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Everybody thoughts

Kurumu talking to Naruto outside of his mind

Kurumu talking to Naruto inside of his mind

Chapter 25 Good bye Super Nova

Last time

"I love you too." He said as Koyuki jumped into his arm, her legs wrapped around his waist and kissed him hard. The film crew were shocked speechless, until the director told them to continue filming.

Kakashi saw the girl kiss the boy and muttered, "Enjoy it while you can demon"

Suddenly the two of them found themselves in the air and a hand around Naruto's waist. They end there kiss to see the Fubiki smiling at them with her hand around Naruto as they flying toward the castle.

Koyuki resting her head on his, saying, "I love happy endings", and kissed Naruto again with the film crew continuing to film them.


I month later

In this time Koyuki became the new feudal lord of spring country formerly known as snow country. She also explained that the land of spring will be temporarily become the Land of Snow every winter. She was working hard to rebuild her country.

Land of Spring

She now smiled as she finished signing autographs for some kids as she turned towards the Konoha Nin.

"Thank you Konoha, especially you Naruto-kun. I wish you didn't have to go" Koyuki smiled as she gave Naruto a scroll. "This is a treaty between my country and your village."

"Tha…thank you Daimyo-sama" they all bowed. It was an honour to be allied with this great technological advanced country.

Koyuki looked at Naruto and jumped into his arm and kisses him.

"Please come and visit me soon because I haven't shown you the royal bedroom as yet" Koyuki whispered into his ears.

"Oh I will and Fubuki, please look after hime for me" Naruto said.

"I will Nova-kun. Just remember to come see me the next time you're here, I still haven't had my fun with you yet" Fubiki replied with a blush on her face as Naruto and the other vanishes.

Koyuki looked at a leaflet that was on the floor. Picking it up she smiled because it was her and Naruto's new movie that came out today.

It was a picture of her in the middle with Naruto in his Rasengan Armour and Dotou in his Charka Armour clashing. The title said "Adventures of Princess Fūun, Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow"

1 week later


Tsunade stood with Jiraiya and the council as they could not believe what they just read.

Naruto's team came and delivered a scroll saying that Koyuki wanted a treaty with them and a council meeting was set up right away.

Tsunade read the letter out loud to them.

Dear Hokage-sama

Thank you for accepting our plea for help, for that we of spring country formerly known as snow country extend our hands to you in a treaty. We would love to share our technology with you.

Kazahana Koyuki

Daimyo of spring/snow country

The council gasped. They have a treaty with snow country unbelievable this is a great boost to their village. Danzo gripped his cane as he was also surprised.


Inside the Mizukage office was four individuals. They were Terumi Mei who sat on her seat, her sister Mai, a white hair person and a black hair person.

The white hair person and black hair person came in right away with a videotape as they wanted to show them something. Both ladies nodded and all four watched the film.

They were flabbergasted as they just finished the new movie "Adventures of Princess Fūun Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow"

"Wa…was that Naruto-kun? Did they know they were being filmed" Mei blinked in shock while Mai nodded

"No from the way they fought they intended to kill each other. But what is that around, Naruto-kun I never seen him do that before" Mei looked serious now as she turned off the film and looked at the two before her.


Omoi and Karui were watching the movie it was their first date.

Samui watched with a stoic expression as she too watched the movie. She was thinking of the man that starred in it.

"Uzumaki Naruto" Samui recorded that name in her head when A, F, B and the others arrive and saw familiar red head on the screen.

"F-kun is that the guy that cut off your arm?" Bee rapped which got everybody attention.

"That teme I going kill him" F shouted as his lighting armour started surrounding him.

"Please calm down he not here F-kun" his wife said as the red head look at her husband then the screen when a blush came across her face "Can't believe I was riding the guy that cut my husband arm off. I should hate you, but I can't I want to ride you again and again Super-kun." as blood started to drip out of her nose which she quickly wide off, no one saw it expect Mabui.

"So that the guy that she ridded like there was no tomorrow. I see you have another reason to kill Naruto-kun F-sama" Mabui "Wait where did that Kun come from I never met him before but damn he's hot" with a blush on her face then suddenly she heard.

