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"I kind of really miss june bugs."

Nick and Blaine sat on the loveseat in the living room, staring at the window overlooking some of the Washington D.C. street life. It was hot, which meant the going outside unless necessary was an absolute no-no. They didn't have much that they needed to do immediately so they were just sitting and staring out the window.

"Yeah, same. Even if they were super disgusting," Blaine added, wrinkling his nose. Nick grinned at him.

"Do you remember how Dalton used to get them real bad?"

Blaine laughed. "Yeah! And Thad would always try to catch them and David kept scolding him," he reminisced, staring out of the window at the bright green sunset. Damn smog...

Something in Nick's smile mellowed as he continued to stare with glassy eyes. "Yeah...good times."

Blaine, sensing the shift in the atmosphere, decided to stand up and see if he could steer Nick away from the recesses of his own mind.

"So how is everyone at work doing?" he asked as he walked into the kitchen to retrieve some ice cream.

Nick looked up at Blaine as he returned, and he wide grin reappeared. "It's fine. Elizabeth wanted to know if we'd be up to see Godspell on Broadway with her at the end of the week. She got some tickets from a friend she knows," Nick said, taking one of the spoons from the other male and digging into the ice cream.

"Sure," Blaine said, trying not to seem as excited as he actually was. "Not one of my favorites, but I'd go see it."

Nick rolled his eyes. "I'm sure you'd go watch paint dry if Elizabeth asked you too," he joked, snatching the tub of ice cream from Blaine. Said boy whined loudly and the two started to fight childishly over the ice cream tub.

"Hey! No fair! I got the ice cream out! You can't eat it all!" Blaine pouted as Nick started shoveling the icy treat into his mouth.

Nick groaned. "Fine," he said as he shoved the tub back at Blaine. Blaine made a celebratory noise as he fist pumped in victory and Nick decided he'd turn on the TV to see what was happening.

He was immediately greeted with some rerun of a live performance by pop sensation Tina. Her hair was still the trademark blue, but she was dressed in a soft green dress rather than her normal electric green and black attire. It must have had something to do with the storyline of the song she was singing. Nick never paid attention to the music media.

"Oh, I love Tina!" Blaine said excitedly as he watched the television. "This performance was from like two years ago though. Did you know she's signing a label with RT?"

"Really? I had no clue."

Nick actually favored RT a little. He wasn't into rap, but the guy would sing occasionally and it wouldn't be all synthesized like all the other songs on the radio.

"Yeah! Which is weird because the guy can be pretty heartless," Blaine filled, stuffing his face with ice cream. Nick's phone vibrated so he went to check it, knowing he wasn't going to get to choose what they were going to watch now.

"Hey, Elizabeth wants to come over for dinner tonight. Make something good," Nick said, snapping his phone shut after responding to it. Blaine was on his feet in seconds running around and trying to make himself and the house immaculate.

"Dude, calm down, she won't be here for a while, she's finishing up stuff at the office."

"Oh please," Blaine scoffed, "like you wouldn't be freaking out if Jeff was going to be coming over."

Nick's cheeks colored and that didn't go by unnoticed by Blaine who just smirked knowingly. "Yeah, but that's totally different and won't ever happen so shutup!"

"'Shutup' is the most lame thing to say when you can't think of anything," Blaine retorted.


Sebastian bobbed his head along to the music from his head phones as he worked to tidy up his house. He was having some company today and he didn't really want them to look at his dirty clothes. Of course, he knew Jake wouldn't care about the clothes, but it didn't hurt to want to keep a clean environment.

Jake Maloney was someone that Sebastian definitely hadn't seen himself getting deeply involved with, but, as Sebastian knew, life didn't work in the ways he expected. Jake was one of his regular "customers" if you may, and things had kind of spiraled from there. Of course, they never did anything now but the two would still hang out and share biting remarks and company. He had become distant since Sebastian found Blaine, and Jake wasn't one to be easily forgotten.

"Dude, it looks like a fucking tornado came through here."

Sebastian jumped at the voice and ripped the head phones from his ears.

"Jesus Christ! Maybe knocking would do you some good, Baloney!"

Jake rolled his eyes at Sebastian, mainly the nickname, as he let himself in the house. Sebastian was the only person who was allowed to call him that without getting himself injured.

"Whatever dude," he said, flopping onto the couch. "How's your butt-boy? Did you get the donuts?"

One of the couch pillows was tossed at Jake's face. "He's not my butt-boy he's my boyfriend, thank you, and he's fine." Jake gagged as he threw the pillow at Sebastian. "And I got you your dumb donuts."

