Title: butter-soft butterflies
Author: doctorfemur
Fandom: Un-Go
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Table 3 - #040 kiss
Word Count: 266
Characters: Yuuki Shinjurou, Inga
Pairing(s): Inga/Shinjurou
Summary: Inga's feelings transform when he does.
Notes: This might've completely fucked up Inga's personality and the concept of him transforming but I kind of couldn't resist to write this.
Written before the series ended so it probably conflicts with the ending a little.

When she is a woman Inga is in control; not so much dominant but abusive in the way she beats him around, yells at him, degrades him, because she is just so much better than him when she's this way. Shinjurou hates it, but he deals with it. After all, who else is going to keep her from killing?

When he is a child Inga is almost adorable, though the memory of his other personality marrs this. Shinjurou is almost afraid to let him get too close. It doesn't matter, anyway, just keep a stoic face and don't think about it.

Her kisses are butter-soft and almost gentle, a striking contrast from her personality. And Shinjurou hates it. He hates that she's almost irresistable and that without fail she always ends up on top of him on the couch and it's so uncomfortable, both mentally and physically because he hates it but he can't resist. It's got to be one of her skills, he thinks.

Inga has only kissed him once in his child form. He is almost a completely different person when compared to her; he is almost shy in such scenarios, but it was as if he'd sensed her lust for Shinjurou and felt the need to express it. His kiss was sweet and gentle, like a butterfly against his lips, and Shinjurou almost didn't notice it until it ended. Nothing more, and that was fine; he was still only a child, at least physically.

And he thinks maybe it'd be easier, accepting kisses from Inga, if he stayed in that one form forever.