After forty minutes, Nikolai landed at the nearest hospital there was. Diamond was losing a lot of blood from her thigh wound, but it was not enough to make her pass out. She had very limited time until it got to that, so they couldn't wait to get to any base. Price and Diamond quickly got out of the chopper and made their way into the hospital.

Once they got in, Diamond was quickly noticed with the amount of blood all over her. One of the doctors quickly got a stretcher and put Diamond on it. She then began being raced down the hall, she heard somebody screaming for another doctor.

As Diamond head was laid back and her body was completely flat, she began to feel her eyelids getting heavy. As the bright hallway lights flashed in her eyes, that did not help Diamond's tiredness. She then let her eyes close and felt her body was completely relaxed.

'This is a good time to have some rest.' Diamond thought as she started to fall asleep. The last thing she heard was somebody saying.

"Were losing her!"

Diamond was in a completely white room, she noticed it was not really a room it looked like it went on for miles in every direction. Diamond turned around trying to see if she could spot anybody, but she didn't. Diamond rubbed her head and eyes a bit.

"Where the hell am I?" Diamond asked herself, as she fell on her butt and was looking around one more time.

Diamond then felt a presence over, it didn't feel like one but more than three. Diamond quickly jumped up and backed up from the five figures and put up her hands in defense. Diamond then got a better look at the figures, she then lowered her arms when she saw the faces of her teammates.

"What the hell? I am in heaven or something?" Diamond questioned the five.

They looked at each other, then back at Diamond.

"Yes Diamond. We're here to tell you that it's not your time to come here yet, I told you that once before. Diamond you still have much to do before you come here, so don't give in to death until you know it's really time." Soap said walking up to her.

Diamond arched an eyebrow, she then knew this wasn't real, she knew she had to be dreaming or something. But then.

"Diamond this is not a dream," She heard a person from the back of them say, the voice was familiar to her.

The person then walked up to Diamond, he was now face to face with her. Diamond looked up at the man, her heart skipped a beat when she saw his handsome face once again.

"Grinch.." Diamond whispered, as she tilted her head downwards as she felt a tear run down her cheek.

Grinch then took his right hand and tilted Diamond's chin upwards to face him. He then took his thumb and whipped her tear away.

"What did I say I told you not to cry for me," Grinch stated with a smile.

Diamond then looked up at Grinch with her left brow arching downwards.

"Yeah right me cry over you, that would be in your dreams." Diamond replied, with a grin.

Grinch laughed at her comment, which made Diamond brightly smile at him.

"There's my stubborn bitch I know and love," Grinch joked, making Diamond laugh.

Diamond then looked back at Grinch, she felt herself cry inside when she saw his dark blue eyes starring right at her. She wished it could last forever, it felt so real, but she knew better. Diamond then looked downwards.

"Grinch...I really miss you, I always think about what would our life be if you lived through Makarov's death. Would we get married? Would we have a family? Grinch, if I didn't get hit by RPG maybe I could've helped you, maybe you and the team would still be alive." Diamond stated, with a very low cracking tone.

Grinch just brought up Diamond's chin with his hand and looked her deep in her black-brown eyes.

"Diamond either way, I would've risked my life for you to get out and be safe. Diamond you mean the world to me and you can't be blaming yourself for our deaths, we picked this path to take and you had nothing to do with that." Grinch stated, Diamond then grew a smile.

"You always knew what to say to me, when I felt like shit." Diamond said with toothy smile.

Diamond then looked back in Grinch's dark blue eyes and leaned into him, Grinch then wrapped his arms around her. Diamond laid her head on his chest, she wish this was real, she just wish he was really there.

Grinch then looked down at Diamond, she then picked up her head and looked at Grinch. Diamond then leaned her head closer to his, to kiss him.

Diamond then opened her eyes, she was starring at a popcorn ceiling with lights shining in her eyes. She then looked around, trying to see if anybody was there, but there was nobody.

Diamond felt her heart sink, when she didn't see Grinch. She was disappointed now, she was centimeters away from kissing Grinch even if it was a dream Grinch, that was really the only place she could see him.

