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Mr. Uzumaki: Sex Instructor

"Man this blows, why do I have to go watch some little kids?" a blonde man asked himself while walking toward the Ninja Academy at 5 o'clock in the morning. He wore a white button up shirt with a black tie going down the neck. Blue jeans stopping right above his Rockport shoes. His usually wild blonde hair still spiked, but more neat than usual. The 23 year old wasn't happy. Why you might ask?

Lady Tsunade was making his teach a class at the Academy so he could earn some points with the council, all so he could become hokage. He didn't fully understand, after defeating Madara, saving all of the kages, and having to kill Sasuke to save Konoha and the whole world. He thought they liked him enough, but looks like even saving the world wouldn't make him Hokage. Even though almost everyone in the village now liked and respected him.

"This is stupid" Naruto seeing he had arrived, "this better make me a Kage otherwise, I just quit". He went to the main office to see which subject he'd be teaching, which he prayed would be the
Henge no jutsu, the only jutsu he was good at back in the day. Upon arrival to the office he looked at the secretary, the same old woman who was here when he was a student.

"How the hell are you even still alive?" Naruto asked himself in thought. The woman looked up and smiled, "Ah, , here to teach I suppose. He he, I suppose you know what class you'll be teaching?" The woman looked at him expectantly. Naruto brows furrowed, when he went here his name wasn't ', it was Demon Brat'. "Um, No" he answered truthfully, "Baa-chan never told me what class I was to teach".

"Oh" the woman said, "Now this won't do". She opened a filing cabinet and looked around for a second. "Alright, you'll be teaching" she stopped and blushed at the young man in front of her, "Sex Education". Naruto's eyes widened, "W-what, are you serious?" When all he got was papers shoved in his hands and quick yes, he was pushed out of the office. "Ah, the children will be arriving soon, so you might want to get your room situated".

With that the women closed the door, and Naruto was left in the hall. He looked at the papers and saw his classroom was Room 221. He made his way to the room and once he arrived, horror struck. All over the room were posters showing male and female genitalia. "Ah man, how the fuck am I supposed to do this" Naruto asked himself. Without making hand signs he made two clones to cover the posters up and set out chairs to all the desks, a little trick he made.

"Well" Naruto said looking around the room, "I guess I'd better go grab the text books, class starts in three minutes".

A girl with long blonde hair sat in her desk, class had started five minutes ago and their new teacher was still not here. "AHHHHHH" she yelled, "WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS GUY". Another girl with shoulder length blue hair meekly responded, "Hina, please calm down maybe he got lost". Hina looked at the girl next to her, "Bull shit Asuka, Iruka said he went to the Academy". Everyone in the class was ready to get class over and was getting pissed off because there new sensei was late.

Hina walked up to the door, cracked it open and put an eraser on top. "Hina you're retarded, this guys a Jounin. There's no way he's gonna fall for that" A girl with black hair named Miho sneered. Hina just flicked her off and waited. The whole class went silent wanting to see if the terrible prank actually worked.

They heard loud footsteps coming towards the door, when suddenly they stopped. The door was pulled closed making the eraser fall off the top, and then pushed open revealing a young, tall, handsome blonde man. Hina stood up and pointed toward the man, "H-how they hell did you know that there was an eraser there?" The man smiled and allowed his clone that was carrying the textbooks walk by. "Listen kid, back when I came here I pulled the pranks" Naruto said still smiling, "I know every trick in the book". Hina quickly took in his appearance, muscular body, wavy blonde hair, a slime face with three whisker marks…Wait whisker marks.

"Y-yo-your Naruto Uzumaki" Hina stuttered out with a blush. Soon all her class mates looked at the man and noticed it was, making everyone's eyes widen. Naruto smiled and wrote '' before saying, "That's right, I'm but you can call me Naruto" he put on his foxy smile making everyone blush. Hina immediately bowed and stated, "I'm so sorry , had I known you were our sensei, I would have never attempted something so foolish". Naruto looked at her and smiled before laughing, which confused Hina, this laughing blonde was the strongest ninja in the world. Naruto erased his name from the board and wrote 'Naruto, JUST NARUTO'.

"Like I said children, please just call me Naruto I was never one for formalities" Naruto said looking at all the girls, wait only girls. Naruto quickly counted to get 14 kids, and when he did he realized this was an all girl Sex Ed class.

