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Title: Three's A Charm ā€“ And Gentlemen Are Charmer

Fandom: Detective Conan; Magic Kaitou

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Gosho Aoyama for he created the awesomeness that is Kaitou KID. Ah, and Detective Conan, too. The story in itself though is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, threesome, h/c, slight crossdressing

Main Pairing: SaguKaiShin

Side Pairings: MakoSono, ShinRan (one-sided), HeiShin (one-sided), HeiKazu (one-sided), YuuYuki

Detective Conan Characters: Kudou Shinichi, Mouri Ran, Sera Masumi, Suzuki Sonoko, Tooyama Kazuha, Hattori Heiji, Haibara Ai, Kojima Genta, Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, Yoshida Ayumi, Agasa Hiroshi, Kudou Yuusaku, Kudou Yukiko, Jodie Sterling, Gin, Wodka, Vermouth

Magic Kaitou Characters: Kuroba Kaito, Hakuba Saguru, Nakamouri Aoko, Kuroba Chikage

Summary: Shinichi is back in his old body and tries to adjust, but a certain Moonlight Thief, a mischievous magician and a fellow Holmes geek complicate the whole matter significantly. Mix a jealous Hattori and some squealing girls in the equation and it results in pure chaos. One assassin won't let this chaos be a happy chaos, though. Can Kaito and Saguru successfully keep the Heisei Holmes they've grown so attached to save? And what about Pandora and KID's personal BO?

Three's A Charm

And Gentlemen Are Charmer

3. Shinichi: Of Panic, Pain and Pandora

Unsound sobs ragged his body, his fingers clawed into the legs of his jeans. He was folded as small together as possible, his head on his knees, his nails digging into his skin beneath the jeans. Experience told him that he was by now hyperventilating, but he couldn't care less. His throat was sore from all the sobbing, his eyes burned and his jeans was soaked in tears by now where he had his head rested on his knees. The rest of him was soaked, too. But that was because of the damp floor he was sitting on. When suddenly something blinded him. He blinked and lifted his head slowly and reluctantly, looking for the offending object that interrupted his self-pity. It was the monocle. To be more precisely, the midday sun hitting the monocle.

The monocle.

Maybe it was time to stop his self-pity-party. He grabbed the monocle and held to it as if it was his lifeline. With determination behind his steps, he finally stood and left the half-destructed building. His steps led him over to his neighbor.

"Shinichi-kun, what can I do for you?", asked the professor surprised.

"Is Haibara at home?", wanted Shinichi to know, rubbing his eyes, trying to hide the tears that had been streaming down his cheeks for hours.

"I am. What can I do for you, Kudou-kun?", came a voice from behind the elderly man.

The two looked Shinichi critically up and down and the Heisei Holmes shifted uncomfortably.

"I need your Detective Boy Badge", whispered the detective hoarsely.

His voice was strained from crying and he coughed slightly. Haibara scrunched her eyebrows, but she obliged nonetheless and fished her badge out to hand it over.

"What's wrong with you, Kudou-kun?", wanted the girl to know.

But he just shook his head, took the badge and left for his own mansion again. Nervously fidgeting with the badge in one hand and the monocle in the other, he went back to the ruins of his bedroom. Everything was ruined. An unamused laugh left his lips. His house was ruined, his relationship to his friends was as good as ruined, his whole life was ruined.

And now he was even desperate enough to call his rival.

"KID-san... I... don't even know if you still have the badge I gave you or if you're listening to it... But if you're listening and if you're feeling like doing a rival a favor... Come over to the Kudou mansion, I'll wait for you... Please."

Now he felt even more pathetic. He couldn't even handle his own life without help. At first he had needed the professor for a cover-identity, then the Mouris to stay at, the Detective Boys as cover, Hattori as a help during the case, the FBI on his chase, Haibara to make the antidote, Saguru and Kaito to stay at after his house got destroyed and now he needed KID.

Shinichi decided to curl himself together on his bed. Even though his bedsheets were still scorched and a bit damp. But it was his bed, maybe it could make him feel better.

