Alright guys, I know it's been awhile; and I'm sorry, but I've been busy. Just a warning, this chapter has a lot of time skips and will be the official last chapter of the Sex Instructor series. I'm going to make a follow up story involving Naruto and Hina as a team. Please enjoy and I'm sorry to say, good bye.

"Did you really have to do that?" Sakura asked putting her cloths back on. The girls had gone home after an entire day of ravishing her body. Naruto still stood naked admiring her figure as he said, "Oh come on, I was just having some fun. You know you enjoyed it; I mean with the way you were scream…"

"Shut up Naruto-kun!" Sakura shouted angrily as a blush appeared on her face. Naruto gave laugh as she stomped around the room, before he finally asked, "So why'd you come here in the first place?"

Sakura stood up straight as her eyes hardened. She turned towards the blonde and said, "Naruto…I know we both thought I was pregnant". Naruto who was now putting on his boxers nodded as he looked at her confused. Sakura finished dressing as she continued, "I've got some pretty good news, it turns out I'm not pregnant…"

Naruto's eyes widened as he stepped forward asking, "W-What do you mean, how are you not pregnant? Aren't you a doctor? Shouldn't you know if you're pregnant or not?" Sakura gave a glare and snapped back, "It's not as easy as it looks! Turns out that the pregnancy test I took was wrong. Aren't you happy? I thought any guy would love to be told he's not going to be a dad!"

Naruto's mouth dropped as he rubbed the back of his head and with a nervous chuckle he replied, "Well…yeah I guess I'm happy and stuff. I mean I'm not really ready to be a father, so I guess it turned out; but…" Sakura eyed him suspiciously as she said, "But what?"

"Well…I was kinda getting used to the idea I'd get to see you more often" Naruto said nervously rubbing his arm, "Ever since I took the chunin exams again, we don't really see each other too much". Sakura gave him a grin as she said, "Awwww Naruto-kun, do you really miss me that much!"

Naruto blushed as he gave a cough and said, "Yeah, yeah whatever". Sakura walked forward and said, "Well Naruto-kun, you know if you ever need me then all you need to do is tell me". Naruto let her grab his face, allowing himself to be pulled into a chaste kiss.

He slowly pulled away with a smile and asked, "Well, if you really wanna help; what are your plans for the week days?"

A month later

"SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" Sakura screamed loudly, causing all the younger girls to run to their seat. It had been a full month since Naruto had asked Sakura to be his assistant, which she happily agreed to. The girls thought it would be fun to have another teacher to have sex with, but soon found out it wasn't going to be the same.

"Now calm down Sakura-chan!" Naruto said as he nervously eyed the angry pink haired woman; it seemed Hina had once again poured hot sauce in her coffee. Sakura glared at the girls as she sat at a teacher's desk, right next to Naruto's.

"Don't get a hot head Sakura-sensei" Hina said with a giggle, causing all the other students to laugh. "Now, now Hina; that's enough" Naruto said smiling, "Let's get started on today's lesson". The girls watched as Naruto began writing on the board.

Hina frowned as she saw this and asked a question that had been on everyone's mind, "Naruto-sensei! Why haven't we practiced your lessons in the past few weeks?" Naruto stopped writing for a second and he thought about the question. It was true; Naruto had completely stopped the sexual intercourse part of the class, and had begun teaching them about nutrients and healthy lifestyles.

"Well, the answer is quite simple…" Naruto said putting the chalk down and facing his class, "You've learned just about everything about sex that I can teach you. You know enough, that I trust if you do get captured; you'll be able to endure it. You all know about STD's and that safety is an issue. All of you know how to prevent pregnancy, and even learned some Jutsu that you can use to integrate enemy ninja".

The girls looked at their teacher, some sadly; others understandingly as he finished, "I know you girls may be upset, and I had fun with some of the stuff we did; but the whole reason I brought Sakura-chan here is so that she can help me to teach you how to be girls. We want to make sure you live happily, healthfully, and don't make any stupid mistakes".

Naruto turned back to his board and began writing again, choosing to ignore the fact that he had basically told the girls that he was done with them. Sakura watched Naruto write, before she turned her head to the girls and said, "Listen, I know I can be tough sometimes, but Naruto-kun's right. I'm here to help all of you. When I was young getting captured was a big threat, now it's almost gone; but it can still happen. We want to prepare you for that, and we also want to make sure you all eat right, do your daily exercises, and make sure to keep yourself healthy. This class isn't all about sex, I was forced to take it to and you have to realize that even though you may have enjoyed the sex; and as you get older there will be more of it, but right now we have to make sure you're up to date with your bodies and what's happening to them".

