The one thing everyone knows: Spencer Reid is my papi. I call him that because I can.

The first time I remember meeting Elle Greenaway was at Mom's funeral, although Papi tells me that she'd been around a few times before. I don't recall much from the funeral, except Dad saying that he was "Sorry" to Miss Elle. Why is that such a vivid memory? Well, everyone was telling Dad that they were sorry for him so it didn't make sense. So, yeah, I remember her.

She showed up at the house almost a year later when Dad wasn't home. Papi had just moved in and it was clear to me (even as a barely-five year old kid) that Papi and Miss Elle were really good friends. I was still wary of people back then. Hey, I just lost my mom, Spencer was a recent permanent addition to the household, so I was a bit possessive. Up until then, Spencer was always 'Spencer.'

So when Miss Elle called him, "Big Papi," I had a fit. Tamisa called her dad 'papi,' so for me, it was some stranger laying claim to my other dad.

I crawled on Spencer's lap, hugged him hard, and glared at Miss Elle. "He's my papi!" I declared. "My papi! Not yours!"

"Of course he is," she agreed.

"My papi!" I yelled. Apparently, I spent the next hour glaring at her and refusing to let go of Spencer.

Miss Elle never called Spencer 'papi' again, but for me? From then on, he was Papi.

He still is.

~~~~~ Finis ~~~~~