So here's a story for Shinku and Eclair. And sorry this took so long. This chapter is going to be a little short, but the rest of them will be longer.

A quick little back ground info before I begin the story. It has been 3 years since Shinku left Flonyard, during that time period, they had developed a way for him to travel back and forth with ease.

Chapter 1

She didn't like it at all. Ever since reaching the age of 15, Eclair has been developing feelings for Shinku. As time kept going, the feelings kept growing stronger and stronger. It grew to the point where she couldn't even train with him anymore because it was too stimulating for her. And what made things worse was she knew he would never return her love because he loved Millefi. It was too painful for her. Sure she could take pain, but she found it too hard to take this kind of pain. She hated it and wanted it to go away.

She looked out at the rain. It wasn't very hard, but it was more than just a shower. She wanted to get some practice in, but it seemed it was going to be impossible. She got up and decided to go back inside. She turned the corner and hit something hard, making her fall.

"Oh, sorry." She heard a male voice say. "You alright?" She looked up and saw Shinku above her, offering him her hand. She stood up, ignoring his hand and walked off. She didn't want to see him at that time. She knew if she did anything with him, she would hurt Millefi. The last thing she wanted to do at that moment was hurt her precious princess, even if it meant hurting herself. She just kept walking forward, ignoring the calls of the blonde boy following behind her. "Wait!" He grabbed her arm. She tried to break free, but his grip was too tight.

"What do you want?" She asked, not turning around to look at him. He turned her around and pulled her close to him, capturing her in a deep kiss. 'Wha- What's going on?' She thought. 'Why is he doing this... This isn't right...' She wanted to stop and yet at the same time, didn't. His warm lips were too inviting, too welcoming. She loved them. She gave in and started kissing him back. She heard a gasp. Breaking the kiss, she looked behind her to see Millefi there, a hurt expression in her face. "Wait this isn't." She tried to say, but Millefi just ran away. She broke away from Shinku and ran after her. Right before she caught Millefi, she tripped and fell down.

She got up and looked around. She was on the floor in her room, her blankets covering her, just leaving her head exposed. She got out from under them. 'Just a dream huh?' She thought. She gave a sigh of relief. She didn't know what she would to if she hurt Millefi like that. She shook her head and tried to forget it. She looked outside, seeing a beautiful blue sky with only a few clouds here and there. She noticed she wasn't wearing any clothes and looked around again to make sure no one was around. She got dressed in her usual clothing and went out to get something to eat. She put some fingers on her lips. It felt like his lips were still on hers. She quickly got something to drink, hoping to make it go away. No use. It was still there. The feeling of him kissing her. But why? It was just a dream right? It wasn't real, right? She didn't know. Her face turned red and she gasped when she remembered.


"Oh come on, please." Shinku begged. "I want to spar someone different. I haven't sparred with you in a while so please." He gave her puppy dog eyes. She huffed and started walking off. "Come on." He followed behind her, annoying her.

"I said no and I meant it!" She barked (no pun intended). "Why me? Go spar prince Gaul or something." She started walking off.

"I've sparred him like... Eight times now." He pouted. "Come on. Why not?" She stopped and clenched her fist. 'I can't tell him the real reason.' She thought. 'But what should I tell him? I can tell he won't leave me alone till I give him a good enough reason...' She let out a low growl. "Umm...?" He took a step toward her.

"FINE!" She shouted. She walked back with him and they both picked up their weapons and began to spar. Eclair, frustrated, was attacking more viciously than usual, though Shinku didn't seem to notice. He was having too much fun. She gave a horizontal slash right for his gut, but he blocked it with his sword and went in closer, kneeing her in the gut, knocking the wind out of her. Not wanting to lose, she grabbed his shirt and pulled him down with her, him landing right on top of her. Their heads hit one another and their lips crashed together. Dazed the two opened their eyes, only to realize what was happening a few seconds later. They broke apart and back away from one another.

"S-sorry!" Shinku tried to apologize. Eclair shot him a look of anger mixed with sadness, but mostly anger. She got up and walked away in a huff. Her face showed she was more mad than anything, but in actuality, she was sad. Her first kiss wasn't even a real one in her eyes, and it hurt her heart knowing she would never experience a real kiss with him. Suddenly, she got dizzy, making her stagger a little. Her head started hurting and she was feeling weaker and weaker by the second. She fell to the ground, her consciousness slipping away till there was none left.

*End Flashback*

After she had passed out, they must have carried her back to her room. She got a meal and finished it quickly. She got up and left, running into Shinku as she was leaving the room, knocking her over.

"Oh, sorry." He apologized and extended out his hand to her. She got up, ignoring it and just walked right past him. "Hey, wait." He said. She just ignored him. He called her a few more times, but she just kept ignoring him. She had been avoiding him for a while and he felt like he did something wrong. He just wanted to spend some time together, but she would just give him the cold shoulder and walk off. If he did something wrong, he wanted to apologize for it quickly and hopefully mend their relationship. Yet, if it was for some other reason, he would ask her to tell him, only if she felt comfortable doing so. "Wait!" He grabbed her arm. She tried to break free, but he wasn't about to let her go so easily. 'Wait, no!' She thought, remembering her dream. While the setting was different, everything else was almost the same.

"What do you want...?" She asked, trying not to show her discomfort, not able to turn around and look him in the eyes. He pulled her arm, turning her around. 'Please don't.' Was all she could think. She didn't want to hurt Millefi. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she did. He placed his hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes.

"Are you ok?" He asked, seeing the scared look in her eyes. Her face didn't show it, but her eyes gave everything away; she was scared of something, but he didn't know what. "You've been avoiding me for a while now, but why...?" He questioned the small green haired girl before him. She tensed up. He wouldn't leave her alone so easily now, and she didn't want to lie to him. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." He said feeling her get more and more tense.

"I might tell you later." She said. He let go of her shoulders and she took a small step back. "Might..." She said walking away.

"Ok then, I'll wait." He yelled to her. He walked the opposite way, wondering what he should do next.


There you go, the first chapter. Like I said, this one was short, but they will get much longer than this. So hope you enjoyed it. Till next time.