Title: Scare
Author: doctorfemur
Fandom: Un-Go
Rating: G
Prompt: Table 3 - #037 Grin
Word Count: 207
Characters: Yuuki Shinjurou, Inga
Pairing(s): N/A
Summary: Of all the things Shinjurou has seen, the one that scares him most is Inga's grin.

It's before Inga transforms, when he's saying I can't hold it in anymore and You know what I mean, don't play dumb, that his face is the most terrifying. It isn't anything Shinjurou hasn't seen before, but his manic grin and the glint in his eyes manage to frighten the detective every time. It's that inhuman look that erases the idea that Inga is just a sweet little boy.

If only they could see him, Shinjurou thinks. If only the people cooing over his cute little assistant could see the face that strikes fear into his heart, without fail, every time he sees it. He's not bitter, really, but he wishes someone else could see what makes him so uneasy around Inga's female form.

Or maybe he's a little bitter. But who could blame him? If they'd seen what he's seen, they would understand.

No matter, no matter. Shinjurou will just have to watch out; avoid Inga's gaze when he starts to sway, or just avoid him altogether when he runs away. If he can avoid it, he'll be alright.

It doesn't stop the nightmares of that insane little grin creeping up on him, muttering God-knows-what at him. But it's okay; he doesn't need to sleep anyway.