Coming Home

By: El Chacal

Summary: What if Richard Harrow was there with Jimmy at the war memorial? Could one man change everything?

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"I'm going with you." Richard said with resolve. Getting up from the chair, he was about to get his hat and coat on when Jimmy halted him. "This is something I have to do myself."

"I can. Take care of this. For you." Richard protested. Before Jimmy could restrain him, Richard had walked over to his cache and started loading his Webley .455 revolver, Smith & Wesson 'Triple Lock' revolver and his Colt 1903 pocket hammerless pistol, holstering them on his person before grabbing his coat and hat.

"As much as I appreciate this, you can not interfere with what will happen tonight." Jimmy spoke, catching Richard's undivided attention.

Richard saw the look in the other man's eyes. He knew that look all too well. It was the look of a soldier who knew the end was near. "What will happen. When we get to the memorial?"

"What is going to happen is what needs to happen. Angela was killed because of me. Tommy lost his mother because of my actions. I have to set things right for his sake." Richard didn't have to speculate on what he was referring to. Angela Darmody was both Jimmy's wife and one of his few friends. Both Angela and Jimmy had high hopes for Tommy. If God could forgive Jimmy for all he did, perhaps he and Angela would be reunited in Heaven.

"There is a safe deposit box at the Four Deuces on Warbash in Chicago. Ask Mr. Torrio about it and he'll see that you receive it. I have some things in there for you." Handing Richard the keys to the box, Jimmy grimaced when he saw the look of realization on Richard's face. "Don't cry for me. I have caused enough trouble as it is. I don't deserve tears."

"Who are you. To say. What you deserve?" Richard said gruffly. Though it was not spoken, Richard could tell that Jimmy was trying to push him away from what he believed to be the inevitable. "I do not recall. Leaving a fellow soldier. To die alone. I am not. Starting now."

The ran began to fall hard over the grounds of the war memorial when they arrived.

"For what it's worth. Through it all. Thank you. Jimmy. My friend." Richard said.

"Remember what you promised me." James said, referring to the promise that Richard would at least try to 'come home' from 'over there'. "I'll try. For you. And Angela."

Walking out with their hats on into the rain, Jimmy and Richard saw the headlights of a car in the distance before Nucky emerged from it with Manny Horvitz and Owen Slater in tow.

"James, I thought this was private between you and me." Nucky said in reference to Richard who was standing right behind Jimmy.

Through his one good eye, Richard stared a hole through the Jewish butcher that murdered Angela.

"So now you can have your revenge, boychick." Manny said to Jimmy, who seemed unshaken. "Unless your masked friend beats you to it."

"Is this what it is?" Jimmy asked before both he and Richard heard the familiar sound of a shotgun being cocked from behind. Quicker than a hiccup, Richard drew his S&W 'Triple Lock' and Webley .455 revolvers on Sheriff Eli Thompson.

"That shotgun won't be. Much to you. If you have. A bullet. Between your eyes. Sheriff Thompson." Richard said grimly to the brother of Nucky Thompson.

"Richard, don't." Jimmy said, knowing full well that Richard would not refrain from blasting Eli Thompson with both firearms.

"I would listen to him if I were you, Harrow." Nucky said. "Tommy Darmody would not like the idea of losing his godfather so soon after losing his parents."

Jimmy looked as shocked at Richard was at the news but for different reasons. Richard had no idea Jimmy and Angela thought so highly of him that they would name him godfather to their only son. "How did you know?" Jimmy asked.

"I run and own this town, James. There's not much of anything that happens in this town that I do not know about. Have I taught you nothing?"

Glancing over at Manny, Jimmy saw that he was not bound and restrained.

Owen walked up to Jimmy and frisked him for weapons. Eli even made mention of the trench knife Jimmy kept in his boot.

"I'm not armed." Jimmy spoke moments before Owen stopped and confirmed it before rejoining Manny Horvitz.

"This is the only way it could have ended, is it?" Jimmy asked.

"This was your choice, James." Nucky said with an annoyed and angry tone in his voice.

"I died in the trenches. Years back. I thought you knew that." Jimmy said in acceptance of his circumstances. "So who's going to do it? Manny? Owen?"

Looking behind himself to find Richard and Eli in a standoff, Jimmy turned back to Nucky and asked, "Eli?"

"I am." Nucky said as he drew a revolver from the inside of his suit jacket, pointing it right at Jimmy. Though he tried to look angry and resolved, Nucky was breaking apart on the inside.

Despite everything that happened, Nucky still loved Jimmy like a son.

Once Richard saw the gun in Nucky's hand, he pointed the S&W revolver at Nucky and aimed the Webley revolver at Eli. "Richard, lower the guns. I don't want my son orphaned." Richard lowered the Smith & Wesson revolver he was pointing at Nucky but kept the Webley aimed at Eli so he couldn't interfere either.

"My first time, I vomited after." Jimmy spoke, trying in a way to calm Nucky's nerves. "Two days straight. Second time, I didn't think about it."

"So fucking stupid." Nucky snapped.

"Just try to make yourself calm." Jimmy said, aware of how Nucky was trying to psyche himself mentally and emotionally. "You had everything going for you."

"Breathe, Nucky." Jimmy continued, his calm voice only spurring Nucky forward.

"Your whole life." By now, the pistol was aimed high enough to be pointed right at Jimmy's face.

"You'll get through this. All you gotta worry about is when you run out of booze and when you run out of company. And all that's left to judge you is your.."

The gun shot that rang through the air was enough to make Richard turn away from Eli Thompson in time to see Jimmy fall backwards to the ground with a gun shot wound through his face.

Walking over to where he could stand over his fallen prey, Nucky Thompson stared down at the young man who lay bleeding from the face. "You don't know me, James. You never did."

With the revolver pointed straight at Jimmy's head as the rain fell from the dark sky, Nucky said, "I. Am not. Seeking. Forgiveness."

Richard watched helplessly as Nucky delivered the kill shot.

Approaching the World War veteran and former marksman, Nucky kept his gun at the ready. "If the well being of Thomas Darmody means anything to you, Mr. Harrow, do not attempt to avenge James or Angela."

Nucky was glad in many ways that Eli was there totting a scattergun while he stood before Richard Harrow. All the same, Nucky would want to keep the skilled marksman exactly where he could see him at all times. "You work for me now."

Pushing Nucky aside, Richard walked over to the lifeless body that once was his boss, friend and brother in arms. Kneeling at Jimmy's side, Richard reached over and gently closed the dead man's eyes. After holstering his revolvers and rising up from the ground, Richard Harrow raised his right hand to his forehead and gave a proper army salute to James Darmody.

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