She then looked down at her body that was under white covers. Diamond then uncovered her left leg to find it patched up, she now wondered where was Price and Nikolai at.

She then heard a knock on the room door, Diamond quickly looked up at the brown wooden door. She then found Price coming in, with a tray of food and Nikolai was walking in behind him.

"Diamond you're finally awake, how are you doing?" Price asked.

"Tired as hell..Wait, finally awake? How long was I out for?" Diamond questioned.

"About two days now," Price answered, Diamond widened her eyes at what he said.

"Two days!" Diamond said surprised.

"They said you had about fifty three percent of blood lost," Price stated.

"Holy shit, ain't I lucky." Diamond said, now glancing at Price's tray of food.

Diamond saw fries, chicken strips and two sandwiches, she then felt a gnawing pain in her stomach.

"Ugh...I'm so hungry," Diamond complained hugging her stomach with her hands.

"Well your food is over there," Nikolai stated, pointing at the desk with green tray with a white foam cup.

Nikolai then walked over to right side of the bed and got the foam cup for Diamond. She then got the foam cup and saw chowder in it, she then tasted it. While she was chewing her chowder, she then gulped back the food.

"Shit! What kind of hospital is this, the food doesn't have any taste." Diamond stated, making the two men laugh.

After two weeks, Delta Force was soon noted about Diamond and her injuries. They sent out a chopper so she could be transferred to the base's infirmary for better care.

Once Diamond got there and was soon settled in, she was then surprised by a couple people. She then saw Melody and Frost walk in, Diamond then felt her gut drop as she saw Frost's smiling face.

'Wait does Frost know?' Diamond thought, hoping he knew already knew about his team's death and didn't have to explain it to him.

"Diamond it's good to see you're okay." Frost stated.

"Yeah, so how are you liking being Sergeant First Class?" Diamond asked, knowing he had got promoted.

"It's not much of a difference, I just learned a few more things. But like I said before, with you, Grinch and Truck as Sergeant First Class it won't be different." Frost answered.

Diamond then sighed, when Frost said that. So he didn't know, should she tell him, or not. Of course she should but how.

'Fuck! Why does this always happen to me?' Diamond thought, as she took in a deep breath.

"Frost...Sandman, Grinch and Truck...Died back in Siberia. They sacrificed themselves so the president could get out. I got hit by a RPG and I couldn't help them." Diamond stated.

Diamond then saw Frost look down slightly, she then glanced over at Melody and saw a saddened surprised look.

"Melody you didn't know?" Diamond asked, noticing the expression on her face. Melody shook her head no.

"I'm sorry Diamond, I know how..." Melody began to say.

"Nothing to apologize about, that bastard is dead now and that's all that matters." Diamond stated.

Frost then looked back at Diamond, with a weary expression.

"Diamond what are we going to do now, Team Metal is pretty much gone." Frost said.

Diamond took in a deep breath, she knew what he said was true but she had already planned on what will be done.

"No it's not there still in our hearts, we will keep going, you will join a new team." Diamond replied.

"What about you?" Frost questioned.

"Don't worry about me, I have some plans of my own Frost," Diamond answered.

Both Frost and Melody looked at Diamond with weirdly questionable expression. Then suddenly somebody knocked on the door then opened it. It was one of the nurses.

"Ms. Singh it's time to take your pain killers," The Nurse stated.

"Also this will make you fall asleep, it's up to you if you want to take it now." The Nurse added.

"Yeah, I had a long day today, might as well start resting it off." Diamond said, as she was handing the two pills and drank it down with a glass of water.

"Okay it should start working in a few minutes," The Nurse informed, as she walked out the door.

"Diamond we will see you later," Melody said.

"Yeah, see ya." Diamond replied as she began to feel very drowsy.

Diamond then saw Frost and Melody walk out the door and shut off the lights.

Five hours later, Diamond had just woken up. Once she opened her eyes she found Price in the a chair reading a newspaper.

"Price? What are you doing here?" Diamond questioned, in a tired tone.

