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Chapter 1 it begins

Kushina had just given birth; when a masked just appeared and rip the Nine Tail out of her. Now she was in the hospital. Minato had taken her there, along with Naruto and had gone back to fight. Now she was dying, no one had ever survived the extraction process before. As she lay there, she heard when people entered. She couldn't see their faces, but she could hear them.
"Minato are you sure you want to use your son" said a voice

"It's the only way to ensure that the village has protection for life. No other village will mess with us" said Minato

"Your right we have that masked man to thank. But what will Kushina do, she will never let you use Naruto" said the voice.

"Why should we thank the masked man? I would have extracted the beast myself anyways. He just gave us someone to blame and who care what that bitch thinks; the only reason I married her was for this chance to get the Nine Tail. My real woman will raise Naruto with our own child when Kushina is dead" Minato replied

"But she isn't dead she is just unconscious" the voice said

"For now, but she told me that no container has ever survived the extraction process before" Minato replied. Hearing all of this; Kushina began to cry, she couldn't believe her Min-kun would do this to her. She should have listened when Tsunade, Mikoto, Yoshino and Hitomi told her that Minato was no good. And had hit on them behind her back, but she refuse to believe anything they said; now their friendship was broken just because she was blinded by love.
"Minato it's time, get Naruto" said the voice as Minato walk over to take Naruto when a chain wrap around him and started squeezing him.

"Minato you teme! I will never let you take my Naruto, I WILL KILL YOU FIRST!" Kushina yelled as she squeezed the life out of him, when someone appeared behind her and hit her in her back, which had been previously bandaged. It started to bleed before she heard.

"Shit Tsunade is coming!" before she fell unconscious.

2 hour later

Kushina awoken to an empty room. Wondering what had happened to her, and then she remembered.

"Naruto" she yelled as she started to get up when a hand push her back down.

"Calm down Kushina it's not good for your health" said a voice as Kushina look up she realize who it was. It was her friend Tsunade. Tsunade had a violet rhombus on her forehead she has fair skin and brown eyes. Except for her bangs, which are parted in the middle and fall down the sides of her face, Tsunade's long, blonde hair is tied into two loose ponytails using purple bands; the same color as the seal on her forehead. She was wearing a grass-green robe with the kanji for gamble (賭, kake) written in black on the back, inside a red circle. Underneath she wears a grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Her blouse is closed quite low, revealing her sizable cleavage. She wears open-toed sandals with low heels and polish on both her fingernails and toenails. She also wears a soft pink lipstick and around her neck First Hokage's crystal necklace in clear view on her chest.

"How can I calm down when Minato stole my son" Kushina yelled

"He did what! Sensei told me that you both decided to use Naruto in the sealing process" Tsunade shouted

"Tsunade that not all he did" Kushina replied as she told Tsunade what Minato and a man said.

"I would kill him if he wasn't already dead" Tsunade yelled

"Tsunade where is my Naru-chan? I want to hold him" Kushina asked

"I'm sorry Kushina, but sensei told me that he didn't make it" Tsunade said as she held her head down with tears coming out of her eyes.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kushina said as she started to cry as Tsunade came over to comfort her, they cried in each other arms for what seem like hours.

"Kushina I…" but she was cut off

"Tsunade could you, leave me alone? I just need time to myself" Kushina said

"Ok but if you need anything just call, I'll be next door" Tsunade said as she walked away while Kushina cried herself to sleep.

30 minutes later

Kushina was awoken by a voice. "Serve you right you bitch; you didn't even know that Minato didn't love you. He loves me and now that your Teme of a child is dead, my child will become the rightful heir of the Namikaze fortune" the woman boasted. Suddenly a chain bursts out of Kushina's body and pierced the woman's stomach in an attempt to kill the unborn child. A banshee scream was heard through the village; Alerting the Hokage as he jump out of his chair, Yoshino who was gardening, Mikoto who was training and Hitomi who was heading to the Hyuga training grounds, they all headed to the hospital (They are all Anbu).

