Today the Vargas family was taking a family photo…or trying to.

"Francis! Stop making out with Alice! I already have on grandkid and two more on the way so I wanna wait a bit before becoming a grandparent again!" snapped a five month pregnant Lovino, his and Antonio's totally biological child nestled in Lovino's womb.

Maddie sighed shifting an eleven month old girl higher into her arms, "Mom, calm down. Stress is bad for you and you kinda made Alfred and Yao upset."

Nearby Ivan was desperately trying to comfort his two four month pregnant lovers.

"Sorry boys, but I want the picture to look good," sighed the pregnant Italian before Antonio his shoulders.

"Are we taking this bloody picture or not?" asked Alice.

"Watch your language around Marisa," said Gilbert.

"I think someone's a little over protective," Ludwig whispered to Feli making him nod.

"He's just trying to be a good vati."

"Everyone, Kiku's got everything ready!" called Hercules who was taking the picture.

"Ok, Uncle Lovino, Alfred, Yao and Maddie are to sit in these chairs and the rest of us will stand around them," instructed the Japanese male pointing to four chairs.

Maddie sat on one end chair with Marisa beside her was her brother then Yao then Lovino before everyone gather around them.

"Ok, say cheese!" said Hercules behind the camera signaling everyone to smile, Maddie bouncing Maria to make her smile before the photo was taken.