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My thoughts and feelings

chapter 1

It had been seven years since the young half-vampire Darren Shan had joined the Cirque. In those seven years he fought for his life and the life of a friend against the wolf-man, watched his friend die a cruel, horrible, and unfair death, fought to save another friend in a far off city, had helped in the killing of another that would mean his own death if word got out about it. I was walking around the camp with nothing to do. I was different from the others who were like me. I was the outcast.

As I walked I noticed a figure leaning up against a tree. Looking close, I saw that it was a man in a yellow coat with green boots, white hair, and his trademark heart shaped watch. This man was feared by all that knew him. Even I and the others like me felt this fear. He was Mr. Tiny, our creator. He gestured for me to come closer and I had to obey, even if I didn't want to. He was the one that gave us a chance at life again, but he could kill us just as easily. I stopped just short of him looking up at him to see what he wanted.

"Good evening, Master Mulds," he greeted me with a smile that I was not fooled by. Everyone knew that he only grinned when trouble was near. I nodded my head in acknowledgement.

"The time is upon us," he said. "Soon Larten and his assistant will be off to vampire mountain and you are to go with them."

I cocked my head in confusion. Why would I be going to the home of the vampire clan?

"I'm sending you and another because young master Darren is going to need someone to protect him on the way," he explained. "That and it is time for you to talk. The main reason you are going is because you are the only one that can talk and the message you are going to give the princes would make a bigger impact coming from you than it would from me." He turned to walk into camp looking for Mr. Tall's trailer.

"The message for the princes is this, tell them: The night of the Lord of the Vampaneze is at hand. That should give them quite the shock." His grin was huge now. Seeing him this way was horrible. Seeing him like this meant that there was death coming. The death of many, and he was getting excited like a child on Christmas. He beckoned for me to follow. It was time to meet with the vampires.

Many weeks later.

We had been traveling for many weeks. The land had changed a lot in that time. From forest to sleeping little town to massive cities to rural unpopulated areas. As we were getting closer to the mountain the weather had too changed. It was rainy and cold one night then lightly snowing the next. I didn't even notice the cold though, so I wasn't bothered by it. Most of the time on cold days the vampires would sleep laying next to each other to share body heat. Myself and the other little person would talk to each other while we were watching the vampires sleep. We didn't need much sleep and could stay awake for days on end. We would talk about what it would be like in the mountain. I thought that it would just be like a mountain but my friend thought it was a grand and noble place. He had the notion that the mountain was like a palace in human stories and I laugh at him and tell him that he had spent too much time around humans. He was a lot older then I was and he knew who he was before he had died whereas I was still clueless as to my past.

After a while I decided to go hunting for some food. We were camped in a small cave near the base of the mountain and, by my reckoning, we would be there in another three weeks or so. We had run into one of Larten's friends a few days ago and then Darren found the wolfs yesterday. I found a big fox and brought it back to the cave but I didn't eat any of it.

Later that night we came upon a valley filled with thick sharp vines. As the vampires stripped, Larten burst out laughing when he saw Gavner's yellow elephant boxers. I was glad that I was wearing a hood and a mask because I was also grinning at the sight. It was funny seeing the buff General in something that ridiculous.

As we picked our way through the thorns, Larten told us to walk in front and we didn't really mind for we were making jokes about the boxers. The wolfs started to growl loudly at something in the distance. As we went on we soon discovered that they were growling at a piece of fabric that had dried blood on it. The blood belonged to a vampaneze, one that wasn't even supposed to be on this part of the world because of the treaty between the clans.

The vampires were obviously troubled by this turn of events and decided that it was best to scout the area. Darren had to stay behind because he would cause too much noise and would be easily spotted. My friend and I spent most of the time fixing our robes that had been torn to pieces while Darren played with the smallest wolf who he named Rudy. They had been gone from the little outcropping that we were stationed behind.

I was on the verge of relaxation, when I heard the bellow of a bear.

To be continued