Davika "Diamond" Singh was recruited to Special Air Forces, from four years of being in Special Ground Forces America. She was recruited along with a few other Sergeants, she and one other Sergeant were late. The two were located at the S.A.S training compound in United Kingdom, along with many others.

"Good to see you mates, just take one of the rifles from the table." Gaz instructed the two.

They both walked over to the table, and got a G3FC assault rifle each.

"Okay, you two know the drill. Go to either station one or two and aim your rifle downrange." Gaz said in the corner of the room still.

Diamond went to station two, and the other went to station one.

After a minute, the two finished the shooting range perfectly.

"Proper good mates! Now go get a side arm from the armory." Gaz said, climbing on to a step stool placing a watermelon on the wooden table.

The two did as Gaz instructed, and went over to the table and got a USP. 45 pistol.

The two walked over to the wooden table, Diamond then knifed the watermelon.

"Nice! Your fruit killing skills are remarkable, Corporal Singh." Gaz commented.

Diamond cleaned off her knife, with a rag in her pocket.

"Captain Price wants to see you two." Gaz said gesturing towards the door.

The two walked out of the door then jogged to building one, where Captain Price and the others are at.

The doors opened they then saw Captain Price and their teammates.

"It's the FNG's, sir. Go easy on them it's their first day." Gaz said.

"Right...What the hell kind of name is Soap and Diamond? An how did you two muppet's pass selection? Eh?" Captain Price stated looking over at Soap then Diamond.

"Since you two were late, you two can work together on the CQB test together. It will also test your teamwork. Everyone else head to observation." Captain Price said walking away.

The two headed for the ladder, Diamond went up first then Soap. Then they heard Captain Price say.

"For this test, you'll have to run cargo ship in less than sixty seconds. Gaz holds the current squadron record at nine-teen seconds..Good Luck!" Captain Price informed.

After the two had jumped down the rope, the timer started. The two went through every position with Captain Price guiding them, they did the last position then ran to the finish. Their time was thirty second.

"That was an improvement, but it's not hard to improve garbage. If you want a solo go, climb up the ladder." Price said looking at the playback screen, the two just walked over to where everyone was standing.

"Okay gentlemen. The cargo ship mission is a go. Get yourself sorted out. Wheels up at 0200. Dismissed." Captain Price said walking out the building.

The group followed behind and headed to the building where they had their bunks.

The two teammates that just recently worked together walked side by side, Diamond looked over at him.

"So what's your real name, Sergeant?" Diamond asked.

"John MacTavish." Soap answered.

Diamond stopped and then hold out her right hand.

"Okay, MacTavish you can call me Diamond." The two shook hands then kept walking.

Soap looked over at her, and raised his eyebrow.

"How did you get that name?" Soap asked.

"Well...It's kind of stupid how I got the name..." Diamond paused for a second.

"But it's the name I had for my e-mail" Diamond then explained.

Soap laughed, for a second then looked down. Diamond just sighed in embarrassment.

"Yeah, yeah. It's so funny, so how did you get the name Soap? It's kind of weird name you know?" Diamond questioned.

"I tend to slip out people's grasp." Soap explained, Diamond arched an eyebrow.

"Hm...Then that's a perfect name for you." Diamond joked, and started laughing as they entered the quarters.

From that point on Captain Price, Sergeant Soap, and Corporal Diamond had worked on every mission together. Last one being, the killing of Imran Zakhaev.

Three years later John "Soap" MacTavish became Captain, and was recruited to Task Force 141 by General Shepard. Corporal Diamond joined his team on the Task Force 141, the three did minor missions within Soap's first year of being Captain.

A year later The Task Force just had come back from a mission.

"Ah. It's good to be home." Diamond said stepping out of the chopper, stretching her arms out.

"You sure would call this home, mate?" Soap asked following behind.

Diamond just shook her head.

The two headed to their quarters, but Diamond split from him to go check her mail. When she got their she got her keys then unlocked the mail box and opened it, she just had one piece of mail she then closed back her box then left. She headed to her quarters, when she arrived she unlocked her door and walked in.

She threw the mail on the table and kept walking to her bedroom. She went to go take a shower, after she was done and got dressed in her normal wear which was, her navy blue sweat pants and a light grey t-shirt tucked in her pants.

She went over to the table and opened her mail not bothering to check who it was from, she noticed it was a long letter so she just skimmed it because she was too lazy to read the whole thing.

As she was skimming out for keywords, she then stopped at the word Sergent First Class. She was then forced to read the whole letter.

It stated that 'Delta Force would like Corporal Diamond to join the Delta Force as a Sergeant First Class.' She slightly froze at the sudden news, she then ran out the door still having the letter in her hand.

She went over to Soap's room right next door and knocked on the door a few times but no answer. Then she headed to the gym, she got lucky when she found Soap by the weights.

"MacTavish!" Diamond yelled across the gym walking over to him.

"What's up, Diamond?" Soap said putting down the weights, then got up walking toward her.

"MacTavish, you wouldn't believe this, if I didn't have a letter." Diamond said, now right in front of him, handing him the letter.

He took it and skimmed it and spotted out the keywords, he was slightly surprised.

"So you're going to join Delta Force as Sergeant First Class?" Soap questioned, arching his left eyebrow.

"Not yet. I think I gotta call the General first." Diamond replied.

"Then go call them, now" Soap replied.

Diamond then took that to mind and walked out the gym. She then headed toward her room, Soap was not that far behind.

When Soap walked in her room he was surprised that her living room looked like something in a magazine.

'I would never think Diamond was the decorating type' Soap thought entering the kitchen.

"Yes I understand, Well thank you so much for this opportunity. Okay bye." Diamond said, as she was just finishing up talking with the General of Delta Force.

Soap looked at her and wanted to know what they talked about.

"So...?" Soap asked.

"Well they said...I could pick which team I will be on." Diamond replied, avoiding something.

"And...?" Soap asked knowing there's more.

Diamond walked in the living room and sat on the two seat couch, Soap followed and leaned on the door way.

"Uh...I should be on me first mission, after like a week." Diamond said laying back in the couch.

Soap walked over to Diamond and sat next to her.

"Diamond, you're not telling me everything" Soap said looking at her light brown acne filled face.

Diamond put her head in her hands and said.

"Fine! I will tell you but you won't like it!"