The girls stared at the pink haired women seriously before Naruto turned around so fast wind picked up and he declared, "BUT NO WORRIES! WE WILL HAVE SEX IN THE FUTURE!" The girls all blushed as Sakura shook her head muttering, "Idiotic blonde…"

Time skip: Three months later

Naruto watched as Hina and Miho sparred, both impressively showing powerful Jutsu. He had finished all his teachings about five weeks before, and had started teaching the girls real fighting. The girls had developed very quickly under his intense training and could now be described as young mature women. Sakura had left after they had finally finished all the proper teachings, but promised to keep in touch with the students and Naruto.

Hina's chest had begun growing, quite generously; which she loved to show off. Her rear had grown firm and muscled which you could clearly see. Naruto watched as she fell into split before quickly pushing herself into a handstand, kicking Miho across the face and away from her.

Naruto watched as Miho's now more muscles and longer legs squatted, before sending her flying as she yelled, "Secrete Technique: Insect Tornado" causing thousands of insects to fly from her body at a preparing Hina.

Naruto gave a smirk as Hina smiled and performed some hand signs before she said, "Fire release: Running Fire" causing a ring of fire to for around her. Miho jumped away as Hina screamed, "Wind Release: Divine Wind" causing the ring of fire to shout all of, spinning rapidly and successfully destroying all the insects.

Miho gasped seeing all of the insects being obliterated, before she put her hands together and said, "This isn't over yet you top heavy bitch!" Hina gave a chuckle as Miho screamed, "LIGHTNING RELEASE: ELECTRIC FIST!"

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he quietly said, "Maybe it wasn't a good idea to teach these girls such powerful techniques". "Naruto-sensei" he heard causing him to look to his right, to see Amika standing with her hands cuffed in front of her face.

She now stood at about 5'4, and had let her hair grow out, now having it travel her amazingly gracious buttocks. She had also started wearing darker colors, mostly dark green and black. Most of the time Naruto had a hard time taking his eyes off her cleavage, which showed dark shiny skin.

"Don't you think you should intervene? Isn't that Jutsu only supposed to be used in emergencies? Hina could get hurt!" Amika said looking at her taller sensei. Naruto simple continued watching as electric formed in Miho's hands as she pointed to the sky. "I trust Hina will pull through" Naruto said smiling at the girl, causing the rest of the girls; who were watching the fight to gasp.

Hina yipped as she ducked under Miho's fist, which was surrounded in electric. "Can't let her touch me or this match is over!" Hina thought as she ran from the grinning Miho, who said, "Stupid bitch, kill all my insects and try to make me look bad in front of Naruto-kun!"

Hina jumped as Miho struck the ground, causing it to erupt with lightening which began following her closely. She barely managed to jump out of the way as Miho threw her hands towards the sky; the electricity shooting into the clouds.

Everyone watched as the sky became darker, "Miho has great talent. It won't matter if the insects are gone if she's able to perform such outstanding techniques. I can see her being a great ninja, she just needs to be pushed in the right direction" Naruto thought watching thunder begin to form as the sky darkened.

Hina's eyes widened as she saw Miho place her hands by her side with a smile, before she said, "Good luck!" She quickly jumped to her right as lightning struck the exact spot she was previously standing in. She gasped as a loud "BOOM" sounded and another bold shot at her.

Amika glared as she moved to jump into the spare turned attempted murder, only to be stopped by Naruto who placed his hand on her shoulder and said, "Just watch, she can do this".

Hina was full out sprinting, avoiding strike after strike of lightning. Miho was now sweating, hardly managing to control the lightning as her reserves were running low. Hina jumped into a small flower bed as she said, "Enough is enough! WING RELEASE: ULTIMATE WIND WAVE!"

Naruto smiled as he channeled chakra to his feet. A humongous blast of wind swirled around Hina as she brought her arms down, causing a giant wave of wind to shoot from her. Miho's eyes popped as her lightning and the darkness were literally blown away.

"Woh, AHHH" Amika screamed as she was thrown backwards, only for Naruto to grab her arm; holding her body close to his own. The rest of the girls weren't fast enough to respond as they were thrown backwards. Miho had anime tears comically falling down her face as she muttered, "I was so close!"

Hina smiled as she released the technique, and with a sigh began falling; clearly exhausted. She almost met the ground, only to be stopped and hefted up. She tiredly opened her eyes to see Naruto standing with a smile; alongside Amika who was saying, "Oh my gosh Hina-chan! That was amazing!"