"I may not be able to kill that teme, but I will kill his child like he killed mine" Kushina said in a cold voice as the chain retracted. Kushina started to bleed through her bandages, as she was about to fall someone caught her. She looked around to see it was Tsunade.

"Kushina what happened in here?" Tsunade asked but before Kushina could answer the Hokage, Mikoto, Yoshino, Hitomi and some nurses came in.

"What happened here?" the Hokage asked as Mikoto, Yoshino and Hitomi rush over to their friend as the nurse heads over to the down women who was bleeding out. Kushina was about to speak when Tsunade cut her off

"She attacked Kushina while she was sleeping, Kushina was only defending herself" Tsunade replied

"OK Tsunade come heal her before she and the baby dies" The Hokage said

"I can't, if I don't heal Kushina she will die too. Because of the attack all of her wounds reopened" Tsunade replied as she started healing Kushina.

"But you can't let the baby die he/she is very important to this village" The hokage said

"Why is that sensei who is the baby father? Because I know the mother is a no named civilian" Tsunade asked

"Well…. forget about it. I'm sure the nurse can do it herself" the Hokage said as he quickly vanished.

"Why did you lie for me? You know that I was the one who attacked her. You will be in trouble when she wakes up, and tells the Hokage" Kushina said

"And who will he believe? Now tell me, what caused you to attack her?" Tsunade asked as she finished healing her.

"She came in here to boast about her and Minato's child" Kushina said as she started to cry when she felt Mikoto, Yoshino and Hitomi arms wrap around her. "I'm sorry guys, I should have believed you" Kushina said as she cried into their arms

"It's OK, we are still friends" they said

3 months later

Tsunade entered the Hokage office to see the Hokage desk covered in paper work with the Hokage cursing the Damn Paper work.

"Sensei, I need you to give me some mission that will last as long as Kushina's recovery" Tsunade said

"Why? She was released two months ago; she looked alright to me" The Hokage said

"Physically yes but, that not what I'm talking about. She tried to kill herself three times during the last three months, just to be with Naruto. I want to take her away from the bad memories" Tsunade replied

"I didn't know it was that bad. How long do you think it will take? And here, take as many as you can" the Hokage said as he gives the missions to her.

"I don't know sensei, I just don't know" Tsunade said as she walked out of the Hokage's office, not seeing the smirk on his face.

10 years later.

Three people were at the gate a blonde hair one, a red hair and a Raven hair one. "Tsunade why do I have to come back to this village, it took everything from me" said the red hair one.

"To visit your friends, and pay your respects to your son Kushina" said the blonde now known as Tsunade.

"Fine" said the Red head now known as Kushina as she ran off to visit her son's grave.

"Don't think it is wise to let her go on her own" said the raven hair girl

"Yes it is Shizune let her enjoy herself because I been trying for years, to get her to come back and I still don't know why she choose now but I glad she did" Tsunade said as she looked at Shizune. She had matured into a beautiful woman She had shoulder length black hair with bangs and onyx eyes double C cup breast and long luscious legs. She was wearing a long blueish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi, and open-toed sandals with low heels.

A 10-year-old blond headed boy of short stature was walking around the outermost edges of Konoha, near the Uchiha district. Moving slowly in order to cool

down from his most recent training exercise. The young blonde who was commonly known as Naruto was sporting a slightly oversized white T-shirt with an

orange spiral emblazoned on it, coupled with a pair of dark blue shorts with a wide array of pockets on the sides. But amongst these physical traits the most

striking amongst them was the matching set of whisker marks displayed starkly against his cheeks. He displayed them proudly; he didn't care what anyone

else said. As Naruto was walking peacefully he couldn't help but notice out of the corner of his eye, a dark clad figure lying motionless on the cold ground; In

the middle of the warmest of days. A sharp gust of wind blew around causing a flurry of leaves and other such debris to float freely as if it was signifying an