Lighting Claw

They saw A destroying the screen "That teme stole my Jutsu"


"How my god he's so hot I want him" The girls scream when Kuku and Ōnoki bursting the door down.

"Why are you girls screaming?" Kuku yelled

"Because of that sexy demi god" Kurotsuchi replied. She has short, black hair and pupil-less, pink eyes accentuated by her eyelashes running upwards at the corners. She wears the standard attire of the Iwa-nin consisting of a red uniform with her right sleeve missing and a lapel over her right leg, fishnet tights and a skirt over them and a wears regular shinobi sandals and a pair of gloves.

"My future husband" Suzumebachi said. She has shoulder-length brown hair with a single lock falling into her face, and steel-grey eyes with orange marking in the corner. She was a purple kimono dress with red trimmings, a yellow sash around her waist and thigh-length stockings that merged into her sandals.

"B-but you are supposed to be my wife" Kuku replied with anger.

"I'll be your wife when you finally beat my future husband" Suzumebachi replied as she points at the TV.

"I unbeatable no one has ever bea… you dear choose that teme over me" Kuku shouted when he saw the Red head that kick his ass "Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu" as a cube appeared over the TV turn it into dust Particles.

"You teme you destroy my TV" Suzumebachi Shouted and started kicking the shit out of Kuku.

"Who was that on the TV Kurotsuchi-chan?" Ōnoki asked

"My future lover The super Nova" Kurotsuchi Replied with heart in her eyes.

"THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN" Ōnoki shouted as he was about to walk and a crack sound was heard. "MY BACK" was heard throughout the village.


Temari was locked in her room watching Naruto kicking ass when she heard a knock.

"Temari quit hogging the movie I want to watch it too" Her brother yelled.

"Why should I" Temari replied

"Because I'm the one who brought it you bitch" he whispered the last part suddenly the door burst open and the wrapped around him and Temari appeared.

"What did you call me?" Temari asked with an evil look in her eyes.

"Please don't destroy crow anything but crow" he pleaded as he held on to crow for dear life but it was on deaf ear.

"Sand Release: Ball Funeral" a girls scream was heard throughout the village.

2 weeks later

Naruto and Rin

They were coming from there date when they sense somebody suddenly Naruto push her to the wall and start kissing her as she wraps her legs around him.

"Your ex is watching us" Naruto whispers as he kisses her neck.

"I know" Rin replied as he continued kissing him.

"Let's teach him a lesson" Naruto said.

"I have an idea" Rin replied as whispered into Naruto's ear.

With Kakashi

"Naruto I know you are controlling her I just have find a way to free her" Kakashi thought as he watches Naruto and Rin making out.

Suddenly he saw Rin ripping Naruto's clothes off.

"Naruto I can't wait any longer I need you in me now" Rin shouted as Naruto ripped her clothes off and started massaging her breast, Rin Started to moan.

"I can't take this anymore she MINE" Kakashi said as he charges at them with a Chidori he was so fast that Naruto didn't have time to dodge the attack and it when through his chest killing him.

"Finally I avenge you sensei" Kakashi shouted.

"Kak-kun I'm finally free from that demon control" Rin said as she tackle him to the ground as started kissing him.

"Yes you are" Kakashi replied

"Take me now Kak-kun" Rin said as she started taking off her clothes then she stops.

"What's the problem Rin-chan?" Kakashi asked

"I can't believe you are a Jounin" Rin replied

"What are you tal..." Then he saw it. "A Genjutsu Kai" as the Jutsu release. Kakashi was about to reveal his Sharingan but Naruto was in front of him with his M.S activated.

"Hello one eye" Naruto said "You will invite all the villages' women for a …..

Uzumaki compound

"Take off your clothes," Rin said, and Naruto quickly complied. After taking off his clothes, Naruto was left only in his black undershirt and boxers.

Rin smiled at him and gripped the top of his boxers. She pulled down and stared in amazement at the large piece of meat just several centimetres from her face. She doubted she could take all of it in her mouth, but she really wanted to taste such a delicious looking cock. She licked the tip of his member and relished in the taste of his pre-cum.