As always, the thief didn't leave him waiting for too long. The rustling of the cape was the only indication that the thief had arrived. Though he wasn't alone. Shinichi wasn't sure who it was, but since the other tried to hide, he guessed it was an accomplice of KID. He couldn't really blame KID for coming with backup, Shinichi was after all a detective and the thief couldn't know what kind of request he had for the thief.

"Tantei-kun, it is as always a pleasure seeing you."

The Heisei Holmes shivered. The things this voice did to him... Slowly he uncurled himself and tried to smooth the knits in his clothes. Trying to hide the remains of his crying-session would be to no avail anyway. The thief was too good at reading people. The scrunched eyebrows of the white-clad nuisance were indication enough to know that he had noticed that something was wrong.

"You're a thief. You steal things. I need you to steal something back for me."

"Why, tantei-kun, I wouldn't have thought!", chuckled KID delightful, one of his many masks of happiness and carefreeness covering his obvious worry for the detective. "What is the great Heisei Holmes' desiring that he wants it stolen by a criminal?"

"My mother", was the simple reply.

For a second the thief looked dumbfounded. "Your mother?"

Instead of answering, the detective started to laugh maniacally and joylessly. He sacked back down onto the bed, hiding his head in his hands. The thief stood silently and observed.

"I'm pathetic...", muttered the Heisei Holmes devastated.

"Now, now, tantei-kun", tried KID to calm him down.

"I am... I could... ask the FBI, or the police force, or the detectives I'm friends with... But the only one I can think of to turn to is a criminal...", snorted Shinichi. "But the police is unable to do anything anyway... And the FBI... they... they're no real help either... even after two years... I can't pull my friends into this mess... Can't risk them getting hurt... I don't want you getting hurt either, but I know you can watch out for yourself... You're... good at keeping everyone save... Not like Kaito and Saguru... I can't... not them... I want to tell them, I really want to tell them, but that would endanger them and I've already pulled so many into my stupid mess... I can't do that to them... I care too much for them to endanger them like that... But I want to tell them, I really do because I can't keep it to myself any longer... But I love them too much to tell them, even though I know how worried they are... I wish to tell them that everything is alright, but it's not..."

"Then tell me what's wrong. I may be a thief, but I'm also a fairly good listener", offered KID in a low voice after some moments.

Shinichi looked up again, his knees close to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. Tears were streaming down his face, an empty look in his eyes as if nothing really mattered anymore.

"I've been to Tropical Land with Ran... Two years ago. There were strange men dressed in black and I've been stupid and naive enough to follow them alone... They caught me and poisoned me... But the poison didn't kill me, it shrank me. That's why I've been Conan for such a long time. Because I've been stupid enough to get involved with a highly dangerous criminal organization. And then I turned to the professor for help, pulling him into that mess, too. And Hattori. And my... parents. And I'm so short of pulling Kaito and Saguru into this, too. Because I need them... The... bad guys, they got my mother because they want me... They just can't manage to get rid of me, even though they try ever since I got my body back... Mom and dad came back after they heard what had happened to the house, because they were worried... I know I always say that they're annoying and all, but... they're my parents, the only family I have... And now my mom got kidnapped because of me... And I can't do anything to help them, except selling myself out... I'm desperate... I don't know who can help me anymore... You always try to get anything right... At your heists... Nothing happens, no one gets hurt... Please help me, I know you can get my mom back without her getting hurt..."

Never in his life before had he been equally desperate. His fingers were clawed into his hair, his eyes staring at the ground. He could hear movement, but not only the rustling cape. Whoever had been hiding decided to come out. Though Shinichi was beyond the point of caring. That was until he felt strong arms wrap themselves around his body from both sides. Recognition hit him hard, he knew the possessive-protective hold he found himself into. But he didn't dare to look up. This couldn't be true.

"We'll help you, Shin-chan", whispered the thief into his ear.

"Don't worry, we'll get your mother back, Kudou-kun."

"No", denied the Heisei Holmes and freed himself from the embrace.

