This is the fourteenth installment of the Light and Shadow series and the fifth in the epilogue crossover series. This is also the final installment of Light and Shadow; I will not be doing any more with these OC's. I do not own Code: LYOKO or Danny Phantom, but the OC's of Eva Maverick and Kayla Olson are mine. Since this is the last installment, I will be adding thank you's, tidbits regarding the original characters, what inspired me to come up with this series and more in the author's notes.

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Eva had to admit that her favorite sector in LYOKO was the mountain sector. She enjoyed the heights, the narrow paths, the rocks, mountains, and clouds that gave her many places to hide. It was a rush, especially when she was riding her overboard.

Right now they had to focus on the task at hand. Aelita had to get to a heavily guarded tower. They were all there: Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, Aelita, Kayla, William, Jeremy, and Eva. Franz was at the controls, telling them where to go. All of them were using their vehicles, Eva keeping close to Aelita as she rode on the over-wing with Yumi.

"I see the tower!" said Jeremy, pointing to the distance.

The rest of them could make out the tower.

"Incoming hornets from behind," said Franz.

"Odd! Eva! You take the hornets," said Ulrich. "We'll get Aelita to the tower."

Eva nodded. She and Odd fell back. They turned around and saw several hornets headed their way. Eva and Odd fired their attacks at them, easily dispatching two of them. Odd did an aerial spin and got off another shot at a hornet. Eva barely dodged one. She growled and possessed it. She shot another and jumped out of the hornet she was possessing, landing on her overboard again.

"Nice one, Phantasm!" yelled Odd.

"Let's help the others," said Eva.

The two of them flew back to the rest of the LYOKO warriors who were battling a couple of tarantulas. It did not take long for them to destroy them.

"All right, Aelita," said Jeremy. "The tower's all yours."

Aelita began running for the tower.

Eva had a bad feeling about this. One word rang in her head: Trap. "Aelita, wait!" she shouted.

A blast of green energy came out of the tower and hit Aelita square in the chest. She let out a scream and was knocked back. She lay on the ground, lifeless.

"Aelita!" screamed Jeremy, running over to her.

Kayla joined him.

"What is going on?" asked Franz.

Kayla had a look of horror on her face. "Aelita's dead!" she said, unable to bring tears to her eyes from the shock of what happened.

A man walked out of the tower. He wore a black shirt with white sleeves, a white logo of a P inside a D on his chest, a cape that was white on one side and black on the other, black gloves, a white belt, black pants, and white boots. His skin was bluish, his white hair like fire, and he had a scruff of a white goatee. His ears were pointed and his grin was demonic. His eyes were red and full of sadistic glee.

The sky went dark and a strong wind began to blow.

"Who is that?" asked Ulrich, drawing his sabers.

The man turned to Eva. He put his hand out to her. "Just watch," he told her.

The man pointed his finger at William. A blast of green shot from his finger. William hit the ground dead.

"No!" screamed Kayla.

Eva tried to move, but she could not. She was frozen to the spot. The man was laughing, his voice echoing. Eva was forced to watch her friends be killed by this fiend one by one, and she could do nothing to stop it. Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, Jeremy, and Kayla were all shot and killed by him. Eva continued to watch as the scene changed to school and he leveled the campus with a single blast of energy, killing everyone inside. The scene switched once more and Ben, Nico, Chris, and Sophie were murdered as well. The entire time this murderous monster was laughing.

He turned to her. He had a pleased smirk plastered on his face. "Just like Mackenzie. If you couldn't save her, what made you think you could save them?"

He shot Eva in the chest.

Eva sat up so quickly in bed her head smacked off the ceiling. She grabbed the knife she hid under her pillow and jumped out of her bunk. She was breathing heavily as she looked around for any threat. There was nothing.

Eva was on one of the Subdigitals' two tour buses. She pulled back the curtain on Aelita's bunk just a bit to see her friend with Mr. Puck under one arm. Eva then knelt down and checked on Sophie. Both of them were unharmed and sleeping peacefully. Eva stashed her knife back under her pillow, taking notice that the bus was moving. She leaned against her bunk and put her face in her hands.

They had been on the road for longer than they had anticipated. School had started both at Kadic and schools all over America. Eva really didn't care about that since she had graduated. Aelita was having private tutoring sessions with her father and Jeremy was filling her in on everything she missed. Eva was giving her additional help as well. Sophie told them that they probably wouldn't be getting back to France until late September.

Eva rubbed her eyes again. There was no way she was going back to sleep after a dream like that. She wasn't so sure it was a dream. It was more like a warning. The more Eva thought about it, the more she felt uneasy.