"I just came to check up on you, how are you feeling?" Price asked.

"Better, I can walk now which is a good thing." Diamond answered.

"Hm...That is good, because I'm going to need your help." Price said. Diamond arched an eyebrow at the man.

"With what?" Diamond asked weary.

"Well your general talked to me and Melody. They said with our...Achievement of killing Makarov, they will return Task Force to an actual Special Military Force once again...I also told them about Shepard." Price answered.

"They believed you?" Diamond asked.

"I don't know but I was pretty convincing," Price answered, with a grin. Diamond shook her head and gave Price a grin.

"So what do you need my help with?" Diamond asked, returning to his recent statement.

"I want you to help me with forming the new Task Force 141," Price answered.

"Hm...I will get back to you on that," Diamond said.

"You will get back to me? What are you planning Diamond?" Price questioned her as he crossed his arms.

"Nothing. I just got a lot on my plate and have a lot of uh...Opportunities." Diamond answered.

"Fine Diamond, I will leave you to deal with your choices, but pick the right one." Price said as he got up and headed toward the door.

"And the right one to you, would probably be is to come back to 141." Diamond replied.

"I never said that, but that could be in that category." Price stated. Diamond just gave her ex-mentor a grin and Price gave one back before he left.

Diamond then laid back down on her pillow and closed her eyes. She began to think about everything that had happened in her life, her whole past played through her head. She thought of all that she had lost, of all she had cared about and of all she called her family and they were now gone. Diamond began to question herself.

'Could I really go through that again? Losing somebody I really love? Losing MacTavish, Grinch and the Team just tore me apart. With them gone now, pieces of me also got ripped apart and was also gone with them. If I keep this up, I soon will be nothing.' Diamond thought.

Diamond got a piece of paper that was folded in half from the desk drawer on her right side. She opened the paper and read it, she then got a pen and started writing on the paper. Once she was done, she then folded it back in half and put on the desk. Diamond then got up on the side on of the bed and glanced at the paper one more time.

"This is my only option," Diamond said quietly to herself, as she got up on her two feet.

The Next Day.

Price, Melody and Frost all quickly ran over to the infirmary. They had got a urgent call about Diamond, as the three were now approaching Diamond's room door. All three began to worry, what had happened to Diamond. They then entered her room, all they saw was a empty bed and a nurse.

"Where's Diamond?" Melody questioned.

"I came in here this morning and she was gone, I looked everywhere for her but she's not anywhere. Her regular clothes is gone and all her belongings, all I found was this letter and this tag." The Nurse said.

Price then looked down at the dog tag, it was Diamond's. He then looked at the folded up paper and on the front it said 'To Price.'

"May I see that letter?" Price asked.

The Nurse then handed Price the letter, he then opened the half folded sheet of paper. He saw it was almost a page long, he then began reading it in his head.

Dear Price,

Don't worry too much about me, old man. I said I had different opportunities and I took the one I think is right. I won't tell you where I'm going but I will tell that I'm going to try to live a more peaceful life something one is for all and all is for one. You should do the same Price, Makarov's gone, why don't you retire and be with your family. Also Price it's important you don't tell anybody about this letter, if people ask tell them you don't know where I have gone, my status from now on is M.I.A. I will make sure it stays like that. If ever another Makarov or Zahaev steps on this world again, like one of those Superheroes movie, I will come out from the darkness and help but I doubt people will need it.

So knowing you, you won't take my advice and retire. You love being in the action and what can I say I do to. You don't need my help on renewing Task Force 141, you and Melody could do that all by yourself, what am I any help I'm only a Sergeant First Class, nothing really that could really help.

Also tell Melody, stay out of the action for a while and concentrate on her and MacTavish's baby. Tell Frost not to mourn too long for our teammates deaths, they wouldn't want that. Tell him to be strong, tell him to keep going, go into another team or Force, or just change his life for the better. I will miss all you and you the most Price, you were like a father to me. I wish you luck on creating the new Task Force 141,

Who Dares Wins, Diamond.

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