He shook his head violently and stared at the couple seated on his bed. The thief's top-hat had fallen off, laying innocently beside the magician. Beside Kaito. And next to the messy-haired brunette sat the blonde half-Brit. This all had to be a horrible nightmare. Nothing else could explain this situation. His mom being kidnapped, Kaito being KID, Saguru being involved, too.

"What... You're not allowed to be involved in this!", growled Shinichi desperately and confused.

He grabbed his head, shaking it violently, his fingers clawed into his hair. This was a mess! A total mess! Kaito and Saguru were his safe haven, they shouldn't be involved in all of this.

"Calm down, Kudou-kun", whispered Saguru soothingly.

The blonde wrapped his arms around the Heisei Holmes. When did he get there? Shinichi blinked a few times and slung his arms slowly around the blonde's neck.

"I don't know a thing anymore", muttered the brunette detective monotonously.

"And that's okay", tried the half-Brit to calm the other boy.

"Yeah, how about you try to calm down a bit and then we'll talk everything through, okay, Shin-chan?", suggested Kaitou KID. No, Kaito.

KID was Kaito. Kaito was KID. They were the same. A hysterical laugh bubbled in his chest at that, he shook violently, holding onto Saguru for dear life.

"Shin-chan? Are you... laughing?", asked the magician confused, caressing the soft, brown hair with his gloved fingers.

"You're KID", laughed the detective. "Kaito, the teen magician, is KID. Kaito KID. Kaitou KID."

"When have you slept the last time, Shinichi?", urged the blonde, shaking the boy in his arms slighty. "How long have you been awake now?"

"I don't know, since I've left yours this morning, why?", snorted Shinichi, still laughing.

"You've left two days ago, Shin-chan", noted Kaito with concern.

"Iā€”I... I've been dumb enough to follow two obviously threatening persons! Clad in black, all alone with their suitcase in an amusement park. Instead of...", he interrupted himself with a laughing-fit. "Instead of just going to the police..." He doubled over in laughter, holding his stomach. "You know, Megure-keibu had been there, too... I could have just gone to them... But I ā€“ with my enormous ego ā€“ really thought I could handle it alone." All the hard laughing had caused tears to stream down his face. Or were they streaming because of something else? "And then... I get turned into a child! A drug that turns people into seven-years-old kids instead of killing them! This is... This is ridiculous!" By now he was kneeing on the floor, holding onto himself. Laughing, crying, he wasn't sure anymore. "My two best friends fall in love with me, just so I have to break their hearts. But you two! I know I can't have you, but I want you so much and I try everything to keep you out of the mess I created and call my life now, but you somehow managed to get pulled into it anyway and I don't know what to do anymore... I need to save my mom, but I don't know how and all the connections I have, all the knowledge I've gained about the Black Organization... Everything is in vain, nothing helps me any... Two years... Two years of trying to fight them..." He had laid down in a fetal position, trying to hide from everything. His life, the world. Just everything that was cruel and evil and trying to ruin him. "Two years... Nothing..." He muttered the same over and over and over again, until it all faded into darkness.


The warmth of sunlight tickled his nose. Scrunching it in annoyance he turned around and buried his face in the soft cushion and pulled the blanket closer around himself. But it was too late now. The sun had woken him up already and the voices trailing up from downstairs made it impossible to go back to sleep now.

"Shinichi, are you awake?", asked a voice he knew all too well.

He blinked confused and looked around. This was Kaito's and Saguru's bedroom. Why was he here? When and how did he get there? And what was the last thing that had happened?

"You should stay in bed some longer", advised that soft, nice voice.

He liked that voice. Everything was still a bit hazy. But when he turned to the voice, the image slowly came into focus.

"What happened, Ran?", whispered the Heisei Holmes hoarsely.

"Everything's alright, Shinichi", smiled his best friend.

She hovered over him, holding a folded cloth in her hand.

"What are we... doing here?", murmured Shinichi confused and coughed slightly.

"Sh, stay in bed", adviced the brunette karate champ and laid the cloth on his forehead. "You need to rest, Shinichi."

"Yeah, you moronic Holmes geek need to rest", interrupted another voice.

He turned to the new voice, but too fast. Everything felt dizzy and out of place. And he saw double. No, triple. No, they weren't identical. One was blonde and the other two were brunette.