Asuka stood up and asked, "Isn't it true that you defeated Madara, and brought the nations to peace?" Naruto nodded while rubbing his head sheepishly, old habits die hard. Suddenly he was bombarded by teenage girls with hearts in their eyes asking for his autograph.

"Umm, could everyone just take their seat please?" As fast as the words came out his mouth the girl were sitting up straight at full attention. "Wow" Naruto said, "That's weird, but um I like your enthusiasm. So class let's take role and then we'll begin today's lesson". After calling role he told the girls when he called them to come up and grab a book.

"Hina please come up" He said righting in his teacher notebook. She shakily got up and wobbled slowly toward him. The man in front of her was her hero, and she was gonna get to get so close. He had saved her and her family when she was only 6, from one of Pein's summons. He was the entire reason she was becoming a ninja. When she stopped in front of his desk her breathing got heavy. She watched him grab a textbook and write her name in it along with a book number. She looked at his face, 'God he's so handsome'.

Her name being called pulled her out of her musing she looked at her sensei, "I'm sorry N-Naruto, what did y-you say?" "I said here's your book, you can go sit down now" Hina took the book blushing in embarrassment as the class laughed at her. Once she made it back to her seat she put her head down.

"Ok" Naruto called, "Asuka, please come up" the girl came forward and Naruto looked up at her and smiled, "Ah a Hyuga, are you related to Hinata and Neji?" The girl blushed, "Yes sir, their cousins or mine". Naruto smiled, "We fought together a long time ago, I have a drink with Neji every now and then, but haven't seen much of Hinata. How is she?" "She's very fine sir, I'll tell her you said hello" Asuka said grabbing her book. Naruto looked at her and said, "Why thank you". She returned to her seat.

"Miho" the black haired teenager walked toward the teacher swaying her well developed hips trying to earn points with the future hokage. Naruto didn't even notice and said, "Ah, an Aburame, I went to the Academy with Shino, he's clan head now isn't he?" Miho bent over probed on her elbows letting the man see the little cleavage she had. Unlike the other bug users, she wasn't shy or quite. "Oh yes, my uncle is the clan head" she answered smiling while playing with her hair in a cute fashion.

As they talked, Hina watched fuming. 'How dare that…that…THAT SLUT try to seduce Naruto-kun, I'll make that bug pay' Hina thought to herself angrily. "So Naruto, you being the most powerful man in the world and all, what are you doing babysitting a bunch of kids" Miho asked. Naruto didn't even look up from his writing and said, "Just got to do some community work so I can become hokage, now Miho take your seat". The girl slightly jumped at that 'he's not like most guys; most guys would've at least looked at my boobs. Although I am only 14 and he's like twenty something'.

"YES" Hina thought as she watched Miho basically get shut down. "Ok last one, Amika" Naruto announced looking for the girl. Everyone looked up to a white haired girl whose head was on her desk in between her arms. "Amika" Naruto called again getting no response. He got up with the book and walked toward her, and poked her making her jump out of her seat. Naruto looked at her smiling while handing her the book, "Here ya go". She snatched it out of his hands and sat back down putting her head on her desk.

Naruto finished and looked to see everyone had a book, "Ok class, just let me see what the last teacher's lesson plans were". He looked in the journal and saw the teacher had wrote a entry for new teachers.

The basic jist is to get future genin "MOSTLY KUNOICHI" ready for sexual acts that may be forced upon them during a mission. If male, the instructor must get the female students more comfortable around other girls and the opposite gender. This act is done by showing the male genitals with demonstrations, and…

"What the fuck" Naruto thought looking at the entry horrified, "He expects me to jerk off in front of a bunch of kids". Without hand signs he made a clone to go ask the office is this was real or not. When the clone was gone, Naruto looked at the girls blushing, "Don't worry were gonna get this all straightened out". They sat there in silence for a few minutes before his clones thoughts came back to him.

"Aw fuck" He thought, the secretary told him he had to teach in the odd way because a lot of ninja are captured and raped on missions. Naruto looked at the girls and sighed, "This is gonna be tough". The note said that he needed to demonstrate things with these girls to get them ready. He went and closed all the blinds to the windows before saying, "Alright girls I want everyone to come to the front of the room" Naruto looked as the girls moved expect one, "Amika you too". The white haired girl grumbled and moved. She stood to the left away from everyone.

"Ok class, um I'm not sure I know how to say this" Naruto started, "The previous teacher left specific instructions on how we've taught kunoichi before, and so shall I". The girls looked at him questionably, until he started unbuttoning his shirt which made them blush. Even Amika couldn't help it. He put his shirt his desk and turned around, showing the girls his chest.

