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Distant rumbles shook the entire infrastructure of the building; causing ripples to stream through the cracks by the door and shake the water in unsteady waves.

The water dragon swam around her throne room in uneasy anticipation. She could sense great evil outside those doors and she didn't need the powers her goddess had given her to know that it was exactly this presence causing the mass destruction in her palace. She had managed to get as many of her loyal subjects that shared her waters into the throne room before she sealed it off, but some unfortunate ones had been trapped outside. Too slow to make it in before the monsters came. Faintly she could hear their screams outside and lowered her head in guilt at her uselessness at this moment. She didn't let it last long however. She knew from the moment she felt this evil presence she wouldn't be able to save everyone. The solution she had taken would save the most people and there was no guilt to be had in that.

She chose to seal them away safely as she slaughtered the intruders. Manners were a very important thing to her, and she couldn't care whether the chosen hero himself stormed through those doors, they would be killed before they even realised they had reached the place they were searching for.

The last of her people filled into the safe room underneath the platform her throne rested on. The hollow space a great hiding spot for her people if all else failed. The door sealed close. Stopping the hushed whispers and frantic shouts of her panicked subjects. Everything went silent. Even the screams outside had stopped which meant they had finally killed the last of the ones out there. It also meant they were extremely close. Perhaps even at the door itself. That was certainly where most of the trapped fish had decided to linger when their safe haven closed off. Perhaps they were waiting for it to be reopened. Perhaps they had been trying to open it.

She hadn't expected the ripples to stop. She expected them to intensify as they forced their way in but instead they came to a rest and everything stilled. She frowned at the door, the irrational thought that maybe they had given up so close to victory coming to her and she scolded herself for even thinking about opening the door to check.

A small black shape lingered through the key hole. Quickly joined by another. They joined together growing bigger as another black spec slipped through. As it grew the unmistakable shape of a diamond came to view and she braced for whatever was about to come. The diamond gently drifted toward the door. The second the corner of it touched the stone it slammed on glowing a violent red and the dragon backed away.

The diamond faded to an orange colour and when she began to think that maybe this diamond wouldn't work cracks splintered across the stone and the door slammed to its hinges. Floods of diamonds raced across the water. Turning into the shapes of exotic monstrous fish as they neared.

The water dragon whirled in the water to avoid the majority of the beasts, the small whirl causing the exploding breed of fish to bash against another taking out their front line. Her tail danced in fast precise attacks and the fish were knocked into several groups, each exploding at different times.

New breeds of fish stormed past, the littlest of them reaching her scales and burning them, singeing her precious scales off into black ash. She flinched and backed away from them. Using her own electric tendrils to zap them back and kill them. However there was a particuarlly nimble species that managed to dodge even the quickest of her attacks, damaging her scaly armour before she could reduce them to smoking purple clouds. These weren't real fish, they were fighting for someone else and when she realized the water dragon flipped from the water to the platform on which her throne stood tall.

The sickening cries of the monster species in the water left her and the sounds of the air came to her. A light chuckle drifted from behind her, the notes turning deep with malice. Turning around the water dragon laid eyes on the master mind of the plan. A white haired man sat on her throne, tapping his fingers on the arm rest as if he had been waiting quite a while for her to figure out the fish were mere distractions. A great aura rolled off him in waves and without having to be told she knew what he was.

"Hmmpf, I expected something more impressive from the stories I had heard water dragon." He flexed his hand before standing and flipping back his white hair. Anger bubbled under her scales as she looked at him. He had the nerve to come here with all his minions, slaughter her people and then act as if he was the commanding presence of this palace. The behaviour was beyond anything acceptable and she felt deep hatred brewing inside herself for this particular demon.

She wanted to kill him but thought it rude to kill this man without even a word spoken. "What could you possible hope to achieve by coming here?" She rumbled deeply at him. It had been louder then needed to talk to him from such a small distance but she hadn't found it loud, or empowering enough. She was in charge here and he knew that so why she felt the need to scream the fact at him only angered her more.

His laughter left and his face turned hard. "I have a proposition for you."

"I don't deal with demons." She growled back. A look of anger flickered across his features so quickly anyone else would of missed it but she had keen eyes. He smirked slightly. "Not even for the safety of your people."

His booted foot tapped lightly against the ground in which her people swam under. Not really her people of course but just as close to her as any real family. His monsters bashed into the side in warning. They could break through to them and they wanted her to know that. It was a great hiding place but if known about they both knew the hollow room was too weak to protect against attack.

"What do you possibly think I would give to you?" It wasn't an agreement but the fact she hadn't tried to kill him made him very aware that he had the dragon right where he wanted. She pretended not to notice his smile.

"You and me both know the goddesses hero has started his quest and that as we speak he is looking for the flame of Farore." He paced forward, cape blaring, eyes glaring directly at hers. "I know very well that you hide this flame and all I need you to do is stop him from reaching it."

A pang of worry struck inside the blue being as he continued his rant. "Or better yet..." He continued but she blanked out. She didn't need to listen to any more of his terms. There was no way she could stop the hero's progress. Without him there was no hope. The imprisoned had already escaped once and the seal was extremely weak. They needed him.

As he talked he came increasingly closer and the dragon stared at his feet. The two things dwindling in and out of her reach. When he stopped to look for her answer he was at the edge of her reach. She glanced straight at him and part of her feared her gaze might give away her intent but he had no reaction. "Like I said earlier I don't deal with demons."

She dove for him at great speed but he dodged. His speed not just matching, but beating hers and it stunned the dragon. No demons she had ever encountered could move so fast and when he disappeared he barely gave her enough time before he sunk a blade into her scale covered back. She let out as small gasp as he twisted the blade.

"Goddess serving mutts are so difficult to deal with, always wanting to fight instead of negotiate." He sighed and even though she couldn't see him she imagined him flipping his head and hair back. "Not that it matters this was all part of the plan anyway."

The Dragon didn't even have time to be confused as Ghirahim removed the sword and replaced it with a new source of agony. She didn't know what it was but it was moving inside her wound and the pain caused her to black out.

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