Jake was willing to let the boyfriend topic go for the mention of his donuts, which was usually a happening that never happened. The two were kind of like best friends and would get off on an occasional fuck sometimes but that stopped after a while and the two tried to actually form some type of a normal friendship. And then Sebastian had to go and get himself a boyfriend... It was a thought worth shivering over. The duo only went for the one night stands. Fuck 'em and chuck 'em, bang 'em and hang 'em, whatever you'd like to say to get the notion across. When emotions were thrown into the mix everything got messy and complicated and dumb, and Sebastian seemed to be in deep with this guy.

Of course, he didn't seem so deep as to where Jake couldn't pull him out. But first...

"Do they have the chocolate and the rainbow sprinkles?" Jake asked impatiently. Sebastian jabbed his thumb over into the kitchen and Jake made a mad dash.

"You're a 7 year-old."

Jake moaned as he shoved one of the donuts into his mouth. "I fucking love these man!"

"Yeah, well," Sebastian started, flicking Jake on the head, "maybe if you didn't spend all your money on dope, you'd be able to get some for yourself." Jake flipped him the bird in response.

"Whatever bro. At least I'm still a free man. When's your marriage to this Blake kid anyway?"

"Blaine," the taller man corrected, sitting himself down at one of the bar stools. "And we aren't getting married. You know I'm not up for that shit no matter how much I think I like a guy." He swiped himself a donut and bit into it.

"I think Blake sounds a lot cooler. It rhymes with Jake," the other man said, brushing raven black bangs out of his eyes.

"Of course," Sebastian said, leaning back a bit.

The two settled into an easy silence for a while as they munched on donuts. This was usually how it went. Jake would come over, since he didn't really have a place to stay, it all depended on who his current love affair was at the time, and they'd make fun of each other, insult each other, and then sit in silence. Sometimes they'd smoke and that would lead to sloppy makeouts, music, dancing, and painting everything but the canvas. Those days weren't always so bad when they happened. If they decided to mix booze into the queue, then there was always a problem, but Sebastian had a good handle on staying sober since he was working at the WF2L.

Sebastian's phone ringing broke their silence. He got up to get it and furrowed his brow a bit at the contact.

"Hey babe, what's up?" he answered. Jake rolled his eyes and started picking the sprinkles off of his donuts.

"Hey, Sebastian. I, um, I need to talk to you."

"No, Tina."

"But Artie, come on."

"Stop, it. I'm not going to do it just because Mike is on board."


Artie sighed and plopped himself down in the wheelchair behind him. When he got out of it, he'd never thought he'd be sitting in another one again, but he guessed he was wrong. Those were some of the worst years of his life and he didn't want to remember them. However, Tina, and her big puppy dog eyes were always his kryptonite, even if they were genetically enhanced to be crimson red.

Mike fistpumped as Tina squealed and clapped her hands in delight.

Artie began singing as Mike took his stance from behind him.

You know you
You make me feel,
So good inside.
I always wanted a girl like you
Such a P.Y.T

Pretty, young thing

Mike started dancing as Artie wheeled himself along the floor of the large dance practice hall, the brunette's beautiful voice echoing throughout the room as he started singing.

Where did you come from, baby?
And, ooh, won't you take me there?
Right away, won't you, baby
Tendoroni you've got to be
Spark my nature
Sugar fly with me

Tina giggled as she watched the old performance, remembering back to older days when they were all just carefree high school kids. Mike began dancing around and in front of Artie and the wheelchaired boy had to remember that he was dancing with another, even though he wasn't really dancing. He tried to swallow around the lump in the back of his throat and continued singing.

Don't you know now
Is the perfect time?
We can make it right
Hit the city lights
Then tonight, ease the lovin' pain
Let me take you to the max

I want to love you (P.Y.T.)
Pretty, young thing

Mike sang the background vocals like he had been doing for ages and Tina couldn't help but groove a little bit to the beat as she fell into the easy rhythm of these two.

You need some lovin' (T.L.C.)
Tender love and care

"And I'll-" Artie abruptly cut off as his voice cracked and tears fell from his eyes.

"I can't do this," he said through gritted teeth as he stormed out of the dance hall, leaving Mike and Tina alone.

"Wait, Artie!" Mike called, running after him with the other Asian following him.

"Leave me alone!" the taller man yelled, walking into one of the dressing rooms and locking himself in.

Mike and Tina slowed and looked at each other solemnly.

They were just trying to help get their old friend back. Of course they were trying to stay on good terms with the cold and uncaring mask that Artie wore - RT - but the two would sometimes see flashes of the boy they once knew, who was forced to grow up to quick too fast and they were just trying to coax him to talk about all the things he was feeling. Tina and Mike were lucky enough to have each other through all the horrible things that was happened, but Artie had to go through it alone, and they just wanted him to know that he wasn't alone anymore but he kept shutting him out.

"Lucky we're still stuck with him for a few months, huh?"