"Sonoko", chided Ran. "Let him be, he's not well."

"Yeah, well", snorted the blonde irritated. "He would be well if he wouldn't be such a moron!"

"Will you tell me what the heck is going on?", demanded Shinichi weakly.

Another face came into focus. Messy brown hair, worried violet eyes.

"The shot-wound on your shoulder was infected, Kudou-kun. We're trying to take care of you, you've been in a feverish state of half-sleep for the last few days", informed she.

"Infected? Feverish state of half-sleep?", repeated Shinichi confused. "How long?"

"Nakamouri-chan", chided another voice. "Heiji and the others said we shouldn't alert him. He needs to stay put for the time being!"

"Ah, sorry, Tooyama-chan. You're right."

"Stay put? Why? How long have I been out?", tried the Heisei Holmes again, by now a tad angered because he was ignored like that. "And what's going on downstairs? Who's there? What's happening? What had been happening?"

"Shinichi", interrupted Ran softly. Why was she being so soft? That was never a good sign! Where was his strong, loud best friend? She was only being nice like that when something was majorly wrong. "Please, calm down. We'll explain everything to you later on. But now you need to sleep so you can get better and then we'll tell you everything."

"But I don't want to sleep", protested Shinichi grumpily.

"Like you get a say in that", snorted Sonoko irritated.

Before the Heisei Holmes could voice any more protest, sleep called to him again.


Everything was just the slightest bit clearer when he woke up the next time. He looked around curiously. It war dark. Night? Obviously night. Aoko and Sonoko were cuddled together on the bed, right next to him. He spotted Kazuha on the armchair opposite to the bed. And Ran had fallen asleep next to the bed, her head resting on the mattress. A small smile spread over his lips as he stood slowly, cautiously. He tried to make no sound at all as he sneaked out of the room.

The voices could still be heard, even though they were muffled.

People in suits were walking all around the living room, he spotted some semi-familiar faces, but most of them were new. And one of them... was wrapped into bandages? A woman in a feathery black dress with bandages wrapped around her face. Wow. This was obviously a feverish hallucination. Must have been so. Because next to her, leaning over the table, was no other but Jodie Sterling, pointing at some stuff that was spread all over the table, explaining something to the people listening. On the couch, opposite of her, sat Saguru, Masumi and Heiji. And there was KID, standing a bit off behind the oddly dressed woman. And on the armchair sat Haibara, a thoughtful look on her face, casting a distrusting look at the woman standing behind her. Long, blonde hair. Vermouth? No, really now. Weirdest feverish fantasy ever.

"Dad?", muttered Shinichi dumbfounded as he spotted his father on Jodie's other side.

"Shinichi!", exclaimed his father surprised.

All attention focused on him as he was spotted and for the first time he noticed what he was wearing. A boxer-shorts with KID-smileys and a white dress-shirt. Great impression he was putting up here, even though this was some weird dream. KID made a move as if he wanted to get to him, but Yuusaku stopped the thief's movement, walking up to his son himself.

"Shinichi, what are you doing out of bed? We put four nurses up for watch and they can't even keep you in bed?", scolded the older Kudou, engulfing his son in a tight hug.

"What kind of stupid dream is this?", asked Shinichi slowly.

An odd look pased over his father's face before he shook his head slowly. "Come with me, Shinichi. You should go back to bed. You're not at your best at the moment."

Yuusaku laid one arm around his son's waist and led him cautiously up the stairs again, turning his head once more to look at his companions in worry. Shinichi was unsteady on his feet, leaning against his father. His father. Where was his mother...? There was something, something in the back of his mind, something concerning his mother. But everything was so clouded and strange.

"What's happening?", whispered Shinichi in a low voice.

"Nothing you'd have to worry about, Shinichi", tried Yuusaku to sooth him. "We'll explain everything to you once you're healed again. But right now, it's only important that you'll get better."

"Better, yeah", nodded Shinichi. "Nakamouri-chan said something about an infection..."

"There was a shot-wound you've not been taking care of", his father looked displeased and worried. "The whys and hows are things I want explained later when you're okay again. It was rather critical, but Haibara-san was of great help there."