ominous presence. Regardless he ignored it, his mouth twisting into a wide grin as he imagined the fun he could have with the sleeping figure. Moving as

quietly as possible Naruto crept towards the prone man and withdrew a pen from his back pocket, uncapping it with an audible POP! Cause him to cringe

slightly in fear that he had awoken the sleeping person. After a short time passed and he determined that he was undetected, he moved even closer preparing

to draw on the man's face. Just as he was upon the man with his pen at the ready, he noticed something was off. The man's eyes were wide open… Locked in

a wide visage, that could only be described as unmoving. Naruto froze when he saw this and started to mumble an apology to the man.

"Ah, sorry, I was just…yeah, um sorry? No hard feelings right?" The boy asked the man, not making eye contact. When he heard no response he looked at the

man, expecting to see the cold furry that people always had on their faces after one of his jokes. Instead, the man was lying on the ground in exactly the same

position he had been when Naruto first saw him.

'Is he sleeping with his eyes open'? Naruto thought mildly, causing a sweat drop to form on the back of his head. Still searching for a prank to pull, Naruto

settled for the old 'kick them in the ribs and run like hell' gag. Naruto drew his leg back and delivered the hardest kick that he could muster to the 'sleeping'

man, causing him to fly roughly 5 feet away from his original and motionless position.

Once again Naruto was presented with an oddity. He had expected the man to get up and chase him… Instead he simply laid there, almost as if he hadn't felt

the bone bruising forces applied to him. Once more walking over to the prone figure, Naruto looked at the man's face in more detail, only to find that it was

turning slightly blue. In a brief moment of clarity Naruto realized that the figure wasn't sleeping. Naruto may have been a Genius but at times he was very

naive, mostly due to his age and general inexperience. However it did not take much further inspection to determine that this man was in fact, dead. Shocked

at his new found discovery, Naruto turned around to run away, only to find his path blocked by another figure. This one in an ANBU uniform. Naruto was

frightened right then, he normally got blamed for things he didn't do, and this was something he didn't do. Hell, he didn't even know what happened, other

than the fact that the guy was dead.

"I-it isn't what it looks like." He exclaimed quickly, "I just found him…"

"I know exactly what it looks like." The ANBU said, walking over to the body. Naruto could see that the shinobi had dark black hair, much like the dead man had.

"Uchiha Shisui appears to have been suffocated or drowned Killed by Uchiha Itachi." The masked ninja replied.

"That's awesome, how you can tell that just by looking at a dead body?!" Naruto exclaimed, glad that he wasn't being blamed for the death of the man. "How

do you do that?" There was a pause for a moment, as the ANBU turned and looked at Naruto, his eyes turning from black to red, with three odd marks circling

his pupils.

"I am Itachi." He stated calmly. "Now that you have seen this, I cannot let you live." He said as he drew his sword. Naruto turned to run, but was stopped

when the cold metal of an ANBU sword cut through his stomach. The sword was quickly removed, before it was once again slid through his body. Naruto let out

a scream, only to find it muffled by the hand of the ANBU. As Naruto slid to the ground he was rolled over. Before he lost consciousness, he saw the ninja take

out a kunai. Then everything went black then Itachi went over to Shisui when he felt a strong Charka signal coming towards him. "Shit, I'm not strong enough

to take on that person I have to get out of here" Itachi said as he vanishes not before he kicks the body in the river planning to look for it lat

Kushina was coming from the grave of her son and was going to visit her friend Mikoto; when she saw a boy that had blonde hair and looked like Minato. But

he had Whiskers on his face she look at him and realize that he was bleeding from his stomach and his slashed out eyes, and then she started to laugh. "Ku

Ku serves you right you Minato spawn. Looks like I didn't kill you that day but you going to die anyway" Kushina said as she walked away but stopped.

Something in her heart told her that she should save him it wasn't his fault that Minato cheated on her so she did.

At the hospital

As Kushina entered the hospital she was attack by the same screaming banshee that she stab 10 years.

