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The sun is beating through the Plexiglas panes of your recently repaired window. You lazily roll over and smush your pillow atop your head, dreading another day at the hell-hole that is Maplehoof High School. Nothing makes it worth it, nothing ever will.

Your name is Dirk Strider, you're sixteen years old, and you go to what can only be described as the worst high school ever. It wasn't always so awful, you stayed out of the limelight for all of freshman and sophomore year, hell even the beginning of junior year was quiet. The October rolled around, oh boy. Word got out that you were the younger brother of the famous movie producer – but that's not the worst of it, oh no. You older brother had a reputation of sleeping around, which was cool in high school right? Totally. Too bad the tabloids caught wind of his boyfriend. ss

It's mid-November now and you've spent the last four weeks as the gay celebrity's little brother. You can't even walk from class to class without some asshole mimicking a beeping noise and yelling to evacuate, gaydar on high alert.

You didn't have a girlfriend either; you'd actually hadn't since freshmen year, boy that was an experience. You weren't gay though, or well, you don't think you are? Honestly you don't really know – you're only sixteen for crying out loud. While that was entirely true, you wouldn't be for long. Your 17th birthday was fast approaching.

You made the pathetic effort to push yourself out of bed and continue with your preparing-for-school ritual. Clothes. Teeth. Hair. Simply as that. You made the short walk to the kitchen and poured a bowl of cereal. (Rich as your brother may be, you still live in a shitty top-floor apartment for ironic purposes.) You figured your brother was already gone, he was hardly around, so busy with work and whatnot. Not like it bugged you, he was there when you needed him and you had everything you would need. Hell you even had a decent car. For your sixteenth birthday Bro went all out and got you a 2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the sound system in that car was bad ass.

Your cereal was gone within ten minutes and you were packing up a few things into your backpack. You had a small dangly Smuppet keychain you kept in the front pocket of your bookbag for good luck, the first one your bro ever got you. Lately you'd been thinking about taking it out, fucking bullies. You chuckle to yourself a little, being bullied was a bittersweet feeling, people were finally acknowledging your existence but for all the wrong reasons.

The stereo in your car is turned fully up when you start the engine, you used to jump every time – cursing yourself for forgetting to turn it down ahead of time, but now it was a normal thing. Driving to school was as normal as ever, minus accidentally running the stop sign on Tenth Street and praying nobody noticed.

Maplehoof High School was the biggest school in the county, maybe that's why you went unnoticed so long? Only extraordinarily cool people stood a chance in the social system at Maplehoof. Pulling up next to you in the student parking lot was prime example numero uno. Roxy Lalonde. Beautiful, popular, rich beyond belief, threw a wild party every other weekend, and if that wasn't enough she had armcandy. Not just any old armcandy, she could have any boy she wanted, and she wanted Jake English.

Jake English used to be your best friend, and hell you'd like to think he still was, minus the fact he probably doesn't even remember your name. You hadn't actually talked to him since the last day of Seventh grade, after that he kind of just disappeared. You hadn't heard his name after that until the second week of your sophomore year of highschool.

"Did you see the new kid?" "English? Yeah he's a totally hottie." "Is he the same one from elementary school?" "With the buck teeth?" "Braces do wonders!" "Jake English is back."

When it was finally confirmed to be the same Jake, it seemed too late to reform your friendship. Lalonde caught wind of his arrival and snatched him up. They made the high school dream couple, pretty blonde and attractive dark-brunette. All the more reason for them to be voted Homecoming King and Queen next weekend.

Homecoming. You mentally scoffed. Another stupid rue for your school too make money – money that would surely be spent on toupees and fake tans. Maplehoof had so many rich children attending that there was more money available than needed. Hmph.

You shook your head, light blonde hair sticking up every-which-way. You could never this that rat's nest to lie down. You put on your completely un-ironic DC sunglasses. (You used to wear big dorky anime sunglasses – but have since grown out of that phase.) Clicked open the car door, then locking your car, stepped out with your book bag.

The poorly paved stupid parking lot stretched a good few hundred feet, but luckily you found a spot near the school. You pushed through the heavy front doors of the building and headed directly towards your locker. Well, as directly as possible, you had to go up a flight of stairs and around a corner to get to your locker. At the beginning of the year you intentionally asked for an offset locker, for two reasons. One, you didn't care for the crowds that always surrounded the main locker blocks; and two, you were quick enough to get to your locker between classes when necessary.

You pulled your Algebra book out of your backpack and dropped it on the lowest shelf of your locker – making a large thunking noise. You only had algebra on Tuesdays and Thursdays because frankly you fucking rocked at Algebra. It's a good thing you rocked at it too, because your brother was awful at it, so asking him for help was useless.

"Hey there Gayder." You grimaced, not this asshole. "You're a little late today huh, Dick?" They chuckled. "Making out with your boyfriend before school?" You calmly shut your locker, desperately trying to ignore him. "Hey, I'm talking to you Strider." He shoved you again.

You gritted your teeth and turned to face him. "Why are you such a dick, Zahhak?" He was grinning smugly, fulling knowing he was scratching the surface – close to breaking you… Again. What an asshole.

"S'matter Stridick? That's all you go? A question with a mild insult? Weak sauce bro." He shoved you again. "Expected better from you, y'know? Guess you're not cool enough. Do your brother proud, take me down a notch. I dare you."

Oh, you'd take him down a notch, or a hundred. You tightened your fist, fully reading to bash his face in, but you stop. You'd already gotten two strikes against you just in the last three weeks, one more and you'd be suspended – goodbye college. You take a deep breath and push past him

He's laughing maniacally and calls from behind, "That's right Stridick, walk away, keep walking the like coward you are." You grimaced again, you weren't a coward and you hated being called one, but you didn't want (rather couldn't for your own sake) start a scene in the middle of the hallway.

