I always wished the show had given us a few more flashbacks of the many things we learned while it was on (the two of them creating the Lightman Group together, Cal getting divorced, Gillian adopting a little girl...). But on the plus side, it leaves a lot of space for filling in the blanks.

I'm always so impressed by writers who can convey so much in the span of one or two chapters, because brevity is one thing I'm not very good at. So I thought I'd use this concept to try and get a little practice.

As always, the usual fanfic disclaimers apply. Aside from an occasional original character, the main ones aren't mine. But any mistakes are.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

-Lao Tzu

I) Accident

Cal Lightman watched in disbelief as the bag of groceries he'd set down on the pavement next to his car tipped over.

"Shit," he grumbled under his breath as several items tumbled out of it. Yoghurt. Bread rolls. Cans of beans.

He cursed more audibly when he saw a car pulling into the parking spot next to his, completely oblivious to the groceries that were in its path.

An entire grapefruit rolled under the tire of the careless Taurus and made a squishing noise before it was flattened like a pancake.

"Are you bloody kidding me?"

Did they give licenses to the blind now?

He nearly banged his fist on the hood of the car but instead glared at the occupant, who was rolling down the window with an apologetic expression on her face. "Oh no! I'm sorry!"

She raised a pair of Ray-Bans over her forehead, pushing back her long hair in the process and revealing a pair of familiar blue eyes.

A smug smile lifted Cal's lips as he recognized the driver. "Well, what do you know? If it isn't my shrink. First they get you to discredit me. What now? Is killing me your next assignment?"

Gillian Foster sighed.

"Of all the people who'd set their groceries down in the middle of a parking spot...Doctor Lightman. Of course. Pleasure, as always."