This is the thirteenth entry in the Light and Shadow series and the fourth entry in the epilogue crossover series. I do not own Code: LYOKO or Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but the characters of Kayla Olson and Eva Maverick are mine.

SPOILER ALERT FOR PREVIOUS INSTALLMENTS! DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY READ THE OTHER THREE PARTS OR WANT TO HAVE THE PREVIOUS PLOTS RUINED FOR YOU!: I think it would be fair to give everyone a recap about what happened in the epilogue crossover series so far. The first three installments can be found under the Code: LYOKO/Gargoyles section. In part one Shadows Reborn, XANA comes back online thanks to the men in black who have been chasing Aelita. The LYOKO warriors meet Alex Xanatos and together they try to save the world from XANA once again. Alex becomes the ninth LYOKO warrior. In Light Presumed Extinguished the LYOKO warriors discover a way to bring Franz Hopper back to earth. With Alex's help, they manage to bring him back. And in Shadow Redemption, Alex's father, David Xanatos needs a bone marrow transplant and there is no donor in the family. Eva turns out to be a match, but there are complications. Also, the LYOKO warriors learn that Antea Schaeffer is alive and being held by the men in black. To find out what exactly happens in each installment, you're going to have to read the stories.

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The smallest light is enough to dispel the darkest shadows. As long as there is hope, no cause is lost. Your hope may be frail, like a tiny candle flame, but it cannot be extinguished, unless you yourself extinguish it. No one else can do it for you. Continue to fight on and you will find victory.

Four parents. Four children. Four LYOKO warriors. A grand total of eight people in the traveling party. How? The Dunbars and the Sterns were traveling together, along with Yumi and Kayla. Things had been interesting the past few days for them to say the least. The shouting between the Sterns had been kept to a minimum and the Dunbars were impressed by William's good behavior. They were currently in Gotham City, the last leg of their American visit.

It was only a week ago that the Pop Rock Progressives got up on stage with the Subdigitals and rocked the house in front of thousands of people. But that wasn't the highlight of their American vacation. No, that spot was held by the fact that they located and rescued Antea Schaeffer, Aelita's mother. In second place came Eva's noble, but stupid beyond all explanation, bone marrow donation to a friend's father that she barely knew. Aelita and Eva were currently traveling with the Subdigitals as the opening act since the band who was scheduled backed out.

"Wow, this place reminds me of New York," said William, looking out the window the cab. His parents, Kayla, and himself were crammed into one cab, the Sterns and Yumi in one following them. They were headed for the hotel they would spend two nights at before flying back to France.

"It certainly does," agreed Kayla.

They arrived at the hotel and got checked in. It wasn't a luxurious hotel, but it wasn't a hole in the wall with a bed either. It was just right for two middle-class families. Kayla and William translated for the Dunbars and the Sterns to get checked in and they went to their rooms. All four LYOKO warriors wished that the magic spell Alex had put in place for them to understand English was still effective. The spell had worn off the moment they left Manhattan.

"We should have plenty of practice with English now," William said his friends as they walked to their rooms.

"All right," Mr. Stern said, authoritatively. "Women in one room, men in the other. And if I catch you in the other's room, there will be consequences." As he said this, he glared at Yumi and gave a dark look to Ulrich.

Ulrich and Yumi shrugged it off. It had been like this the entire trip. They knew Mr. Stern didn't like their relationship. Luckily it was only Mr. Stern harping on them or one of them would have snapped ages ago.

Kayla, Yumi, Mrs. Stern, and Mrs. Dunbar unpacked in their room.

"Are you girls going to be all right sharing a bed?" asked Mrs. Stern.

"Yes," replied Kayla.

"It's not a problem," answered Yumi.

"I think we should be more concerned about our husbands," said Mrs. Dunbar. "They are almost at each others throats."

Yumi and Kayla looked at each other. If they could make it through the next two days without any incidents, miracles did exist.

Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Stern were heatedly discussing sleeping arrangements. Were the boys going to have one bed? Were the respective fathers to sleep next to their child?

"Just make up your mind," muttered Ulrich at the fathers.

William chuckled. "You would think that they would have this figured out by now."

Ulrich just rolled his eyes. He took out his mobile and sent Yumi a message.

In the girls' room, a mobile beeped quietly. Yumi opened the text message on her mobile.

"It's from Ulrich," she said to Kayla.

Kayla looked over Yumi shoulder.

Going nuts here. Fighting over sleeping arrangements. Go?

Kayla and Yumi giggled.

"You think we should rescue them?" asked Yumi.

"Yes," replied Kayla.

The two girls left the room and joined the two boys in the hallway. Time to do a little exploring.

The four of them went out to the pool. It was a bit crowded out there, but they didn't mind. They just needed a place to talk, not to swim.

"Now you know what I go through every holiday," Ulrich said.

"I will never complain about my parents acting that way again," said Yumi. "Your father has frustration down to a science."

"I wonder if the others are fairing any better," said William.

"I talked to Odd yesterday," said Yumi. "He says he wishes he was with us. Apparently his sisters are giving him grief."

"Jeremy sent me a message this morning," said Ulrich. "He says things are going well at his family get together. He and Patrick are discovering they have more in common than they first thought."

"You can thank XANA for getting that kick started," said Yumi. "They used to hate each other."

"What about Eva and Aelita?" asked William.

"Aelita sent us video of a concert," said Kayla. "She and Eva are doing great."

"Where are they now?" asked Ulrich.

"Rhode Island," Kayla replied. "They are coming up with new songs and they are hoping to get some studio time between shows to give us proper recordings instead of live music."

"Wouldn't it be great if they got their own recording contract when the tour is over?" asked William.

"That would be cool," said Yumi. "But maybe not so great with those guys still chasing Aelita and her family."

"I'm sure they can find away to get away from them," said Kayla. "Mr. Xanatos said he would help them. As rich as that man is, he probably has a team of lawyers on standby for something like that."

"And I pity anyone who goes after Aelita when Eva is around," said William.

"Anyone?" asked Ulrich.

"If it's the men in black, I almost pity them," corrected William.

"Yeah," said Ulrich. "Eva can be brutal when provoked."

"How bad can she get?" asked William.

They turned to Kayla, the one who would know the answer.

"She would go as far as she has to if someone threatened one of her family," answered Kayla.

"You don't think she would kill anyone, do you?" asked Yumi.

Kayla thought for a moment. "If given a choice, I don't think she would kill. She would beat the guy to a pulp, but she wouldn't kill unless it was a life or death situation."

"That's what I thought," said Ulrich.

William's mobile beeped. He checked his text message. "Come on," he said. "Our parents want to go sightseeing."