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Title: Percy in Paradise – Aphrodite's Scheming

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians; post series; no Heroes of Olympus

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, moresome, incest, anal, explicit intercourse, h/c, bondage, slight blood-play, child abuse (mentioned/past), oral, double-penetration

Main Pairing: Polympians (Dionysus/Percy, Apollo/Percy, Hermes/Percy, Ares/Percy, Hephaestus/Percy, Hades/Percy, Zeus/Percy, Poseidon/Percy)

Side Pairings: Hades/Persephone, Zeus/Hera, Aphrodite/Ares, Poseidon/Amphitrite, Nico/Percy, Luke/Percy (past), Percy/Annabeth (past)

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Hestia, Dionysus, Artemis, Apollo, Iris, Hermes, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hecate, Ares, Demeter, Zeus, Persephone, Hades, Nemesis, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Amphitrite, Tyson, Nico di Angelo, Clarisse la Rue, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace

Summary: Annabeth broke Percy's heart after he had given up on immortality for her. Aphrodite comes up with a wicked plan. Though they have to face the opposing goddesses on their way to making Percy (and the male gods) truly happy.

Percy in Paradise

Aphrodite's Scheming

Ninth Seduction: Perseus, With the Help of the Goddesses

Percy yawned slightly. He felt completely exhausted, but in the best of ways. As he slowly came to it again, memories flashed before his eyes. Memories of all the things that had been done to him this week. A pleased grin tugged on his lips at that and he felt himself hardening.

"Someone seems to have dirty thoughts", commented his father.

"Morning, daddy", smiled the Sea Prince as he felt rouge fingers caressing his cock.

"Good morning, love", replied the Sea God and kissed his son.

Percy loved the salty taste of the sea and licked his lips once they parted.

"Scoot over, brother, I want my morning kiss too!", interrupted the annoyed voice of Zeus.

"Us too!"

That were too many voices. The demi-god blinked surprised and looked around.

"I have the feeling I'm not in Kansas anymore, Toto", muttered the son of Poseidon surprised.

This wasn't the underwater palace. It was pretty dry and very blue. A huge bedchamber with a light blue marble floor, marine blue curtains waving in the breeze, giving him the view of the smaller palaces of mount Olympus, hinting that he was right now in the main palace. The bed he was laying on was probably the biggest bed he had ever seen in his live. It was round and placed on a three-step elevation in the middle of the room, a bit like a altar. The big window was behind the bed, in front of it was a golden door, crafted with fish and other sea animals on it. Left and right were sea blue curtains around the bed and Percy assumed they could be pulled around the bed and shield it from sight. There weren't many things inside the room. A mighty closet, a vanity with the brightest jewels around it's frame, a desk with a nice leather chair in front of it to the bed's left and a dark blue couch, a glass table, a shelf full with DVDs and the biggest flatscreen he had yet seen hanging on the wall itself, in perfect view for both, the couch and the bed. There was another, a smaller, door next to the vanity, most likely leading to a bathroom (because if a huge-ass bedroom like this didn't have it's own bathroom, someone had to talk to the architect!). All in all, it was the most amazing and beautiful bedroom Percy had ever been in.

And the seven gods lingering on the couch were a nice plus too. Dionysus was drinking a glass of red wine, with his father throwing warning glances at him (since the Wine God was supposed to not drink due to his punishment). Apollo, Hermes, Zeus and Hades were playing what looked like poker, while Hephaestus and Ares were arm-wrestling. Or rather, that was what they had been doing, since they seemed to have frozen once the Sea Prince had spoken and were all staring animatedly at him. Poseidon laid beside his son in the bed, tenderly caressing the boy's sides. This must have been his father's room for when he came to Olympus.

"Well, if you guys want your good morning kiss you do have to move your asses over here and get it", chuckled Percy and sat up some, staring at them expectantly.

As if that was what they had been waiting for, all of them jumped off the couch and practically attacked him. He felt lips on his own, just to be pulled away from them and kissed by the next. Hand were touching him everywhere and sending his senses into overdrive.

"Calm down, you horny gods!", grunted the Sea Prince flustered as at least three of the gods started to rub their erections against his tights. "Let a guy wake up before you shag him, will you?"

"No", growled Dionysus possessively and Percy could feel the vines wrapping around his wrists as the Wine God kissed him harshly. "I've been locked in here for days, picturing your beautiful, naked body beneath me again. Waiting is not an option any longer."

"Mh, you got him tied up?", purred Apollo intrigued, his hands wandering over Percy's torso.

"I like that. Tying the fierce sea down", nodded Hermes, kissing Percy's throat.

