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Title: Three's A Charm – And Gentlemen Are Charmer

Fandom: Detective Conan; Magic Kaitou

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Gosho Aoyama for he created the awesomeness that is Kaitou KID. Ah, and Detective Conan, too. The story in itself though is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, threesome

Main Pairing: SaguKaiShin

Side Pairings: MakoSono, ShinRan (one-sided), HeiShin (one-sided), HeiKazu (one-sided)

Detective Conan Characters: Kudou Shinichi, Mouri Ran, Sera Masumi, Suzuki Sonoko, Tooyama Kazuha, Hattori Heiji, Mouri Kogoro, Megure Juzo, Satou Miwato, Takagi Wataru, Agasa Hiroshi, Haibara Ai, Kojima Genta, Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, Yoshida Ayumi, Gin, Wodka, Vermouth

Magic Kaitou Characters: Kuroba Kaito, Hakuba Saguru, Nakamouri Aoko, Nakamouri Ginzou, Kuroba Chikage, Snake

Summary: Shinichi is back in his old body and tries to adjust, but a certain Moonlight Thief, a mischievous magician and a fellow Holmes geek complicate the whole matter significantly. Mix a jealous Hattori and some squealing girls in the equation and it results in pure chaos. One assassin won't let this chaos be a happy chaos, though. Can Kaito and Saguru successfully keep the Heisei Holmes they've grown so attached to save? And what about Pandora and KID's personal BO?

Three's A Charm

And Gentlemen Are Charmer

1. Kaito: Of Coffee, Catboys and Critics

Kuroba Kaito was bored out of his mind.

That in itself was bad enough as it was, but he was also lonely. His wonderful and easily annoyed boyfriend and his short-tempered best friend had told him they would meet up with some friends from college in a little cafe. He had tried to avoid said meeting for months now.

They had, obviously, met some pretty nice people during their classes. But said classes were Justice and Law-enforcement (Theoretically). Read: Even more potential chasers.

Granted, Hakuba wasn't at his heels anymore since Kaito had confessed. Being KID and being in love with the Holmes geek. The two of them started dating and Saguru dropped his accusations, instead trying to protect his boyfriend's secret identity. Explaining everything about Pandora, the black organization, his father's death and legacy had taken it's time and was anything but easy to digest. Once it was settled, though, Saguru did his best to help Kaito.

Aoko, on the other hand, had become an even bigger problem. She studied and learned to step into her father's footsteps one day. So not going to end well! The magician shuddered at the mere thought of it. The whole task force aimed with mops and fish? Horrible!

And now three guesses what kind of people took Justice and Law-enforcement majors? Right. The wrong kind of people, at least for Kaito's liking (hah, who was he kidding, really? His boyfriend was a detective, his best friend would become an inspector and his secret crush was a detective, too). It was not healthy for an internationally wanted criminal to be surrounded by the law.

But Saguru had threatened him with the couch if Kaito wouldn't come along this time. The blonde had hinted that there was someone he really wanted Kaito to meet, but the thief hadn't gotten any further information out of his boyfriend. Since the curiosity of a kaitou is beyond measurement, he was right now on his way to the little cafe near the campus.

His thoughts circled around everything that had happened in the past months, just to keep his mind occupied and maybe stop his boredom.

Third a year ago, Edogawa Conan had vanished from the surface of Earth. The boy had given his Detective Boy Badge to the moonlight thief and promised he'd contact him if everything went well. Still, Kaito was beyond worried for his little critic.

A month later, in the middle of making out with Saguru, the peeping noise of the badge had him bolting straight to it. Three simple words were spoken to him, in a voice he had imitated in the past two years quite often, just to protect his tantei-kun's identity; 'I am back'. The grin on Kaito's face would have made the Cheshire Cat jealous.

The next day, the news announced that the FBI, in cooperation with the local police, of course, and with the great asset of one Kudou Shinichi had taken out one of the biggest criminal organizations Japan had ever seen. It stated that the Heisei Holmes had worked undercover for the past two years, explaining his absence with nice, logical facts. Fake facts, as Kaito knew all too well.

Kaito had been antsy for his next heist. No bothersome Mouri, neither the detective nor the overly worried nee-chan, to stop his tantei-kun in his chase! The sheer excitement was overwhelming!

No soccer ball was kicked his way during that heist. Nor any following heist. It was as if Shinichi had decided to drop out of the thief's life this time. Kaito had been annoyed and worried and majorly disappointed. Saguru, even though he didn't believe a word his boyfriend had said about Kudou being shrunk to Edogawa, tried to cheer his moping lover up. The Heisei Holmes was most likely busy with two years worth of paperwork, the witness interviews, the legal problems concerning whether or not the teenage detective had passed school without attending it and of course, and the most important, settling back into his life after two years of absence.

Still! The pretty brunette could be settled after three more months now, couldn't he? Kaito was sore. As soon as Shinichi would show up at the next heist, the boy would receive a major pranking for letting the gentleman thief wait!

