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The world was old, and new discoveries had made the planet itself obsolete, meaning that the search for living conditions on other planets was prioritized. Life and resources that promised new hope for humanity had begun a conquest of other galaxies, now that new technology allowed people to travel that far. Many things had changed since Nick Duval was young. As soon as more advanced developments to science were made and scientists discovered how to change oxygen gas into fuel, technology was off to the races. In only a few years the iPad and entertainment systems like the 3DS became outdated, making way for more advanced equipment. Paper and hard back novels were difficult to locate and very expensive. The last ones in existence were either in prestigious collections of wealthy and important power holders, or in museums behind glass. Human labor was replaced with sleek machines, as well as pets and other domestic animals. Wildlife mammals had died off due to the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide released from new biovehicles. Everything suffocated except plants, and the indigenous greenery thrived for a while before a hazy, chemical fog filled the air and poisoned plant life and the remaining animals. Nick never knew how much he'd miss the feeling of grass between his toes, or being able to go outside without an oxygen mask.

The American government quickly seized control of all major trade industries and became self sufficient. They no longer needed fossil fuels and switched to oxygen fuel, solar, hydroelectric, and wind power. While other countries scrambled for nonrenewable resources, The United States efficiently crushed other countries and they rapidly took control of the globe, uniting everyone under one democratic government. Of course, having such a large government meant that there were the underdogs that reverted to totalitarian ways to silence uprisings of those opposed to the way things were going. Besides the few terrorist groups (which couldn't really be called terrorists since everybody was the same now), people learned to live harmoniously and overall, it was steady and a positive change. There was no warfare after The Homosexual's Revolution, or the HR, and although it had ended up tragically, the world was at peace.

Nick had graduated top of his class cum laude at Dalton only two years before everything went haywire and mankind destroyed the fertile Earth. As successful as he was, Nick wasn't happy, and he wished he could go back to the time where things were normal. He wished he could go back to his friends; to fight alongside them. The HR had split Nick from his companions and it shouldn't have. Unexpectedly, the war was not between other countries for resources, but for homosexuals all around the world who were fighting for equality. His fellow Warblers fought relentlessly, always in a raid or some political march to gain their equal rights, even though Wes and David were straight. Nick had opted to go neutral and stay out of the fighting all together even though his heart had urged him to fight for what he believed in. That decision had severed him from the only people in his life he could depend on, and when Trent and Thad ended up slaughtered, David mutilated, and Blaine M.I.A, Nick knew he made the worst choice of his life and regretted it every day. Soon after Thad's death, Nick had come out and told his former companions that he was gay and had known it since before they graduated; he was just really scared. Soon afterwards came David's assassination. He held a powerful spot in office and was one of the few who was urging the government to give some power to the LGBT organizations. Of course he would be killed and he knew it. Nick saw Blaine and Wes at his funeral. Few words were said between them and everything was still strained, but Nick could see that Blaine was trying to forgive him. Blaine always tried.

That was the last time anyone heard from the youngest Anderson.

Nick was granted the opportunity to follow his road in the science and technology field and work with genetically engineered human beings who were created to model and lead the expansion of the human empire. Nick accepted the job and was shown to their first creation, who he would be working with: Specimen E1000.

Jeff Sterling.

His creation was brought about around 20 years ago in secret, the US government having big plans for the boy suspended in oxygen enriched fluid and wires slipping through his body everywhere. As soon as technology allowed it, scientists tapped into Jeff's subconscious in attempt to teach him important skills that he would need in order to lead the world to success. He had been paired with the same, young scientist since the boy was 10. Nick was only 13.

Through the same process, they created more humans and began teaching them from earlier ages. Specimen E1001 was a girl created two years after Jeff and she was given the name Jessica. She was more active that Jeff, occasionally kicking the tube she was contained in when she developed motor skills. Next was another boy a year afterwards. He was Specimen E1002 and was assigned the name Jeremy. At first, the specialists who engineered him thought he may have been dysfunctional since he didn't develop as quickly as Jeff and Jessica, so they quickly made him a replacement half a year later (Specimen E1003, named Justin) before they were able to tap into Jeremy's subconscious and saw his mind moving faster than his other two siblings. Instead of disposing of expensive and precious research material, they kept Justin and simply added him to the Sterling family. When two more years had passed and the scientist could truly engineer the "perfect" human being, they didn't hesitate to create Jack, Specimen E1004, who was the pinnacle of bioengineering success and held the title for his 14 years of life. Eleven years after Jack's creation, Nick was hired as one of the doctors assigned to the Sterling children. Two years later, the HR had ended with total extermination of all known and suspected homosexuals. A law had been passed that anyone suspected of romantic inclinations towards anyone of the same sex was to be extinguished. The killing of gays had become legal and Nick was terrified and ashamed to claim to be part of this society.

