I do not own Code: LYOKO or Gargoyles, but the OC's are mine. This is the twelfth entry in the Light and Shadow series and the third in the epilogue crossover.

Alex Xanatos wasn't sure why he woke up in the middle of the night. The computer screen was black and his mobile wasn't ringing. Maybe his mobile did ring and it stopped when he woke. It was three in the morning and that meant it was about eight o'clock in France. Maybe one of his friends tried to call him before class started.

No, that wasn't it. He could sense something else. He got out of bed and walked to his bedroom door. He found that all of the lights in the hallway were on. Alex looked around. Something was wrong.

Alex walked to where Hudson spent his nights in front of the television. The old brown gargoyle was not sitting in his recliner and Bronx, the blue gargoyle dog, was not lying on the floor, but the television was on. It was like there was an emergency and Hudson and Bronx had to quickly leave the room.

Alex left the room and saw Hudson and Bronx wandering up the hall.

"Is everything okay?" Alex asked.

Hudson looked at Alex. "Och, lad, you were supposed to be asleep," the old gargoyle said in his Scottish accent. "Nay, everything's not all right." Hudson knelt in front of Alex, his taloned hands on the boy's shoulders. "Your father is very ill. Your mother called the doctor and the doctor called an ambulance. They just left for a private hospital."

"What?" asked Alex, tears in his blue-green eyes. "What's wrong with him?"

"I don't know, lad," said Hudson. "But they will find out."

Alex started crying. Hudson pulled the boy close and Bronx whined.

Yumi was glad that it was she and Eva on the Hermitage roof and not Ulrich. Ulrich would have had a fit within five minutes of climbing up the ladder. The two girls were currently putting on a new roof. Jim was supposed to be helping them, but there was a phone call he had to make.

Yumi brought the hammer down on a nail, hitting her finger in the process. She hollered something in Japanese, apparently rude words by the way she said them.

"Swearing about something isn't going to solve anything," said Eva cooly.

"I wouldn't call it swearing," said Yumi. "I could have said worse."

"Anyone want lunch?" Kayla called.

"Please!" Odd yelled from inside the house.

"You're a given, Odd," said Kayla.

"Yes, please!" said Yumi.

"Yes!" called Eva.

Yumi gave a small smile to Eva. "I noticed you're eating more," she said.

"Yeah, I'm sleeping better, too," said Eva. "Oddly enough, my parkour isn't as good as it was before Franz was out of my head and when I go to correct papers for Ms. Hertz, I find myself checking the answer book more than just trusting myself."

"Do you think it has something to do with Franz not being in your head?" asked Yumi.

"Probably," said Eva. "Maybe it wasn't sheer luck and studying that got me an early graduation."

"Hey, you're out of school," said Yumi. "You probably can fake it if you need to."

The two girls climbed down the ladder and went inside to see how things were coming. They did a lot of work in a couple weeks. Odd, Ulrich, Aelita, and Jeremy were painting the living room.

"Everything okay in here?" asked Yumi.

"We could use a break," said Jeremy, putting his paint roller down and rubbing his arm.

Eva looked around. "Where's William?" she asked.

"He went with Kayla to pick up lunch," said Odd.

Aelita looked around the room. "There's not much more we have to do," she said. "Except for the furniture, everything is just about how I remember it."

"I don't know how many secondhand shops sell pianos," said Ulrich.

"I'm not going to worry about that," said Aelita. "My father needs to find a job first. I can't keep relying on Eva for extra money."

"Eva?" asked Jeremy.

"I've been going back to old habits," said Eva. "I'm still a good street dancer."

"Have you thought about Chris' offer about going on tour with Subdigitals?" asked Odd. "I think that would be so cool! I want to go!"

"We'll see," said Eva. "I think that's who Jim went to call."

A few minutes later, Kayla and William came walking back with lunch with Kiwi and Bon Ami.

"I thought they would like to go for a walk," said Kayla.

Bon Ami settled in front of Eva immediately as lunch was passed out.

"So do any of us have plans for tonight?" asked Odd.

"Not really," said Yumi.

"Why?" asked Eva.

"I thought we would get the Pop Rock Progressives together and finish that song Eva's been meaning to finish with us," answered Odd.

"How did you know about that?" asked Eva.

"I told him," admitted Aelita. "I would love to hear it."

"Do we want Nicolas on drums or Kayla?" asked Eva.

"It's your song," said Kayla. "If you want Nicolas to drum, that's fine with me."

"I don't want to leave you out," said Eva.

"Don't worry about that," said Kayla. "Nicolas and I have two different styles. If his style suits your song, go ahead."

"The thing is I don't know who would sound better," said Eva.

Odd put a hand on Eva's shoulder. "We'll figure it out," he said with his mouth full.

Later that night they gathered in the auditorium with their instruments. Nicolas was sitting behind the drum set for the first run of the song. Yumi had a piece of paper with Eva's lyrics. They ran through the music once before they tried singing it.

Here you go again

You're pushing us away

Telling us to get lost

It's not us, but you

Who cannot find your way

Now you're left out in the despairing frost

Don't be afraid to call out our names

Yell for us, we will come

Say 'save me' and we will

No matter what the outcome looks like

We will fight on still

Don't give up (hold on)

Never surrender (stay strong)

Powerful together

We will not relinquish

We'll carry on

It was at that point in the song that someone's mobile rang. They all looked at each other. Kayla then took out her mobile, seeing that it was hers that was ringing.

"Hello?" she answered. There was a pause and Kayla's eyes widened. "What?"