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Chapter 18 Holidays

Harry ran his hands gently down the pale, sleep warmed, chest of the man next to him, pausing briefly as they reached the small hardening nipples, flicking his lightly oil coated thumbs over them before continuing down, massaging white scars that crisscrossed the toned flat abdomen until he reached a patch of thick dark thick hair. Leaning down he nuzzled his face into it whilst gently nudging the cock sleeping there. Severus groaned in his sleep, hips shifting slightly under the touch, cock twitching to life. Licking up the shaft with a warm eager tongue, Harry smiled as the unique scent of the man he knew he loved, assaulted his senses.

The last two weeks had been the most glorious, wonderful two weeks of his life; not only because of the mind altering sex he had experienced daily but because he knew he was loved in return.

After returning to Hogwarts with Severus on Christmas Eve, they had spent almost every minute with each other and had fallen into a pattern of sex and study during the day and sex and sleep during the night. Severus was usually the one to waken first; wakening him the way he was now teasing him. Harry had come to a realisation since the events of Christmas Eve; if he accepted the sharing of his soul, truly accepted it, he would have to trust the man who was currently groaning and writhing in his sleep under his touch. Trust him without exception or reservation. They had both gone to the room of requirement on Christmas Day; it had furnished them with a beautiful, seasonally decorated room, with lots of food and wine, along with plenty books and research papers on their bond. Severus had done much bemoaning of the castles sanity in providing such a gaudy display of festivity; however the books he was very much interested in. The message the book gave them was clear, the bond was first and foremost for married couples who needed to renew their desire for their chosen partner. Their sexual desire. Yes there were other aspects, including the sharing of thoughts and magic but these were seen as assisting in the formation of a strong sexual link between two people. How Dumbledore had thought they could possibly satisfy their bond without sex neither man could fathom. The uninterrupted time together over the holiday had served to bring them both closer sexually, mentally and magically. Harry was totally at peace. He felt complete, for the first time in his life, he understood who he really was and he planned for nothing to ever come between him and Severus again.

Severus woke slowly to warmth spreading up from his groin. Opening his eyes he looked down to see the tousled messy black head of Harry bobbing up and down on his cock and groaned as waves of love, peace and arousal overcame him. He thrust gently into that glorious mouth and stretched out stiff limbs; closing his eyes again, relaxing into the sensations assaulting him. He no longer knew if the emotions he felt were his own but he didn't care, he felt as though he and Harry had reached a point that they were now one.

Harry looked up at his lover and saw contentment in Severus' face and smiled around his mouthful. He had learnt a lot about this seemingly cold, hard hearted man over the last 2 weeks and knew, without a doubt, he was none of these things, not deep down, not in his soul where it mattered. Yes he had his moments where he could be a right git but then so could he, so could everyone. He defied anyone to live the life Severus had had to endure and come out a smiling easy going person. Severus was still being made to pay for mistakes he had made in his life years ago and Harry fully intended to address that fact soon. Firstly by confronting Dumbledore about the Death Eater role he made Sev play and then by killing Voldemort. He was determined to set them both free to live the life they deserved, together.

"Come up here and kiss me" Harry heard above him in silky aroused tones that went straight to his own cock.

He stopped his sucking and crawled over the oil slicked body beneath him.

"Good Morn..."

He was cut off as Sev pushed his lips onto his in a heated, passionate kiss. He groaned into the warm mouth, allowing the invading tongue access. His heart flipped with the intensity of the kiss and rubbed his throbbing length against Sev's own stirring member. As the kiss continued, Harry's arousal peaked, his heart rate increased along with his frantic thrusting.

"Shit Sev I don't think..."

Harry could feel his pending climax gripping him, he had woken painfully aroused after a particularly erotic dream, one he had been having more frequently since the beginning of the school year. It had only been heightened by sucking Sev to hardness.

"Relax. Come now if you need to." the sleepy but no less sexy voice whispered in his ear. Harry let out a grunt as the words assaulted him, the small amount of control he had disappeared, he rutted harder and faster against the warm body beneath him, screaming moments later as he came hard, arching his back, riding out the waves of pleasure , eyes closed, face contorted. Harry slumped down, gasping, his full weight landing on top of the aroused but still sleepy older wizard.