What made him even more sore was that Saguru wasn't even that jealous about Kaito fancying the Heisei Holmes. The half-Brit had simply shrugged it off and said that Kaito was his and wouldn't be unfaithful so there was no need for jealousy. And besides, Kudou-kun didn't show any interest in Kaitou KID anyway. He could be at least a bit jealous! Just a bit.

"BaKaito! You're late!", scolded Aoko with an annoyed look adoring her face.

"Hai, hai. I've been busy, Ahoko", grunted the magician and rolled his eyes.

"I'd appreciate it if you would delay the mop-chasing until after we've ordered, Nakamouri-chan."

Saguru grinned that one grin that was reserved for Aoko's and Kaito's antics. The blonde leaned over and kissed his boyfriend softly on the lips.

"So cute!", squealed a voice that sounded distantly well-known to the thief and he schooled his features into a friendly grinning pokerface.

Better be safe than sorry. He turned to the others on the table and froze. The one that had squealed was a short haired blonde girl he knew was related with the wealthy Suzuki-oji-san. On either side of the blonde sat a brunette girl. One with short, slightly curled hair and piercing green eyes, the ever-searching eyes of a detective, sat between Suzuki-chan and Aoko and it wasn't hard to recognize her as tantei-chan, the female detective that always accompanied the blonde to every heist for a little over a year now. She was fun in the chase, he had to admit. The other brunette was Aoko's lookalike, better known as Mouri Ran. Best known as tantei-kun's nee-chan. Speaking of the devil, between Mouri-chan and Saguru sat no other but Kudou Shinichi himself.

"Mina, this is Hakuba-kun's annoying boyfriend Kuroba Kaito. BaKaito, those are our friends Sera Masumi, Suzuki Sonoko, Mouri Ran and Kudou Shinichi. Masumi-chan and Kudou-kun attend the same classes as Hakuba-kun and I", explained Aoko patiently.

Saguru's eyes gleamed with a certain amount of mischief, Kaito had been rubbing off on him, that was for sure. The blonde had befriended tantei-kun! That had been the reason why he had wanted his boyfriend to tag along for the past month! If only Kaito would have listened!

"Ah, it's a pleasure meeting such beautiful ladies", smiled the magician and produced a yellow rose for each of the girls. For Shinichi, however, he made a perfect white rose with red bleeding rims appear. "And such a pretty detective. I've a thing for handsome detectives, you know?"

Shinichi blushed a delicate pink and coughed awkwardly. "Hakuba-kun had me warned. I just didn't think he was for real. Or, more precisely, that you are for real."

Saguru chuckled richly, eying the brunette detective fondly. Interesting. Kaito pocketed that information for later interrogation. He then sat down, between his best friend and his boyfriend, waving the waitress over. The girl took their orders, extremely flushed at the compliment and the rose she had received from Kaito, and went off.

"Too bad, the good ones are either taken, gay or both", sighed Ran wistfully, her eyes wandering over to Shinichi for a split second.

Another information Kaito kept for later usage. He really should have come to the little outings of the group earlier. Such interesting things he discovered!

"Eto... You're going to the same college as my beloved Sagu-chan? Also going to become 'real' detectives, I assume. Your faces do look familiar, you know", smiled Kaito.

"Yes. Because always fighting with the police whether or not we're allowed to a crime scene is extremely annoying", huffed Masumi irritated.

Shinichi just smiled wistfully, a dark shadow quickly passing over his face, nearly going unnoticed. Only the ever-observant moonlight thief and the blonde detective, who seemed to keep an eye on the Heisei Holmes, had noticed it. While Hakuba looked like he was trying to analyze it, the messy-haired magician had a good guess what was going on in Shinichi's head. The many cases he had to fight to attend, just because he was imprisoned in the body of a seven-years-old.

"It's horrible, I have to tell you!", sighed Suzuki tragically.

"What is?", asked Kaito, genuinely curious.

"Two of them!", huffed the blonde girl. "Two Holmes-obsessed detective geeks. I already had to listen to hours of fanboy-babbling between them."

"Ah. Payback for all the times you talk oh so dreamily about your beloved Kid-sama", chuckled Shinichi and took his coffee from the waitress.

"Oh, Kid-san is a very impressing person", sighed the waitress, equally dreamily.

"What is it with this thief's charm?", grunted the Heisei Holmes irritated.

"Why I am friends with the likes of you, I'll never understand", grumbled Sonoko.

"Oi, no quarreling", chided Ran and sent them a stern look.

"Anyway, Kuroba-kun", re-directed Shinichi, throwing a dazzling smile at the young magician (really, Kaito was sure there were pink roses and sparkles all around the pretty brunette, he swore!). "Hakuba-kun said you are a magician. What is your opinion on the matter of Kid-san?"

"As a fellow magician I have to say that he is brilliant. Of course, I myself am way better than him, but he is pretty awesome", grinned Kaito and sipped at his hot-chocolate.

He loved praising himself. One of his favorite pastimes, right after having steaming-hot sex with Saguru and playing cat and mouse with tantei-kun. If everything would go as he pleased, he would also be able to exchange the names. Why yes, that would be delightful, too...