Shinichi just nodded and followed his father's lead until they reached the bedroom. Without any further complains or fights he got back into bed and closed his eyes. Better let that weird dream take it's turns on it's own. Who was he to interfere? This was too abstracts, he didn't need that now. His head hurt, he didn't want to think about all of this. Sleeping sounded good. Maybe sleeping would help to clear his head a bit.

"Good night, dad", murmured the Heisei Holmes with half-lid eyes.

"Good night, Shinichi", smiled Yuusaku and leaned down to place a soft kiss on top of his only child's head, noticing that the boy was already asleep. "Don't worry, everything will be alright again. You got yourself two very... convincing friends. And if this one friend of yours is even remotely like his father, then he'll somehow manage to make everything good again."


Everything was feeling right, perfect. It was warm and he felt safe. There was a steady drumming beneath his ear. And something was tickling his stomach. He growled a bit and batted at the offending hand. Instead of stopping though the two arms around his waist tightened their grip.

"Kaito, stop bothering him", scolded an annoyed voice. "He needs to rest."

"But he had been resting for so long, Sagu-chan!", whined the magician. "I want to talk to him again! I miss him!"

"Have I been in a coma for years of what's the meaning of this?", grunted Shinichi irritated.

"Shin-chan! You're awake!", grinned Kaito broadly and hugged him some closer.

Shinichi blinked a few times and lifted his head, looking up into the hazel eyes of the other detective. Saguru smiled down at him.

"How are you feeling, Kudou-kun?", asked the half-Brit.

"I'm feeling good. Really good", smiled Shinichi, though it soon turned into a frown. "Though I've been having the weirdest dream ever. Kuroba-kun was Kaito KID and my father was there and the Phantom Lady and the FBI and... well, basically everyone I know. It was really weird. If there would have been a white rabbit with a pocket watch, I would have thought I'd fallen down a rabbit hole and ended in Crazyland."

"Uh, Shin-chan, that wasn't a dream", drawled the magician slowly.

"Then I need a very explicit and logical explanation for this", snorted the Heisei Holmes.

"Okay, let's get started at the beginning", sighed Saguru and set up some. "You've called Kaitou KID to help you and Kaito and I came. I don't know how much of that day you still remember, but you've been very talkative before you broke down."

"You fainted!", specified Kaito with an angry scowl. "We brought you to our house and thought it all through. We found that shot-wound of yours and wanted to take you to a hospital at first, but then we decided it wouldn't be the wisest move. So I called the little nee-chan, because I figured she's somehow involved with that whole shrinking-business."

"She explained to us that your wound had been infected. That, coupled with lack of sleep, stress and unhealthy eating habits had led to a high fever", whispered Saguru darkly. "It looked really bad for a while, we thought we'd loose you..."

Shinichi turned his gaze to the blonde's chest, guilt overwhelming him. "I'm sorry... I thought it wasn't that bad, I mean... it was healing, I guessed... And I've had other things on my mind..."

"Other things than your own health?", snorted Kaito. "Look, we've talked to Hattori-kun and the little nee-chan and they explained everything to us in detail. About the whole shrinking and how you were involved with the Black Organization. And about your mother."

"So what? You decided to ally with the FBI?", grunted Shinichi disbelieving.

"Yes", was the simple answer from behind him.

"Yes?", repeated Shinichi with a dumbfounded look.

"Yes", nodded Saguru. "With my files on it, the knowledge from Kaitou KID and the Phantom Lady, the files from you, Hattori-kun and Sera-chan, the help of the FBI and this slightly disturbing woman that called herself Vermouth it only took us two weeks to take the Black Organization down. Well, that's the summarized version. It wasn't all fun and games of course."

"And... my mother?", asked the Heisei Holmes in a small voice.

"Is with your father, re-designing the Kudou mansion", nodded the half-Brit.

Shinichi sighed in relief and sagged together some.

"Though we couldn't keep the girls out of it", admitted the magician. "It was impossible. I mean, practically everyone they knew were coming together here."