"Oh my god" ran through the mind of every girl as they saw his chiseled chest, Nice Pecs, strong six pack, and a trail of little blonde hairs leading from his belly button into his pants. Many almost fainted as his hands went to his belt buckle and started unbuttoning. "Naruto w…what are y-you doing" one girl screamed. Hina was too memorized to even talk as she watched his belt slid off. "I've got to demonstrate, and interact with all of you to get you ready for sexual acts that involve growing up and missions that you could become raped on. He pants slid off showing all the students his orange silk boxers that didn't do a good job hiding his huge bulge.

All the girls stopped yelling things and just stared at him, none of them had ever been next to a man this naked before beside maybe their brother or father. "Now" Naruto gulped, "ladies, you need to take off your shirt and pants and strip to your undergarments". They looked at him ridiculously.

"W-wha…" Miho said, "You can't be serious, were only 13 and 14 years old".

Asuka agreed, "Yes you can't make a bunch of underage girls strip with you, not even if you're the hero of the leaf".

Miho just turned redder and remained silent looking down. Naruto studied them and scratched his nuts earning lustful looks.

"Listen" Naruto stated, "I don't exactly agree with this either, but this is how it goes. Also you take your test this year and once you do, you're considered an adult, and are allowed to do anything you wish. Well you can't break the laws, but you know what I mean".

Naruto then said, "Just listen and trust your teacher, I promise I won't do anything to hurt any of you".

They all saw honesty and plus him being in his boxers proved he was in this as much as they were, although they didn't wanna undress, well except for one.

Hina stepped forward and almost ripped her shirt and skirt off her body, leaving her in an orange bra and matching panties. Naruto gulped, "It just had to be orange didn't it". The little girl's nibbles grew hard as she saw Naruto admiring her. Her crush was checking her out, and she couldn't be any happier.

He wasn't proud of it but he was checking her out, her milky cream white skin was perfect, long nice legs leading to her nicely shaped buttocks. Her bra size was probably a tender 28'A's, but she was still growing so he understood. He wanted to get a better look, but felt too weird.

"Ok, you know what, this is just too fucked up" Naruto said pulling up his pants, "Hina get dressed, and everyone get to their seats". Hina just blushed embarrassed and got dressed quickly, while the other girl snickered at her.

Naruto saw the young girl being laughed at and deiced to stop it, "Everyone shut up, if I see anyone giving Hina or anyone for that matter a hard time, you will be severely punished." all the girls shut up as Hina made her way toward Asuka trying to hold back tears. While walking to her seat she heard girls muttering things like-

'Psh why doesn't she just tell him how desperate she is'

When she sat down, Asuka gave her a sad smile trying to comfort the girl.

Still shirtless Naruto looked at the girls, "Okay before we have to see each other in our birthday suits, were gonna have a little assignment". He wrote on the board-
Assignment #1: 3 things you like, 3 things you dislike, your dreams and hopes for the future.

"Now" He said turning back around, "Are there any questions about the assignment?" When nobody said anything he called his first student to come and introduce herself. Almost everyone along the lines said the same things,

"I like certain men {look at Naruto} my family, and the peace a certain hero brought"
"I dislike loud people {looks at Hina, who flicks them off} weight gain, and annoying people."
"My dream is to marry someone special {Looks at Naruto} and I hope to be a good wife."

Naruto studied most of the girls, hoping one would be different, "Ok Miho, your turn". The black haired Aburame walked to the front of the class and turned around to face the rest of the student, "There are only a few things I like which none of you need to know, same with my dislikes, as for my dreams; To lead my clan to full prosperity".

Naruto stared at her wide eyed, "Not exactly want I meant by different, but oh well". As Miho walked back toward her seat Naruto called for Hina. Hina walked to the front of the room, and looked at the other girls. Most girls sent glares, but some were nice enough just to stare blankly and not make her feel worse. Everyone pretty much hated the short blonde haired girl for her pranks and her way of being too "Honest" as adults called it.

"I like Dango, what friends I have, and training. I dislike assholes who think there better than everyone {look at Miho}, perverts, and spiders. My dream is to be the best Kunoichi the leaf has ever seen and I hope someday to find my true love and have a wonderful family" Hina finished while taking a big breath.

"A very admirable dream you have Hina, but it won't come easy. You must make hard sacrifices, and focus to accomplish your goal" Naruto said with a strong smile. She just nodded before bowing and sitting back down.