"You're so right!", squealed Sonoko once again, her eyes sparkling.

The two of them fell into a heated discussion about Kid's awesomeness with Aoko wildly objecting. Ran and Sera sat and watched in fascination, sometimes throwing one or two things into the debate, but mostly engulfed into their own conversation about some sparkling vampires. However exciting his own fame was, the thief always kept one eye and one ear on his boyfriend, who was busy talking with Shinichi about Holmes and where the newest movie had failed their expectations. It was kind of endearing how much alike their opinions were. Really, no wonder that Kaito fell for the Heisei Holmes. How could one blame the poor thief for such a thing? Shinichi was adorable when flushed, and he was easily to flush, he had a sharp mind and a good sense of humor. And he had the looks. Even though there was one thing he had noticed right after seeing the other boy. Obviously he had returned to his seventeen-years-old body, certainly because his body couldn't go to a physiology he hadn't yet reached. Leaving Shinichi a few inches shorter than Kaito. Another thing Kaito had noticed was that the Heisei Holmes looked thin. Way too thin. One more mental post-it.

"How about some cake?", suggested the thief.

"Oh yes! That's a great idea, Kuroba-kun!", smiled Ran happily, waving their waitress over.

The waitress hurriedly returned to them, "What can I bring you?"

"I'd love to have a raspberry short-cake", ordered the detective's daughter.

"One of those delicious chocolate muffins, please", smiled Masumi.

"Your brownies are always the right choice", was Aoko's order.

"One plate of your tea-time cookies would be nice", said Saguru.

"The strawberry short-cake", grinned the blonde wealthy girl.

"I'll have the double-chocolate fudge-cake with extra cream and chocolate-sauce and chocolate-sprinkles. Oh, and one of your double-chocolate muffins, too, alright?"

Everyone except for Saguru and Aoko stared at him like he had grown another head.

"What? I like chocolate", shrugged the magician.

"Well... Alright then. And you?", asked the waitress, looking at Shinichi.

"Oh, I don't-", started the brunette detective to object.

"Oh, you very well!", huffed Ran and crossed her arms. "You've skipped lunch. Again."

"I didn't skip it, per se. Someone dropped dead on my way to the diner", defended Shinichi himself.

"Right. Dead bodies are not an excuse, not for you. Not anymore", growled the karate champ.

"You know I don't particularly enjoy sweets", whined the Heisei Holmes.

It was fun to observe the little exchange. Like a little boy that didn't want his vegetables.

"He will have a lemon pie. No objections, I know that that's the only pie you eat."

Ran's glare silenced any further protesting from the brunette boy and Shinichi sunk deeper in his seat, a moping expression on his face. It reminded Kaito of Conan and the thief had to smile.

"Why do dead bodies don't count as excuses anymore?", voiced the thief innocently.

He knew the answer, of course. But knowing too much about Shinichi would be kind of a bit obvious, so he had to gather everything again. This time from the boy himself.

"Oh, our Shinichi here is prone for having death as his personal stalker. Wherever he is, someone drops dead. On his way to college, at the restaurant, in the park, on a ship, doesn't matter. Someone gets murdered and he is right there to solve it. I have the theory that he has a pact with death himself or something", explained Sonoko and poked her detective friend.

"Yeah. Sounds totally legit", chuckled the magician and eyed his secret crush.

"Nonsense", protested Shinichi, blushing in embarrassment.

"I think it is a family-thing. Wherever I went with Conan-kun, someone dropped dead, too", commented Ran, a half-amused, half-sad smile on he lips.

She missed the boy dearly, that was evident, but she was also happy that he was 'with his family and friends' again. If only she knew what that really meant, mused Kaito.

"Ah, you're right! But the chibi was at least willing to catch Kid-sama for me!", sighed Sonoko.

"He was?", asked the magician intrigued.

"Hai! I always took Ran and her family with me to every heist! The chibi was, after all, the one to come the closest to catching Kid-sama! He would have caught him for me! And then he just went off back home, leaving me with that stubborn Holmes-geek, who says that chasing thieves ain't on his list of important things to do! And Masumi-chan didn't come as close."

"Why! Kid-sama doesn't have high priority to you?", gasped Kaito in half-mock-surprise.

"Ah. I think Kid-san has enough people chasing him, with Nakamouri-keibu, Hakuba-kun and Sera-chan. I fail to see where I am needed at that. And beside that, he is just a thief, there are more important criminals on the loose", answered Shinichi solemnly.

"There! You see with what I have to put up, Kuroba-kun?", huffed Sonoko annoyed.

"Yeah, more important criminals", grunted Ran angrily. "The kind that gets you involved into a case that takes you two years to solve, undercover?"

"We've already had that conversation, Ran", murmured the detective vexed.

"I know, I know. You're a detective and it's your duty to solve a crime if you 'stumble upon one'."

"Not my phrasing, but yeah", sighed Shinichi.