The Sea Prince gasped as the vines lifted him into a kneeing position, his hands above his head. He left other vines crawling onto the bed from beneath it, curling around his tights and forcing his legs apart. A blush spread over his cheeks at his naked and inviting state and the hungry looks in the gods' eyes. Hephaestus leaned over and cupped his lower cheek, just as Ares did from the other side. The two always fighting gods pulled them apart to give the three brothers access to his hole. Dionysus kissed him again while Zeus, Hades and Poseidon each pushed a single digit inside the half-blood, each pulling the tight hole into another direction, stretching him to prepare for what was about to come. Sea-green eyes cast a curious look down as he felt someone licking his dick. Hermes and Apollo both moved their tongues along his length. This was all way too much pleasure at once. Three men working his whole, two massaging his ass, two licking his cock and one kissing him.

"You guys are completely crazy", moaned Percy blissfully as Hephaestus and Ares started to each suck on one of the boy's nipples, licking and biting them.

"Yes, Perseus", agreed Hades, tenderly kissing the teen's back. "Completely crazy for you."

"For once, I have to agree with you, brother", murmured Zeus, his teeth scratching Percy's shoulder.

The son of Poseidon moaned in ecstasy as he came hard from the sheer pleasure of the many touches. Hermes and Apollo sat up some and smirked at him.

"You naughty, little thing. Coming before we even get started", chided the Sun God.

"Uncle, you haven't raised him well", smirked the thief and stole a kiss from the Sea Prince.

Apollo started sucking on the boy's neck on one side, while the Wine God took the other side.

"What... are you planning on doing to me here?", asked Percy, half afraid of the answer.

"We're going to fuck you", answered Zeus nonchalantly. "And since you insisted that I won't stop the other gods from taking you when they want you, everyone of us will get their share now."

"But there are eight of you!", gasped the Sea Prince. "I won't be able to sit or walk for days!"

"Who said anything about you sitting or walking in the next few days?", chuckled Dionysus.

The vines tightened some more and also parted his legs a few more inches to make a point.

"Yeah, I like you right where you are and exactly how you are. Wide spread and ready to be taken", murmured the War God pleased with noises they drew from their boy. "I like the sounds you make."

"You should have heard him when I spanked him", snickered Poseidon.

"You spanked him?", came the chorused and intrigued question from the other gods.

The Big Three each added another finger at their administrations as the Sea God nodded.

"Until that beautiful ass of his was all red", growled Poseidon with dark eyes.

"Mh, I really like the sound of that, uncle", grinned Hermes broadly.

"I think this here was a fantastic idea", exclaimed Apollo. "So we can trace expertise and ideas."

"Oh good gods, you're set on driving me crazy", mewed the demi-god desperately.

"Tell us that you don't want it and we'll stop", offered Hades with a smirk as he and his brothers retreated their fingers from within their boy.

"N—No!", whimpered the half-blood at the loss of the touch. "Don't stop!"

"So eager to be taken", noted the smith fascinated, twirling a nipple.

"Though now the big question... Who goes first?", grunted the Lightning God.

All of them seemed at the verge of screaming their own name and starting a fight when the son of Poseidon grunted irritated. "If you as much as raise your voice to fight, I'm out of here."

The gods went silent at that threat and stared at him horrified. His father chuckled slightly.

"Then how about you decide who goes first?", suggested Poseidon and kissed his son.

Percy smiled and deepened their kiss. "How about you go first, daddy?"

"That's unfair! He had just gotten to shag you!", protested Zeus with a pout.

"Silence, brother", grunted Hades irritated. "Perseus decides."

"I like that", grinned the Sea Prince stupidly. "The gods listening to my command for a change."

"Your word is our command, Perce", purred Apollo into his ear and nibbled on the shell.

"Then how about I get another blowjob while dad fucks me?", grinned Percy daringly.

"As you wish, my fair prince", whispered Dionysus with a grin of his own and went down on him.

The Sea God positioned himself at his son's entrance and pushed slowly into him. The demi-god threw his head back in pleasure as the thickness slid inside of him. He rested his head against his father's shoulder and enjoyed the attention he got. Closing his eyes to only relish the feeling of lips all over his body and cock inside of him, he moaned hoarsely.

"Harder, daddy", mewed the Sea Prince needfully. "More."

"So beautiful", admired Ares, his hands wandering down their boy's tight.

The Sea God went harder, holding the demi-god in place while thrusting deep into him. The other gods kissed every place of soft skin they could reach, leaving their marks all over the teen's body. Percy felt himself coming again, the lips on his member being replaced by another god, or two, he wasn't so sure. And then his father came, filling him, making him whine in pleasure.

