(warning most of the stories within this story are ones I either heard from my family or friends. You might know them yours self and others ive added my own twist to. So in no way shape or form are all these stories mine. I repeat I do not own the right to all the stories just three or four.)

hey my name is Joo-Eun (age 15) and me and my friends are planning on having a get together for Halloween. I really cant wait Takumi (age 14),Tadashi (age15), and their sister Aiko ( age 13) are coming always from Japan to visit. Along with Haru (age 14),Chou (age 15), Atsuko (age 14), and Chin (age 15) from school are coming. I had called and invited my twin cousin Mi-Ok (age 15) and Mi-ho (age 15), along with their brother Hyun-Shik (age13). we are all around the same age and thought since trick or treating is for kids that we would play a fun game. If you don't know about Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai it can be translated into A Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales. in the game you light 100 candles in place them in to a circle, one after another a person takes turn telling a scary story. this can be a true one or something that you grew up hearing from your town etc. After your done telling the story your supposed to blow out the candles. then something's supposed to happening. I honestly doubt anything will happen but hey if the samurais could do it why cant we? we were originally going to do it in my basement but Tadashi said it would be scarier if we did it Gyerim Woods . Mi-ok said that she had brought some kaidan-themed books and read up on some scary Japanese tells. I honestly don't know how we are going to make up 100 stories without being scared shitless but I'm up for the challenge. but other then that that's about it, I'm just in class waiting for the bell to ring so that I cant meet up with Haru, Chou, Atsuko and Chin before making our way to my house. Takumi, Tadashi and Aiko plan is supposed to be landing at 9:00pm to night. we are all going to sleep over my house tonight and then on Halloween night we will make our way to that fortes like structure in Gyerim Woods. Well 7 o clock came and we went to go pick up my cousins and make our way to the airport, once everyone was here we picked up some snacks and headed home. That night we all just caught up, it was just like old times. I cant believe it was three years go that I had moved to Korea and left behind Takumi, Tadashi, Aiko, Mi-ko, Mi-ho, and Hyun-Shik. ( two years later my cousins moved to Korea too) I definitely don't know what I would have done if I didn't meet Haru, chou, atsuko and chin. well we spent that night and most of the next day singing karaoke and gorging on junk food, it was a blast. But soon 6 o clock came and my mother went off to work . she kissed me good night and told us to make sure we behave. Oh yeah, I did I forget to mention I told my mother nothing about our little night trip. If she did know she would surely put a stop to it and we cant have that. So once the coast was clear we packed up the candles a blanket to sit on and went on our way. I know it must have been strange for people to see a group of ten high schoolers on Halloween night not wearing a costume. I guess they assumed we were up to no good because we got stopped a few times. But we finally made it to our destination, it was a little challenging for us to get over the wall but well worth it.