought I deserved to suffer alone...because..." he licked his lips, "Of what happened."

"Fratello, Spain and I don't blame you for what happened that day. Neither do any of the other Nations."

A week later Italy was sitting in the office of Esperanza Artez (AN: No inetional relation to anyone dead or alive), nervously kicking his feet. He thought about how he hated the sound of the paper covering the exam bed. Romano held his brother's hand as they waited for the test results.

"It'll be ok fratello," the elder told the younger as the door opened to reviel a woman in her early to mid thirties of Spanish decent pushing an ultra sound machine into the room.

"What is that for?" Italy asked the female doctor.

Dr. Artez tucked a strand of her short, dark hair behind her ear, "I just need to check one more thing. Could you lie back and lift your shirt please."

Italy did as he was told, yelping when a cold gel was spread over his swollen stomach without warning.

"Sorry," Esperanza said placing the transciver on his belly, her head blocking the brothers' view of the screen.

"What is it? We can't see," pipped up Romano, sqeezing his brother's hand.

Esperanza moved the screen into the brothers' line of sight and they noticed a pair of odd blobs.

"Are those some kind of tummors?" asked Italy his voice raising an octive from fear.

"No, they are fetuses; unborn babies. In other words you're pregnant with twins."

"Damn that Potato Bastard!" shouted Romano.

"But...I'm male...Not to mention a virgin!" protested Italy as Esperanza examined the babies.

"That's why I think it has something to do with what happened a couple of months ago. Since there were only two sets of siblings amongst the dead so I that they could be the reincarnations of Prussia and Germany or America and Canada," explained Esperanza, "Their size is in accordance with the time of the incident, and don't worry they are healthy."

"My fratello is pregnant! This isn't supposed to happen!" yelled Romano as Italy cleaned himself up.

"You're not human remember? Besides, considering how old you two are and what you've lived through I'm confused at why you're wigging out," replied Esperanza crossing her arms.

Romano sighed before turning to see that his brother was crying.

"Fratello, what's wrong?"

"I'm happy...I no longer feel guilty and I get to be a mother," answered Italy drying his eyes.

"There ya go. Now I'm going to give you a list of dos and don'ts. Also I'd like you gain at least six pounds before I see you again in a month, ok?"

"Vee!" agreed Italy, nodding as he rested a hand on his stomach.

Romano let out a sigh, "I guess I'm gonna have to tell Spain."

"Thanks fratello!" cheered Italy.