"Ok" Naruto said reading off the list, "Amika, please come up". Everyone looked at the caramel skinned girl expectantly. The girl slowly raised herself up and walked toward the front. When she stopped she just looked at everyone not saying anything.

"Amika what are some things you like" Naruto asked smiling at the girl with his eyes closed. The girl just blushed and looked at the ground.

Naruto noticed how shy the girl was and said, "Amika nobodies here to hurt you, this is a strict trust building exercise". The girl still refused to look up and was about to start crying, until she felt a hand grasp her shoulder.

She looked up to see Naruto kneeling in front of her smiling. "Listen Amika" Naruto whispered just so she could hear, "Nobody in this class will judge you, so there's no reason to be embarrassed, I'll protect you if anyone does anything". This caused the girl to look back down blushing while nodding.

Naruto got back to his desk, "Now Amika" making the girl look up sheepishly. She looked at the class and started.

"I like a lot of things like dancing, singing, and swimming. I dislike mean people, people who judge before getting to know someone, and I really hate when people try to make you feel bad about yourself. I don't really know what I want to do in the future. I hope just to be a nice person". She looked around noticing everyone staring at her. She waited for the laughing to start and the girls to make fun of her.

She looked up in confusion when she heard clapping. She turned around to see Naruto clapping with a big goofy smile, "See that wasn't so bad was it". Everyone followed their teacher and started clapping making the girl blush harder and go back to her seat where instead of laying down she sat up paying attention.

Once the clapping stopped Naruto said, "Well I guess it's my turn. I like raman, training, and gardening plus a lot more. I too dislike arrogant people, waiting for my raman to cook, and traitors. My dream for the future is to become the best Hokage I can be. As for my hopes, I just want to maintain the peace between the nations".

He then added, "Oh and bring the Uzumaki Clan to power". He heard the girls start clapping and bowed. Looking at the clock he saw there was 30 minutes till lunch. "Damn" he thought it would take more time up.

"Ok girls" he started, "What I'll be teaching you is how the male and female antimony works, we'll also be learning how to feel comfortable with our growing bodies, and reactions you might start getting along with new feelings. We will be talking about how you should act upon these feeling, and what's acceptable and what's not. Now are there any questions".

Almost every hand went up making Naruto groan, "This is gonna be a long thirty minutes".

About twenty five minutes later Naruto said, "Ok last question" he scanned and looked at Amika. "Ok Amika, what's your question?" The girl opened her mouth then closed it, kinda like a fish out of water.

"U-um ar-are we gonna get to see you n-naked?" she finally stuttered out. All the other girls seemed to respond as well anticipating the answer, which made Naruto jump back a little. Naruto turned his back on the girls, "Um, yeah I guess so, I mean it wouldn't be very fair if I didn't teach you about men without a subject to show how everything works".

Almost every girl mentally yelled, 'SCORE'. Another girl then yelled out, "When do we begin these lessons?"

"Oh" Naruto said while rubbing his chin in thinking pose, "I don't know, I guess whenever you guys seem ready".

Instantly the whole class yelled, "WE'RE READY, WE CAN BEGIN TODAY". Naruto winced at the how loud the suddenly became, obviously they really wanted to learn.

"Um ok, well lunch is in about five minutes so we'll wait till after lunch" Naruto said looking up casually really not wanting to do what he had to. When the girls went to lunch Naruto pulled out a seal scroll and unsealed his raman. He looked up to Amika still in her desk not looking up. "Oi, Amika why aren't you at lunch?" She looked at him before replying, "Well, um I don't have a lunch, but its fine I-I'm n-not really hungry". The sound of her stomach told him otherwise and Naruto sighed.

Naruto walked toward her with his raman and set it down in front of her before saying, "One thing we must learn is that your body needs nutrition to stay fully active. Also with how loud your tummy rumbled I figure you must be pretty hungry". The girl looked embarrassed that her stomach had indeed made a loud noise.

Naruto walked back to his desk and unsealed another bowl. Naruto watched as the girl made no notion to eat, "Hey you'd better get it while it's still hot, and plus raman is like the best food in the world". The girl studied the contents in the bowl before taking a big bite. She looked up with a soft smile and nodded and then began eating.

After lunch had ended the girls all came back to begin the second part of the day. "Ok" Naruto thought, "Only three hours left then I can go home".