"You kill my baby, now I going to kill you" she yelled as she attacks Kushina with an injection Needle but Kushina dodge her.

"What are you talking about you son still alive in my hands" Kushina replied as she continue to dodge.

"That demon is not my child you killed mine" she yelled but a fist to the face but Kushina knock her out. Kushina did know why she had punch the woman but

she felt like the women deserve it.

"If he is not Minato and that woman child then who his he" Kushina thought was interrupted by

"Naruto is he alright" the girl asked.

"I not sure I found him near the Uchiha compound" Kushina said then she look good at the girl before her

"Rin is that you" Kushina asked

"Yes it is, but I can't talk now. I have to take Naruto to the ER" Rin said as she told Naruto from Kushina.

"Naruto, why would that boy be name after my dead son and he also looks like him what is going on here" Kushina "Excuse me nurse. What his that boy's last name?" Kushina asked

"You mean the Demon boy" she said with venom in her voice

"What did you just say?" Kushina asked with a little KI leaking

"I said his last name was Uzumaki" the nurse said as she ran away

"Naruto Uzumaki! He even has my last name what the hell is going on" Kushina shouted in her mind then she saw Tsunade. "Tsunade what are you doing here?"

"Sensei asked me to save a boy that was attacked today. Why are you here?" Tsunade asked

"I'm the one who found the boy. Say Tsunade could you do me a favor could you do a DNA Test on the boy?" Kushina asked

"Why" she asked

"Because he looks too much like my son the only different is that he has Blonde hair now" Kushina replied

"But Kushina your son is dead" Tsunade said

"I know but please, it will help me find some peace" Kushina replied with tears in her eyes

"OK" Tsunade said as she entered the ER

"Kushina what are you doing here?" the Hokage as he just arrive

"Didn't Tsunade tell you I was here?" Kushina said

"Yes she did but why are you at the hospital" The Hokage replied

"I was the one who saved the boy" Kushina said

"Shit" the Hokage "Thanks for saving him"

"Hokage –sama why does that boy have my last name" Kushina asked. The Hokage was sweating bullets but he was saved by a nurse who called him.


Tsunade and Rin was working hard trying to save Naruto, when red charka started leaking out of his body and healing his wounds.

"Shit we have to stop this" Tsunade shouted

"Why it will heal him faster" Rin asked

"That may be true but if it heals his eyes before we get a replacement he will be blind for the rest of his life." Tsunade said as she put a seal on Naruto.

"You right, how long before the seal wears out?" Rin asked

"An hour" Tsunade said

"You their get the replacement eyes from the medical bay" Rin yelled as the nurse runs out.

Uchiha compound

Mikoto had just come from a mission to see dead bodies all over the place.

"Oh my god who could have done this" Mikoto said as tears came out of her eyes then she remember her children.

"SASUKE, ANIKA" Mikoto shouted as she ran into the house to see both Sasuke and Anika on the ground. She ran over to them, thinking the worse until she and check them herself they were only unconscious.

"Thank god" Mikoto said as she creates a shadow Clone to take up Sasuke while she took up Anika. On her way to the hospital when she saw something flowing in the river as she when closer she realized who it was.

"Shisui" Mikoto said as she put down Anika and rush out to fish out the body, when she turn over the body she saw a cut near Shisui's eyes someone was trying to steal his eyes.

"Shisui who could have done this to you, with your mastery of Genjutsu I'm surprised you lost" Mikoto said as she took out his eyes. "Can't let anybody get their hands on these" Mikoto as she seal then away and when back to Anika and took off to the hospital.

At the hospital

Mikoto had just drop off her children, they were going to be alright Sasuke had great mental strain and no one could tell her what was causing this and was just knock out. As Mikoto was using the bathroom she heard someone talking.