"And... They know? Everything?", stretched the Heisei Holmes.

"Not that I'm KID. Officially, Kuroba Kaito had been with his sick mother. Inofficially, my mother and I had been here", grinned Kaito broadly. "And, well, the official thing is still that you have been involved into that case for the last two years. They don't know you've been Conan."

Even more relief washed over Shinichi and he snuggled a bit deeper into the magician's embrace.

"You mean... While I've been passed out in your bed, you just took down the biggest criminal syndicate in Japan? Two years and you did it in two weeks?", grunted Shinichi with one raised eyebrow.

"Well, we have been at it for a long time ourselves", muttered Kaito. "The problem was that each of us had pieces of the puzzle. Only combined it was possible for us to take them down."

"And I missed it!", groaned the Heisei Holmes with a pout.

"You wouldn't have missed it if you would take just the tiniest bit care of yourself", scolded Saguru with a slightly angry look on his face."Really, when we first met and Mouri-chan said you neglect yourself when you're obsessed with a case, I thought you'd just skip a meal or two. But I've never met someone who cared less about their own health!"

Kaito sat abruptly up, causing Shinichi to yelp and look up at the magician.

"You're not been eating right. Neither often enough nor healthy enough! Seriously, if you wouldn't have moved in with us, you would have starved already! You get yourself shot and you don't even take real care of the wound. You keep everything to yourself, always. You don't talk about your feelings, about anything! Until that's eating you up!" The magician counted everything on his fingers and glared at the brunette detective. "You've scared me to death and back when you called me through the Detective Boy Badge and when you cried so hysterically! And fainted! You... just fainted on me! But on the other hand, I'm extremely glad that you've had that breakdown, because otherwise you would have tried to take them down all on your own!"

Shinichi groaned and massaged his temples. There were many stupid things he had said back then. Many. But he couldn't remember it all too clearly.

"If you're feeling better, there's something we wanted to show you", whispered Saguru.

"Really?", asked Shinichi curiously.

Kaito jumped off the bed and clapped his hands, causing pink smoke to erupt around them. He then offered his hand to the brunette detective, who sceptically looked himself up and down. But the clothes were fine. No skirt, no frills, no pink.

"It's alright, Shin-chan. Sagu-chan forbade me to prank you until you've healed enough", smiled the magician and winked at him.

A rosy blush graced the Heisei Holmes' cheeks as he took the offered hand. His legs were still a bit wobbly so he had to rely on the thief. Saguru came up on his other side, supporting him a bit too.

"What is it that you want to show me?", asked Shinichi and tilted his head.

"You'll like it", smirked the blonde.

"But first, just to make sure it'll stay a surprise", grinned Kaito wickedly and pulled a pink cloth out of his sleeve and motioned to cover the brunette detective's eyes.

"Oi, no kinky stuff before the first date!", yelped Shinichi, his blush deepening.

Saguru leaned in some and breathed into the smaller teen's ear. "The first date will follow."

A broad grin adored Kaito's face and he nodded vigorously. "And the real kinky stuff will follow after that! But this is really just because we want it to stay a surprise!"

Reluctantly nodding, he waited until the magician knotted the cloth behind his head. His hands each grabbed one of the boys on his sides, relying on them to keep him safe. The couple led him out of the house and into the car. They drove in silence for some time and he really wondered where they were going. When they walked again, he heard them both doing shushing noises as if to keep the people around them silent. And then they stopped.

"You can look now", allowed Saguru.

He took some seconds before he removed the bothersome cloth, because he wasn't sure if he truly wanted to know. And once the cloth was indeed removed, he couldn't believe his eyes anyway.

"Haibara-san said that those two have caused you the biggest trouble. We thought you'd want to see them behind bars", hummed the magician and rested his head on Shinichi's shoulder.

The two criminals in the cell stared at them in disgust and hatred. Gin and Wodka. Behind bars. Put away forever. They would never bother him or the ones he loved again. His fingers linked with Saguru's and he pulled the blonde closer, until he could place a chaste kiss on the other detective's cheek. Kaito made a protesting noise, demanding a kiss of his own. And that he got.

