"Please don't let him hurt me!"

Dean looked at Emma, then to Sam as she turned around. Dean could tell that Sam would pull the trigger.

"Sam, don't," Dean yelled to him.

Sam lowered his gun.

"Come here Emma," Dean told his daughter.

She dropped her knife and ran into his arms. She cried into his shoulder as he comforted her, stroking her hair.

Dean looked at Sam, who looked very angry. He knew he was thinking about Amy, how he had killed her even though Sam had told him that the killings were over. But Dean had to kill Amy: what if her kid got sick again, she would start killing again.

But Emma hadn't killed anybody.

Emma stopped crying and looked up into his eyes.

"Thank you", she said as Sam put his gun away, "if they find out that I did not kill you they really will hunt me down, please you have to help me."

"Don't worry, you are coming with me and Sam," then he looked at Sam, "and no one is going to hurt you."

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