The Heisei Holmes looked worn out, like he had had that exact conversation a few times too often. Kaito pitied him for that, he couldn't imagine how this situation must feel for the detective and he wouldn't want to trade it with him.

"It will be my tou-chan who'll catch Kid anyway!", declared Aoko determined.

A low chuckle escaped the detectives and the thief at the table. Each of the detectives had come nearer to catching Kid than Nakamouri-keibu had in years.

"Of course, Nakamouri-chan", smiled Ran sincerely.

She was a honest person, someone who aimed to please, not wanting to disappoint anyone and trying to keep the peace between the ones she cared for. Kaito admired that and he briefly wondered whether or not tantei-kun and she had hooked up now that he had his body back.

"So... Mouri-chan, I was wondering... You and... Kudou-kun?", asked Kaito, wriggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Both blushed vividly and gaped at the magician, who just simply shrugged it off.

"No! No, we're just friends, Kuroba-kun! Even though everybody seems to assume that we are more", explained Shinichi embarrassed.

"Well, you two could have been more, after all", commented Sonoko with an eye-roll.

"Could have...?", Kaito took the hint and looked at the duo curiously.

"Y—Yeah... I have to admit that I myself thought so for some time, but while Shinichi was off solving that case, he had called me and said that it would be unfair to let me wait for him for forever, because he had met someone during that case and he liked that guy pretty much."

"That guy?", piped now even Aoko, her curiosity picked, too.

"Yeah! We don't know who, because he won't say anything!", grunted Sonoko and glared at the detective annoyed.

Must have been tantei-han, the dark-skinned detective was practically glued to Conan whenever the two of them had met. Kaito frowned displeased at that.

"I think we have discussed my non-existent love-life for long enough now", murmured Shinichi.

"Ah! Gomen ne, Kudou-kun", excused Aoko flushed, she was normally no one to pry into the privacy of others.

"It's not a problem, I'd just appreciate it if we could switch topics now", smiled the detective.

The rest of the afternoon had been surprisingly pleasant, too. If the moonlight thief would have known that before, he wouldn't have fought this little meeting for the past month! Sadly enough, Ran had excused herself soon after and Aoko, Shinichi and Masumi remembered that they had a paper due to tomorrow. Kaito's wise boyfriend on the other hand had it already finished this morning during breakfast. The little group parted ways and left for their respective homes.

"Ne, Sagu-chan. You could have said something before!", poked the thief a bit annoyed.

"Why should I? He's your crush. And if you won't come with me just because I want you to come, but rather to drool over Kudou-kun, it's not my problem", shrugged the half-Brit.

"I didn't drool over him! He's just very cute when he blushes", protested Kaito.

"Yeah, he is", mused the blonde deep in thoughts.

A Kid-esque grin laid itself on Kaito's lips and he slung one arm around his boyfriend's waist.

"And he's very clever, right?"

"I've worked on some cases with him, since there is a death-trail wherever he goes, so I can safely say that he indeed is a very intelligent detective", agreed Saguru.

"And he's friendly, isn't he friendly?", asked the magician.

"Very polite, on contrary to certain thieves I know", grunted the blonde, raising one eyebrow.

"And he got a really smoking ass! Makes you want to bend him over the next flat surface, right?"

"Yeah—I mean no! Jeez, where did that come from, Kaito?", growled the half-Brit annoyed.

A decent blush covered the detective's cheeks. He had answered on autopilot, how embarrassing! All because he was lost in his thoughts of how much he had wanted to lean over and lick that coffee from Shinichi's lips at one point during this afternoon...

"I've observed you", he earned a trademark 'are you kidding me'-look from Saguru for that. "And I saw the way you looked at him. Just confess, I, the great meitantei Kaito, have collected all the evidence! I know you want him! I've known right from the beginning you'd want him! He's just too irresistible! And you two have really much in common! Just confess!"

"Okay, okay, so maybe I do like him a lot more than is healthy for friends", sighed the blonde.

"Ha! I knew it!", triumphed the brunette. "So, my beloved Sagu-chan, what is your great plan to make Shin-chan our own? We are, after all, both geniuses. We should be able to come up with a certain plan that won't fail us."

"My plan is to let it drop", mumbled the blonde.

"Huh?", blinked Kaito confused.

"You did hear Mouri-chan, he obviously is already in love. We should leave him be, it won't be fair to confuse him further, he seems quite confused about his own feelings anyway."

"But tantei-han ain't the right one for him", whined the thief.

"Tantei-han? You don't mean Hattori-kun, do you?", growled Saguru annoyed.

Kaito smirked. He knew how much his boyfriend despised the Osakan detective. Surely enough his will to fight for tantei-kun would win over. He nodded eagerly.

"During his time as Conan-kun – yes, I know you still refuse to believe me, but it is the truth – he had met tantei-han and I think that the Osakan is one of the few that knew his true identity."

"I... don't really like the idea of Kudou-kun being with that irritating hot-head."

"Ah... Neither do I. I'd much more prefer to keep tantei-kun just to us", grinned Kaito.

