Before starting he explained that he had heard this story from a friend. See Robin, Breana, Kortni, and Nikki were all at chanta's house, and they were squealing like 13-year-old girls do at a sleepover party. It was her birthday, and she was just excited to see her friends outside of school, all together in one place.

they were playing Truth or Dare when the door opened and their friend Bryn walked in. chanta greeted her with a smile and a hug. "Bryn! I thought you couldn't make"

She brushed past chanta and came up to Kortni, taking the bowl of ice cream from her hand and taking a bite. She savored the taste while they all stared in confusion, then gave Kortni the bowl back and excused herself . They stared at each other in confusion. Bryn was usually shy but very friendly - never like this!

She was in the bathroom a while, but you know girls are, so chanta didn't ask about her strange behavior. she when to pop in some popcorn and brought it back to the living room, to find Bryn leaning over the couch.

"Hey, want some popcorn?" chanta asked her, to break the awkward silence of the other girls.

"No thanks. Do you...have any ice cream?" Bryn turned to chanta and smiled widely. It seemed like her face would rip in two - no human should smile like its just so unnatural.

"My mom said we can't eat any more. Sorry."

When the movie was over, they shuffled into chanta bedroom, unrolling their sleeping bags sleepily and unable to stay awake. Bryn excused herself to the bathroom

Half and hour later, Nikki and chanta whispered to each other that neither of them could sleep. so chanta suggested they get water, so they quietly snuck down the stairs - to find Bryn digging in the refrigerator.

They were shock to see she had claws two inches long, and she looked disfigured. She was seeking out every small half-eaten container of ice cream they had and devouring it, licking her lips greedily. Suddenly, she jerked around and saw them there looking, frozen in terror. She gave us a piercing glare.

Nikki and chanta clasped then crawled before bolted up the stairs, shaking the others awake. the whole group all huddled together, unable to sleep, until they heard the door open and close and knew Bryn was gone.

Around 3:30 the next day, they were all sitting in the living room, trying to process what had happened, when chanta phone rang. It showed Bryn's number, so she quickly snapped it open. "Hello?"

Nothing but static. she then put the phone on speaker so everyone could hear.

"Bryn? What happened last night? At the party, I mean. It was just crazy, and I - "

"Turn on the news," she said. The call fell through.

chanta closed her phone and Robin turned on the TV to the news

they all stared at the picture. The newscaster looked very sad. "A girl died last night in a car accident, around 10 p.m. She was found with ice cream all over her face. Her parents tearfully informed Channel 6 that the girl, Bryn Sanders, had never tasted ice cream. The girls looked in terror...

The end

He looked at us and said is it just me or did that story make you hungry and with that last comment he blew his candle out.