"I love the face he makes when you come inside of him", grinned Apollo wickedly.

"That's true, it's really beautiful", admired Hephaestus, his fingers trailing over rosy lips.

Sea-green eyes opened suddenly, wild and lustfully, staring at the smith with a silent command. The god understood and complied, taking Poseidon's place to thrust into the now with cum lubed hole. Percy groaned hoarsely at the extreme thickness of the smith. He certainly wouldn't tell the other gods, but Hephaestus certainly was the thickest.

"You're so tight", grunted the smith, callous hands gripping the waist hard.

"In all those millenniums and with all those hundred and hundr-", Zeus interrupted himself at the glare of the demi-god and coughed. "And the few lovers I took, I've never had a hole as tight."

"Watch what you're saying mister, or else you may only watch from the sidelines this time!"

"You're evil", murmured the Lightning God and kissed the teen hungrily.

"How about you put your mouth to other use instead of talking", smirked Percy suggestively.

"That's what I love about you, lad", snickered the War God. "A real feisty, little bitch."

Hephaestus gave a grunt in agreement before he emptied himself inside that incredibly tight ass. After he pulled out, he gave the round cheeks a hard slap and stole another kiss.

"So, who's next?", asked Apollo eagerly, his fingers slipping between the creek to play with the cum-oozing hole. "Say my name, Perce, I know you want to say it. Just do it."

"Sorry, sunny", grinned Percy apologetically. "But Mister D is next."

The Sun God pouted slightly and kissed the teen, watching how the Wine God eagerly thrust into the ass he wanted to claim. Instead of just watching, the blonde god went down on the demi-god once again, loving to drive the boy from one orgasm into the next.

"At the end of this night, you won't be able to remember your own name", smirked Hermes.

He worked the swollen, dark pink nipples some more, them already being overly sensitive because of the avid way the gods kept sucking and biting them.

"Oh gods yes, there, harder, please", moaned the teen as Dionysus aimed perfectly at his prostate.

Apollo's cunning tongue send him over the edge for a third time and everything slowly started to get a bit dizzy for him. This was his third orgasm in a way too short time and he could feel how Mister D came inside of him. All those sensational things happening to him at the moment were certainly driving him completely crazy at the end of the night.

"Who's next?", chorused the other gods eagerly with their painfully hard erection pointing his way.

Percy grinned lopsided at them, by now hanging rather motionless in his bounds.

"Uncle Hades..." The Death God grinned triumphantly at his pouting brother. "And uncle Zeus."

"Wait, what do you mean by and?", asked Zeus a bit confused.

"Since you two always fight, I think it's important for you to learn a lesson about sharing... So you may share my ass for a start", smirked Percy seductively.

The two brothers shared a disbelieving look, both hesitating for a second.

"If you two can't get over your difficulties, then you both can skip this session and Hermes can go next", said the teen slowly with an unimpressed look on his face.

"No!", yelped the brothers hastily and hurried around the boy to his ass.

"I'm not so sure if I truly want to be inside the same ass as you", muttered Zeus lowly.

"No bickering, or you're banned to the couch to watch", warned Percy with one raised eyebrow.

"Damn, he really got them", grunted Hermes impressed as he watched his father and uncle entering the boy, going at a steady pace.

"What do you mean by them?", laughed Apollo. "The way I see it, he got us all."

"Oh good, yes, so full!", groaned the teen at the feeling of two cocks within him.

"You're a wicked little genius, love", grinned Poseidon and kissed his son.

"I know, daddy", grinned Percy back and licked his lips.

His uncles worked his ass thoroughly, one thrusting in as the other slowly pulled out, stimulating him so much that he came at the barest touch of Ares. He panted breathlessly at his orgasm, his head swirling a bit at all the pleasure he had received by now.

"Please come, I can't take it that much longer", slurred the Sea Prince exhausted.

"I'm sure you can, by dear", smiled Hades, increasing his speed.

He and his brother thrust into the tight heat as hard as possible, both ejaculating the same moment. Percy wrinkled his eyebrows at the amount of cum within him.

"Get off, you two, and hurry a bit", ordered Hermes a bit irritated because he was so horny.

"Poor Hermes", laughed Dionysus a bit sarcastically. "Didn't get shagged yet?"

"Don't be an ass, Dionysus", laughed Percy softly. "And yes, Hermes, you can."

Zeus and Hades kissed Percy's cheeks as they crawled around their lover and laid down in front of him to watch, both brothers equally pleased by their shared release. The Messenger God grinned broadly, licking his lips as he positioned himself at the hole, slowly easing himself into it.