"Mh, you are right, I would prefer that, too. Still, we – and that includes you, too, you overly affectionate idiot – are leaving him alone. He is rather confused, he told me so himself. Just give him some time, will you?", suggested Saguru with a sigh.

"Okay, a compromise. If he shows any signs of returning our feelings, I'm allowed to act on them, right?", agreed the brunette magician mischievously.

"I think this sounds agreeable. Alright. But no pushing him! He's very sensible when it comes to feelings. There had been a few girls how had tried to persuade him and he didn't know how to handle them. He'd be at a loss if faced with your... unique personality!", warned the blonde.

"Oi! You say that like it's a bad thing!", accused Kaito in mock-anger.

"Not entirely bad, just not very good if one's not used to it", teased the detective.

"So, anyway. When are we going to see him again?", bugged the magician.

"I will see him tomorrow morning in our classes, why?", asked Saguru cheekily.

"I think you spend too much time with me! I've rubbed off on you too much! When will we do something with him again? When?"

"He said something about a soccer game he would like to watch this weekend", drawled Saguru.

"Well, then we know where we are going to be next weekend", hummed the magician pleased.

And there they were the following weekend, standing in front of the Kudou mansion. Kaito wanted to sneak inside, but Saguru chastised him and rang the door-bell.

"Coming!", called Shinichi from inside.

He cursed slightly and opened the door. With wide, blinking eyes he looked at the couple.

"You're... early. Uh... Come in and sit down, I'll just get changed."

Kaito grinned broadly and licked his lips. His favorite brunette was naked, only a towel wrapped around his waist, water dripping down his chest. He had, obviously, just showered. The thief was very tempted to steal the towel, only Saguru's firm grip around his wrist stopped him. The blonde knew him all too well, sadly enough.

"Of course, Kudou-kun. We're sorry, but Kaito had hurried out of the house like the biggest fish alive was chasing him", excused the blonde detective.

"Fish?", asked Shinichi, blinking confused.

"Stop talking about those f—f—finny things!", protested Kaito whimpering.

"Okay... Well, follow me", nodded the brunette detective and dismissed the matter.

The couple followed their object of affection into the library, memorizing their way and every little detail in the house out of habit. The detective's eyes were trained to notice details and so were the thief's, he already had a dozen escape routs at hand, counting them more out of fun than the real intention of using them.

"Take a seat, I won't take long", smiled the Heisei Holmes, fleeting the room in a haste.

Kaito chuckled lightly, the blush covering Shinichi's cheeks had been all too cute. It was just too much fun to fluster the pretty brunette. Yeah, definitely his new pastime. He started juggling different objects he found in the library, observing with one eye how Saguru went through the books, admiring the different versions of Sherlock Holmes novels.

"Detective geek", commented the magician bored.

Really now, he couldn't even redecorate the room since Saguru had – under the threat of severe punishments like finny things, a mop-chasing Aoko and sleeping on the couch – forbade him to prank the smaller teen. How boring was that? As if tantei-kun wouldn't be able to handle a bit Kaito. But the blonde had only vaguely replied, saying something about stress and many different things on the brunette's mind. However seductively the magician had tried, he couldn't get further information out of his boyfriend.

The ringing of the doorbell interrupted his musing and the thief, not doing anything in particular anyway, left the room to open the door.

"Ohajo, Shinichi!", smiled Ran.

Her smile faltered as she eyed the messy-haired boy in front of her. An enraged huffing and a mild shove from Aoko later, Kaito saw himself face-to-face with his annoyed looking best friend.

"What did you do to Kudou-kun, BaKaito?", asked the girl, hands stemmed into her hips.

"Oi, oi, why should I have done anything to him?", protested the magician.

"Ah, Nakamouri-chan, he didn't do anything to me!", interrupted Shinichi, shoving himself between the two childhood friends to prevent Aoko from throttling the messy-haired boy.

"Aw, Shin-chan, my savior!", gasped Kaito, grabbing the smaller teen's hips and hiding behind his beloved tantei-kun.

"Call me that one more time and I'll lend Nakamouri-chan a fish", threatened Shinichi with a blush, not even sure what that threat was supposed to mean.

"Okay, Shin-chan, I won't call you my savior again", giggled the thief and ran back to the library.

"Come on, you may as well help me throttle that idiot", commanded Aoko, grabbing the detective's hand and following her moron of a best friend.

Ran, Sonoko and Masumi grinned to themselves and followed tail. Once they had reached the library, they saw Saguru sitting on an armchair, reading 'The Sign of Four' with Kaito on his lap, trying to hide from Aoko, who had demanded the Kudou-mop from Shinichi. Said detective stood a bit confused beside his friend and watched the scenery.

"Uhm, Hakuba-kun?", voiced the Heisei Holmes unsure.

The blonde looked up from his book the instant he heard his name spoken, locking eyes with the brunette and admiring their sapphire blue color. It kind of shocked him how easy it was for the smaller boy to gain his undivided attention.