"Ah! That feels so good, Rin-chan!" Naruto struggled to keep his hips from bucking into her mouth. Rin continued to lick only the head, deliberately teasing him and enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. After a few minutes of agonizing teasing, Rin stopped licking and engulfed his thick, bulbous cockhead into her mouth. Naruto threw his head back at the pleasurable sensation and fought not to cum there and then.

Rin sucked on the head of his cock and slowly started to rub the length of his erect shaft with her hand. With her other hand, Rin caressed his big balls. She bounced them up and down in her hands as she sucked and rubbed his rock hard penis. Her arousing ministrations caused a large spurt of pre-cum to shoot out of Naruto's cock and into her mouth. Rin moaned at the delicious taste of his pre-cum, sending vibrations over his cockhead. Naruto groaned at the amazing feeling and ran his hands through her long, brown hair. It felt so good that Naruto didn't think he could last much longer.

"Rin-chan…more, please," He asked, and she was happy to comply. She took in four more inches of his thick rod, causing her mouth to stretch considerably. Her tongue slid underneath his shaft and she felt another blob of pre-cum blast into her mouth. She could feel his erection throb furiously and she knew he wouldn't last much longer. She pulled back until only the head was in her mouth and sucked on it while both her hands jerked his shaft off at a blinding speed. The saliva covering his shaft made it easier to move her hands up and down.

Naruto bucked his hips into her mouth involuntarily. He couldn't hold it any longer, he was going to cum.

"Rin-chan, I'm going to…" That was all he could say before he exploded inside of her mouth. Rin struggled to swallow the thick, creamy liquid as it came out. Some spilled out of the corners of her mouth as more continued to shoot out. Finally, the last drops of cum drizzled into her mouth and Naruto's legs felt like jelly due to the sheer power of his orgasm. Once he stopped Cumming, Rin slowly pulled the still throbbing cock out of her mouth, making sure to lick it clean. His cum tasted surprisingly sweet and she wanted to savour such a delicious flavour. She looked up at him with a smile.

"How was that, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto smiled back at her

"That was amazing, Rin -chan. You nearly sucked me dry!" He said and she giggled.

"You know, that was the first time I've ever done something like…I didn't know if I would be good," She said shyly.

Naruto's eyes widened.

"So…you've never did that for…?"

"No" Rin replied.

Naruto kisses when she pulled back her teeth holding his bottom lip gently while her hands fall from his hair and land on his stomach she groaned lightly and pushed him back into a laying position

Naruto's hands trailed her form some more before settling at her neck were he began to untie her clothes revealing her breasts to him making his dick throb in his pants while his eyes roamed the newly exposed skin before him

"See something you like Naruto-kun?" Rin asked seductively

Naruto smiled and nodded "your breasts are amazing…" he said his hands landing on the orbs before him and squeezing lightly his finger's sinking into the soft skin before he slid his fingers down to her nipples in a closing like motion before pulling both nipples lightly making her moan again and causing him to shudder from the sound.

'I really love that noise' he told himself once more

She grinned at him and licked her lips slowly before leaning down pulling her breasts from his grip and standing letting the dress fall to the ground around her ankles revealing that she was only a sexy black panty. He then leaned down slowly and kissed her his tongue snaking into her mouth and fighting with hers a battle she lost quickly submitting to him for the moment while he took time to explore her mouth

His hands slid down her body one hand stopping to play with her breast while the other continued between her legs and began to slowly rub her pussy through the panties making her moan into the kiss lightly when his finger passed her slightly exposed clitoris

He grinned he got the reaction he wanted before breaking the kiss a small line of saliva attaching them before he leaned in and kissed her chastely this time making her shiver slightly he leaned down and kissed the side of her mouth then her neck slowly trailing the kisses across it to her collar bone and then her chest both his hands resting firmly on her hips while his kisses made their way to her chest were he stopped and licked one of her nipples before enveloping it in his mouth and sucking it gently making her moan again and arch her back slightly her arms going around his head and holding it in place