"You did great" Naruto said giving a toothy smile as another Naruto walked forward holding a tired Miho, "I'm glad to see you've come this far with your training and I know you'll both make great Kunoichi, and when the time comes you'll be able to protect yourselves".

Hina smiled as she placed her head on his chest, before she whispered, "Thank…you…Naruto…" falling into blissful sleep.

Time Skip: Three weeks

"Come on Hina!" Amika said shaking her friend, whose head was on her desk, "He's going to be the Hokage; and once we graduate we'll see him all the time". She pulled her dramatic friend's head off the desk to see she was crying.

"You don't want Naruto-kun to see you crying!" Amika said trying to get her friend to stop. It was the official last day of their sex Ed class, and pretty much every girl was in terrible shape. Even Miho and Asuka, who barely showed emotions, were both practically crying. "B-but it's not fair!" Hina wept as she slammed her head back onto the desk.

"Of course you don't think it's not fair" a male voice said making Hina and all the other girls look up. Naruto stood up front in his white buttoned shirt, with black pants and ninja shoes. "Listen…I know some of you may be upset that you'll no longer in my class…but you shouldn't be. Tomorrow you will be put into your final classes and in three weeks, you'll be full fledged ninjas. I know some of you don't want me to leave, but we all knew it was going to come to an end; and I'm sorry".

They watched as he sat down and smiled before he said, "How about this; today we're gonna reintroduce ourselves. Just like the first day I want you to tell me your likes, dislikes, and what your plans for the future are".

The girls began standing up, some sniffling as they began retelling the class of what their interests are and future plans.

Months ago when Naruto had first began teaching them, most of the girls were too worried about finding true love; but this time around they surprised him.

Aya stood in front of the whole class, wiping her tears away as she said, "My name is Aya…my likes are training, my loved ones, and hanging with my friends. I dislike people who are mean without a cause. My plans for the future…I think I'd just like to be a good kunoichi and protect my loved ones".

Naruto smiled at this as the rest of the girls went. Their answers had drastically changed from the first time they'd gone; and Naruto couldn't be prouder. It finally came down to the last student and Naruto smiled as he said, "Hina-chan…it's your turn".

The girl stood from her seat with a hard stare and said, "My likes and dislikes have changed so much I'm not sure I could tell you anymore. As for my future plans…" her head snapped up at Naruto and she glared a she said, "I only have one ambition! I will defeat you in the future! I will become the next and second female Hokage! I will protect my precious people; and I won't need your help at all!"

Naruto frowned as he saw a tear slipped out from Hina, who squeezed her fist as she yelled, "I'll make sure…that if I-I manage to make m-my way into someone's heart…I won't just leave like an ass!" Naruto looked away as Hina ran out the door, causing it to slam behind her; leaving the rest of the girls stunned.

Later that day

Naruto thanked the man behind the counter as he made his way to the back of Konoha's hot springs. He slipped out of his cloths and opened the door to the male section of the springs. He walked forward looking into the steam saying, "Kakashi-sensei…are you here?"

Not getting a reply he sighed and in one quick motion he said, "Hidden Mist Technique: Clear possibilities!" Naruto took a deep breath, taking all of the steam in the room into his chest.

"H-Hey Naruto" Kakashi waved nervously seeing that he was caught. Naruto shook his head as he released the air, letting the room fog back up. "Kakashi-sensei, we need to talk" Naruto said walking into the water and making his way towards his long time teacher/friend.

"Hehe, I was kinda hoping to enjoy my day off" Kakashi said looking at Naruto. The man still looked young, keeping his hair in its gravity defying style. He still kept his face masked, even in the springs. Although he had grown older, he was still one of the most powerful and respected shinobi in Konoha.

"I won't keep you too long" Naruto said easing his body into the water and sitting his comrade. Kakashi looked at the blonde and asked, "Well, I'll help if I can, but please do tell…that video…"

"Damn it! I thought that thing blew over!" Naruto shouted as his face turned red. Kakashi smiled under his mask giving a chuckle as he replied, "I'm sorry Naruto…just thought it would be funny. Anyways, what did you come here for?"

Naruto sighed once again, clearly exhausted from, "I needed to ask you some questions about girls". Kakashi nodded for the younger boy to continue; which Naruto did. He told Kakashi about Hina and her growing affections for him. He managed to leave the details of the sex out, much to Kakashi's displeasure. Finally finishing his story Naruto gave another sigh and asked, "So…what should I do?"

Kakashi raised a hand to his chin, rubbing it deeply in though; leaving Naruto in anticipation. "Well" Kakashi started looking at his now grown up student, "Do you love her back?"