"Oh, fuck, you're so incredibly tight", grunted Hermes as he started to thrust.

Percy couldn't really concentrate on the fucking anymore, it was kind of a blur how the thief fucked him and somehow he had a feeling he had blacked out in between, because there were some concerned looking gods all over him when he next opened his eyes.

"Are you alright, Perce?", whispered Hermes into his ear from behind. "Should I stop?"

"No, it's fine... I like it, this, I'm just... keep fucking, please..."

Percy licked his lips, looking at the god currently within him with a small smile.

"Are you sure?", asked Poseidon, already in his protective-dad-mode.

"A few more vines to prop me better and I'll be fine", grinned his son.

The camp director nodded his head and the vines grew along the teen's arms and legs until they were solemnly supporting his full weight and he could just lean back and enjoy the attention.

"Thanks", smiled Percy. "And now continue with the fucking please, Hermes."

"As you wish, my dear", smirked the Messenger God obediently and thrust back in.

The Sea Prince grunted, knowing his ass would hurt so horribly in the morning. And looking down at his body, other places would most likely hurt too. He was practically covered in hickeys.

"Ares, kiss me", ordered the son of Poseidon.

The War God smirked and kissed their boy roughly, biting the already swollen red lips.

"Do you want me?", breathed the Sea Prince against his once they parted.

"You know the answer to that one, lad", snorted Ares.

"Yeah, but I want to hear you saying it", growled Percy. "Say how much you want me."

"Fuck, I think I never wanted anyone as much as you, not since I first laid eyes on Aphrodite."

"Could we keep my wife out of this, please?", hissed Hephaestus a bit irritated.

The War God threw a meaningful look at him and the smith looked ready to kill.

"You two go by the same rules as Hades and Zeus!", warned Percy sternly. "And as any other god present. Fighting equals in no sex. So play nice, boys."

"You're horrible, Perce", snickered Apollo, his fingers stroking the teen's hardness.

"Oh please stop that", groaned the son of Poseidon. "I'm dried out. I can't..."

"I think there's still some juice left", smirked the Sun God. "I mean, as soon as Hermes fills your greedy ass with his cum, you're going to come too, aren't you? Because you're a little cum-addict."

The Messenger God moaned at those words, driven over the edge by their truth. And much to Percy's shame, so did he as soon as Hermes came inside of him.

"What do you mean, brother? We're going to double him too? He doesn't look like he would last two more rounds", commented Ares with one raised eyebrow.

"That is a refreshingly good idea, considering that it came from you", grinned the Sun God.

Hermes fell backwards onto the bed, blissfully exhausted by his orgasm, watching how his two brothers went to the cum dripping hole to occupy it again. He would feel bad for Percy, if he wouldn't know what a kinky little bitch the boy was. Being bound there and pleased by his multiple lovers, being so thoroughly used by them. A needy moan escaped Percy's lips as the two cocks entered him. Sadly enough it wasn't that much to watch since both were so horny that they didn't last all that long.

"We need to make a time schedule", contemplated the Messenger God as his brothers shot their loads in the already full hole.

"A time schedule?", repeated Dionysus intrigued.

"Yes, a Percy-time schedule", nodded Hermes as his brother lowered the vines with the boy onto the bed. "I mean, look at how exhausted he is now. We can't keep going like that or we're going to break him. He needs time between the fucking."

"That's true", nodded Hades thoughtful. "And since I am not living here, I wish special time."

"What? Just because your wife leaves for the summer doesn't mean you'll get him to yourself the whole summer", protested Zeus irritated.

"Boys", panted Percy a bit surprised.

"Zeus is right. I don't live on Olympus either, I demand just as much time with him. If not even more since he is my son", declared Poseidon annoyed.

"Boys?", tried the half-blood again.

"And what about me? I'm stuck at that stupid camp!", growled Dionysus.

"Enough now!", screamed Percy desperately and silenced his lovers. "If anyone decides how much time I spend with who, then it's going to be me. I am not a whore who's going to spend his time from seven to nine with one of you just to switch to the next bed for the next shift!"

The scowl on his face and the glare with those storm-clouded sea-green eyes was enough to make the gods all nod like obedient little puppies. They started kissing him apologetically all over.

"We didn't mean it like that and you know that, right?", whispered Apollo.

"It's just that we all want our fair share of time with you, because you're amazing", soothed Hermes.

"Okay, okay", chuckled Percy between the kisses. "But what's this 'we're not living at Olympus'-business supposed to mean? I'm not living here either."

The gods exchanged a few looks, blinked a bit confused, some of them shaking their heads as if they were having a silent conversation without the demi-god knowing. It was his father who came closer in the end, caressing Percy's cheek softly.