At work there was a woman who was assigned as the head scientist for Jessica. She was the one who was designated with teaching the second oldest Sterling through the brain waves of her subconscious. More than once when she thought she was alone, Nick would find her putting gentle kisses against the blonde's glass container. Jessica would fidget and the older woman would stop. Nick would see a tear in her eyes that would occasionally threaten to spill over her cheeks on occasion while she caressed the smooth glass. She was homosexual, and had feelings for Jessica. Nick had never been so thankful that Santana Lopez, the head scientist, was a lesbian. He knew she would teach the Sterling child acceptance and when Jessica would be released to lead the world, things would change. He would catch her in the hallways and she would scowl at him, like she did all the underlings. She would only give a tight smile to the head scientist of each specimen, Emma Pillsbury-Shuester, and Alexander Sterling; the last two being the donors of the Sterling genetics and heads of the entire operation.

One day, when all the specialists had gone to the cafeteria for dinner, Nick stuck around in the lab. He wasn't allowed to attach himself to Jeff, the Sterling he assisted in managing. Only Sebastian Smythe, their head scientist, could make the mental connection to the boy. Nick's curiosity, however, got the better of him and after double checking to make sure no one was around, he mimicked the same procedures he watched Sebastian and his helpers go through again and again and linked their subconscious into one thought stream.

What he saw terrified him.

The dark abyss that surrounded them was cold and suffocating. He could see absolutely nothing all around them, except for the blindingly blonde head of hair that belonged to the pale Sterling. Jeff was sitting on his knees, slumped into such a beaten position. When he looked up at Nick with those blank eyes, the brunette felt his stomach churn. Those brown eyes were so terrified, but when Nick wasn't recognized, Jeff whimpered and babbled, not forming coherent words. Nick was surprised. He knew from working here that on the occasion of a head scientist being out, the person right below them in position could attach themselves to their respective child and there were never problems. The Sterling children knew from their head scientists that they might meat new people, and knew the staff by name and face in case the situation ever arose. He was also astounded at the fact that Jeff couldn't even form an understandable sentence. They were the same age and the blonde had no idea how to speak. The only sounds that made sense were the ones forming the word "Sebastian" over and over again. He cried and limpid tears spilled over his face as he kept calling "Sebastian, Sebastian".

Suddenly everything and nothing made sense but before Nick could scoop Jeff up into his arms and console him, the scientist was ripped from the throws of their linked subconscious and was staring at an angry Santana. Nick gulped.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she snapped.

Nick's mind stopped. He was caught. He could be fired for his offense, or killed for toying with the future leader of their civilization. He sputtered and words that he never believed he would say sputtered from his lips.

"Y-you love Jessica."

The expression that crossed Santana's face was a mix of confusion, surprise, and disgust, but the one showed the most was fear. The Latina stumbled away from Nick and he knew his assumption was correct. He stood and took a leap of faith. He opened Pandora's Box and now there was no turning back.

"It's okay! It's okay Dr. Lopez, I-I'm gay too."

Santana's eyes widened and for a moment, Nick regretted his decision. Santana could easily kill him now that she had reason to. But she surprised Nick with a hug and a huge sigh. Confused, Nick hesitantly wrapped his arms around the girl. Somewhere in his mind, he was patting himself on the back for getting the Latina warmed up to him. She whispered into his ear with bite.

"Lookie here, lady face. You may know my secret and might be gay too, but we aren't buddy-buddy. You are, however, going to be my beard, and I'll be yours, comprende?"

Now Nick knew why she had hugged him. He groaned but couldn't help but feel grateful.

"Yeah, yeah," he muttered as they broke apart. Santana jabbed her finger at Jeff.

"So I'm guessing you have your eyes set on E1000?" Nick growled and responded with a gruff "He has a name!"

He hated when the Sterlings were just treated like objects. Especially now after seeing how broken Jeff was. Santana seemed to catch his hostility and held her hands up.

"Alright, cool down, fairy boy. Glad to see you do care." She dropped her hands by her side and Nick blushed in embarrassment. He had just growled at his superior. "So did you say anything to him?" Nick bit his lip at her question.

"H-he can't talk," he muttered. Santana looked as if she had been slapped.

"Excuse me?"

"He can't talk," Nick repeated. He knew how seriously the other took her job, and if that meant someone else wasn't pulling their weight, then all hell would break loose.

"He's 20 years old and Sebastian's been teaching him since he was 10, how is he not able to talk?" she asked aghast. She had her hands on her hips and her eyes were narrowed dangerously at the young man. Nick shrugged under her gaze and they heard voices of their coworkers as they began to file in after dinner. They all boarded and ate on the site so that they were always available. Santana huffed and patted Nick's cheek.

"I'll ask Jessica to see what's going on with Jeff," she mumbled before starting to walk back to her post in front of the second tube.

"You can do that?" Nick asked, trailing her a bit so that their conversation would stay as confidential as possible. She gave him a blank expression.

"You didn't know that the Sterlings are all connected by thought? That's why I was surprised to hear you say Jeff couldn't talk. He certainly thinks in a wordy way," she pursed her lips and lowered her voice. "Even if all he seems to think about food, warm beds, and being hugged." Nick winced. He remembered how cold and empty Jeff's thoughts were. Whatever Sebastian was doing, it was proving detrimental to the oldest blonde.

"Santana, does it ever feel…cold? When you connect to her, I mean?"

The tanned woman scowled. "No. It's always spring in Jessica's mind."

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