He loved the feeling it was giving him knowing what he was doing was making her feel good he brought his mouth closer to her nipple closing it slowly until his teeth rested on it before rolling it between them slightly and letting his tongue dart out and go over the hardened nub

She moaned again and clutched him tighter to her chest his hands slowly trailing from her hips to her stomach and up while his mouth detached from her breast and went to the other his saliva covered the exposed nipple making the air give it a cool chill and making her shiver again before moaning lightly as his mouth enveloped the other nipple and gave it the same treatment the same time as his hand grabbed the now exposed breast and started playing with it groping it slightly before letting his fingers grab the nipple and pull it slightly before rolling it between his finger and then sliding it back across her abdomen to her hip were it took up its previous spot

He pulled away from her breast before planting a kiss below her nipple and continuing his downward journey across her abdomen slowly until he reached her navel and kissed around it missing the four piercings by inches and continuing downward until he reached her panty clad pussy

He smiled a small smile a true smile at what he was about to do he hooked his fingers into the hem of her black panties and pulled them down slowly past her hips and off of her completely tossing them to the side he placed both hands on her thighs softly and pushed them apart she didn't resist him at all and he loved the feeling it sent through him like electricity coursing through his bloodstream

He picked up the pace and put one of his hands at her pussy's entrance letting his finger slide into her and starts pumping slowly, he could feel the pressure increase and up every few moments and he knew it was coming this time and it was going to be better than the last

He added a second finger and started pumping them faster while his teeth pulled her clit lightly and he hummed again making her clench around him and say "c-cumming!" he smiled as his face got more of her juices sprayed on it this time in a larger quantity

A few moments later the pressure was gone and he pulled his head back slightly before licking her thighs cleaning her juices up slowly then to her pussy and cleaning there to

He slowly leant up and climbed on top of her she was panting heavily with one hand on her stomach while the other was on her breast fondling it randomly

He leaned down slowly and kissed her again making her wrap one of her arms around him and returns it instantly she could taste herself on his lips and it excited her more than she was before a soft moan escaped her lips while he groaned lightly in response making her smile against his lips

he began to move his hips slowly….pulling out at first and the sensations that flowed through him were absolutely delicious and as soon as he was nearly out, he pushed back in…making Rin moan out loudly as he began to pick up the pace and slowly pushed in and out of Rin's wet and throbbing pussy and Rin was also enjoying the pleasure and sensations that were flooding her body at this moment and time.

"That's it….faster Naruto-kun! Harder! Deeper"

"Rin-Chan You feels so hot, tight….oh kami!"

The two lovers were enjoying the pleasure and bliss that was filling their bodies at the moment as Naruto began to pick up the pace, Naruto's actions were quick to affect Rin as her pleasure centres were now being touched in very powerful and delicious ways at this moment and Rin was more than willing to reveal how much she was enjoying the sensations as Naruto continued to move his cock in and out of her hot, willing, wet, tight and soft vagina.

"Oh yes….right there Naruto-kun! This is glorious!"

Rin was further pleasured by Naruto as he once more licked and sucked on her, soft, firm, and well-formed breasts and the nipples, increase the pleasure being felt by Rin, she came fast and hard….and Naruto came at the very same time…making both lovers scream out in absolute bliss.


"Rin -CHAN!"

Rin couldn't help but feel her body being filled to the brim as she felt Naruto's hot, and thick cum fill her vagina right to the limit….it was something she had not felt in quite a very long time and she was very much in joy for it as she felt Naruto's cum fill the areas of her body and made her feel more alive than she had ever been at this moment and time and it was good to her. She held Naruto tightly as she felt more of his cum fill her and her orgasm was almost over as the pleasure flooded her very senses and she wanted to remember this down to the very core of both her soul and her bones.

"You….were so good….Naruto-kun…

10 minutes later

They were awoken by the screaming of ladies, when they look outside they saw a huge fire near Kakashi's house.

"So it finally began" Rin said

"Yeah I going to check it out you want to come?" Naruto asked

"I wish I could but because somebody" Rin glared at Naruto who had a smirk on her face "I'm too soar to walk"

"I'll video tape it for you" Naruto said as he kisses her and exit the compound

On the street

Naruto was passing Sakura's house when he heard some voices.