Naruto found himself speechless as he looked at the older man, "B-but…she's some much younger than me…and plus; what do I know about love? I thought I loved Sakura-chan; but we both found out it was just an attraction to her looks. I mean I love Sakura-chan…but not like I thought".

Kakashi ran a hand through his spiky white hair as he said, "True…you did not truly love Sakura in the way you sought to, but that doesn't mean you can't love anyone. True again, this Hina girl is younger than you; but you know as well as I do that in the ninja world age is nothing. If you love her, or hell even like her; I say you try something. If not, you may find out in the future that you missed out on one of the greatest opportunities ever".

Naruto looked at his friend for a while contemplating what to do, before he jumped up and ran from the springs shouting behind him, "Thanks Kakashi-sensei!"

Kakashi shook his head seeing the energetic blonde run out before he muttered, "He does know I'm no longer his sensei…right?" while slowly sinking into the hot water.

Naruto ran while sliding his shirt back on. He sped his way down the streets, ignoring the many hellos and waves he received from the civilians. "I gotta go talk to Tsunade" he thought to himself as he jumped towards the Hokage's office.

An hour later

He stopped running once he saw the house he'd been meaning to go to. He slid a bit from the speed he'd been traveling, stopped and ran to the door. He straightened out his shirt and blew out some air before bringing his hand to the door to knock.

"Yes, how may I help y…" a blue haired woman with blonde highlights said opening the door. She appeared to be in her mid thirties. Naruto could see the resemblance the woman shared with Hina, and figured she would be her mother. Naruto couldn't help but stare at the woman's cleavage, which was being pushed further up by her apron. Once seeing who was at the door she gave a shriek and said, "Oh my goodness! You're N-Naruto Uzumaki! P-Please, you have to come in!"

Naruto gave a nervous blush as the he said, "Um Mrs. Kudo, I'm your daughter Hina's teacher. She seemed kinda upset after class; and I just wanted to make sure she was ok".

The older woman put a finger to her lip in a thinking motion and said, "Now that you mention it; she did come home awfully upset. Oh my, maybe I should get her some pocky. She absolutely loves pocky you know, I swear that's all that child ever wan…"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Kudo" Naruto said interrupting the mom, "But I just wanted to see if I could possibly go speak to Hina, if it's not too much trouble. Just to make sure she's alright. I wouldn't feel right if I knew she was upset". The woman put her hands together and with a faraway look replied, "How sweet! Of course you can go see her. You're such a sweet young man! You remind me of Hina's father. He was such a sweet man; always doing his best to make me happy!"

Naruto gave a nervous chuckle and he slid by leaving the woman to herself and said, "Yup, well I'm gonna go make sure she's alright!" Naruto made his way down one of the hallways, silently opening doors looking for Hina's room.

"How many doors does this house have?" He asked himself closing yet another door; which led to a bathroom. He found a staircase, which he quietly slid up. He could hear music coming from the first door on the right, which he hoped would be his last.

"Well, well, well" A sultry voice said as he poked his head in. Naruto's eyes widened and a blush formed on his face as he saw Kina Kudo standing in boxers and a loose tea shirt. "Ugh…" Naruto started as he stood up straight and watched Kina walk towards him with a sway of her hips.

"What are you doing here stud?" She asked as she took a hold of his hands and let him into the room. Naruto cleared his throat with a cough as he felt her massive breasts push against him, "I-I'm here to see your sister…"

Kina frowned at this as she looked at the taller blonde. She stood there for a second before she smiled and said, "Why are you here for the baby? Why don't you stay with me tonight" she grasped his hand and brought it to her breasts as she whispered, "I'll make you feel way better than she ever could…Na-ru-to-kun".

Naruto took a step back breaking from her hold and said, "Listen…you're hot as hell, a total fucking dream of most men; but I'm not interested". Naruto grimaced as she looked like she was going to freak out as he watched her stand there for a whole minute, before she gave a big grin.

"Well, I can see you mean well!" She said turning around and pulling up her boxers, which she had managed to slip off while tempting him, "Hina's door is down the hall, last door on the left".

"W-What?" Naruto said clearly confused by the situation, making Kina's grin grow as she said, "Well, I had to make sure you weren't just coming around for a piece of my sister. I saw you coming in through my window. I figured you were here for Hina considering how upset she was…"

Naruto stood there as Kina stepped forward and laid a small kiss on his check before she finished, "You'd better not hurt my sister. Just because she's annoying doesn't mean I don't love her".

Naruto nodded quickly before he thanked her and ran down the hall to the last door on the left. He could hear someone inside, which he figured was Hina. Placing a hand to the door knob he gave a deep breath and opened the door.