She picked up a button-down shirt she kept at the foot of her bunk and pulled it over her black camisole. It had been so hot these past few weeks that Eva found herself wearing only her camisole and a pair of boy shorts to bed instead of her usual capris and shoes. Eva also picked up Nicolette, her plush elephant, a gift from Nicolas.

Eva walked out of the bedroom area and into the living area of the bus. It was the middle of the night and they were on a highway. As she walked to the front of the bus, Eva could see the second Subdigitals' bus ahead of them.

"Where are we?" Eva asked the bus driver.

The bus driver jumped. "I wasn't expecting you to be up," she said.

"Sorry, Jean," said Eva.

"We are in Illinois," said Jean.

"Illinois," Eva repeated.

Jean nodded. "That's right. We'll probably have to stop and get fuel soon. The nearest town is about twenty miles ahead of us. It's called Amity Park. I think we may be stopping there for a day or two."

"Why?" asked Eva.

"Chris didn't tell you?" asked Jean.

Eva's eyes narrowed. "Tell me what?"

"I guess he didn't," said Jean. "He's been a little worried about you. Aelita, too, but mostly you. He and his uncle, your father, have been talking back and forth. Jim thinks you need some stability and that going on this tour was not such a good idea. Chris said something to Sophie about staying a few days in one town to take it easy. Amity Park is said to be a nice place and we may be staying there for a day or so."

Eva thought for a moment. She pictured the schedule that Sophie kept in her day planner. There were a few concerts that had several days in between shows, far more time than needed to get there.

"Are you going to stay up?" asked Jean. "You can watch television if you want."

"I have other things I can do," said Eva. "Amity Park, yes?"

"Yes," said Jean. She smiled. "Your English is so much better than when I first met you."

"Or maybe you've learned to understand my accent," said Eva.

"Maybe that, too," said Jean. "But there's no denying it, Eva, you are very intelligent."

The corners of Eva's lips twitched and she went back to sit on the sofa. Her laptop was right where she left it. It was a gift from the band when they saw that Eva wanted to use Aelita's laptop when Aelita had to make new music. Eva opened it and searched Amity Park. Jean said they had twenty miles until they reached it, meaning Eva did not have long to learn about it.

A ghost in a violet cloak was busy viewing a brunette teenage girl who had just sat down with her laptop in her lap. Clockwork did not turn away as another ghost entered the room.

"It is done?" Clockwork asked the new arrival.

Nocturn scoffed. "You know everything, Clockwork," said the ghost of dreams.

"That I do," said Clockwork cooly. "But I asked you a question."

Nocturn scowled. "It's done, down to the last detail, as instructed," Nocturn said.

Clockwork said nothing as he shifted from a young man to an old man.

"I am curious, however," said Nocturn. "Why did you want me to give that girl such a horrible nightmare?"

"You had your fill of the others, didn't you?" asked Clockwork. "Why concern yourself with the nightmare of one?"

"Considering it took every ounce of dream energy I drained from the others to keep her asleep, I would like an answer," said Nocturn.

"I do not need to give you an answer, Nocturn," said Clockwork. "Your task is done. I have no need of you any longer."

Nocturn had half a mind to tell Clockwork off, but it would have been futile. Instead, Nocturn wished Clockwork a good day and left.

Clockwork shifted into his infant form. The shadows stirred behind him. There was a small ghost hiding in the dark that Nocturn failed to notice.

"You need not fear any harm from Nocturn, child," said Clockwork, glancing over his shoulder. "He is no threat. Now is your time to help. I know you have been waiting for this for a long time, but remember the rules: you may not reveal yourself in any form until the time has come, and you will know when that time is."

The small ghost nodded and disappeared.

Clockwork turned back to the screen. "The pieces are in place," he said to no one in particular. "Now it is all a matter of watching it play out."

In another room on a shelf, the Fenton Thermos that contained the most evil and dangerous ghost in the Ghost Zone began to glow.

The Birth of Eva and Kayla

The characters of Eva and Kayla were first created in the winter/spring of 2010 when my friend and I were working on a project. Back then the Light and Shadow idea hadn't come to mind. We were creating characters based on us. I asked her what she thought I looked like (a Sylvia, an Erica, that sort of thing) and she didn't even hesitate when she said I looked like an Eva. Hers was Kayla. It wasn't until that summer's end that we began planning fan fiction ideas together and we thought we would like to be in a Code: LYOKO fan fiction. After adjusting the characters slightly, I wrote Light and Shadow, intending it to be just a single story. We see how that turned out. XD