It seemed as if everything was moving in slow motion. Emma's mom fell to the ground as Emma screamed. Dean and the others just stood still in shock, and Alastair pushed the two hooded people towards Dick Roman. Dean pulled Emma away from Alastair and Dick.

"Now the main event can begin," Dick said as he pulled away the hoods.

Dean gasped as he saw Lisa and Ben standing in front of him, gagged. He tried to run over to them, but Bobby and Cass held him back.

"Play nice and nothing happens to them," Alastair said with a smile.

"I will kill both of you," Dean muttered through a clenched jaw.

"You do not even know how to kill me," Dick replied, "it wouldn't matter if you did."

Emma was crouched over her mother's fallen body. Bela bent down and helped her to her feet. That was when she noticed Emma's eyes. They were glowing a bright white light. Dick saw it too, and looked over to Alastair with shocked eyes.

"Alastair, kill her, now," Dick yelled as he started to back away.

Alastair walked forward, pulling out a knife. Emma looked at him, and suddenly, he was lifted into the air. He started screaming out in agony and then he exploded into tiny pieces. Emma looked over at Dick next.

"You will suffer before you die," she said in a voice that sounded much older than she was.

A white ball formed in her hands and she shot it towards him. It knocked a giant hole in his chest and he fell to the ground. He began to laugh hysterically.

"You actually fell for it, she was right," he said as the others gathered around him.

"Who was right," Dean asked.

"Eve," Dick replied with a smirk, "when she was killed she was reborn in Purgatory, and before we hitched a ride inside the angel, she gave me a special power. You see, she wants to have a meeting with all of you, so, in the event of my death, she gave me a power that would send all near me to her. You are headed to her dominion, good luck." His eyes rolled into the back of his head and his breathing stopped. His body melted into a pool of black ooze that filled the whole floor. They could all feel it going around them. Then they were falling in a pool of darkness. Dean looked around at everyone in his group, his eyes finally falling on Emma, with her arm reaching out to him. He tried to reach it, but everything went black.

A/N: I am ending this story there. The sequel should be up in a few weeks. It is titled Adventures in Purgatory. I thank all of you who have stuck with this story, and hope you will enjoy the sequel.