"Suck my breasts Sasuke-kun" Sakura shouted

"Huh Sakura-chan where are they?" Sasuke asked

"They are right in front of you" Sakura replied

"I don't see them" Sasuke said

"Sasuke-kun you are not wearing the special magnifying glass that I made for you" Sakura replied as Sasuke put them on.

"Now I see them" Sasuke replied

"Now suck them, rub them" Sakura shouted as Sasuke started to work his magic as Sakura scream on top of her lungs.

"Now it my turn to please you" Sakura said as took off his pants when she spotted something.

"Huh, Sasuke-kun what's that coming out of your ass?" Sakura asked

"Shit I forgot to take the stick out" replied an embarrass Sasuke.

Outside Naruto was on the floor laughing.

"I always knew he had a stick shove up his ass" Naruto before he jumps away and head towards the fire. As he got closer, he saw a crying Jiraiya, Kakashi was in a Gai jump suit with Gai and Lee around shouted about youthful Kakashi was.

"Why Kakashi why, you destroyed my precious work of art" Jiraiya said with tears in his eyes.

"Sorry Jiraiya-sama but I'm giving up my pervy way" Kakashi said with his entire collection of porn in 10 scrolls.

"Why?" Jiraiya asked

"I'm becoming a monk" Kakashi said as he releases his scrolls and entire collection was reveal it fill up the property.

"Kakashi are you ready?" Hitomi asked

"Yes I'm ready" Kakashi said then he turned to the rest of the women (the entire female population) "and thanks again for your help"

"We are happy to help" They all shouted.

"Mikoto-sama I don't think the fire this big enough, can you help me?" Kakashi asked

"Sure Fire Release: Descending Dragon" Mikoto shouted as a huge fire dragon descending from the sky crashed down to the earth making the flames bigger and brighter.

"Mom/Miko-chan isn't that a little too much?" Anika/Hannah asked

"Not for this occasion" Mikoto said with a smile on her face as Kushina, Yoshino and Hitomi agreed with her as the girls sweat dropped.

"Now charge" Kushina shouted as all started taken up all of Kakashi's porn material.

"Kakashi stop them they are destroying your babies" Jiraiya shouted but Kakashi wasn't listen he just ran pass him with Icha Icha first edition in his hands towards the fire.

"NO!" Jiraiya shouted as he chase after Kakashi but cut off when somebody hit him on the back of his head, and fell to the ground.

"Get out of my way you perv" Yoshino shouted with a large pan in her hands then stepped on him as did the rest of them.

As all of Kakashi's collection was in the fire burning they all started to celebrate while Naruto was filming the entire thing.

Next morning

Kakashi woke up when he heard some talking.

"We have shave off all the hair on brother body now it time to cut off his penis" Said a monk Kakashi eyes shoot open when he heard the cut off and penis.

"Like hell you are" Kakashi shouted as jump out of the chair.

"But brother if you want to become a monk you have to take away all temptation" the monk replied

"You never touch Minato" Kakashi shouted as he ran out of the temple.

On the street the people began to laugh after the new bald head Kakashi who covered his shame with his monk clothes. Kakashi arrive home to see a giant black mark on his compound.

"What the hell happen last night?" Kakashi asked himself as he walked into his house to see a crying Jiraiya

"Kakashi how could you?" Jiraiya asked

"How could I what?" Kakashi asked

"You destroying our sacred book" Jiraiya yelled as he started choking Kakashi.

"How dear you, I would never destroying one of those books" Kakashi said as he escaped from Jiraiya grip and started searching for the Holy Grail.

"Yes you did" Jiraiya shouted as he threw a DVD at him.

"What the hell is this?" Kakashi asked as he looks at the title Kakashi gone wild

"Just watch it" Jiraiya replied, Few second later.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo!

A week later

Naruto wakes up to fine himself strap to a chair as he look up he saw two masked men standing before him.

"Why did you to bring me here? I didn't do anything to you. LET ME GO!" Naruto pleaded with the two men.

"Shut it boy and stop the acting" Danzo said as he sat in his chair drinking his coffee.