"Can you Believe Tsunade-sama want to save that demon?" said a nurse

"Yeah she had the nerves to send me to retrieve replacement eyes for that demon brat. He could go blind for all I care" Said Nurse 2 "

Yeah it'll be easier to kill him now" said Nurse 1 as they both laughed. Then a Kunai went through the skull of Nurse 1, then Nurse 2 started scream when Mikoto appeared and pushed her Kunai in her stomach.

"Where is the medical bay" Mikoto asked.

"HA HA HA it doesn't matter if you find it out not even with your speed the demon only has a few minutes remaining before he is blind forev…" She did get to finish as Mikoto push the Kunai farther killing her.

"Shit she is right I need to do something" Mikoto said then she remembered "Shisui would have wanted you to have it Naruto-kun" as she ran towards the ER. Mikoto arrive at the ER door when some Nurse tried to stop but Mikoto just push them out of the way. Kushina came from the lunch room to see someone pushing away the Nurses and enter the ER.

"What a pushy bitch" Kushina


"What the hell has taken Kimiko. We only have a couple of minutes remaining?" Rin asked

"She dead" said Mikoto as she enter the room.

"What are you doing here?" Tsunade asked

"We will talk later take these eyes" Mikoto said as she unsealed the eyes.

"But these eyes have…" Rin was cut off by Tsunade.

"She will explain later" Tsunade said as she took the eyes from Mikoto and started the surgery. "I will come and check on him later" Mikoto said as she vanishes in a puff of smoke.

The next thing that Naruto knew, he was lying in a bed in a hospital. He tried to open his eyes, but found that he was stopped by something covering them. Reaching up to touch his eyes, he felt the course but soft texture of gauze. Suddenly he was racked with a fit of pain as the adrenaline of his awakening wore off. He groaned and winced in pain, it wasn't until someone spoke up that he realized someone was in the room.

"Naruto-kun, it is good to see you are awake." Said Rin

"Uhh, Rin-chan, what happened?" Naruto managed to groan out while he winced.

"It would seem that you were attacked by someone, left for dead." Rin said. "You were found by a woman named Kushina."

"Rin-chan, what's with my eyes?" Naruto interrupted Rin.

Although he couldn't see it, Rin cringed before she answered.

"I was about to explain that. It seems that for whatever reason, someone damaged your eyes beyond our healing abilities." Rin said. This elicited a gasp of shock from Naruto.

"Does this mean I'm blind?" He asked, through gasps of breath. He began to cry at the prospect of never being able to see again.

"No." Rin said. "Thanks to Mikoto-sama and Tsunade-sama a famous medic-nin she was able to transplant Shisui's eyes into you. It is very rare indeed, but it was vital to your survival that every place that blood could leak out from was plugged. That included your eyes.

" I have some dead guy's eyes in my head!" Naruto yelled.

"Yes Naruto-kun, I suppose you do." Rin chuckled. "Naruto, those eyes are very special. They hold the bloodline limit of the Uchiha clan."

"What is it?" Naruto Asked

"It's a special ability that is passed down through someone's family it is the Sharingan." Rin explained.

"Wow that's cool" Naruto replied "Naruto-kun I also found out that your whole body is adapting and changing from the genes in the eye. For all we know you could have a totally different dojutsu" Rin said Naruto just lay in bed digesting all of the new information he had just learned. "Naruto did you see who did this?" Rin asked as Naruto describes the man "Shit it was Itachi Mikoto-sama won't like this"

"Rin-chan, how long was I out for? Did anything happen?" He asked.

"To answer your first question, you were unconscious for about 2 weeks. Now, Naruto, the second thing is pretty bad. Itachi that is the name of the man that attacked you, he murdered his entire family except for his little brother, Sasuke, sister Anika and mother Mikoto." Rin said in a sad voice. "This means that there are only a few people left in the world with the same kinds of eyes you have." Naruto just sat there in silence. He didn't know what to do. He was only ten for crying out loud, and he just found out that he had some dead guy's eyes in his head, and the dead guy's family was dead. This day just couldn't get any weirder he fell asleep with those thoughts. Oh how wrong he was.