"Horny and impatient this morning I see? You never were very good at control" Severus teased.

"Shut it you. It's entirely your fault. You're just too goddamn sexy"

"Ha! Don't make me laugh you incorrigible brat. You woke up horny, any warm piece of flesh would have served its purpose" The banter was in fun and Harry knew the man as just teasing him.

Severus knew Harry loved him and found him sexy beyond words, he might not fully understand why and had doubts it was all just down to the effects of the bond, but he accepted it none the less.

"Believe me it was all your fault and no other warm piece of flesh would have finished off the dream I had quite as satisfactorily as you. Anyway I think you interrupted me. "

Harry scooted back down the bed and palmed Severus's still hard cock. "Looks like I am not the only horny one" he smirked as he pushed the tip of his tongue into the leaking slit and tasted a mixture of himself and Severus in a heady explosion of flavour. Taking the full length of the straining cock into his mouth in one fast movement, he swallowed as it hit the back of his throat, massaging the sack beneath as he felt it tighten. Harry set a quick firm pace, moving his mouth up, running his tongue quickly around the ridge, sucking hard before plunging back down whilst humming in a low growl around his mouthful, swallowing as he bottomed out.

"Oh... fucking...Merlin!" Snape almost screamed out after a few stokes.

Severus writhed, thrusting hard, lifting his hips off the bed as he fucked Harry's mouth, coming moments later in hot fast spurts that slid easily down Harry's throat.

Severus's hips fell back onto the bed as he let out a sated breath.

"And you said I had no control!" Harry smirked.

"You really are a cheeky little brat aren't you? If you applied yourself to learning potions as much as you have applied yourself to mastering the art of giving mind shattering blowjobs you would be a potions genius in a week" Severus gently laughed.

"I have had a good teacher in the art that is taking head. Makes all the difference you know." Harry said with a cheeky grin.

Severus raised an eyebrow "Are you questioning my ability to teach Mr. Potter?"

"Yeah... I mean with me anyway. Look let's not talk about bloody potions alright we will just end up fighting and I don't want to spoil or last day alone together."

"There is actually a lot to do today. You have to remove yourself and your belongings back to the tower before the welcoming feast tonight and I do actually have work to do to prepare for this term." Severus pushed Harry away from him and swung his legs out the bed.

Harry grabbed onto Snape's arm stopping him from standing, "Aww Sev, there is plenty time yet. Come back to bed."

"No Harry. I can't. I have a meeting with Albus this morning. The Dark Lord usually calls me the day before term resumes and I have numerous potions to prepare for the Infirmary. Potions I should have been making this week but have allowed you to distract me."

"Why are you making the potions for the Infirmary? Slughorn is the Potions Master now, surely he could do it." Harry let go of Severus' arm, sulking slightly, he had really hoped they could just hideaway in the dungeon rooms for one last day. He wasn't ready to face returning to classes and his friends.

"Slughorn? Potions Master? That he is not! You may think his teaching ability is superior to my own but when it comes to actual brewing he is sorely lacking"

Harry huffed. "So what's your meeting with the Headmaster about? "

"Nothing that concerns you. Now get up and stop trying to distract me from what I must do today. I am going for a shower. It would be best if you returned to your dorm to shower there and were not here when I finish mine. I will try to see you before the feast but I cannot promise anything." Severus' tone had turned a little cold. He abruptly stood, grabbing a towel to wrap round his waist and walked over to the bathroom door. The action was not lost on Harry; Severus hadn't bothered covering himself in that manner all week.

"Is this how it is going to be once term resumes? Not knowing the next time I'm going to see you? You being a grumpy snarky git?"

"Unfortunately yes. We must try to distance ourselves from each other. We must test the bond to see how stable it has become. We may think we have our bond under control, that our souls are appeased but as I have already warned you, my treatment of you in class will not change and there are certain things I have to do this term that may push it to breaking point again." Severus hadn't turned to look at Harry but stood motionless, hand poised on the bathroom door handle.

"Harry growled. What things Sev? Why won't you tell me?"

"The Headmaster has instructed me to keep certain things from you. We both must prepare ourselves for the consequences of the bond to such secrecy. Do try to remember that whatever happens, things are not always as they seem." With that Severus swept into the bathroom and warded the door.

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