A/N: Plot bunny that has been stuck in my head for the longest time...

Heart-spotted Woodpecker

Chris wasn't in the area.

Perfect, Martin thought.

Weeet-weet-weet-weet… The song echoed through the forest.

"Perfect," Martin whispered, smirking. "Aviva." He made sure that Jimmy and Koki weren't in the area.

"Yes?" She looked at him, surprised by his sudden appearance.

"Come here. I want to show you something before it flies away," he urged. He grabbed her hand and the two raced in the understory. "Shh." He pointed at the black-and-white woodpecker that was happily drumming away at a tree; ever hopeful at getting a beetle grub.

Aviva gasped when she saw the spots on its wings. "M-Martin, what is this bird called?" she asked.

"It's a heart-spotted woodpecker. I guess you noticed how it got its name. I wanted to show it to you because it reminds me of you." He blushed.

"Martin… this is the most romantic thing anyone has done for me…" She blushed slightly. "This bird is so beautiful. I never would have known a bird could have such beautiful markings. I will always remember this, Martin." She smiled. Another heart-spotted woodpecker joined the one that was already there.

"See, that's a male. They have more black on their heads," Martin explained.

Aviva didn't say anything, only leaning in to kiss the blond man.

A/N: Heart-spotted woodpecker is indeed real. Look it up. It's a beautiful bird!