Nick sighed as he walked into the lab. Blaine was standoff-ish and he was still having vivid dreams about Jeff, which wasn't really good for him at this moment.

"Nick, you're late," Elizabeth snapped as she passed him. He just groaned and took a seat in front of Jeff's tube. He tried not to stare too long at the naked boy in the fetal position, floating in oxygen enriched liquid. His creamy, delicate skin was just begging to be touched. He shook his head and decided he would get to work. He tried to push all inappropriate thoughts from his head as he was getting some staff to prepare him for the connection to Jeff. He always needed to few moments to be mentally prepared.

He closed his eyes and when the familiar beeping and whirring of machines of the lab dissipated, he opened his eyes again. The sight he was greeted with was a cluster of balloons enveloping him and surrounding him.

"Jeff?" Nick called as he gained a foothold and wandered around the huge fun-fest of balloons. "Are we playing hide and seek again because I thought we decided that wasn't a great game to be playing," he said again before stepping on a balloon and causing it to pop. He jumped a bit at the sudden sound and clutched his heart.

Had he never explained to Jeff how much he hated balloons popping?

"Jeff?" he said, louder again. He still got no response.

Suddenly, all around him balloons started popping and Nick's hands went to his ears to keep from hearing the terrifying noise. For some reason, he felt the magnitude of the popping balloons weighing down on him. Maybe they had some sort of significance?

"This isn't f-funny, Jeff," Nick stuttered, looking around him.

"I'm not making the balloons," came a dejected voice. Nick turned and saw Jeff sitting on a large black balloon and pouting. The brunette sighed and walked over to the blonde.

"What do you mean you're not making the balloons?"

Jeff turned his gaze upward and Nick could see that Jeff was upset about something. "When you asked about hide and seek I took the balloons away but they were still there," he whimpered, looking back down. Nick wrapped his arms around Jeff and slowly but surely all the balloons started to deflate.

"Hey, now, there's nothing to worry about, I'm here," Nick cooed, trying to soothe Jeff seeing as he seemed so tense. The blonde was always his top priority. Jeff clutched onto the fabric of his shirt tighter and the two sat like that, holding each other for a while.

Nick had to admit if felt nice, having his arms around Jeff, and Jeff's arms being around him. It was relaxing and he strangely felt safe and understood. It was like he was running for home for all of his life and he finally found it and he could rest.

"Um," he said, pushing the blonde off of him. "W-we should work on something. How about reading?" Nick said, trying to divert the subject. The blackness around them started to take on a buzzing sensation, as if it were rumbling. Man, Nick would seriously have to start looking into all this stuff that he didn't notice before.

Jeff pouted and didn't say anything. Nick decided he'd try to conjure up a book for Jeff to start reading when he was suddenly gasping for air and sitting in the lab full of chattering scientist.


"You have to come quick! Dr. Sterling has called an urgent meeting for the heads," Santana called, looking genuinely excited for once. Nick stood and stretched before following her out of the lab. He rubbed his neck and scowled.

"Why did you have to wake me up?" he asked as he noticed Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Drewry staying put. It seemed it was only him, Santana, and Elizabeth going.

"Aw, having too much fun with your little boy toy?" Santana teased, nudging his arm.

"Santana..." Nick said lowly. The Latina threw her head back and laughed. She seemed to be having too much fun today. They walked through some huge doors and the two were face to face with a very stern looking blonde. His eyebrows were furrowed and the glasses he wore were raised a little too high on his nose. Elizabeth looked relieved to not being the only other person alone there now but was looking very uncomfortable.

"Mr. Duval? Please, have a seat," he offered, his voice deep and gravely. Nick gulped and followed his instructions, taking one of the two empty seats around the table.

"It has come to my attention that Specimen E1000, Specimen E1001, and Specimen E1002 have either already passed or are on the threshold of becoming mature samples, am I correct?"

Nick had to grit his teeth to keep from speaking out but he nodded his head while Santana mumbled a quick "yes sir".

"To cut to the main point of the matter," the oldest man said, leaning back in his chair, "I want to wake them up."

All three of the scientists immediately looked up at him. Nick went into full panic mode about the whole situation.

"When were you thinking about having that done, sir?" Elizabeth asked a bit sharply. An icy gaze was shown to her and zipped her lip.

"I want them awake and fully functioning on their feet within the next two months. Our government is showing signs of failure and we need our new leaders to begin their escalation to the top."

There was silence as the message was dissolved into their brains.

"If there are no questions," he said, and he did so in a way that would insure there were no questions asked, "I will begin preparations to have them boarding in your rooms here and you will be off."

He stood and left the room, leaving the three head scientists in the board room trying to figure out how they were going to adjust to new orders.

"What the hell am I going to do about Jeff?"

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