"Ok class, most of you have probably been told you can only have sex when you are married" Naruto saw most girls nod, "While it's true most people wait for marriage, we tell shinobi to live for the fullest because our lives are naturally short. Although there is peace between the major nations, there are littler villages that we still have problems with and your life could be threatened in missions by them". Most girls looked embarrassed at the thought of having sex.

"Now you don't need to be embarrassed about it, sex is a very enjoyable thing that everyone should enjoy. Some people love it so much that they masturbate for the feeling of pleasure". A girl raised her hand and asked, "What does masturbate mean?"

"Ok masturbation is the act of bringing pleasure to yourself without a partner, almost everyone does it" Naruto answered kinda embarrassed. Another girl than asked the question he feared.

"How do you masturbate?" Naruto winced and fumbled with his suddenly interesting hair.

"Um, it's kinda hard to explain". "Then demonstrate" a girl said with a sly smile. Suddenly all the other girls yelled in agreement.

Naruto was about to protest, but remembered how he was supposed to teach the young girls in front of him. He groaned and got undressed again. The girls just smiled seeing in clad in only boxers again.

"Um, ok well some of you don't know that men have something called a umm, Penis". Some girls looked at him confused before saying, "What do girls have".

"Ok" Naruto started, "Girls have vaginas, while guys have a penis, and most of you know babies come from women, whom need a man to conceive said baby. The man will take his penis which will become erect and stick it into the vagina. With enough stimulation the penis will release semen which goes into the vagina and into an egg to make a baby". The girls looked at him listening very closely.

"Ok I need a volunteer" a lot of hands went up, and Naruto picked Amika. The little beauty walked forward and Naruto gulped, "Now class we discussed how the teaching will go so you will have to do this". Most girls looked confused.

He turned back to Amika and said, "Get into your undergarments". The girl looked at him shocked before she nodded and started getting undressed. Everyone looked at her dressed in white lacy panties and bra. Naruto looked at her before turning back toward the girls.

"Ok you asked how masturbation worked correct." Naruto asked. The girls nodded and waited. Naruto walked behind Amika who was looking at the ground. He put a hand her shoulder and said, "Don't worry this will feel good". He then pulled her panties off, showing the whole class her caramel pussy. Amika began to stutter protests, but was silenced when Naruto reached his hand around and started rubbing her lower lips. The other girls watched fascinated as their sensei played with Amika.

Naruto felt the young girl tremble and moan at his actions. "See the vagina will become moist upon stimulation, and the girl will feel pleasure beyond belief". He then stuck his large finger into her and began thrusting in and out making the girl cry out in pleasure. The rest of the girls started getting fixated on the site before them.

"The way girls masturbate is by thrusting something usually long into their vagina. Most times they'll use their fingers, some being able to take more than one finger at a time" Naruto said sticking another finger inside Amika.

"They continue this act until the feel themselves tighten and cum" Naruto stated moving his hand in and out faster. Amika closed her eyes and moaned again.

Naruto looked at the pink flesh right above the vagina before using his other hand to rub it, making Amika shake terribly against him. All the other girls stared wide eyed and wished they'd been his assistant. Naruto felt himself getting hard behind the young girl, and was sure she felt it too.

"The piece of flesh I started rubbing is called a clitoris or clit for short. This part is very sensitive and causes great pleasure throughout the women's body" Naruto said increasing his speed and felt the girl tighten up.

"Everyone watch her vagina closely, as she is about to release" Naruto said letting the girl lean on him. Amika was in total bliss at the moment and felt something start coming out of her. The rest of the class watched as a little bit of white liquid leaked from her vagina. Naruto gave one hard push and removed his wet hand and watched.

The class was amazed, as soon as he removed his hand the white liquid shot out of the girl as she screamed in pleasure. The liquid covered a 4 foot radius in front of her as she fell on Naruto panting heavily.

"That is what we call cuming, the harder you thrust the more and harder the cum will spew from your vagina" Naruto said wiping his hand off with a tissue. Amika lay on the ground still panting.

"Amika, you can get dressed and go back to your seat" Naruto told the young girl. She nodded before getting up, grabbing her cloths and going back to her seat. Naruto stared at his class who was fascinated by what they had seen. One raised their hand.

"Naruto are you hurt there's something sticking out from your boxers" the girl said with a look of worry on her face. Naruto looked down and saw the big tent in his pants, and blushed.

"Um, no I'm not hurt" Naruto said while gripping the edges of his boxers. "Well" he thought, "here goes nothing". He then slid his boxers off revealing his erection to the class. Half the class gasped at what there were seeing, most thought, "What's that thing".