"Percy, take a look around. What do you think is this room."

"Your guest-room for when you come over for a meeting, dad?", answered the teen.

"Oh, in my father's name, you can be dense, punk!", groaned Ares annoyed.

"Excuse me?", snorted Percy and raised one eyebrow at him.

"What my brother means", grunted Hephaestus and glared at the War God. "Is that this is your room. We actually build it together just for you."

"Wait... That... enormously awesome bed and that flat-screen and that wicked view... is mine?", muttered the boy surprised. "But... Why?"

"Like I said", smiled Zeus and leaned in to kiss his nephew. "Stay. For all eternity."

"We want you to become our eternal consort, Perseus", said Hades. "Our shared eternal consort."

"You're... offering me immortality again?", asked Percy slowly.

"Godhood", nodded Dionysus. "As the God of Homosexual Desires and Pleasure."

"Yeah", nodded Hermes. "Since mine and Aphrodite's kid is the God of Bisexuality we noticed a certain lack of a proper god of homosexuality around here. And with all the stuff going on down there, I think the mortals are in severe need of one."

"This is just for you, Perce", smiled Apollo. "And you said you loved Paris. There are so many places on this planet you haven't seen yet. Let me show them to you."

"I've built the television for you. It gets every channel you want. So even if you're tired of us bugging you, you won't get bored", said Hephaestus a bit awkwardly, feeling slightly uncomfortable with making presents for others.

"What do you say, Percy?", whispered Poseidon, running his fingers through his son's hair. "Will you take immortality to become our lover?"

"Just think of all the hot things we could do to you in that time", smirked Ares and licked his lips.

All of them stared expectantly at him and he had to smile.

"This is... very awesome, you know", smiled the teen.

"I knew you'd love that room", grinned Zeus. "You're going to enjoy your time on Olympus."

"And in the underworld. Nico and Persephone already started decorating a room for you."

"And in Atlantis", added Poseidon, throwing warning glares at his brothers.

"I haven't said yes yet", chuckled the teen and crossed his arms.

"What's that supposed to mean?", asked the gods nearly in one voice.

"That means no", declined Percy. "The same answer I gave you a few weeks ago. I won't take immortality. If you want me, you can come and visit Earth, but I turn down immortality."


"Oh, you've got to be kidding me!", groaned Hecate irritated and slumped in her seat.

"After everything we went through to make this work?", hissed Nemesis.

"This boy is completely out of his mind", grunted Iris and shook her head.

"All the lovemaking – and he was enjoying it – and he says no?", muttered Artemis.

"Aphrodite, why didn't your plan work?", asked Hestia in a small, concerned voice.

"It did. He does take them as his lovers. He's just... still against immortality, I guess."

"Yes, well", grunted Demeter. "And now? I mean what, he's going to be hot for another twenty, if he's lucky, thirty years. And then? He's old. And the gods won't want him any more. And we're stuck with them bickering and fighting again. That boy could at least control them!"

"Well", smirked her daughter and leaned in. "I guess this is not the end just yet."

"I have to agree with you there", smirked Aphrodite and leaned back in her seat. "This is just the beginning. I'll be damned if we can't make that work."


"And what are we going to do now?", hissed Athena irritated.

"We have to get rid of this brat somehow! Before he changes his mind about immorality! Because once he agrees to that, we won't have another chance", growled Amphitrite.

"Don't worry girls, I already have the perfect plan", smirked Hera and leaned back.

~*~ The End ~*~

Author's note: Yes, I put an end to this. I've wanted to have this completed with the last seduction. And I feel that the bonus chapters would burst it. So I'll make a SEQUEL.
Since 'Percy in Paradise' takes place before the 'Heroes of Olympus', I plan on setting the sequel during the 'Heroes of Olympus' series. And no, it will not be a boring re-writing of the books, don't worry. I'll focus the 'Lost Hero' on the pouting gods missing their lover. So I'll put the ones intended as bonus chapters there as memories of the gods in which they dwell in their misery. The 'Son of Neptune' will get some Nico action and some Mars action at Camp Jupiter and some Thanatos as soon as he's saved. And then I'll take a look if 'Mark of Athena' will be already out and read by me, or if I'll take my liberties with it.
But since there aren't that many gods present during those two books, I thought about maybe adding a few more demi-god-lovers of Percy. But I'll leave that one up to you, so go and check my newest poll (I love polls).
Anyway, I hope to see you all at the sequel and I want to thank you for reading and even more so for reviewing 'Percy in Paradise'. See you next in 'Lover of Olympus'. ;)