"Go away Kina…" A small meek sad sounding voice said from the corner of the room. Naruto quietly closed the door behind him, and began slowly making his way towards the bed.

Hina wiped her eyes as she heard the person come closer. "I told you to go the fuck away Kina!" She snapped as she turned around angrily. Her eyes widened seeing Naruto standing there, waving awkwardly.

"Who let you in?" She asked with a snarl as she pointed dramatically at the older blonde. "W-Well actually, your mother" Naruto said nervously, before he added, "By the way, I see where you get your looks!"

Hina glared at him, taking the terrible compliment wrong she replied, "What? You gonna fuck her too?" Naruto scratched his chin as he turned his head away and said, "Umm not exactly. I've come here to have a serious talk with you".

Hina scoffed at this and asked, "What the hell would you wanna talk about?" Naruto looked around, trying his best to avoid the sight of Hina.

"Hina" he began; her name rolling of his tongue, "I know I can't really understand how mad you may be. I also know that you like me; a lot."

"Liked" Hina said spinning on her heel childishly. Even though the situation was serious Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at the younger girl's attitude. "Okay, you liked me" Naruto said taking a step forward. He was now behind Hina, who had her back still turned to him.

"I didn't truly know how upset you were until today" He said sadly, "I honestly didn't really consider how much you cared that I was around".

"Yeah…" Hina started sadly, stopping for a split second before she said, "Well maybe you need to take a girl's feelings into consideration next time". Naruto sighed as he said, "Yeah…maybe I should. Hina, I know you hate me right now, and it took me a while to think of something I could do to maybe make things right"

"I'm sorry Naruto…but I don't think you can do anything right now that'll make me forget you just leaving" Hina stated, her voice sounding almost dead. Naruto gave a smile as he turned around as scratched his head, "I kinda thought you'd say something like that. I knew I'd have to do something pretty big for you to forgive me…which is what I did".

Hina turned around curiously looked at the smiling blonde as he pulled out some papers. "Here" He said holding them out to her, "Read them".

Hina took the documents from him and began reading them intensively. Naruto couldn't help but grin as her eyes widened and she looked up at him shocked.

"Y-You gave up the Hokage position!" She nearly shouted, not being able to believe the hero of the leaf, the man who'd been dreaming of being the village leader had given it up so easily.

"Only for a while" he said nonchalantly, "I'll still be Hokage someday; just not for a little while". Hina crumbled the papers as she snapped, "B-But why? You've been waiting for this your whole life! Why would you give this up?"

Naruto's smile washed away from his face as he replied, "I realized that maybe Hokage isn't the most important thing in the world. I had a talk with someone today, and he made me realize that I shouldn't let good opportunities pass me by".

Naruto walked forward, awkwardly pulling Hina in a hug as he said, "When you asked me what love was, I kinda lied to you. I don't have any idea what it means or what it's like".

He pulled away and looked her in the eyes as he said, "But I think I have a pretty good idea".

Hina found herself breathless as Naruto continued, "I know that you're younger than me and stuff, but I don't really think age should matter. I love you Hina Kudo; and not just for the sex. I want to date you, and hopefully one day maybe marry you. I'll even wait for you if I have to. I know I've been a real jerk in the past, but I wanna change. I wanna…"

He was interrupted as Hina smashed her lips against his, pulling him down to her height. Naruto was shocked for a second, but quickly returned the kiss; hoping to prove he was serious.

"Any man…" Hina said slowly pulling away, "That's willing to give up his dream for me is more than deserving of me, probably too much. That's why I can't let you do it".

Naruto looked down at the girl with a smile and said, "I also knew you'd try saying that too, but I'm afraid it's already done". Hina frowned at this, but quickly smiled as she said, "Fine, but you will become Hokage, and someday when we're older; I'm gonna defeat you and then I'll be the one to protect you!"

Naruto chuckled with a nod as he let go of the girl and said, "Alright, alright" Hina watched as he slowly made his was towards the door and asked, "H-Hey, I just forgave and we had that big moment; where are you going?"

"Don't worry Hina-chan" Naruto said grinning, "I'll be back tomorrow to pick you up for our first date, and also Hina; make sure you stay rested for the next three weeks".

"Huh" Hina said placing a finger to her chin as she asked, "Why Naruto-kun".

"You've gotta make sure you pass your genin exams" Naruto replied, "That way I'll be your sensei, and we'll go on plenty of adventures". Hina couldn't help but giggle as Naruto waved as he walked out. She slowly sat down on her bed, her mind racing in all sorts of directions.

"Naruto-kun and I together outside of the village?" the thought to herself as a grin formed-

"I like that idea!"

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