"Ok, this is a penis; you may notice that it's nothing like a vagina. While usually soft mine got hard while pleasuring Amika. The average size for a penis is around 5'8 inches, while mine is a little bit above that". The girls stared at the long pulsating organ in front of them. It had to of been 9 in a half inches long and as round as a wrist. The same thought ran through all the girls head, "It's so big and long."

A girl yelled out, "How does a man masturbate?" Naruto gulped and grabbed his dick and started slowly stroking.

"The man will get a firm grip on his penis, and slowly start stroking. This gives the man great pleasure. He only strokes the length, while usually leaving the head alone. The tactical [he grabbed his with his free hand] are also sensitive to touch". A lot of girls felt squeamish watching their sensei masturbate. The discovered themselves become wet. Some went as far as fingering themselves watching Naruto jerk off. Naruto noticed and speed up his thrusts. This went on for ten minutes with girls randomly cuming all over themselves watching Naruto masturbate.

"Watch closely because I'm gonna ejaculate of cum very soon" Naruto said with closed eyes hearing the girls gasp and moan. He felt himself burst and sped up his thrusts, making him cum in cups load. The girls gasped as the watched there teacher spray a think white liquid from the tip of his penis. Naruto moaned as he felt himself come down from his orgasm.

"Ok" Naruto said, "There are more ways of coming than just jerking off, or fingering yourself. I need another assistant". All the girls raised their hands really wanting to feel the pleasure their sensei could give. Naruto picked for Hina to come up to the front of the room. She was told to strip which she did, and stood in front of the class waiting. Naruto cleared his desk and told the girl to lay on top of it.

"Ok, class this is what men call eating a girl out. It feels better than being fingered" Naruto said while kneeling so his face was in front of the girls panties. He slowly pulled them down and saw her hairless pussy. He pulled the girl closer so her legs were hanging off the side and she looked up to see what he was going to do. Naruto brought his mouth up her vagina and stuck his tongue inside her wet folds.

The girl immediately threw her head back while probed on elbows enjoying the sensation. The rest of the class stared wide eyed as he sucked he pussy.

"Hmm, taste so fucking good" Naruto thought enjoying the noises the little girl was making. He licked for about three minutes before she closed her legs around his head and started shaking. The rest of the girls somehow knew what was gonna happen. Hina grabbed Naruto's head and pushed him in deeper while she screamed. Naruto gulped down every bit of cum the girl was letting out with ease. When she finished Naruto got up.

"Ok class, I think we've had enough of a lesson today. Tomorrow each of you will experience the feeling that Hina and Amika got today". Naruto said pulling up his boxers and pants over his still hard dick. As the students started leaving, Naruto noticed Hina still on his desk.

He helped her up, "Hina you may go home, the lessons over". The girl got on her knees in front of him yanking his pants back down.

"But Sensei" She started, "Your still erect" his boner out in front of her face she smiled. She then gripped it, "Let me take care of it". Naruto stared as her shocked before she started stroking hard, making him moan. She pulled his head to her mouth and licked it. Naruto gasped, he hadn't even taught them what a blow-job was yet. Hina took the head in her mouth and licked the bottom.

"H-Hina, you've got to stop" Naruto stuttered through closed eyes, "This isn't right". Hina just giggled and took more into her mouth enjoying the taste. She could only get about five inches in before she chocked. She stroked the rest while sucking what she could. Naruto loved this; he didn't know why this inexperienced girl was making him feel so good. It continued for about five more minutes when Naruto gripped her head pushing more of himself inside her mouth.

Hina's hand dropped as she was being skull fucked by her hero. Naruto moaned loudly humping the young girl's face. Hina felt his large balls slapping the bottom of her chin, and heard him moaning. She was chocking on his length, but didn't mind at least Naruto was enjoying her. Suddenly she felt him stop and felt something thick shoot into her mouth.

Hina swallowed the salty liquid, or at least tried to as some leaked out the side of her mouth. When it stopped she pulled away and took a deep breath. Naruto picked her up by her arms and said quietly, "You can't tell anyone about this, ok" when she just stared he yelled, "OK".

"Y-yes Naruto" she answered scared. Had she done something wrong to make him made. Naruto just looked at her smiling.

"Thank you very much Hina now go get dressed and I'll walk you home" he said giving he a little kiss making her blush and say, "Yes sir".

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