"Old one eyes, how's your feet" Naruto said with a smirk on his face suddenly he was hit across his face with a Cane.

"Damn he's fast for an old man" Naruto

"you will pay for that you brat" Danzo replied "First someone else would like her revenge" when Naruto tackle to the ground as he claw hand wrap around his neck and started squeezing it.

"Don't kill him Tsume" Danzo said "We have to experiment on him first" as she left the room

"How are you controlling her?" Naruto asked

"It was simple I use a Yamanaka to enter her mind and block the memory of what happen with that Fu girl and modify some memories to make it look like she was always way my hidden Agent it would have been harder but because the state she was in it was easy" Danzo Replied

"You monster" Naruto yelled

"Thanks for the complement" Danzo replied as he signals the men to start when suddenly the men felt to the ground dead then he realize what was happening.

"I'm really old, KAI" Danzo shouted

"Too late" Naruto shouted as Danzo head felt to the ground.

"That was easy" Naruto said when suddenly he dodges a Wind Vacuum.

"What the hell didn't I just kill him; yes I know I did my Sharingan on so I know it wasn't a Genjutsu"

"Kurumu what happen I know I killed him?" Naruto

"Izanagi" Kurumu replied

"But the Sharingan in his eyes hasn't close, I can still sense it" Naruto said

"Don't you remember what Rena said" Kurumu replied

Flash back

"Naruto while I was there I heard a rumour that Danzo have Sharingans all over his body" Rena said

What is he hiding behind his bandage eye?" Naruto asked

"A Sharingan too but I heard it came from a very important Uchiha and it has a powerful ability that stops you in your tracks" Rena replied

Flash back end

"Danzo why don't take you take that bandages off and show me what you are hiding" Naruto said with a smirk on his face.

"So that bitch had that much information on me" Danzo said calmly as started un wrapping his eye revealing his Sharingan "it doesn't matter what you know because with this technique everything freezes" as his eye transform into MS.

"So that bitch had that much information on me" Danzo said calmly as started un wrapping his eye revealing his Sharingan "it doesn't matter what you know because with this technique everything freezes" as his eye transform into MS.

"Insutanto no touketsu (Instant Freeze)" was all Naruto heard before his body froze he could not move.

"I have heard of that Jutsu before but where then it hit him" Naruto "You teme you are the one who stole his eyes, no wonder Miko-chan couldn't find it she thought Itachi had stolen it"

"So you know of this eye too I wonder what else you know" Danzo said as he created a Shadow Clone to put a Charka suppression seal on him.

Kimiko get in here" Danzo shouted suddenly long blonde hair Anbu in a wolf mask.

"Yes Danzo-sama" she said in an emotionless voice

"I want you to extract the whereabouts of the Uzumaki Temple and it secrets" Danzo said not taken his eyes off Naruto.

"Can't do that sir" She replied

"You dare disobey a direct order" Danzo shouted as his clone pulls out Danzo's hidden sword ready to stab when the real Danzo started coughing up blood.

"So my blood finally taken an effect" Naruto said

"When did you…." Then it hit him he had gotten his coffee from wolf "So were controlling her"

"Bingo now wrap up that eye or you won't get the antidote" Naruto said as Danzo wrapped back up his eyes as Naruto started feel his body again as he remove the seal.

"Danzo I can't let you keep that eye" Naruto said as he walk closer to him when suddenly Wood blast from the forcing Naruto to jump away then an army of root soldier appeared.

"Ku ku Cough it seems the tide as turn again Cough capture him" Danzo said

"That what you think Nova Release Nova Arrows" Naruto said

"Wood Dome" said an Anbu as the dome covers them up.

Wind Release: Vacuum Blade" Danzo shouted as the blade heads towards Naruto who dodges them.

"Earth Release Rising Dragon" Naruto said as a dragon rises from the ground underneath Danzo and a root but Danzo and some of them escape in time as the dragon slams them into the ceiling causing the hold place to shake.

"We have to get him out of here before he destroy my base and research" Danzo as he cough up some more blood as he saw Naruto running through some more seals

"Nova Release Super Nova" Naruto as the small ball appeared.