"Thank you", whispered the Heisei Holmes. "But... can we go now? I don't... want to stay."

"It's a prison", snorted Kaito and rolled his eyes. "No one wants to stay here."

"I can imagine you don't like this place either", teased Shinichi with a smirk.

"That was a low blow", laughed Saguru softly.

They passed Jodie on their way out and all three of them nodded in greeting, though no words were exchanged. Because this chapter of their lives was finally closed. On their way back, Shinichi stared out of the window, watching the landscape passing by.

"If you've been KID because of the Black Organization... Will you stop now?"

"That's a complicated question", sighed Kaito.

"No, it's not", objected Shinichi irritated. "You can answer it with either yes or no."

"I've not become KID with the sole purpose of taking them down", tried the thief to explain. "My father had been the original KID and he got killed by them. Because he came into their way. I became KID to take down the guys responsible for my father's death. But I also became KID to finish what my father had started. I may have caused the fall of the Black Organization, but I still have a mission to complete."

"What... What kind of mission is this?", asked the Heisei Holmes in a low voice.

"There's that magical gem that's said to grant immortality", summarized Saguru.

"That... sounds even more ridiculous than getting shrunk", blinked Shinichi surprised.

"It's not about it being real, it's about the dangerous people who would do many things to get it. Like the Black Organization. I want to destroy it so it won't tempt anyone anymore", explained the magician.

"Okay", nodded Shinichi slowly and gazed out the window again. "Wait... Where are we going now?"

"Somewhere else", was the vague reply by their blonde driver.

"Great, thanks for the information. Really now, I've had enough surprises for one day. Can't we just pretty-please go home? And maybe re-watch that Holmes movie?"

"Only if I can dress you up again!"

It was concerning how much the trickster's eyes shone at that idea. Shinichi shuddered in discomfort, remembering the night spend watching the movie with the couple for the first time.

"Only if I can be Holmes this time", muttered Shinichi.

"Oh, but you see, Sagu-chan has like the dibs on all Holmes-cosplays", replied Kaito with a shrug. "And you were such a beautiful Irene Adler!"

"Even though you are the thief here", grunted the Heisei Holmes with one raised eyebrow.

"But you looked so cute in that dress!", whined the magician.

"God help me, one day he'll drive me insane", sighed Shinichi and shook his head. "And I'll be wearing a dress when that day comes."

Saguru only laughed at that. And then he hit the breaks. They had arrived at their second destination of the day, even though he wasn't all that comfortable with this one.

"Wait. What are we doing here?", asked Shinichi surprised and got out of the car.

"Shin-chan! You're awake! You're alright!", squealed a sandyblonde woman and ran up to him.

Before he could even react, he had both arms full with his mother. His father and another woman came slowly up to them too. The ruins of the mansion were looking good. In fact, there were no ruins anymore. It looked as if that whole accident with the flying-frying-pan never had happened at all.

"My poor baby-boy!", sobbed Yukiko. "I've been so worried about you!"

"You have been worried about me? You're the one that got kidnapped because of me!"

"Now, now, that wasn't your fault, Shin-chan", corrected his mother.

"Kai-chan! Sagu-chan! I think I haven't seen you two since the Crows had been put behind bars!", smiled the other woman and hugged the two boys.

"Yeah, sorry, Mom, but we've been busy taking care of Shin-chan", excused Kaito.

He then turned his full attention to Shinichi and grinned the broadest grin possible.

"That's right, you haven't met my mother yet! Mom, Shin-chan, Shin-chan, mom!"

"What kind of introduction was that supposed to be, idiot?", muttered Shinichi and hit him upside the head before turning to the woman. "I'm Kudou Shinichi, it's nice to finally meet the woman that had been strong enough to put up with that ball of energy for so long."

"Kuroba Chikage, it's a pleasure meeting you, Shin-chan", smiled Chikage.

She had a sparkle in her eyes. The kind of sparkle that made Shinichi want to turn and run. Because normally it meant that Kaito would either prank someone or re-dress him. Something in the back of his mind told him that some of Kaito's insanity was inherited.

