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Author's Note: Based on the line "I lost that kid in Baltimore."

That Kid In Baltimore

Tony stood alone in the apartment. The lights reflecting off the water puddles on the pavement and then watched as the rain made little trails making their way down the window. He often wondered what McGee thought of his pranks and McNicknames he gave him. He never told anyone that he had a partner before Danny. He had been there for a week when he had a brand new Probie. The kid was becoming a good cop, but he was still a little green and he thought he knew it all. A month later the kid got killed because he thought he knew better than Tony.

He teased Kate when she got there, but she wasn't a green probie. She was already a secret service agent and knew how to do her job. The only thing that she needed to do was help with Navy and Marine talk, but that was it. It wasn't her first job as a cop and he knew that she was a good agent already.

When McGee came to NCIS and was put on Gibbs's team he knew what he had to do. He had to make sure that that he try to make sure that he could smooth the rough edges off McGee. He had to make sure that McGee could take his teasing because there was other things out there that was much worse than he was. He had to make sure that McGee could make it out there by himself and stand up for himself. He was so green that he practically squeaked when they got him.

That was when he made up a plan. He would make variations of his name, he would play pranks on him and he would tease him. He knew that Gibbs didn't mind because he allowed me to do what he did to McGee. He was giving him his silent approval for super gluing his keyboard and the McNames.

He couldn't lose McGee because he was like a brother to him. He couldn't lose Abby, or Gibbs either. Abby was his little sister and Gibbs was like a father figure and the only father that cared for him. He loved his little family. They weren't family by blood, but that didn't mean they weren't family.

The End