A/N: Please read this note before you read the actual fanfic. It's kinda important. :) This is a story on the graphic novel Amulet. I don't know if there is a novel on it or not so I went with the graphic novel. In book four Max betrays Emily and then gains her trust again in the Garden of Keepers. When Emily, Max, Pierce and Ronnie were in the void he got their full trust. This is the part were Max Helps Emily when she is about to fall off the cliff because the Grouls.

Chapter one:

Trust Needs to be Earned


We were surrounded and about to be pounded.

No. Pounded is not a strong enough word. We were about to die—all of us.

I was on the edge of a cliff and my hands were already slipping when one of the nasty, revolting Groul's grabbed hold of my leg and tried to pull me down. My heart was pounding hard against my chest that I thought it was going to explode. Please, God. Don't let me die. Let me see my family again, please. "Let hog of me!" I screamed At the Groul that held my foot and used the powere of my stone. SZRAK! The beam of red light blinded the Groul and I used my foot to kick him off me. It fell into the herd of other Groul's and made some ore fall. I did a little dance inside my head. I'm still alive!

"Give me your hand!" Max yelled, reaching out to me. I grabbed hold of his hand hesitantly and waited for him to pull me up. He stared at me and then a giant ball of light from his amulet forced all the Grouls to fall. BOOM! It went. "Are you okay?" Max asked, his tone trying to comfort me but all it did was send shivers down my spine—and not the good kind. Max helped me up but didn't let go like I expected him to. His arms were wrapped around my waist and his body was so close to mine.. It didn't feel right..

"Yeah, I'm fine." I assured him and tried to push away, but he held me in place. His eyes were the searching for something in mine, it made me feel really uncomfortable..

"Uh, guys.. What are you two doing?" Ronnie asked.

I pushed Max away quickly and stared at my friend, "Nothing.." I mumbled. The sounds of the Groul's were growing stronger, getting closer. I took Ronnie's hand and started to run. "Max, lead the way!" I yelled, not stopping to make sure of he was following us or not. Less than a second later he was running quickly in front of us and toward a pipe.

"We can escape through the drain pipe! It leads toward the Exit!" Max yelled as he ran toward the pipe.

"You've got to be kidding, Griffin?" Pierce asked, skidding to a stop and trying to find another way out.

"We don't have much time..." Max said putting a hand on Pierces shoulder, he sighed and nodded, jumping down the pipe and holding his breath. Ronnie looked at me and smiled softly before going after Pierce. My heart was beating rapidly and I was still put of breath from running, I looked at Max and saw him staring bright back at me.

"You go first..." I whispered.

"You don't trust me?" Max asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Trust needs to be earned."

Max sighed and jumped down the pipe, after I turned to make sure we weren't being followed I went in after him. Darkness suddenly surrounded me and I could hear my friends and Max at the bottom of the pipe. They were trying to say something to me but their echo's didn't let me hear what they were saying.

At the end of the pipe was a bright place and water. Lots and lots of water.. There was no place for me to land so I just held my breath and dove toward the water. I went deeper than I intended to and tried to swim up to the surface for air.

Once my head was above the water I gasped, sucking in as much air my lungs could take and searching for the others. "Emily, over here!" Max yelled. I turned and saw that Max and the other's were standing on dry land. I quickly started to swim and make my way over to them. Max leaned in and helped me pull myself up, his arms wrapping around my waist. I felt a shudder go down my spine but I tried to hide it.

"Where are we Max?" Ronnie asked looking around.

"This is Cistern." Max whispered. His eyes smiling down at mine. "It's where the city's water supply comes from." Max explained little louder.

"What about the Grouls, why aren't they following us down here?" Pierce demanded.

"They can't swim." Max responded. I kept expecting him to let go, but he never did. He just held on tighter.

"What now, Griffin?" Pierce asked.

"I'll take us to the Exit." Max said with a sigh and finally released me.

"How can we be sure your telling the truth?" Ronnie asked following me and Max.

"Look I am only trying to help." Max said closing his eyes.

"Ronnie Trust him. He has been honest to us for now. If he takes one step out of line We can all set him straight..." The words seemed unlike me as I spoke them. Max nodded and so did Ronnie. Pierce was very distant in the conversation as we walked down the tunnel and into a new room. There were stone tiles with symbols on them below us. Half of the room was lit. While the other half over-come my darkness.

"Where are we!" I asked. The others were behind me. I was scared. I wanted to be with my family. Know that they are safe.

"It's okay Emily. We're almost out..." Max said hugging me from behind. I froze in place. "It's an old children's game. Two players follow the same path simultaneously." Max explained when the other caught up. "If you step on the wrong tile. You're toast..."

"I know how to get across..." Ronnie and Pierce said at the same time. They gave each other a look and looked like they were having a silent conversation. Once they both nodded, Ronnie spoke up "We'll lead."

"We'll follow." Max said letting go of me to stand behind Pierce. I sucked in a deep breath and tried to shake off the uneasy feeling I would get every time Max was near.

"Max, follow me. Emily, go with Ronnie." Pierce demanded. I nodded and Ronnie took a step forward. So did Pierce. They both stepped on a tile and it lit up green. Max and I nodded together and followed them.

It went on like that for ten minutes. Ronnie stepped on her last Tile and it did not light up.

"What are you waiting for!" Ronnie asked.

"Something is not right! Your tile is not lighting up!" I yelled back.

"Emily, we need to you focus! This is not the time to hesitate!" Max yelled. He and Pierce were already done. I just nodded and stepped on the last tile. The Giant door in front of us opened.

"Max this is not the Exit!" I yelled skidding to a stop. We had entered through the door and were nearly to the end of the hall of kings.

"How do you know?" Max yelled back.

"Because, before I arrived in Cielis my stone told me we would be Here! It warned me not to go through here!" I explained.

"Do you trust it more that us?"


"Then follow me!" He said taking another step. I sighed and followed. There was another door in front of us. It opened. We entered another room. Ronnie and Pierce behind me and Max.

"Max! This is not the Exit! We need to get out now!" I yelled, stopping again. Max just kept walking toward a piece of a stone.

"Ronnie! Pierce! We have to-" I said turning around. But I stopped when I saw them. They were turned to stone. "Ronnie..." I whispered. "Pierce..."

"Do you have any idea what this is Emily? It's the Mother Stone, or what is left of it!" Max yelled out to me. He turned and had an evil grin on his face.

"What have you done?" I yelled out to him. Tears washing over my cheeks and my vision became blurry as he walked over to me. With each step forward that he took, I would take one back. "What have you done to the others!" I yelled, my balance failed me and I fell on my back, Max took a few small stepped toward me and grinned evilly, holding his hand out.

"Don't you see..." He began. The guardian counsel began to appear, but Max was quick to kill them all with one strike. "There are no others, it's just you and me."

"E-Everything was a lie!" I choked, trying to think of a plan. His eyes softened when they landed on me and I saw a flash of pain come across his face. That's when I finally understood. He was in love with me.. I was quick to use that to my advantage and started to sob, yelling at him about how stupid he was and how we could have left this place. "We could have been free to be together!"

He seemed to freeze at what I had to say. His head tilted to the side as he grabbed my hand and helped me up. "You want me..?"

"Of course I do.. I-I love you, Max.." I felt bile coming up my throat as I spoke those lies. He seemed to believe me, and I did a small dance in my head. I had him in the palm of my hand..

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