"You're so cute!", squealed the woman at last and hugged him.

"I told you he's cute!", grunted Yukiko irritated. "He's our little boy after all."

"I'm feeling like a teddy bear...", muttered Shinichi in defiance. "Say, what's going on here anyway?"

"We've finally finished the renovation works!", grinned his mother proudly.

"We're going to stay. At least for a while", smiled Yuusaku.

"Oh", was all the Heisei Holmes could say to that. "Uh... We'll certainly drop by. From time to time."

"What's that supposed to mean?", demanded Yukiko to know.

"I'm rather content where I am right now. I've lived alone for long enough and that mansion is way too big for one person. And if you two are going to leave again anyway... I'll stay with Hakuba-kun and Kuroba-kun", declared Shinichi with a neutral look. "And I'd appreciate it if we could go home now, because I'm still tired and this was a long enough trip."

"You've probably right", agreed Saguru concerned. "We should get you into bed again."

"Sagu-chan! Not in front of our parents!", gasped Kaito in mock shame.

The two women started giggling. What in itself distrubed Shinichi on so many different levels that he really felt the urge to crawl into bed and never get out again. Saguru only rolled his eyes.

"I thought you'd like to see that your mother is unharmed and that your parents wanted to know that you're well again", sighed the blonde. "We'll make sure to drop by this weekend for dinner."

"Oh yes! A big family dinner!", smiled Chikage. "What do you think, Yukiko-chan?"

The two mothers started babbling and the trio headed back to the car to get back home.

"So you want to stay with us? Even though your home would be all yours again?", interrogated the magician.

"Are you sure you want to live with such an annoying thief?", asked Saguru with a grin.

"I'd rather stay with ten Kaitos than with one set of my parents", snorted Shinichi determined.

"That was... half-sweet", giggled Kaito. "You know, you've successfully avoided one topic."

"Yes. And I'm rather glad about that. Could we keep it that way?"

The couple sighed in despair.

"You're hopeless, Shin-chan", muttered Kaito.

Silence fell between them. And it was not a good kind of silence. It lasted until they finally reached their home again. And even then it still lasted. As they reached the master bedroom, it was Kaito who broke this unbearable silence.

"You know we don't have a guest room. So you're going to stay here. In our bedroom. In our bed. Don't you think we should talk about this?", questioned the magician.

"Actually-", but that was the farthest he got.

Because fierce lips pressed themselves against his and he stared in surprise at the blonde.

"That was... unexpected", muttered Shinichi doe-eyed once they parted.

"You seem unable to understand hints when it comes to this topic, so maybe if you've faced with the conclusion you'll understand", smirked the half-Brit against his lips.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, get moving, Sagu-chan, I want some Shin-loving, too!", ushered the annoyed thief and pulled Shinichi into a heated kiss of their own.

"I know I risk sounding like a complete moron by asking this, but... What's the meaning of this?", whispered the Heisei Holmes confused as the magician pulled him onto the bed.

"You said you want us. You said you love us. And now it's our turn. Because we want you and we love you and we've tried it subtle-"

"Putting him into dresses and cat-ears and collars is not subtle, Kaito."

"-don't interrupt me, Sagu-chan! So, we've tried it Kaito-subtle. Better now?" The blonde nodded. "Good. Anyway, subtle. And you didn't get it. Perverted comments. And you didn't get it. Cuddling. And you didn't get it. Taking a criminal organization out for you. And you still don't freaking get it. I don't know what it is, but you're blind. So here we are, trying it in the most obvious manner of them all: Kissing and making out."

"But... we only kissed", blinked Shinichi, now even more confused.

"We're not finished with you, Shinichi", whispered Saguru into his ear and kissed his neck.

The brunette detective shuddered at that.

"This is going to be the start of something very, very intense and equally awesome. But only if you really wan-"

The rest of Kaito's sentence was swallowed by soft lips as the Heisei Holmes slung his arms around the magician's neck and pulled him close, feeling the blonde behind him.

For once he had to agree with Kaito.

This may have been the end of many of his problems, but it was still only the beginning.

The beginning of something great and beautiful.

~*~ The End ~*~

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