After checking up on Naruto, Tsunade made her way back to her room, she had a meeting to conduct with her sensei, and it wasn't going to be good. As she entered her room, she saw Rin waiting for her. She was holding a standard medical file, with all of the information they could gain from Naruto while he was unconscious.

"Everything seems to be fine, Tsunade-sama." Rin said. "There is one interesting thing. You know he was an orphan, right?" Tsunade just nodded.

"Well, I ran a DNA test like you asked with some extra blood samples we had, and well…you should look at them yourself." She handed Tsunade the folder. When she opened it, she stared at a complete genetic profile of the blonde. However, what grabbed her attention was the report that Rin had written up.

"Kushina was right" Tsunade "Who else has seen this?" She demanded.

"Only you and I have seen the report." She stated, calmly. Tsunade began to massage her temples as she felt a migraine coming on.

"Do you know how this could have happened?" Tsunade asked.

"I have no idea, although I shudder to think of how she'll take this." Rin said.

Tsunade Office

"Hey Tsunade, is it him?" She asked a look of excitement passing through her purple eyes.

"Yes Kushina it's him." Tsunade said Kushina eyes grew wide at those words, and she collapsed into a chair, grasping her breath and shaking her red hair in such a manner and started to cry as Rin comfort her then her mood change.

"So, you're saying, that my Sochi-kun is alive? But the Hokage told me he was dead "Kushina yelled, through ragged breaths. "Why? Why did he lie to me then?" She demanded.

"I don't know Kushina, but let's asked the Hokage" Tsunade said


As they arrive at Naruto room they saw the Hokage about to go in.

"You teme" Kushina yelled as she withdrew her katana and attack the Hokage but he block it with his staff.

"Kushina what is the mean of this" The Hokage said as he dodge a slash at his head.

"You lied to me; you told me my son was dead. When he was really alive" Kushina said as she took another swing at the Hokage.

"But your son really is dead" Hokage said while dodging again.

"No he is not he is the boy I rescued 2 week ago" Kushina replied

"No that not your son that boy is an orphan your eyes are playing tricks on you" Hokage said "Orphan my ass Rin did a DNA, and it prove that he is my son" Kushina yelled

"Is that true" The Hokage asked Rin

"Yes Hokage-sama" Rin replied

"I didn't Kushina know if I did….." the Hokage as he dodges another slash thrown at him. "Don't lie to me how could you not know?" Kushina yelled as her Kanata stated to glow "Devil's Play g….."

"Shit I'm dead" Hokage

"Kushina wait hear me out, when your son was born, he had red hair right?" The third asked. "Yes, straight red hair and my purple eyes." Kushina replied but her Kanata was still glowing. "Danzo came to me with two boys One of them had blonde hair and blue eyes whisker marks and the other was a straight red hair, no whisker marks with purple eyes but the red hair was dead." The third replied

"Don't lie to me" Kushina replied

"Kushina, I had no intention of lying to you about this." The third said

"Then why didn't you tell me about the next boy I could have taken care of him" Kushina replied

"Why would you?" The third asked

"Because that teme ruining his life it the least I could have done" Kushina replied

"Why do you hate your husband so he was only trying to save the village?" The third asked when he felt her KI increase.

"Don't ever call him that he is nothing to me" Kushina fired back as she punches the wall destroying it and walk away.

"I am going to see him, right now!" Kushina demanded.

"There's no way, that I'm letting him get away with this I'm going to kill him"

"No, let me handle Danzo" the third said

"I WANT TO SEE HIM NOW!" Kushina shouted

"NO AS YOUR HOKAGE I ORDER YOU TO STOP NOW" The third yelled as Kushina walk up to his face.

"You can always try old man" Kushina said as she shattered in to glass and appeared behind him and about to swing her Kanata at his head, when Tsunade caught her hand.

