Summary: Despite himself, Harvey Dent loves Gotham.
A/N: My first venture into this fandom. This is just a little character study, trying to get a feel for voices.
Disclaimer: Written purely for enjoyment, not profit.

Despite himself, Harvey Dent loves Gotham.

He hadn't expected to, not when he'd first arrived as a young, ambitious Assistant DA, eager to make his mark. He'd heard all the stories: the glitz, the glamour; the crime, the corruption; Gotham the Great, the wicked city whose citizens both loved and hated her. He hadn't truly believed them, not until he'd been mugged before even a week was out.

An initiation, his colleagues had called it. Welcome to Gotham.

The first time he meets Bruce Wayne, he sees the dichotomy of the city in its Prince: Thomas and Martha Wayne's son, heir to their fortunes, hopes and humanitarian dreams, is a self-absorbed, extravagant cloud-dweller, living in his own world while down below chaos and poverty still rule.

("I don't know what the hell you see in Wayne, Rachel. That guy's a complete –"

"You can't judge him like that. You have to understand, Harvey: this is Gotham."

Rachel says Gotham the way others say Jerusalem.)

And yet the poor little rich boy whose parents were brutally murdered before his very eyes has become part of the lore of the city. It is an image that Gotham cannot forget, the young boy standing terrified and alone in an alley; for that, they will forgive him anything.

Bruce Wayne is flawed, scarred, just as the city is scarred; Harvey knows better than to think he can fix either of them. The rot is too deeply entrenched, the damage too much a part of them now.

But, he thinks, perhaps he can make some kind of difference. Now that the Batman had come, as if conjured up by the very streets and shadows of Gotham itself, perhaps they might be able to change things – together.