"Are they... always like that?", asked Shinichi awkwardly, the question in itself irritating him.

"Ah. Yeah. Don't pay them any mind, just ignore them. You'll get used to their attics with the time, don't worry. Take a seat, it may take some time though."

"Oh... Okay... Can I get someone a coffee while we're waiting, then?", suggested the brunette.

The other girls, who had by now all taken a seat on the sofa, all nodded. Aoko and Kaito were already out of sight, most likely continuing their chase throughout the whole mansion.

"You have an exquisite collection of books", smiled the half-Brit once Shinichi returned.

"Thank you. I am sure yours is very impressive, too. Here, I made you an Earl Gray, since coffee ain't your cup of tea, so to speak", smiled the brunette detective in return, before announcing a bit louder: "Nakamouri-chan! Kuroba-kun! If you're finished running around my house, coffee would be ready! But if you prefer to keep playing, the adults will be taking their coffee in the library."

"Gomen nasai, Kudou-kun", apologized the girl flustered.

She pulled Kaito on his ear behind her, leaning the mop against the wall and forcing her stubborn best friend to sit down on the couch between herself and Kudou-kun. He had a moping look on his face and crossed his arms. What kind of impression did that make? How dare Aoko led him on like this? What kind of best friend was she, to embarrass him in front of Shinichi like that?

"Kuroba-kun? Is everything alright?", asked the brunette worried.

"Of course it is! Just because Ahoko is her usual annoying self doesn't deflate my mood! But nonetheless thank you for your concern, Shin-chan!", beamed the magician.

"You're welcome, but please stop calling me Shin-chan", mumbled Shinichi.

"But it sounds cute", whined the magician.

"So?", interrogated the Heisei Holmes with one raised eyebrow, giving one steaming cup over to Aoko and the other to Kaito.

The thief sniffed at the cup in wonder. Hadn't tantei-kun said it gave coffee?

"I made you a chocolate since you didn't look very fond of our coffees yesterday. I hope it is alright?", wanted the blue-eyed detective uncertainly to know.

"You are awesome! Sagu-chan, can we please keep him?", exclaimed Kaito with the broadest smile possible, hugging the air out of the brunette next to him.

"He's not a lost kitten, Kaito. You can't keep him", commented Saguru annoyed.

What had he said, just a few days ago? No clomping and molesting. And what was his idiotic boyfriend doing right now? The exact contrary.

"Oh! You're a genius, Sagu-chan!", grinned the magician and clapped his hands.

Pink smoke erupted all around Shinichi. Once it had vanished, there was a brown, plushy pair of cat-ears attached to the detective's head and a long, fluffy cat-tail sticking out of the boy's jeans.

"There! Tantei-neko! Can we keep him now?", pleaded the thief with big eyes.

Saguru stared at his fellow detective with wide, hazel eyes, his mouth slightly agape and strangely dry. An unwanted pink dust covered his cheeks at the intriguing image in front of him. His beloved boyfriend had both his arms wrapped around Shinichi's mid-section, one hand playing with the fluffy tail. The boy in the magician's arms was flushed crimson red out of embarrassment, peaking out from under his dark, long bangs, two cute ears standing up from in between the brown hair. It looked like a scene out of those yaoi mangas Aoko read, the ones with the cute uke catboys. Ugh, wrong thing to think about! His traitorous brain thought about all the things that were done to those cute catboys in those stories, providing him with images of himself and Kaito doing such things to the pretty brunette-turned-catboy. The half-Brit coughed awkwardly and crossed his legs to cover his half-erection from sight.

"I...", started Saguru to protest against Kaito's stupid ideas.

His words were stuck in his throat as his eyes caught onto the collar around Shinichi's neck. A bright blue leather band, matching the boy's beautiful eyes. A little gold-plate hang from the collar.

"Is that... Does that seriously say that 'tantei-neko is to be returned to Kuroba Kaito and Hakuba Saguru if found without his masters'?", asked Ran dumbfounded.

"Yup! We're going to keep him!", declared Kaito with a pleased grin.

"If you'd all excuse me, I'll be heading to the soccer game. You may stay here, I promise I won't return", announced Shinichi, wriggling free from the magician's grip.

The Heisei Holmes looked beyond pissed, leaving his library without another word. Saguru grunted annoyed and grabbed his boyfriend to pull him out of the mansion, right behind Shinichi. The girls, not knowing what to do, just followed them.

Coffee, tea and chocolate staying forgotten on the table.

"Kaito, you moron!", hissed Saguru. "What did I say about molesting him?"

"Aw, come on! He needs to get used to my attics!", protested the thief.

"Kudou-kun, wait up!", called the blonde after his fellow detective.

"I'd rather not", grunted the smaller teen, pulling unsuccessfully at the cat-ears.

"Look, I'm really sorry for his bad behavior and if he were a decent, normal human being he would be sorry too", sighed the half-Brit, falling into step with the blue-eyed teen.

