You Belong with Me

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Chapter 1: My Heart is yours

I am in the square. There is a crowd of people blocking the stage. I get closer to the stage and I see a whipping post. Strapped to it is a blond boy with a back that is gruesome with blood. Then I realized I know this boy it is Peeta. Why is he up there? I run straight to the stage but as I reach the stage I can't get any further, something is blocking me to rescue Peeta. I kick, punch and beat the force field but it won't budge. I call out Peeta's name but he doesn't seem to hear me. He just cries out in agonizing pain. Then suddenly the scene changed. I was in the arena again hiding safely in the cornucopia. I am scanning the clearing then I see him. I see Peeta. He is running. He is running from something. A giant mutt is chasing him. The mutt looks like Cato. Cato's mutt version lunges towards Peeta and attacks Peeta's bad leg. I try to get down from the golden horn but I can't I am trapped in it. I beat at the force field but once again I am still trapped. I scream Peeta's name. He seems to hear because he looks towards me. But Cato's mutt version seems to sense it too and he starts to bite deeper into his leg. "Katniss" Peeta screams. I scream for Peeta but it is no use my screams are muted again. Then suddenly I wake up screaming. I am in my bed the sheets and pillows are everywhere. Strangely Peeta would be here to comfort me. Maybe I was not too loud for him to hear me. I immediately get out of bed and go down stairs to go to the kitchen. And there waiting for me are two sparkling blue eyes. Thank God Peeta is ok. I run to Peeta and hug him. It has been a long time since I have given him any affection. I spent the last few months dealing with the loss of Prim, sweet Prim. And not to mention the demons that visit me every night. My nightmares are usually about everyone I know. As I get into Peeta's arms I start to cry. Peeta immediately comforts me. "Another nightmare?" he asks. I nod to his question. "What is it about?"At this I wipe my eyes and tell him. "It was about you. You were being whipped in the square and you were being chased by Cato in his mutt version, while I just had to stay there and watch." Immediately start to cry. He wipes my tears away and comforts me. "Katniss" he puts his hand on my chin so I am facing him. "I am here fine and healthy. I was not whipped nor have I been chased by mutt Cato." I immediately calm down. It is so sweet he tries to bring me back to reality. In response I tell him "I love you, Peeta" his face instantly brightens up. "I love you too, Katniss" he then kisses my forehead, his lips so warm and gentle on my skin. "I am making your favourite Katniss, cheese buns with a side of poached eggs." I smile at his words. I response to him with an ok, then I set the dining table for me and Peeta and sit down. As I wait for Peeta to finish cooking I think of what I have been through with Peeta. We have suffered so much. He is my Peeta and I am his. My heart is his.

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