"Stop or you will destroy the Academy" Danzo said then a smile appeared on his face when he saw the ball disappearing.

"Gatsūga" Tsume shouted from behind Naruto who dodges and a kick to her face sends her crashing into the wall.

"Can't afford to battle right because the base is located on the academy" Naruto "Danzo we will meet again Banshō Ten'in" as Tsume and Wolf was pulled towards him as they all vanish in a red flash.

"Quick get the experimental formulate from Rena blood now" Danzo shouted as he started throwing up more blood.

Hokage Office

Naruto arrive into office in front of Tsunade.

"How did it go Naruto-kun?" Tsunade asked as Naruto told her what happen. Tsunade called Hana to see her mom as Naruto told Wolf to fix Tsume. After Tsume was fix she tried to tell them something but it wouldn't come out then Naruto saw a seal on her tongue and told Tsunade about the Danzo mark and told her the only way to get rid of it was to kill Danzo.

After Tsume when home

"Why didn't you add more poison to his coffee Naruto-kun?" Tsunade asked

"If I had put enough to kill him he would have smell it" Naruto replied

A week later

Hokage Office

The door open to Tsunade's office, Sakura expected to find the Hokage either sleeping or indulging in one of her 'secret' stashes of sake. What Sakura found was not exactly expected; sitting behind the Hokage's desk was Naruto, leaning back in the chair, arms crossed behind his head with his eyes closed. Slightly confused, and more than a little annoyed at Tsunade's absence, she addressed Naruto.

"Naruto, where's Tsunade-sama?" She asked.

"Huh? Sakura you say something," Naruto replied with his eyes still closed as a tick mark appeared on Sakura's forehead.

"Will you stop that and tell me where she is" Sakura yelled

"Fine but first tell me what you want with her?" Naruto asked

"It's private" She yelled

"Then me telling you where Tsunade-sama is, is also private" Naruto replied

"Fine I want to be her apprentice" Sakura said know that it was the only way to find Tsunade.

"Tsunade-sama said she had to take care of something, and that she'd be back in a little bit, but she wanted me to wait here till she got back." He replied, his grin, if anything, got even wider.

"Fine I will wait for her here" Sakura said

"No you can't Tsunade is doing something in here that she does want anybody but me to see" Naruto replied.

"Fine I'm be back in two hours" Sakura said as she walks out of the room, Tsunade decided to swallow 3 more inches of him in one gulp. Groaning at the sudden feeling of being encased in her tight throat, Naruto hoped Sakura wouldn't take notice. Luckily she didn't.

"I must be imagining things" Sakura and continue on her way.

Sitting underneath the desk between Naruto's spread thighs was the absent Hokage, her mouth stretched wide as she gently sucked his had surprise him when she called him into her office for some mundane reason, as soon as Naruto had closed the door to her office Tsunade had jumped him, threw him onto her chair, freed his dick from its confines, and proceeded to try and suck his nuts off through his pole. She had been at it for over half an hour before Sakura had come in.

Naruto reached down and grabbed Tsunade's head in both hands.

"If I didn't know better, I think you wanted Sakura to catch us." Naruto swore, despite her lips being stretched tight around his cock, Tsunade grinned at him in response. Naruto used his hold on her head to cram his dick down her throat. He proceeded to use his hold on her to head to bob her head up and down his throbbing dick. Tsunade proved her skills at deep throating by not once gagging on the massive dick. As he forced her head down his cock, Tsunade grabbed a hold of his hips to keep him in place and kept his prick completely encased in her throat before she proceeded to swallow upon it as hard and fast as she could.

"Now I want you in me" Tsunade said as she comes from under the desk.

3 hours later

"Are you here Tsunade-sama?" Sakura asked

"I'm here Sakura what do you want" Tsunade replied when Sakura begun to cry.

"Please take me as you apprentice Tsunade-sama" Sakura said as she got done to her knees.

2 days later

With permission from the Hokage, Kushina had been authorized to take Naruto on a training trip.

Jiraiya tried to put up a case that he should be the one to take Naruto to teach him how to control Kurumu power, but Kushina had a better argument she was a demon container and only another demon container can teacher control. That quickly shut Jiraiya up he had forgot that small problem.