"Shit! She is a lot faster than before thank you Tsunade" Hokage

"Kushina stop if you attacking the Hokage you will be executed and you will never see your son" Tsunade said

"You right, I going to see my son" Kushina said as she when into his room.

"Thank you Tsunade" the third said.

"I didn't do it for you I did it for Kushina and her son" Tsunade said as she enter the room followed by the Rin.

Naruto' room

Kushina's face was a mixture of emotions. Happy and sad were interchanged with anger and fury. She was grateful for the chance to be a part of her son's life, sad that he had been hospitalized in critical condition for the past two weeks, and angry at Danzo for what he did as she looked at her sleeping son.

"Kushina I have something to show you" said a voice.

"What is it Shizune?" Kushina replied

"Kushina, in the DNA results, Rin found some very interesting information. It seems that Naruto has a large number of genetic markers, in common with an Uchiha as well as Minato and yourself." Shizune said this elicited a loud gasp from Tsunade and a blank look from Kushina. "Are you saying that my Sochi-kun has my bloodline as well as that teme?" She questioned. "Yes I am...but his fat….?" Rin was cut off by a growl from Kushina "Sorry, I never knew the Namikazes had a bloodline?"

"The teme never like to talk about it because it skipped his generation the legendary Dojutsu the Rinnegan" the rest of the occupants in the room gasp. Then Rin continues after getting her voice back. "You see, during his assault, Itachi damaged his eyes so badly, that they had to be removed. When you found him and with the help of Mikoto-sama, Tsunade was able to transplant the eyes of Uchiha Shisui to stem the large amount of blood loss he was experiencing. So the genes in the eye were absorbed and modified. Though what's weird is that the results we are getting is that the eye is mutating as well. So with the information you just gave me, it's possible that Naruto awakened both the Rinnegan and Sharingan and merged them with your bloodline" Rin said

"Wait, what about the Kyuubi, does that mean that he is part demon or something?" Tsunade asked, shocked at Rin's analytical analysis of Naruto's abilities.

"My son isn't a demon; it must be the side effect of having Kur… the demon sealed in him!" Kushina said glaring at the sannin.

"Calm down you two." Shizune said. "If what Rin said is correct, Naruto must be subjected to someone's DNA to change. Since the Kyuubi is sealed inside of him, than there is no fear of him becoming a demon, besides, we have a full DNA write up. He's 100 percent human, only just like Kushina with instant regeneration, senses beyond that of ninken and possibly... immortality" "But, what's to stop someone, from putting their blood into him. He'll keep on changing, and that won't be good." Kushina worried that her son may end up a power hungry fiend

"I believe that the ability is either fading, or slowing down completely just like it did with Kushina, because he adopted the genes of the Kyuubi within a matter of minutes. But this time it took almost the entire two weeks he was unconscious for the changes to occur. Do you have those reports, Shizune?" Rin asked

"Hai, his DNA had been slowly changing over the period of the past two weeks, and the changes were mostly minimal. I would need to run more tests, but I think that this ability is either being over written in his own DNA, or it is being stopped as to prevent further damaging Naruto." Shizune deduced. "Now," said Rin, "What do you say, about meeting your son?" Had they not turned to wake up Naruto, they would have noticed the yellow eyes watching them as it lick its lip and laugh

"Ku ku ku ku Naruto-kun you will be mine soon" Before it vanishes

Pairings: Anika( Sasuke's older sister by 3 year), Kushina(would not be incest due to different genes plus bc of clans there are no genetic diseases), Anko, Kurenai, Mei, Mai( Mei's twin sister) Hannah( Hinata's older sister she the opposite of hinata), Hitomi( hinata and hannah's mother), Hanna(Kiba's sister), Yoga U, Yoshino.N, Tsunami, Temari, Shizune, Mikoto.U, Rin.I ,Konan, Rena(Oc one of Danzo's root agent) (A/N: I figured I'd outline Naruto's bloodline limit. Senshin (absorption) - Naruto's bloodline limit allows him to absorb any foreign DNA introduced into his body.