You were trying to push the thoughts aside as you walked into your homeroom class. It wasn't actually a class, just a free hour (or two for the lucky few like yourself) to catch up on work, read, or just dick around. You didn't have any homework to do and you didn't bring any reading material so you sort of just lollygag around doodling some unintelligible things on a piece of notebook paper. You were allowed to walk about freely during homeroom classes but you had no place to go, so you stay in the comfort of your small classroom desk.

Homeroom was uneventful as always, you welcomed the sound of the bell, next was what could only be classified as your favorite elective – robotics. Only students who passed all there classes the year prior with a 87% or higher had the option to take robotics – lucky you. There were only two classes of robotics, one on Monday and one Friday, you were in the Friday class.

"Settle down please," The teacher bickered. Today was the start of a new assignment – 'battlebots', something you liked to think you were already pretty damn good at. The teacher never really paid much notice to the class unless it was assignment day, evaluation day, or the principal was going from class to class seeing that things ran smoothly. "Students!" The sound of an air horn rang through the room.

The class snapped their attention, but when the teacher (you're not even sure of the teacher's name at this point) began discussing what was to be done several students zoned out. "This is a partnered project." And their attention was back, along with silent glances at their friends. "I will be assigning the partners, however." A sea of groans filled the air. That's the best way to troll and ignorant lot of teenagers.

The names began to roll out, some sparking better reactions than others. Occasionally one side of a pairing groaned full heartedly – making sure their partner knew how much they didn't want to work with them. You were twisting your mechanical pencil around in your fingers when your name was finally called.

"We had one student left over from Monday's class, and one in this class. Dirk Strider – I see you as most fit to take on the challenge of working with somebody from a totally different class." You reluctantly nodded, hating having attention placed on you. "That's why I've paired you with Jake English – you'll be starting the Monday class next week."

You kept a stoic face, but inside your eyes were wide. Holy shit, you haven't talked to him in years, he probably doesn't remember you… Oh good lord, do not embarrass yourself, Dirk.

The end of class can't come fast enough after that, but just as you were about to leave the teacher (who's name you still didn't know) called you back. "Dirk, wait a minute."

You turn on your heel to face the slightly plump bearded man. "Hm?"

"I want you to come here directly after school, I've asked Jake too as well. So you can at least get partially acquainted before you endure such a big project." You nod and turn to talk out again – this time without interruptions.

The rest of the day goes by so slowly after that, the only think you can think about is "meeting" Jake. Heh, too bad you already know him. The anticipation was building, by the time you reached last hour you were anxious as could be. (You'd managed to avoid the assholes who made gay jokes most of the day.) The final bell rang and you quickly hurried to your locker, shoved all your books and useless shit into it and practically sprinted to the robotics room. You toned down your obvious anxiousness before rounding the last corner to the room, calm cool and steady.

The robotics room door was wide open, welcoming you inside. You dropped your backpack by the door and looked around, a little confused.

"Dirk!" The burly voice of your robotics teacher echoed. "Right on time! English, come on, I'd like you to meet your partnet."

There was some clanking in the teacher's private back office, Jake stepped out a few seconds later. This is the first time you really got a good look at him since his return. Holy. Shit. He had perfect dark brown (or black depending on how you saw it) hair, his once huge buck teeth were actually fairly normal sized (still an apparent overbite however), he wore sleek square rimmed glasses, and had the most beautiful green eyes you'd ever seen. You liked to think you weren't gay, but hot damn, English was fiiiine.

He straightened the collar of his green shirt (that he wore as a jacket) and looked up at you. You quickly jerked your attention to the teacher – not wanting to seem odd for staring.

"Hey, Strider." Your eyes drifted back to Jake. He smiled at you like an idiot. "Didn't figure you still went to school around here, never heard from you – or rather about you."

He remembered you. The teacher smirked triumphantly and waddled back to his private office. "Uhh, sup?" Is all you could manage to say, because holy shit, Jake knew who you were. After a year of thinking he'd totally forgotten about you, here he was talking to you like he was still your best friend… Was he still your best friend?

He chuckled and ruffled his hair a little then walked over to you. "Same ol' same ol' I see, huh Dirk?" He laughed a little more, his voice sounded so much different than you remembered. All you could do was smile and sheepishly nod. "What, got nothin' to say to your best friend? I'm hurt Strider – after all this time."

You shook your head and smirked a little, "Nothing at all." He laughed again and suddenly wrapped you into a big hug. "E-English what're you doing?"

"What?" He stepped back, still laughing. "I'm not allowed to Brohug my best friend – who I haven't seen in three years?"

"Three and a half actually…" You grumbled.

"Aww, how sweet! You do remember me!" His sense of humor was completely apparent – it seemed like everything was a joke to him. He must not have caught wind of your recent run-ins with school fame; again, all for the wrong reasons.

"Like I could forget somebody as big headed as you!" You smirked and laugh too. He fakes shock and then shoves you a little, it was like nothing had changed – like you'd been friends this whole time.

"How have you been?" He finally asked after a few minutes of friendly laughter.

You shrug. "Like you said," And you smirk again, "Same old, same old."

He laughs again about to ask you another question when a voice comes over the intercom, "Jake English please come to the front office." He frowns.

"I guess I'll see you later man." You grabbed your book bag about to leave, he does the same and you both part ways. You didn't want that conversation to end. Monday couldn't come fast enough…


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