"You ready to go guys?" Kushina called from gate.

"Hai" Shizune replied

"Yes I am" Naruto replied as he was getting kisses from his lovers.

"Rena, Ayame, Rin and Yugao, you are in charge of the Uzumaki affairs until we return" Kushina said.

They were about to jump away when four Ninja jump by them it Kakashi, Asuma, Sasuke and Jiraiya.

"They are taking the teme on a trip too" Naruto said then looked at Mikoto "Did you know about this"

"No Sasuke doesn't tell me anything anymore, beside even if I knew I couldn't stop him" Mikoto replied with a tear in her eyes as Naruto up to her a wipe it off.

"Don't worry about he will come around" Naruto said as he kisses her.

"Naruto-kun lets go" Kushina said as she and Naruto jump away when Yugao appeared before him.

"Naruto-kun I forgot to give this to you" Yugao said as she handed him a letter before she vanishes as Naruto read the letter.

"I never expect to be invite to that place after what I did" Naruto

"Ruto-kun what is the letter about?" Shizune asked

"I have been invited to a banquet at Mount Thunder" Naruto replied

"Who invited you?" Kushina asked

"Somebody named M" Naruto replied

"Are you going?" Kushina asked

"I don't know" Naruto replied

10 minutes later

"Where are we heading first Kushina-chan?" Naruto asked

"The Uzumaki Temple" Kushina replied

3 days later


Naruto and Kushina were standing in front of the gate talking to the guards as they handed over their paper work.

"Everything seems to be in order Welcome to the village hidden in the mist" the nameless guard said.

As the gate open Naruto was tackle to the ground by a white hair and a black hair person as he looks up he recognize them.

"When did you join the Mist village? Naruto asked.


Konoha ROOT Hidden Base

"Danzo-sama I would like to be you apprentice" A figure said

"How will training you help me?" Danzo asked

"Because of this" The figure replied as it handed Danzo a letter.

"Fine" Danzo replied then he snaps his fingers.

She was, for lack of a better word, surprised when the Root Operatives handcuffed her to an operating table.

"Sorry, but we don't know if pain killers will affect the operation, so you're going to have to deal without." One of them said

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked with wide eyes. She felt much more frightened than she let on.

"What are you going to do to me?" she repeated with a very noticeable waver to her voice.

That's when one of them pulled out a scalpel.

"You are getting your wish." Danzo said as the man brought the knife down and began cutting a surgical line from just below her belly button up to the top of her ribs. Before she could even gasp in pain and surprise or lose consciousness.

3 hours later

Now they just needed to see if she'd survive the recovery process.


The End









legendary bloodlines








Jay3000: this is the final chapter of season1. I have to admit that when I started writing this story I never thought it would have been this popular so I thank all of my readers, visitors, reviewers and my Beta for Duanemaster all the help in making my story successful.


On to other business season 2 won't be out for a while because I writing legendary bloodline Naruto of the mist it is two chapters story showing Naruto 2 year training so check out.

Jutsu list

Jay3000: insutanto no touketsu (Instant Freeze) an ability of a mysterious Uchiha eyes that was stolen by Danzothe ability to freeze your opponent in his track for as long as your charka last and they can't do anything.

Weakness: you have to make constant eye contact with that person for the jutsu to work.

Naruto`s bloodline

Rinnegan from his mother family

Senshin (absorption) from father

Charka Chain

Naruto's bloodline limits absorbed

Sharingan from Shisui Uchiha

BloodPoison Release (Oc)


Naruto`s weapons

The Destroyer (Oc) - it broad like zabuza's sword black blade with red strip going down it, it also about 5ft6 long

Ability (Oc) -has the power to destroy charka coil forever. But it cannot damage the human body physically just it charka but it can Touch other swords.

Flight of the Charka Dragon (Oc) - one of the most dangerous technique that used by Naruto once it cut any part of the body it destroy the charka network in that part of the body for every

The Red Death- the sword that look like hawk-eye sword but as a red blade

Ability- same as hawk-eye one in one piece