Shinichi tried to hide behind Saguru, not wanting to face the overly affectionate magician. Kaito grinned and hummed self-consciously, squeezing in between his two favorite detectives, draping one arm around each of their shoulders.

"Hai, hai, I'm sorry. I may have overdone it this time. But you look really cute, you know that?"

"I'm not cute and it's alright. I just hadn't slept that well last night", retorted Shinichi awkwardly.

"Oh! Would you like your coffee, then?", asked Kaito concerned.

He flipped his hand and made the cup from Shinichi's library appear out of thin air. The Heisei Holmes didn't question the trick, only appreciating the hot coffee.

"Oi, boys, wait for us!", called Sera after them.

The four girls had a hard time following them. The seven friends walked side by side once their female counterparts had come up to them.

"Say, why don't you... uhm... remove that stuff?", wanted Ran to know, gesturing vaguely to the cat-features and the collar.

"I can't", grunted Shinichi, taking another sip from his coffee.

"Yeah! It's super-glue! That will take some hours until it wears off", hummed Kaito.

The detective sighed, pulling at the collar. What an annoying acquaintance he had gained there thanks to Hakuba-kun! In his mischievous and pranking ways he reminded Shinichi of a certain Moonlight Magician. The thought made him snort.

"Where are we going, anyway?", voiced said prankster in that second.

"Why did you tag along if you don't even know, BaKaito?", asked Aoko irritated.

"Because you guys keep stealing my boyfriend so I am forced to follow you", complained Kaito.

"The Meiteitan Grade Schoolers have a game", explained Shinichi.

"We're going to watch grade school kids?", asked the magician confused.

"Yeah! Conan-kun's old class. The Shounen Tantei-dan are so proud that they made it to the finals in this years grade school soccer league. Conan-kun would surely love to play together with them! Ayumi-chan already had said that they'd certainly win with him", smiled Ran.

"Oh! I remember them! Those five kids! I've seen them at some Kid heists!"

Well, it was the truth. He had seen the four children that trailed after tantei-kun like little ducklings.

"They had asked if we wanted to come and watch", added Shinichi.

A sad, melancholic smile graced the boy's lips. He was obviously, at least obvious to Kaito, thinking about his time as Conan. The kids had been close friends and even though they were just kids, Shinichi had bonded with them. Kaito felt bad for his favorite brunette.

"Conan-kun? Is that the chibi that always send soccer-balls flying after Kid-sama?"

"That's him!", confirmed Sonoko. "He tried vigorously to catch Kid-sama!"

"I'd have loved to meet him", grinned the magician.

"He would have liked you, too", agreed Shinichi with a sideways glance.

"Aw! I hope you like me, too, tantei-neko!", hummed Kaito in mock-worry.

It was good to hear that his tantei-kun liked him, even though he had pranked him badly.

"I suppose, if you weren't such a pain in the ass, I could like you."

"Oh, don't worry, I won't be a pain in your ass, I'd be careful and prepare you properly beforehand", whispered Kaito seductively into Shinichi's ear.

Blue eyes went wide at the implication and he turned abruptly around, kicking Kaito effectively between the legs. The magician went down as a whimpering mass.

"Kuroba no hentai!", screamed the Heisei Holmes enraged.

"What? What did the idiot do this time?", interrogated Aoko eagerly.

"N—Nothing!", squealed Shinichi flustered, not wanting to repeat it.

"Kaito, stop molesting Kudou-kun, or you're sleeping on the couch", warned Saguru.

"Thank you, Hakuba-kun", smiled the brunette detective broadly.

"One may think you're playing good cop/bad cop with Kudou-kun", mused Sera with a grin.

The blonde huffed annoyed, one arm wrapped protectively around Shinichi's waist, his other hand linked with his boyfriend to keep them apart.

"Since Kaito is my responsibility, I'll take care that our poor neko here won't be molested by him anymore, that's all", declared the half-Brit.

"I am not a cat, jeez!", objected Shinichi flushed.

"You sure look like one, Shinichi", chuckled Sonoko cheekily.

"That's his fault!", mewled the brunette detective, pointing at the magician.

"Guilty as charged", agreed Kaito proudly.

"That was not meant as a compliment!", groaned the smaller teen, hiding deeper into Hakuba's embrace, trying not to face the world, or rather not to face Kuroba.

"I'll still take it as one", shrugged the thief.

"Hakuba-kun! Your boyfriend is impossible!", exclaimed the Heisei Holmes exhausted.

"Thank you!", smiled Kaito broadly.

"Not a compliment either!", hissed Shinichi, looking annoyed at the magician from underneath the half-Brit's arms.

"Shinichi-nii-san!", interrupted a chorused call their little quarrel.

Three happy children ran to them, hugging the detective eagerly, one mildly annoyed and equally amused looking blonde girl stood a bit sideways, observing her three friends.

"You came! And you brought Ran-nee-chan and Sonoko-nee-chan and Masumi-nee-chan and Aoko-nee-chan and Saguru-nii-san with you!", cheered the little brunette girl.

She was cute, Kaito remembered her from his heists as a bright and happy child, just the way they ought to be. He knelt down beside her and made an orange rose appear out of nowhere.

"Such a lovely ojou-chan", smiled the messy-haired magician.

Oh, he loved children! The most grateful audience ever. The way her eyes sparkled and she squealed in delight at the rose, accepting his trick as magic, not trying to get behind it.

"You're a magician!", observed the freckled boy next to her in awe.

"You're right. I am Kuroba Kaito, magician extraordinaire."

Kaito nodded and stood again, swinging his arms and letting it rain sweets. The three children gathered as many of them as possible and clapped loudly.

"Show-off", snorted Saguru and rolled his eyes.

He turned his back to his boyfriend and left, together with the others, leaving the five children alone. Once the four grade-schooler noticed that their idol had left, they hurried after Shinichi.

"Shin-nii-chan?", quipped the brunette girl innocently.

"Yes, Ayumi-chan?", smiled the detective, looking down at her.

Kaito saw how genuinely happy the Heisei Holmes was, the Shounen Tantei-dan had obviously left a deep impact on him. Humming in interest, he followed them.

"Why are you wearing cat-ears?"

"Uh... That is... hard to explain, Ayumi-chan", answered the brunette teenager awkwardly.

"We need to leave, Ayumi-chan! Or we're going to be late!", urged the corpulent boy.

The children ran away again and the teenagers sat down in the first row. Kaito sat down on Saguru's lap, curling his fingers into the blonde locks. He leaned down and nibbled at his boyfriend's earlobe.

"Sagu-chan, don't you agree that Shin-chan is looking incredibly cute?", hummed the magician.

"He... He does, but that is no excuse for embarrassing him like that", scolded the blonde.

Humming in disagreement, the thief observed the brunette detective sitting next to them, all the while playing with Saguru's hair.

"What are you playing with, Shin-chan?", asked Kaito curiously.

"Ah, nothing. It's just a lucky charm", explained the detective with a faint blush.

He hastily put it back into his pocket and focused on the game. The girls giggled and talked about some cute guy that shared some classes with Ran.

"He's really cute, you know, Shinichi?", tried the girl to en-bind her friend into their conversation.

"Huh?", blinked the detective confused.

"That guy we're talking about! Taisho-kun", sighed Ran and shook her head.

"Ah. That's nice", hummed the brunette boy.

"He seemed very interested in meeting you when I mentioned that we're friends."

All three boys blinked in confusion. The smallest of them turned his head to her in astonishment.

"Are you... trying to set me up?", asked Shinichi slowly.

"And here I thought he was slow", joked Sonoko.

"Ah, but why would you do that? Didn't you say he had found someone during that case?", interrupted the magician confused, to mask his annoyance.

"That had been over a year now and he's still single", shrugged the brunette girl.

"I have my own pace, thank you very much. I don't need you to play match-maker for me."

"But I'm sure a relationship would be good for you!", objected Ran sternly.

"If you excuse me, I'll go and fetch me something to drink", growled Shinichi timidly.

The first half of the game had just ended and the Heisei Holmes got up and left without another word. Ran looked after her best friend sadly.

"I just mean the best for him", sighed the girl.

"But maybe you should leave him to his own devices when it comes to his heart", advised Saguru.

The blonde pushed his boyfriend off his lap, but before the magician could protest, he grabbed his hand and led the brunette to the drink and snack bar. The thief's face lit up as he realized that his dear boyfriend was looking for the Heisei Holmes. Although they couldn't find him.

"Maybe he went to congratulate the kids", suggested Kaito, tugging at Saguru's hand.

The half-Brit hummed in agreement and the couple went back to the field. And before they could even come near the Shounen Tantei-dan, they heard an overly sweet voice, which the magician recognized from some of his heists.

"Kaito-nii-san, Saguru-nii-san! I found something that belongs to you!", chirped the blonde girl.

The not-child held Shinichi's hand and presented it to the couple as if expecting them to take over. The Heisei Holmes glared down at the girl while Kaito took his hand with a chuckle.

"Why, thank you, ojou-san, but what makes you think that this belongs to us?"

His observant eyes saw a mischievous glint in her eyes, eyes that looked much older than they should. Even though he still didn't know what had caused his beloved tantei-kun to shrink, he knew that whatever it was, had also happened to this girl.

"The tag said so!", stated the girl, blinking adorably.

"You're such a little devil-spawn!", hissed Shinichi angrily.

"Now, Shin-chan, is that any way to talk to an innocent, little girl?", asked Kaito in mock-shock.

Shifting guiltily, the Heisei Holmes seemed to think of his next words. Not giving away anything related to his shrinking or her shrinking, even though the blonde girl had wickedly played him. She even faked tears now, what a little evil genius! Certainly, one day the teen magician had to have a nice, long talk with her.

"I—I'm sorry, Haibara-chan", pressed Shinichi out between his teeth.

She smiled and left, sending one last wicked glance at her. Kaito hugged the boy happily.

"And now, off we go to watch the game, tantei-neko!", grinned Kaito.